Are We About to See a One Candidate “Election” Here in the States?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: As I wrote, the October surprise of Donald Trump’s tax returns is taking shape:

Julian Assange: Wikileaks ‘Working On’ Hacking Donald Trump’s Tax Returns

I wondered why Wikileaks, a known CIA honeypot asset, would release those unDNC emails right before the convention. They did that because they needed to appear neutral when they released The Donald’s tax info. The unDNC leaks really didn’t do much to hurt Killary though. All that happened was DWS had to go but as you know, she got a better job working directly for Killary.

It’s been said that the only republican candidate Hillary Clinton could beat in a presidential election this year would be Donald Trump. Maybe that is why Bill Clinton encouraged him to run last year.

I’m starting to wonder if that may not be the case. I’m starting to wonder if she can really beat anyone which might just lead to a historic one candidate “election” to anoint Killary Clinton as president of the United States.

Stranger things have happened.

With all the neocons, CIA warmongers and GOP fundraisers openly endorsing Hillary Clinton at the moment, you would think she was the republican nominee, but she isn’t. She’s the Scoop Jackson Democratic pick which makes her just right of Ronald Reagan. That’s why these party-switching trolls love her.

But the rest of the Dems, not so much which is why her campaign is actively courting republican votes for November.

The corporate media is running Hillary propaganda non-stop. MSNBC, CNN and NBC “News” have become nothing short of Hillary infomercial providers, attacking Donald Trump all day, every day.

This Khan dust-up dominated their news cycle for a week and a half after the father of a fallen soldier came out on stage at the unDNCC and attacked the political candidate as if he himself were responsible for his son’s death. Mr. Khan said nothing about Hillary Clinton standing on the floor of the senate repeating the lies about Iraq from Dick Cheney, using her influence to push other dems to vote for the Iraq invasion and then later said (after Captain Khan died in Iraq) that we should start looking at Iraq as a “business opportunity

Everything that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth is immediately twisted into some kind of attack against either a minority that they hope to turn against him in November or the nation in general like this whole thing with Vladamir Putin. This whole New McCarthism thing.

And don’t think for a minute that The Donald isn’t doing his best to help Hillary get elected. I think that’s pretty self-evident at this point.

My question is: are they going to get him to drop out of the election before November and let run her unopposed?

They are already talking about “replacing” Trump as the candidate. Not at the convention. That’s already over. They’re talking about doing it in the run-up to the election. They are also suggesting he may drop out of the race on his own rather than allow this tar and feathering exercise to continue and that isn’t as much of a baseless claim as some might think.

Hillary’s numbers have gone up as of late but there are a number of things that promise to derail her in the weeks to come. Wikileaks has another round of emails from the DNC that might end up causing her more grief and someone somewhere is eventually going to release her Goldman Sachs speech transcripts which certainly wont help her poll numbers.

She’s obviously crazy. Her “BALLOONS!!!” performance at the unDNCC would have ended her candidacy had her name been Howard Dean.

While Donald Trump is doing his best to pretend to be unhinged on her behalf, she really is, and that is the difference between the two in that Gif.

And of course, the more the republican neocon establishment come out in favor of a Clinton presidency, the more dems decide to stay home in November which creates a kind of a polling black hole for her team. How do you poll for the Democratic candidate with Republican voters?

And that is too say nothing of the fact that Trump came from nowhere and slaughtered the republican establishment candidates, the ones who are going to be the last best hope for Killary.

So I wonder if they haven’t been doing the math and coming to realize she might not even be able to beat The Donald as he tries his best to throw the contest … which leaves them with two choices: rig it again like they did back in 2000 and 2004 for George W. Bush or … have him drop out and the Republicans decide not to run anyone in his place since it’s too late to even try.

If they are dead-set on a Hillary Clinton administration running this country into the ground for 4 years, it may be the only way to ensure she “wins”: running her against… no one.

Well, I say “no one” but I do know the Libertarian guy and Jill Stein are out there but they stand about as much of a chance at winning the election as we do getting a new independent investigation into 9/11. It would be nice but it ain’t going to happen.

I think it’s entirely possible. The nomination process went about as bad for her as it could have. Her theft of the nomination is about as public as it could be and I don’t care what Barack Obama says about election rigging being a ‘conspiracy theory” the facts are out there if you wish to investigate just a little.

But the truth is, they would rather not have to use their electronic voting machine trick in a general election if they could help it. Using it during the primaries is one thing, but during a general election they have a far better method: rigging the primaries so they don’t have to rig the general.

In this case everything worked the way it was supposed to but The Donald can’t seem to screw it up enough to turn his own fans against him (probably what the October surprise of his tax returns are being held for) and Hillary is becoming more and more unhinged.

Frankly I can’t see them putting her out there on a stage for a debate in her obvious condition. The Donald would have to walk out there with his penis hanging out while wearing a KKK outfit for her to win. And that would be a tad obvious.

Yeah, it may suit their needs a little better if Donald Trump were to either remove himself from the candidacy or have the GOP establishment do it for him.

It’s possible there’s not a single soul in the Republican party that could lose to Hillary Clinton especially now that she’s stolen the nomination from all those millions and millions of Bernie supporters.

I don’t know. If I’ve figured out that she can’t win against a guy taking a dive for her, you know her team has as well. They gotta do something. Maybe a one candidate “election” is just the thing to get Killary “elected” this year. Would be something to see wouldn’t it?

20 Responses

  1. if unhappy voters would at least vote for Jill Stein . the sheer numbers would over whelm the actual votes for Hilliary. wouldn’t that work?

    • Hi Jan! So good to see you active again! It’s been a while 😀

      And yes, sheer numbers could definitely at least send a message if enough people were motivated. But, unfortunately, we all know how much popular votes matter to the masters of the universe…

    • I think that is part of their concern. There are going to be a lot of Bernie supporters voting for her and/or not voting at all, so they are concerned Hillary wont even win against Trump. In an uncontested election (republicans opting out) being left with Hillary, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, I fear there wont be enough educated voters to know who the others are and therefore it will be easy for her to win, or at least, easier for them to fix the numbers so she “wins”

  2. Making everything worse, the body count is steadily rising, and not just abroad either…

    The amount of denial that one has to be in is beyond stunning…

  3. I dont know. You’re right about a lot of things, but i think you might be wrong about trump. If he was doing it as a favor for bill, i think he’s playing a game where he’s trying to appease them by saying a few stupid things here and there so they wont kill him, but i think he has realized what’s at stake and really wants to win it to save the country. And also he has a huge personal feud with obama. Once he wins, he’s going to put that traitor on all sorts of trials if he doesnt skip the country first. That’s why Obama is freaking out and going full steam against him. Should be interesting. What could be so bad in trump’s tax returns though? Honestly. There’s no way his accountants would ever do anything illegal…so who cares? I also think assange is legit. Maybe playing the sam edouble agent game if he has been co opted by CIA. What does he have to gain by serving the establishment? That’s what he has worked so hard to expose for so long.

    • it’s possible. but it doesn’t trickle out on any of the news cycles. not even Fox “News”. Yes, he did go point by point on Hillary’s lying last night and has touched on her having stolen the primary elections and that is good, but his latest video showing her “unhinged” left much to be desired. We know that all the media is against his candidacy, even Fox, and perhaps someone inside his campaign is as well. we will see.

    • This is wishful thinking and I suspect hangs out a hope that there is something behind the Trump facade that just isn’t there. Trump is a human anomaly. The is Trump and Trump is the facade. There is nothing behind the mask. He is the mask. He will do nothing but try to use taxpayer money for whatever he feels like (if that’s even possible, I don’t know) and he will get bored with any discussion of globally important matters that don’t have to do with personally flattering him. He has no attention span and does nothing for any purpose other than self-aggrandizing. I think if he gets elected we will simply see the same Donald we’ve always seen. There’s no hidden hero back there.

    • For some reason I cannot figure out, half the country appears to be approaching Donald Trump the way a confused girl is attracted to asshole jerks because she sees their apparent confidence as a sign of strength and substance rather than a result of the utter ignorance and disconnection that it generally is. As he abuses and mistreats her for his own amusement, she gets more closely attached as she searches for the kernel of substance that is obviously behind all his confidence and then convinces herself that she can change him. Electing Donald Trump will not change him. He will be the same transparent self-absorbed egomaniac he has always been and, to his credit, he will even admit it. He has no secrets. So we are left without a viable candidate. Nevertheless, if it becomes obvious that he is likely to win, I sort of doubt his ego will allow him to drop out. I think he’ll need some help of the type that, according to another article on this site, appears to be getting offered to several people who may be inconvenient to the Clinton campaign.

    • I left one more comment, but it got eaten. No links – must have been a word I used or something.

    • What kind of drug are you on and who is your ‘provider’?

    • If Assange were ‘legit’ the Ecuadorian embassy would’ve been blown up by now and whoever copped to it would’ve called it an ‘accident’. If no state actor copped to it, they’d ‘blame’ a made up group…like…the Symbianese Liberation Army or similar.

  4. Another great article, Scott. If awards for journalism meant anything, you would win them all

  5. Barack Obama says about election rigging being a ‘conspiracy theory”

    Ah, the old conjuring the conspiracy theory trick again. Whenever I see say something’s a conspiracy theory, it feels like a confession.

    The Donald would have to walk out there with his penis hanging out

    If the hands and feet size correlation thing has any validity, you won’t be able to see it anyway.

    Even if The Donald agreed to play along to get Clinton elected, now that he’s been soaking up the attention, if you believe anything that Tony Schwartz has been saying, he may get too high on the publicity to give up now. His ego and vanity may force him to carry through the election. An unfortunate accident far removed from any direct Clinton financially-incentivized supporters nay be necessary to remove him as an obstacle at this point. Perhaps he’ll suddenly become mentally unstable (oops, nevermind) or physically ill with some mysterious weakening illness or something.

  6. Q. Why is it that Trump can do no wrong in the eyes of his fans?

    A. Because his fans don’t so much love Trump as they despise the establishment politicians. Trump’s fans don’t care whether Trump would be a good president or a lousy one. They only care about overthrowing the political class and the career insiders. They only care about stopping the Hillaries and the Obamas. They are so tired of career politicians that they support Trump out of spite if nothing else.

    They know that Hillary is pure evil. They know that with Hillary, or with any Republican other than Trump, it will be “Meet the new boss; same as the old boss.”

    Therefore no smear job against Trump will budge his fans. No exposé will change their minds. They are too appalled and nauseated by Washington and the corporate media. The more the media outlets attack Trump, (which is a thousand times EVERY DAY) the more disgusted Trump’s fans become with the establishment. Their support for Trump is a middle finger to Washington. Again, not because they love Trump, but because they despise Washington.

    I myself have voted Independent all my life, but this time around I will vote for Trump. Not because I like Trump (I don’t) but because Hillary is a genuine sociopath. She is Wall Street’s bitch. She is the bankers’ Gorgon, and the financiers’ Medusa. She is the de facto right wing fanatic, whereas Trump is the de facto progressive in many ways.

    As for Sanders, I never supported him, since I never believed he was sincere. I was convinced that Sanders would sell out, and I was correct. His treachery has disgusted millions. Each time Sanders tells his former fans to vote for Hillary, Sanders becomes more ugly and pathetic.

  7. “WE” didn’t “narrow it down” to anything. “We” have nothing to do with the political process. That can’t be any more clear than it is at this time. The Council on Foreign Relations gets their marching orders from the Royal Society (the Breye-tish never let us go, you see)
    and the CFR has annointed Hitlary as the next fascist dictator.
    It’s rather simple.

    P.S. Sanders is a dirt bag; always was. And I’m not an ex-Sander’s aficionado. They should all be put in the stockade.

    And Hitlary isn’t ‘unhinged’. She is a sick old broad who owes people in very high (‘financial’) places a lot of favors whether for the amount of cover up they’ve committed for her and/or for the shared bloodline.

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