Fallout From Turkey Coup Leaves Syria Rebels in the Lurch ( military leaders involved in support programs are now in jail )

(Ah. Everyone was blaming Erdogan for backing Obama’s “moderate” terrorists and “ISIS” in Syria while it was the CIA/NATO Gulenists all along. Got it. I wonder who’s been saying that all this time? Me? Oh yeah, it was me.)

from the WSJ

Some of the most intense fighting in the five-year Syrian war erupted after last month’s failed Turkish coup—and it is probably no coincidence.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was an early and indispensable backer of the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Since 2011, Turkey served as a rear base and supplier for a variety of Syrian rebel groups, including those on the Islamist fringe.

That support is now under threat. Many of the top Turkish military and intelligence officials involved in programs to assist the rebellion, including the commander of Turkey’s 2nd Army responsible for borders with Syria and Iraq, have been detained for alleged involvement in the July 15 putsch.

The generals who were leading the Turkey-Syria policy and the Turkish policy on Syrian Kurds are all in jail now, and we now see the crumbling of the Turkish security establishment,” said Gonul Tol, director of the Center for Turkish Studies at the Middle East Institute in Washington. “This makes Turkey very vulnerable and weak, and will make it less confrontational.”

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5 Responses

  1. You may be right 😮

    “General Adem Huduti is the most senior officer to be apprehended so far following the attempted intervention that killed more than 160 people. The Second Army, based in Malatya, protects Turkey’s borders with Syria, Iraq and Iran. “

  2. But will you be able to explain why Erdogan was so adamant on shitting on Assad verbally? Every other day he would call him a dictator, baby killer etc. And keep demanding he should step down.

    • ps: I’m not anti-Erdogan at the moment after recent events. Because I realized what’s going on. But I genuinely can’t understand why he did what he did during the Syrian civil war.

      I understand how he didn’t have full control over the army, but the personal attacks and outbursts against Assad I don’t get.

      • But I must admit, everything you have been saying from the start has all fallen into place like a jigsaw puzzle. (I haven’t been following you for that long but read your past posts).

      • I don’t know. Remember, he was fully onboard the neoliberal agenda when he first came to power. not coincidentally, that’s when he was partnered with Gulen. His falling out with him and his falling out with the US/NATO seemed to have happened right around the same time. I think he knew it was in his best interests to turn a blind eye to his Gulenist military and intelligence officers running terrorists into Syria for a regime change. Had he spoken out against it, he would surely have been removed one way or the other. And when that happens, you have to take a firm stance publicly against the targeted leader. I think much of what he supposedly said about Assad was exaggerated by Gulenist press in Turkey and repeated by ours. That was partly to demonize Erdogan on the left and partly to demoralize Assad supporters in Syria. I don’t know for a fact what he said because I don’t speak the language and if you know anything about how SITE works you know you can’t always trust the translations. But I do know this: his party won a fair election and he has the right to defend his country and his people against terrorists who wish to destabilize Turkey in order to force a regime change or the partitioning of the country a.l.a. Greater Kurdistan. He has that right. And everything else is just static.

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