18-Year-Old Arrested on Terrorism Charges is Mentally “Like a Child”

(The FBI is completely out of control. You have this story and another one where an FBI agent was supposedly shot to death by his own partner during a bank robbery back in 2007 just showed up at Trump Tower with an unstamped gun (no serial number from factory) and a silencer. If any other institution in the country was running around trying to identify mentally challenged individuals so they could turn them into terrorists, we would have them shut down in a heart beat and put their leadership in prison. When the FBI does it, we call them “heroes”. This new “terrorist” they made has “the mentality of a 6-year-old” and “three years ago, Mahin went through an extensive inpatient psychiatric evaluation under the directive and supervision of the FBI.”  His father says “He doesn’t even have a driver’s license because he can’t pass his test, he can’t even tie his shoes or take care of himself in the most basic ways. We didn’t let him have a phone because we didn’t trust him with one, but now we have found out that he had been using a phone given to him by the FBI.”  The FBI found him, they cultivated him, they FUCKING MADE HIM . “They were meeting with us and saying they were there to help him, but meanwhile they were trying to trap him at the same time,”  The FBI, CIA and Homeland Security all need to be shut down immediately. They waited until two weeks after his 18th birthday to set him up for the sting so they could try him as an adult. That I supposed and the fact that they didn’t want their critics too say they were setting up children in their fake terrorism plots.)

by  , from the Intercept

An 18-year-old recently arrested on terrorism charges in Arizona has the mental capacity of a child and had been in regular contact with the FBI for years before his arrest, according to family members, former teachers, and medical documents reviewed by The Intercept. Mahin Khan was arrested July 1 on charges of plotting to support the Taliban as well as the militant group the Islamic State and commit acts of terrorism in the local community.

People close to Khan say that he suffered from serious mental and emotional illnesses and that the FBI was aware of this, having met with him regularly since he was a young teenager. According to medical records and statements from family members, he was first referred to the FBI after sending a threatening email to one of his teachers at the age of 15. After an initial meeting with the FBI, he spent 45 days at an inpatient psychiatric facility for evaluation. His family says this stay at the facility was coordinated with FBI officials. Agents reportedly continued to meet with Khan regularly after he returned home and continued to do so up until the time of his arrest.

A community activist told The Intercept that after Khan’s initial contact with the FBI, he began regularly meeting with the teenager in an attempt to mentor him. He said that during these meetings, Khan had exhibited obvious signs of mental illness. “He was unable to even tie his shoelaces and his mother would have to do it for him. He would say things supporting extremism and terrorist groups but then would later start crying and apologizing,” the activist said. The activist did not want to be named for fear of retribution from law enforcement.

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5 Responses

  1. There is missing back story here

  2. If they are looking for terrorists, they should take a look at Rahm Emanuel. Rahm authorized the bombing of the WTC back in 1993, and the OKC bombing two years later.
    His co-conspirator, James M. Fox, who was SAC of the NY field office in ’93, has unfortunately died, but there are plenty of living FBI agents who could testify against Rahm.
    As far as OKC, Danny Coulson would probably be a useful witness. He flew in from DC 9 hours before the bombing, and knows who ordered him there. Coulson has always said there should be a new investigation- just do it. There is no statute of limitations on murder.

  3. So far, it’s been easy to pick on those who are disabled, ignorant, or helpless in some way and set them up with a terrorist label since they’re incapable of putting enough support together to prove their innocence. As ridiculous as it seems, many people will still believe these stories. They identify more as potential victims of terrorism than as potential victims of their own government.

  4. The federal government dwarfs the Mafia and CIA, FBI, DEA, ATF etc. are there to get rid of the competition.

  5. The first paragraph alone is so hilarious, I burst into laughter. Sure, the world is insane, but on the other hand, very laughable.

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