CIA/Goldman Sachs Spoiler Candidate Evan McMullin (I call him “freakhead”) Runs as a Ringer for Hillary Clinton

by Scott Creighton

Evan McMullin © Chad Williams via

I thought the CIA was not allowed to use their special “election rigging superpowers” here in the United States. Guess I was wrong.

Hillary Clinton stole the unDemocratic Party nomination this year and when she did that she alienated herself from well over half of the voters who would normally support the candidate from that party. I don’t care what the fake polls say, 85% of the Bernie supporters out there are not going to vote for Miss Neocon and that’s a fact.

This is why Hillary Clinton’s team are now actively courting the neocon/establishment Republican Party vote for November.

But that might not be enough to ensure Killary and her crazy balloon antics are ushered into the White House.

Sure, The Donald isn’t really trying that hard to become the next president but that might not matter. Even if he doesn’t want to win, Donald Trump might still beat Hillary in spite of the fact that he has about 150 self-inflicted wounds to his own feet.

You think I’m the only one who notices that possible outcome? Think again.

The CIA and Goldman Sachs have decided to team up once again and run a big-headed freak in opposition to Donald Trump in key states where they think The Donald might win. Objective: spoiler for Donald and ringer for Hillary.

“In a year where Americans have lost faith in the candidates of both major parties, it’s time for a generation of new leadership to step up. It’s never too late to do the right thing, and America deserves much better than either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton can offer us. I humbly offer myself as a leader who can give millions of disaffected Americans a conservative choice for president,” said a statement from McMullin, disseminated through ABC News.” RT

Freakboy is one Evan McMullin who’s claim to fame is he one once a counter-terrorism asset for the CIA, skulking around in nations that never did a thing to us killing people and renditioning them, before he was an investment banker for Goldman Sachs, skulking around figuring out ways to exploit credit default swaps and other financial instruments of mass destruction so he could collapse various nations’ economies on behalf of the masters of the universe.

And we are supposed to respect that resume? What f@cked up “hearts and minds” intern at the agency came up with that Pollyanna notion?

Anyone who knows anything at all about the CIA knows there is no such thing as a living “former” company man. Certainly not one who went into investment banking after leaving the agency.

McMullin is a member of the Council on Foreign relations who hates the social safety net and gave a speech at a TED conference about how wrong it is for Obama to not be launching an all out war against President Assad because of all the “genocide” he’s committing in Syria.

It’s not hard to figure out why Evan is running for office. He has no intention of winning. His job is to suck votes from republicans who will vote for Donald Trump in their effort to keep Crazy Killary from getting into the White House. That couldn’t be more obvious than it is in Utah. McMullin is a Mormon and many Mormans have a problem voting for Donald Trump but they would have even more of a problem with another Clinton in the White House, so along comes Mormon McMullin to thwart The Donald in the land of the Invisible Golden Plates from Jesus.

The CIA and Goldman Sachs have made it perfectly clear they are “With Hillary” so freakboy’s goal with this candidacy of his seems painfully obvious: steal away enough votes from Donald so that Hillary can win key states. And that’s it.

Again, I thought it was illegal for the CIA to run their political destabilization campaigns here in the states. I could be wrong. 9/11 changed “everything” according to the war-mongers scripted took advantage of it.

But did it change everything to the point where they could openly effect a presidential election here in the country and no one will say a word about it? Well, if the recent drone procedure outline is any indication, they feel they can use their Death Squads from Above program here in the states against U.S. citizens. So, I suppose they figure, why not rig out elections as well?

It really is too bad The CIA someone killed Kennedy before he could break them up into a thousand little pieces. This is what we get I suppose.

One last thing… is it just me?


Now in case there is any ambiguity about my feelings here, I thought I would post a little reminder for our Killary fans out there and about the tacit support she’s been getting from all those neocon war-mongers from the Bush days and this CIA freakboy’s efforts to usher her into office.

There used to be a time when liberals remembered what it meant to be liberal. It wasn’t a national security threat and it wasn’t just us being “childish”

There are consequences to our actions and those consequences can be dramatic on folks we never meet.

To explain that better than I ever could, here’s Will Hunting turning down a spook job the likes of which this freakboy boasts he accepted back around the time this film was popular with … liberals.

Enjoy the little trip down memory lane. A little reminder of what once was.

Please help keep us up and running if you can.

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9 Responses

  1. Love that clip from Matt Damon …

  2. Killary wins the White House and within three months after the inauguration is forced to step down for health reasons. Could that be the plan?

  3. “we come in peace…”

  4. I didn’t know that my vote for “Giant Meteor” was actually a vote for this guy’s head.

  5. It never cease to amaze me how all the facts on Killary are in plain view and people still vote for her. Its like saying…I agree with corruption, lying, killing our own military personnel, and most importantly it means you agree with people like George Soros who was a Nazi sympathizer and turned his own people over to the Nazis. Soros is a very close friend of Clintons and gives her millions to get his own needs met, their emails are all over WikiLeaks. I really wish people would actually know what they are voting for before just hitting the button so to speak. If people just vote for who their parents or friends voted for you are making a huge mistake doing so, just don’t vote if you don’t know “Everything” about the person your voting for.

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