A Bad Mix: In the State Department, Transparency is Laughable and Proof of Accusations… not Necessary

by Scott Creighton (H/T Blacklisted News)

This is a good article for folks who don’t really understand American politics and foreign yet. It’s a crash course sort of.

In the first video Mark Toner, spokesman for the State Department, mentions the interns watching in the back of the room at a press conference. He tells the assorted press members they are back there and then chirps out the standard line that those interns would expect coming straight out of college, that this press conference is an example of the “transparency and democracy” they’ve been taught in school that our system attempts to promote. After saying that to the older, wiser reporters in the room, he can’t help but laugh. It’s a cruel lesson perhaps for the interns but a valuable one.

In this video the State Department says they don’t need to provide evidence of their claims that Russia violated Turkish airspace during their mission to provide assistance to the legitimate government of Syria against our “moderate” terrorists. The reporter keeps asking for proof and the spokesman is clearly upset that someone in the press corp would dare to be so insolent.

This is the state of affairs in our State Department at this time. Transparency is a laughable concept. Proof of their accusations is simply not necessary. I’m not exactly sure there could be a more dangerous combination of policies for any government to follow much less one that is by far the most funded and most intrusive in terms of waging aggressive campaigns against any country in the world where they see potential profits for the “national interests” they serve.

One Response

  1. Oh, Scott, this is so rich … Bravo!
    I like the way the bozo finds a legitimate request for proof “incredibly comical”. He’s a clown so he ought to know what’s funny.
    I also like the way he verbally tranforms his accusation (yes, that’s what it is) into “fact”. How would you like to go up against this sort of stuff in a US court of law? It won’t be long …
    Nice. This is Fascism in action …

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