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  1. The body count will rise the day she is selected. It will be bad for America and the rest of the world.

  2. How many more people will have to die for her to be elected as president? It looks like a mafia movie.

  3. Why would Killary need to kill anyone? There is a mountain of evidence proving the Clintons have committed crime after crime for decades. All you have to do is type in “Clinton Crime” in youtube’s search, dozens of videos with credible people will show up. If the public has let her go this far there isn’t much left that will get her put in prison. At this point she could probably execute someone on live TV and still become POTUS. I feel like we are living in the movie “The Trueman Show”, only the writers get a kick out of the blatant retardism they keep putting in the plot.

    • first of all, I agree, nothing touches these two. It is their crowning achievement. But that doesn’t mean all of these deaths that surround them have nothing to do with protecting their careers or their agenda. It also doesn’t mean Hillary herself would know anything about them. She represents a program, a team if you will, of people who share an ideology, a vision of the future. There are many who have a vested interest in seeing that program completed. Like a QB on a pro football team, she is important but not everything. And there are all kinds of decisions made outside of her frame of reference. If you haven’ noticed, there are an awful lot of CIA-types backing her ascension to the throne. It is outrageous to think some of them may have acted independently in order to smooth her path? I don’t think so. So why would she need to kill someone? Maybe she didn’t, or at least she didn’t think she did, but someone may have.

  4. It is funny, how those who kill (or eliminate people on their way), think that they can get away with it.
    When Gary Webb was found with two shots in the head, the people who took care of the story had no trouble to say that he commited suicide.

    • Aaron Swartz is another example. Or Miriam Carey. The list goes on and on


      • This campaign is getting a bit crazy than I thought.
        I have been watching Hillary’s health issues on video and some of the seizures she had, during the pre-campaign. It seems that she is not fit to be president, but somehow the system keeps pushing her towards the White House.

        • what choice do they have? Trump may not continue their precious cold war against Russia or the New Middle East plan from Condi Rice. They have no option. Pad the walls in the Oval Office and install Killary. It’s their best shot at “stability”

    • They seem to be correct in thinking they can get away with it, for better or worse, since they virtually never get caught. Even when they do get caught, they never get in any trouble.

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