Protesters gather at NBC news over false Erdoğan report during failed Turkey coup attempt

(Having the news report that the leader of a country which is being regime changed via a coup is standard operating procedure. It is an attempt to demoralize the population so they wont gather in numbers and resist. They did it in Venezuela, Ukraine and Libya recently. It’s part of the program and Sibel is absolutely correct: NBC, by refusing to change their story after it was clear Erdogan had not fled only proves they are part of the CIA Mockingbird system.)

from Daily Sabah

Turkish Americans and media members on Thursday demonstrated outside the world headquarters of NBC News in New York, slamming the organization for a false report on the night of a recent putsch attempt in Turkey.

NBC News set off a chain reaction that misled the world during the July 15 coup attempt when it posted tweets that were later deleted that claimed Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan fled Turkey and was seeking asylum in Germany.

The news organization cited an unnamed “senior U.S. military official” for having received the information.

The tweet went viral on social media and was widely used by traditional media organizations — all of which sourced NBC News, carrying the false information to millions of readers, including Turks, at a critical time during the deadly coup bid.

Sibel Edmonds, a Turkish-American dual citizen and former FBI translator, told reporters in front of Rockefeller Plaza that NBC News was “no longer a news organization”.

“It is an extension of Central Intelligence Agency and Pentagon; this is what they proved here,” Edmonds said. “They actively and directly participated in a coup.”

[read more here]

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