The Perversion of the unDNC Convention: Part 2 – Clinton’s New Dems Promoting a New McCarthyism (you can’t make this stuff up)

by Scott Creighton

(Part 1 of a two part article on the perversion that is the unDNC convention this week can be found here)

Da Ebil Ruskies are Colluding with Da Ebil Donald to Deny Saint Hillary the White House” Clinton campaign and their sock-puppets in the mass media.

Neoliberal Hillary Clinton, the nominee of my former party, has a long history of agitating against the popular and elected government of Vladimir Putin in an effort to force a regime change in the country that was once a neoliberal feeding frenzy under the drunken eye of Boris Yeltsin. That is an uncontroversial statement.

Lest anyone forget, Hillary Clinton did her level best to disrupt the Russian elections back in 2011 and when that failed, she attempted to foment a color revolution in the country by making a color revolution specialist the US Ambassador to Russia in 2012.

“Want to know why so many Russians hated Boris Nemtsov? Here’s a video of him paying a visit on U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Michael Anthony McFaul, just after McFaul took office back in 2012. It’s well understood here and in Russia, that McFaul’s task was to attempt to instigate a color revolution in Russia from day one.

Most Russia-watchers are diplomats, or specialists on security and arms control. Or Russian culture. I am neither. I can’t recite Pushkin by heart. I am a specialist in democracy, anti-dictatorial movements, and revolutions” (emphasis added). Michael Anthony McFaul

“(Hillary) Clinton noted that McFaul, who is a specialist in democratic transition – a Kommersant headline from January 11 touted him as a “color revolution specialist” – is uniquely suited for his new post, given Russia’s current climate.” Russia Profile

So in comes the color revolution specialist and one of the first to meet and greet the neoliberal scum, is Boris Nemtsov. Go figure.” Scott Creighton, March 1, 2015

(It should be noted that Boris Nemtsov was a pure neoliberal who wanted Hillary Clinton to help set him up as the next Boris Yeltsin in Russia and when that failed, they tried a mini-false flag operation, his shooting in early 2015, as a means to further destabilize Moscow. It failed.)

That is the backdrop for you informed voters out there as the likes of Joe Scarborough parrot the ridiculous and completely baseless claim that Vladimir Putin is behind the hacking of the unDNC emails and the leak of them prior to the convention this week.

The truth is, Hillary did it, not Vlad the Destroyer of Worlds. As if that really mattered.

First of all, understand this: the “intelligence” coming out about Russia being behind the hacking of the unDNC emails and the Clinton Global(ist) Initiative comes straight from a DNC contractor who previously tried to blame North Korea for the Sony Pictures hack. Crowdstrike is partially owned by Google if that gives you any indication of their globalist bona fides.

They are also considered a laughing stock by industry insiders for making outrageous claims about their product and services.

Here’s what we actually know about the hacks.

They were supposedly carried out by someone going under the name of Guccifer2.0 who claims to be Romanian (like the previous Guccifer) and says he has no ties at all to Russia.

Guccifer2.0 released some of the stolen emails on his own WordPress blog back in June, but he gave the ones in question to Wikileaks to do with as they saw fit.

Ergo, it was Wikileaks and not the ebil Ruskies who decided when the emails would be released to the public.

I will repeat for the slower members of the audience… like Joe Scarborough perhaps…

It was WIKILEAKS and not the ebil Ruskies who decided when the emails would be released to the public.

Are we know saying Vladimir the Impaler runs Wikileaks and not the “hero” Julien Assange? Because it was Wikileaks who decided to drop that particular bomb on the unDNC convention just two days before it started… and not the evil boogieman of the hour.

Who knows who actually leaked/hacked the damn emails. Who cares in the long run. Aside from Debbie Wasserman Schultz being forced to resign, they will have no lingering influence on the election as nothing either Clinton does EVER hinders their lust for power and the ignorant, brainwashed public’s determination to see they achieve it.

After all, she does have a vagina and apparently nothing else matters (sorry, I couldn’t resist)

Aside from un-neoliberalizing Yeltsin’s Russia, Vladimir Putin has done a number of things to piss off the masters of the universe as of late.

His support of the people of the Donbass region and Crimea in Ukraine against the neo-Nazi government we installed in Kiev after that color revolution was one grave sin against them.

His support of the elected government in Syria was another.

And that’s too say nothing of the BRICS nations or the various pipeline deals he is currently working on as the likes of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama work on ours.

He is also reported to be strengthening ties to the elected government in Turkey which directly conflicts with the Rice/Obama/Clinton plan for the New Middle East featuring Greater Kurdistan.

I mean, there is a lot at stake here which is why Russian athletes have been banned from the Olympics and why the Hillary Clinton Brown Shirts in the media are promoting this ridiculous conspiracy theory about Putin being behind the leaked/hacked emails.

Ultimately what you really see is Hillary Clinton, ONCE AGAIN, doing what she can to destabilize Russia and more specifically, to undermine Vladimir Putin, the freely elected leader of a nuclear armed nation.

This is madness. She isn’t even president yet and she’s already picking at scabs risking greater infection without regard to the potential and likely consequences.

Goddamn, she’s not even in office yet and she’s trying to promote WWIII.

But, that doesn’t matter. She has a vagina after all, so she MUST be the best choice for president, right? (sorry again… oh fuck it, no I’m not)

Anyone who objectively looks at the history of Hillary Clinton and Russia, the source of the “intelligence” behind the story and the particulars of who it was that REALLY released the documents when they did HAS GOT to come to the conclusion that this is nothing more than a new McCarthyism being used as cover for a corrupt unDNC and Clinton Foundation. There simply is no other way to look at it.

Yet, our lovely puppets in the corporatist media go on endlessly talking about Donald Trump’s statements regarding Putin and Russia as if that is all the proof needed to jump to this wildly irresponsible conclusion.

Once again, anything Hillary Clinton touches turns to rot right before our eyes. She is a cancer, a virus of corruption, graft and dishonesty that knows no limits to the depths it will plummet to in order to achieve her single minded goal of accumulating more and more power for herself and her family.

She doesn’t worry about the civilians she will kill with her no-fly zones of freedom.

She doesn’t care about the lives she will cripple with her mercenary terrorists she deploys at will.

She doesn’t even care about risking global warfare in her reckless pursuit of global hegemony for the masters of the universe she openly serves without shame or remorse. Iraq is a business opportunity after all.

This is why she will resort to election rigging and the basest of electioneering you can possibly imagine to see herself in the White House.

As it stands right now, there appears to be literally no limit to the perversion of the unDNC today as it is being led by Hillary Rodham Clinton and I say that not as a Trump supporter (which I am not) and not as a Republican (which I am not) but rather as a human being terribly tired and disappointed to see the party of John Kennedy deteriorate to this absurdly debased place in history.

2 Responses

  1. The leaked emails don’t show that Russia is trying to manipulate our elections; what they prove is that the DNC is manipulating our elections.

    Good post, Scott.

    All this shit about Russia is propaganda from the politicians and media trying to stir up another sphere in the Long War. Guess the action in the Middle East they created isn’t generating enough profit for the MIC any more.

  2. Ungrateful Russians: they never reciprocate by sending us a “revolution specialist” like McFaul, uniquely suited for his post, given America’s current climate.

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