Rand Paul, Tim Kaine and Marco Rubio Are Gulenists: Call on State Department to Regime Change Turkey on Behalf of Greater Kurdistan in Letter

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: 8/2/2016 This article and more specifically, this image, is making it’s way across social media right now and I have done my best at the request of a reader to track it’s origin to it’s source. This is a difficult task post-coup. Anyone on the record for having been calling for a Gulenist regime change operation in our government prior to the failed Gulenist coup would certainly have their IT guys scrub the image from their servers and the web in general. That said, I can only find a handful of Feb. 18 postings of the image on websites by “notorious mike” who appears to have created the accounts for that posting only (unless he’s a regular who creates different accounts for each posting in order to remain more anonymous, which is possible). That said, I cannot independently confirm the legitimacy of this image. But I can confirm that it follows the foreign policy ideology of all those signed on the document. If anyone comes across a source of this image earlier than Feb. 18, 2016, please let us know. thank you.

If you go read this comment I left a reader you can see what I found about the history of the image itself.

In order to find out more, I sent a Tweet to the following to see if they would reply:

Paul and Udal do not appear to have Twitter accounts. I will craft an email and zap it out to all of them later.

So, there is no pro-Kurd/Gulenist regime change operation in Turkey huh? Tip of the Hat to Penny from Penny for your Thoughts for sticking with the regime change in Turkey story like she is.

click on image for larger view

How’s that for doublespeak? They want to bring “democracy” back to Turkey via an unconstitutional regime change operation to install their boy Gulen and at the same time use it to bring Turkey back into a position of subservience (“mutually beneficial cooperation”) via respect for the “rule of international law”

“We write to express our deep concern about the recent Turkey’s shelling of Kurdish-held areas in northern Syria..

..It is vitally important for the entire global community to prevent Turkish society from further religious radicalization. We believe the goal can be achieved by providing support to the movement of a reputable Turkish Muslim scholar Fethullah Gulen who stands for interfaith and intercultural dialogues as well as for abiding by the democratic principles in ruling the country. Mr. Gulen’s authority reinforced by the support of the world community will enable us to turn Turkey away from the radical Islam.

Besides, we strongly urge you to adjust the U.S. foreign policy towards Turkey and exert any available leverage to get the country back on the path of mutually beneficial cooperation based in the rules of international law.” Rand Paul, Tim Kaine and Marco Rubio


“Use any means necessary to regime change Turkey and install a puppet in Fethullah Gulen who will stop hindering the Kurds as they steal as much of Syria as they can for Greater Kurdistan”

The Libertarians, the Clinton Dems and the establishment Republicans all working together to bring about more illegal, unconstitutional regime change operations in the Condi Rice’s “New Middle East”

They don’t call it the Washington Consensus for nothing folks.

All this coming at a time when Erdogan is bringing the military under more civilian control (been to long coming if you ask me) and clearing the country of it’s Gulenist stay behind forces. The Turkish military has been under CIA/Pentagon and NATO control for decades.

Recently Penny covered a U.S. general lamenting the fact that so many of our bought and paid for Turkish military leaders and coup planners were being arrested for treason in the country.

“U.S. Central Command Commander Gen. Joseph Votel said Thursday that a number of the U.S. military’s closest allies in the Turkish military have now been placed in jail following the coup attempt.”  WSJ

Apparently the failed coup, busted up by hundreds of thousands of civilians who took to the streets in order to regain their democracy, has cost our New Middle East operation dearly. That’s the price you pay when you fail at your undemocratic, illegal regime change operations.

What’s good though is it exposes your traitors. Apparently it also exposes globalist, neoliberal war-mongering assholes as well.

Here’s looking at you Rand Paul, Tim Kaine and Marco Rubio.

Thanks for the good work Penny.

30 Responses

  1. Can I have some credit because I posted it on Penny’s blog :p

    More goodies:

    “He [Turkish PM] is aware that Turkey is vulnerable to be divided by the Kurds; making such a fatal mistake will probably lead Turkey to collapse”.

    Al-Jubeir’s remarks came as he held, yesterday, bilateral meetings with US Secretary of State John Kerry and National Security Advisor Susan Rice.

    “Under the current circumstances, Turkey cannot afford being attacked by the Turkish opposition forces. Unlike the Syrian armed opposition which is capable of overthrowing Syria’s Assad and standing against the Turks”, he added.

    Earlier this week, Turkish PM Binali Yildirim said improved relations with Syria were needed in the fight against terrorism and for stability in the region.

  2. Looks like both the left and right have the same foreign policy

  3. Being a part of the ‘conspiracy’ crowd, I feel utterly sad being a Turkish person who sees even the conspiracy-minded people swallow up all the fake propaganda about Erdogan and Turkey. You, Scott, are the voice of reason in a sea of lies.

    It’s like they haven’t been following and realizing how it goes for decades now. Saddam was demonized for years in the media. Then Gaddafi. Then they were both murdered and their country turned into chaos. Afterwards all these conspiracy-minded people talked about how good Iraq and Libya was under their rule.
    Now the same exact thing is being tried with Erdogan and what do you know, people don’t want to learn from previous lessons and join in on demonizing Erdogan.

    It’s crazy. While they are aware that there is a propaganda against Islam used by the the true terrorists and that ISIS is a fake Islamic group used to demonize Islam and make everyone hate the religion, on the same hand they joyfully join in on hating Muslim leaders. It’s schizophrenic.
    I think these people don’t really want to learn the truth. They are comfortable in judging things by their own preference. They hate the Mainstream Media and all their lies, but when the MSM thrashtalks Erdogan they happily ignore their own judgement and intelligence because it’s convenient for them to hate on Muslims.

    But Erdogan is a strong leader and Turkey is not a country like Syria or Egypt or Libya. You can’t mess with Turkish people.
    Look at Fetullah Gulen. 40 years of CIA deep state crypto operations down the drain in under 20 hours. All by one call from Erdogan calling it’s people to the streets. Almost 3 weeks later and people are still on the streets in massive crowds every single day till sunrise. You don’t hear about that on the media do you? No, the MSM went on with their anti-Erdogan agenda 5 minutes after the coup-attempt failed.

    • And what is really frightening is the fact that it wont stop with them busting off a piece of Syria and Turkey to go with “Iraqi Kurdistan”. They have to have a nifty little chunk of Iran in order to complete the project. I mean, Syria is no pushover and Turkey is proving to be a bigger problem than they imagined obviously… but Iran? Are you kidding? But I guess they figure they can make their Greater Kurdistan and maybe reinstall the Shah and his gluttonous family before it’s all done.

    • I will say this much though, I think more people are coming around on this issue. The coup really exposed it for what it is. They tried to say it was a “false flag coup” but that was just stupid. They did everything they could and I think writers and geopolitical researchers are starting to figure it out. Unfortunately many of them wont cover it now because it makes their previous assumptions look bad, and them by extension. But people are figuring it out. So have hope.

      • Do you have any links from writers who ‘came around’ or show some hints of awakening?

        • I can’t remember who it was but I do remember leaving a comment or two on Penny’s cite talking about it. Maybe she remembers. I’ll look and see. It is a small number of them, that’s for sure.

        • I posted something from Mike Whitney at Counterpunch. That was one… (though, as one reader pointed out, he did include a few weasel word lines)


          • I agree, Erdogan is no good but what will come if he is toppled will be even worse. I am Turkish too and it really annoys me to see all of these CIA agents writing about the ‘peaceful, moderate’ Gulen when this man is not only wanted in Turkey but also in a dozen other Balkan and Caucasus countries for funding radical Islamic terrorism. Just take a look at this Scott, Graham Fuller, CIA agent writing about the great amazing Gulen: http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/11116858
            I wish these wars would just stop 😦
            Like the Turkish man above is saying, history is repeating itself. Saddam Hussein was one time a very good friend of the US government who even helped his Ba’ath party come into power. And Bush ruthlessly went in there and got rid of him. And Erdogan’s AKP also came into power with the help of Gulen in 2003, when he was good friends with him. Gulen is linked to the CIA/Mossad.

          • Moon of Alabama has come around to it too, but recently called it US social engineering in the region, and still writes very reserved about it.
            I wanted to ask: where did you find that letter from the US senators to Sec. Kerry? Is it genuine? I have serched, and I simply can’t find it. I think it’s hugely important.
            However, there are other letters condemning Erdogan from members of Congress, futher proving the regime change agenda v

  4. Is it fake or real? Because it took attention from Turkey. I hope you can wrote my e-mail about how you got this document

  5. I mean Turkish people started to share this document on social media. Within a week maybe newspapers will also write about this document. USA obviously pro-regime change in Turkey since clash of interests with Erdogan government. And some top level military officer’s (centcom) comments about detained military officers in Turkey shows how sad they are for failed coup. Thanks for reply!

    • the reply is even larger now. Were I a writer in Turkey, I would hold off on republishing this image as “verified” because I don’t think it is. It may be legit and it certainly sounds like something that group would write, but if they did, after the failed coup, it would be long since scrubbed from the internet by now.

  6. Left a comment? Did I do something wrong or does in need admin approval?

    • when a comment contains over 2 links on WordPress blogs, sometimes they go into moderation. It’s a spam thing. I don’t know why. I found the comment and will approve it.

  7. This is the same letter that was posted. But it is a different colour. Maybe they can change the colour via software. But why would they? Do you think it’s a different source?


    • Ok, I see they openly quote your name. Still don’t understand why they would change the color of the letter.

      • The letter on the link I posted is the original. Just realized this now. (http://i.internethaber.com/uploads/content/ekran-resmi-2016-08-03-154018pngogPoC0l8.png?v=1470227984)

        You can clearly see it was signed with different pens. The one on Penny’s blog was a photocopy, hence the strictly black/white. This one is the original. Does this add legitimacy to the letter?

        • I don’t know. I would need to know their source to track from there. But again, the timing it came out, Feb. 18th, is telling as is the people who supposedly signed it. I believe it is real but that the government scrubbed it from their webpages right after the coup. We may never find the original source because honestly, it probably doesn’t exist anymore. But yeah, the color version does add a bit more credibility to it as it stands in my opinion. Even still, we know those senators and their histories of supporting regime change in Turkey even without the letter, so it really doesn’t matter one way or the other.

    • do you have any idea where that version came from? I can’t read the language.

      • They haven’t left a source. It’s interesting they were able to find the original. I have no doubt in my mind this letter is real. What’s even more worrying is that Tim Kaine, of the signatories is Clinton’s running mate 😮

  8. http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/althistory/images/9/99/Marco_Rubio_Sig.png/revision/latest?cb=20160713005112

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