I will be on INN World Report Radio Tonight with Tom Keily – Show Starts at 7pm Eastern, I’m on at 7:30


Call in to speak on the air live at 512 646-1984!

Show starts at 7pm Eastern, I’ll be joining Tom at 7:30.

Lot’s to talk about so tune in if you can

4 Responses

  1. I never have a chance to call due to life, but was listening on my way home.

    • not my best night. skype didn’t work then I was trying to keep from coughing the whole time but I like chatting with Tom. I enjoy doing those interviews. thanks for listening

  2. You sounded good, Scott, both voice-wise and in the contents of what you said. I’m an Aussie and your accent sounded a bit like Jimmy Carter to me, which is actually quite easy on the ears.

    • thank you. I wasn’t aware I had much of an accent but I guess living down here in Florida for so long would bring it out. Jimmy Carter huh? well, if I have to be compared to a living president, I’m glad it was Carter, even if it was just my voice. 🙂

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