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  1. time to leave the ‘homeland’ …?

  2. Yes Scott, but tyranny by any other name smells just as bad.

  3. Don’t thank America, because we didn’t choose these wankers. Thank Wall Street and friends.

  4. I have been reading some of the commentary on Obama, Hillary and Trumps Facebook pages and can’t believe the idolisation going on there. Is it for real? It’s a dogfight on trumps, everyone is kissing hillary’s ass on her’s and obama is a hero on his. Is anyone allowed to have an opposing view on those pages, are they too afraid or are they just that ignorant? what’s the deal?

    • I don’t know. There’s always been a bit of that in politics in this country but it does seem to be the norm now and not the exception. Plus, I have never seen such rancor against and abject loyalty for two candidates of such meager approval ratings. You know, with the fact that so few voted for these people individually (5% for Hillary and 4% for Trump) I’m wondering if the rhetoric out there isn’t coming from paid influence peddlers because it seems to me like on of those “no one cares” elections. The few that are in the camps are WAY in the camps, I understand that. I guess they have to be because they have so little company. I don’t think the rest of us give a shit really. One way or the other, we are resolved to an asshole being president and that’s pretty much been par for the course for a while but this year it’s gonna be a crazy asshole and that’s a little disturbing.

  5. Good freaking Grief, Charlie Brown.

  6. That’s pretty good.

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