Michelle Obama’s “Great America” Isn’t That Great for So Many Others Out Here… and we shouldn’t forget that

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Jane Colden on Facebook made this. I thought it was perfect so I wanted to share it with you guys. Very nice Jane.

“Don’t let anyone ever tell you this country isn’t great. That we need to make it great again. Because this right now is the greatest country on earth” Michelle Obama

I don’t know what the fuck she’s talking about. Yosemite?

Not that long ago the people of Great Britain and the whole of the United Kingdom were debating an idea, the idea of leaving the European Union. I remember watching a young black woman TV star talking about how wonderful the EU was because it allowed her, a black woman from Africa, to rise to what she considered the “top” of her profession and enjoy a life of access and fame. This, to her, was proof of how inclusive the UK is under the rubric of the EU and she feared a different nation would rise in it’s wake if the nationalists, the “isolationists”, took the day and the vote to “LEAVE” won out.

Last night First Lady Michelle Obama attended the opening night of Hillary Clinton’s coronation extravaganza and she gave a speech which is being widely hailed as one of the greatest of all time by the breathless Clinton sycophants from the MSM (These are some of the same breathless MSM sycophants who were sent some of those emails that Debbie Wasserman Schultz got in trouble for, by the way)

The main point of the First Lady’s speech is that we don’t need to “Make America Great Again” because it already is great. It’s just fine. America is already “great”

This is politics 101. Hillary Clinton is running as an extension of the Obama administration which ran openly as a continuation of the first Clinton administration and supposedly was a “CHANGE” from the Bush administration (which it wasn’t as it turns out). For this reason it’s important for the Clinton machine (and certainly anyone named “Obama”) to come out and say things are just fine in the country and that everyone is doing splendidly.

Like so many other things associated with Hillary Clinton and to a slightly lesser degree, Barack Obama, that is a lie. And it is a lie that is told with a convoluted logic that makes you cringe when you think about it, when you let it settle in and mull it over for a few moments.

The pathology of Michelle Obama’s “Great America” goes something like this: she’s a black woman, living in “a house built by slaves”, watching her children play with their dogs on the White House lawn and being driven around by “big men with guns” and so… America is Great already.

You can see why I thought about that TV star in London.

One story of success literally built on the backs of millions of others being oppressed does not a Great Country make. I’m sorry. It just doesn’t work that way.

Perhaps her speech should have been titled “America is Already Great for a Lucky Few Sell Outs Like Myself and My Husband and Everyone Else Should Just Shut Up”

Her “wonderful” speech started with:

“It’s hard to BELIEVE it’s been 8 years since I first came to this convention to talk with you about why I thought my husband should be president. Remember how I told you about his character and conviction. His decency and his grace. The traits that we have seen every day he served in the White House.” Michelle Obama

That is the rhetoric. This is only a glimpse of the reality:

In 2009, President Obama stood before an adoring crowd in the centre of Prague, in the heart of Europe. He pledged himself to make “the world free from nuclear weapons”. People cheered and some cried. A torrent of platitudes flowed from the media. Obama was subsequently awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

It was all fake. He was lying.

The Obama administration has built more nuclear weapons, more nuclear warheads, more nuclear delivery systems, more nuclear factories. Nuclear warhead spending alone rose higher under Obama than under any American president. The cost over thirty years is more than $1 trillion.

A mini nuclear bomb is planned. It is known as the B61 Model 12. There has never been anything like it. General James Cartwright, a former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has said, “Going smaller [makes using this nuclear]weapon more thinkable.” John Pilger

Barack Obama is not a man of character though he may be a man of conviction. He is certainly dedicated to an ideal: the spread of neoliberal free market ideology, just like every other neocon and centrist New Dem in the Washington Consensus.

His tarnished Peace Prize sits in a moldy box in his office, covered in the dried blood of so many unnamed civilians, later called “insurgents”, felled by his incessant drone warriors taking orders from the CIA.

He turned a blind eye to Libya when his Secretary of State made war there on behalf of her friends in France and the UK. He equally ignored her perverted regime change policies in places like Honduras, Syria and Ukraine.

Our great leader of our great nation did nothing as Hillary Clinton robbed the people of Haiti of the opportunity to rebuild after their disaster, putting her corrupt husband in charge of the process that left millions without a home or hope.

Black people in this country don’t fare much better. They are disproportionately represented in the worlds of high finance, medicine and politics. The unemployment rate for young black people across America is staggering shameful as Michelle Obama brags about her wonderful life.

Michelle’s “heartwarming” message is a simple, yet dishonest one: see? Even a black person can be president in this “Great America”

Barack Obama was raised by two grandparents who were bankers. He lived in luxury in Hawaii. That was after his mother moved to Indonesia and worked for the CIA via USAID helping their new dictator Suharto repress the Indonesian leftists after his coup. His stepfather was a general serving Suharto who ended up being the liaison between the new junta and the oil industry that swept in post coup.

I live in an area with scores of unemployed white and black people. People who have fallen off the unemployed radar because they have been unemployed for so long. Those that have jobs in this area have ones that pay them next to nothing for their time and they keep those jobs for fear of what will happen if they lose them.

The “Great President” the man of conviction Michelle spoke of last night has been slowly but steadily bringing the economic brick of austerity measures from Chile ’73 into play here in the states. His privatization plans, especially of the public education system, are leaving millions of people out in the cold. Millions of black school children feel the brunt of those privatization plans.

And that is too say nothing of the millions of black men and women incarcerated in our for-profit prison systems across the nation. Most of them there for victimless crimes of addition.

Heroin use has made a huge comeback during Obama administration, again, the African American community being hardest hit.

Yes, Michelle Obama has had the joy of watching her “bubbly” little girls grow into fine young women over these past eight years but for so many other mothers of color, that is simply not the case. Fewer blacks reside in what used to be called the “Middle Class” in America than did when Barack took office. That’s because fewer humans of any color reside in that neighborhood across the board as the Middle Class continues it’s slide which started with the Reagan “revolution” all these Reagan Democrats sprung from.

Yes, the First Lady watched her children’s faces pressed up against the bullet-proof glass of the black SUVs as they went off to their first day in their new school while so many others watched their children load into a run-down yellow bus dragging them off to some for-profit charter school which resides in a strip mall building that used to house a Men’s Warehouse store. That’s “school” for so many young black children… and it breaks my heart.

The mothers of those children don’t sit around debating which Ivy League school will get the honor of teaching their children. They simply hope that their young ones will not get pregnant too soon or end up in jail. They dream not of college but of a steady job for their children in this “Great America” we live in.

“And now, because of Hillary Clinton, my daughters, all of our daughters, take for granted that a woman can be president of the United States” Michelle Obama

When people like Joe Scarborough stand up and cheer on the set of his TV show this speech what you are watching is the jubilation of release. The elites and their sycophantic apologists in the media are tired. They are tired of having to pretend to understand the plight of so many who have been left behind in this new economy of ours. The rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders make it clear, many out here are disaffected and angry because of it. So many in fact that the Clinton campaign had to steal the nomination in order to win this moment in history.

Yes, the first woman president will have stolen the office. And that also breaks my heart.

What Michelle gave voice to last night is the joy of the few living large at the expense of the many and she did so unapologetic and without the slightest hint of shame or irony.

She said we can’t afford to be cynical and I guess by that she means we can’t afford to look at the real life so many people live everyday in this “Great America”

We can’t afford to look across the world at the horrors of mercenary terrorists we unleash in countries that we wish were run by other people.

We can’t afford to worry about the corporatist bill of rights that her husband is trying to push on the American people in the form of the TPP and the TTIP.

We can’t afford to worry about all those millions of Americans who found themselves disenfranchised or barred from voting in the unDemocratic Party’s primary election.

So many Americans can’t afford much now that her husband passed an unconstitutional mandate forcing young people to buy insurance they don’t need or don’t want from companies who wont give them a thing after years of paying for their useless product.

I am happy for Michelle Obama. She has a wonderful life as will her two beautiful daughters.

But her Great America is only great for a select few and her indifference to the rest is troubling to me. Not troubling because she feels it. It’s troubling because so many others in that crowd last night and in the press today applaud and feel the same way.

Some will call me a pessimist, a misanthrope, a “half empty” kind of guy. I call myself a realist. No, Donald Trump will not make America great again. And no, America is not the greatest country on earth. Perhaps it was. It could be. But it is not.

“The first step to solving any problem is recognizing there is one. America is not the greatest country in the world anymore”

Here’s a little reminder of the cynicism that Michelle Obama says we can’t afford anymore. The video went viral not that long ago but it seems it’s a quaint little idea that has fallen out of fashion in Hillary Clinton’s New Dem left. We should remember it because as much as I tried to convey the same feelings with this article, Jeff does it much better than I ever could. So here’s to you Michelle and your Great America speech.

(personal note. The actor sitting to the left of Jeff Bridges is Jason Butler Harner. He’s the one who answers “Freedom and freedom” when asked what makes America the greatest country on earth. Jason and I attended VCU theater school together. When he was given the lead roll in a mainstage production of All My Sons at VCU when the director, the head of the faculty, wanted to cast me, that was the end of my career at VCU. It was a political decision made by the staff at the university. Jason was a sycophant and I was a bit more outspoken ergo they said rewarding me with a lead roll would send the wrong message. I did not return the next semester and Brandt Pope, the director and head of the department at the time, left the following year. The following image is from a playbill and a review of The Reluctant Debutante, a play I was in with Jason back then. Jason has had a good career and I certainly harbor no ill feelings toward the guy. He worked hard, studies at Yale after leaving VCU and has done well for himself.)

june 4

(I post this little piece of my history in the hopes that you understand the irony of it all as to how it relates to this article. For some America is Great for others less so. At least I had my shot. That’s something so many of the voiceless will never have. Not for them, not for their children. Not with Donald Trump and not with Hillary Clinton.)

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  1. I didn’t watch her speech, but it appears to have been deeply cynical. And judging from people’s reactions, it worked.

  2. Michelle the man, was the show and the hype.
    The real business of the day was done by Bernie Sanders, when he strongly told the crowd to vote Clinton.


    He was never a maverick or some sort of anti establishment choice. He is an insider playing his role. This whole show is a joke.

  3. “Ungodly technical advances” … if that isn’t the truth!

    Other than that, Jeff Daniels (not Jeff Bridges, by the way) gives an excellent explanation of why American is not all that great. Of course, I don’t know that it ever really was. The ideas some of us held were great, but they never seemed to quite make it into full manifestation.

    I didn’t listen to Michelle’s speech either because I knew it would be full of these sorts of overly optimistic statements. Not that I’m not optimistic because I am, but I know very well that Obama has been a disaster as a president and has made fools of all of us who believed what he told us he wanted to accomplish. Michelle is very good at these feelgood type speeches even though they don’t ring true to “real” people.

    America has become a really great country for Zionists/globalists, which is what’s wrong with it for the rest of us.

  4. Another very good piece! And thanks for being outspoken!

  5. America is the great country where a Kenyan born homosexual can move in to the White House with his transgender boyfriend.

  6. I’m praying for your health and strength and I know mine are among many prayers, Scott, but take it easy. The bullshit has been like an avalanche lately. We’ve got to find our center and pick our battles wisely. No question you are fighting the good fight, but it is up to all of us to stop this ugliness. People have to realize the power we have. Do you have all the answers? Of course not….although you have been working above and beyond the call of duty. Do I have all the answers? Of course not. Do we all have the answers? Of course we DO.
    Wise and diligent people like you have helped people by framing the questions as they are seldom done today in a media of well cultivated ignorance. It’s up to us to quit pretending some politician is going to do it for us. We all need to face the real truth, the truth that money can’t buy, and the real wealth that was breathed into us when we were born. The real truth is everyone wakes up with the exact same power as Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump, and we have the exact same potential for personal power and great shared alliances based on well earned trust, not smiles, handshakes, and popularity. And there are more of us, a world of us who want to live for Life and not just for money. By claiming ownership of that great power and seeing the numbers of us with common goals: to live strong, happy, healthy lives for ourselves and our loved ones, is there any reasonable excuse to give this power to ANY politician, unless they fully represent us by actions proven beyond words? We need more….Honesty (not sincerity), Courage (not stupid rage), and Intelligence (patient learning). We will win with our intelligence, not our emotions (that’s what they aim for).
    For example, with all the resources of the internet, someone please tell me just ONE good thing either Trump or Clinton has done. That’s the kind of small stuff we have to answer first. The big stuff the heavy lifting comes later with shared knowledge and experience. And, again, I’ve said it before, thank you, Scott for all of your heavy lifting. Please take care of yourself….we need your voice. Nobody in America wins unless we all win.

  7. I haven’t watched a single moment of TV coverage of either convention. The only word I can think of to describe what I’m reading about the DNC is “orgy”. It is an orgy of lies, backstabbing, hype and distraction from the real issues of the day. fail to understand why the US population is even considering Hillary Clinton as a candidate. Her husband is a disbarred, sex addict who brought shame to the office. They are both career criminals with many dead bodies ready to tumble out of their closets. They are criminal desperados. Desperate to continue the cover-up of their crimes and the cabal that has occupied the US ever since the 9/11 coup. A coup that was planned and put in motion during the Clinton years.

  8. sHe is too busy driving in circles around the whitehouse playing car karaoke. How embarrassing.

  9. Very nice piece, Scott. And thanks for the personal info. There’s actually very little glamor in the Resistance in spite of what the movies tell us. I think you’ve done a great job so far …
    The Michelle O. speech is as nauseating as the rest of them … Hogwash is too elegant a way to put it and bullshit is a tired, meaningless word in this world.
    If AE readers still have some anti-emetics left around they can try this Bluffington Post piece which wants to explain why the few sheep Bernie wasn’t able to woof into the corral should stop being “ridiculous” and vote Killary …


  10. Fucking left cover. If this bullshit was uttered by Trump’s wife, people would be roaring in anger!

    This country is not great. It has been going downhill for a long time. And we are approaching final stages of the ultimate downfall…

    • Indeed! And the fact that some people actually believe Trump to be ‘different’ than these career criminal politicians is further proof of that.

    • ran across this today. forgot how long we’ve been at this.

      “Greenmon, on December 8, 2011 at 11:42 pm said: Edit Comment

      Keep it up Hillary. You’ll have the world destroyed in no time…

  11. This is a tough one. Your points are valid, but what could she say that works here? If she went racial, we’d kill her. If she went class, we’d kill her. To me, this is more a time of STFU and know your place. Of course it’s great for her, now sit back and let the PC media try and convince the world you’re some beautiful hero and let the rest of us grind away and live in the real world.

  12. Damm Sonnnn! Into the BLEACHERS! Whoa!

  13. what’s really sad is the conspiracy theorist out here who can only see negative things in the world. President Obama has done nothing to deserve the accusations of being a liar.

    These are the same people who during his first term said that he would destroy the nation before the end of that first term, that we’d be all under Sharia Law and our economy would be in shambles. They also said that he would never leave office, that he was like a dictator

    So here we are a the end of his second and final term and ready to leave office and here they are again, telling us how unhappy they are because they didn’t get their cake and eat it too and it’s all his fault.

    So go out and vote for Donald Trump because this millionaire has proven over his lifetime how much he cares about ordinary people like you guys. Yeah, he’s a business man and he’s had nothing but success and that’s what he’ll do for the country. And never mind all the nasty things he’s said about Hispanics, Blacks, Women and even disabled people, he’s a real sensitive guy who really loves people, dedicated to doing good.

    And if you believe that, I’ve got a piece of beach front property in Arizona to sell you.

    As a gay man, I have done quite well by Obama. I have also watched this nation go from one of the worst recessions ever, with hundreds of thousands losing their jobs, to recovery, all on Obama’s watch, and most of it during a Congress that refused to budge on helping the man fulfill his agenda, and then throwing blame at him when he tried to do what he could through executive power.

    So now we got those same, always dissatisfied people with the status quo, bitching because everything is perfect for them and they were expecting to be living in mansions right now and it’s all Obama’s fault that they’re not all rich like Donald Trump, so they want to now go vote for Trump because Trump is such a successful man. Never mind how he refused to pay many of the contractors who worked for him, sometimes destroying their businesses with his greed, filing frivolous lawsuits against them and forcing them to either pay expensive legal cost to challenge him or simply give up trying to collect what they were owed. But this guy is some kind of role model for you guys because you’re such excellent judges of character.

    I’ve spent the last 7 and a half years listening to your endless complaining how this president was going to take away your guns and how he was a secret Muslim and I watched you pick and pick at his character while he did nothing wrong. Why? Because none of you have even an ounce of the good character this man has. You’re diatribe will go nowhere in history but this man will go down as one of the greatest presidents this nation has ever known, right up there with Abe Lincoln, long after all of you are long in the grave with hardly a soul caring about what you had to say here.

    And Michelle’s Obama’s speech; at least she didn’t have to steal the words off of someone else and as far as I’m concerned, it moved me right down to the core, unlike the robot movements of Melania Trump as she plagiarized Michelle’s 2008 speech.

    Now go back to attacking Hillary Clinton and give us your dire predictions of what’s going to happen if she’s elected, which God help this country if she isn’t because if Trump takes over the White House, you people will finally know what it’s like to be under a dictator. But then, you asked for it.

    • Your not very observant are you? Do you see anything on this website that would even remotely suggest I or anyone leaving comments here are planning to vote for Donald Trump? I guess that kind of attention to detail doesn’t matter to you, does it?

      What do you mean by “you people”?

      I guess her speech would “move” you right down to the core because she is speaking to you. Someone who is one of the fortunate few who have prospered under Obama and his neoliberal remaking of the country. Listen, there are some who enjoyed living under Suharto, some loved living under Mubarack, Pinochet and Papa Doc, just to name a few. There always are. And they always do the same thing: dismiss the legitimate concerns of all those left behind as jealousy or sour grapes.

      Why do you say you have listened to me say for 7 years that Obama is a “secret Muslim”? I’ve never written that in my life. I don’t care what religion he pretends to be.

      Oh wait, yeah, that’s right… you just lump us all in as one generalized “enemy” don’t you? That’s what “you people” means, isn’t it?

      I am glad “as a gay man” you have “done quite well by Obama”. I don’t know what that means, but there you have it. I’m happy for you. Others out there may not have fared as well and it was for them I wrote the article.

      You see some people (you might call us “you people”) can actually empathize with the plight of others. Take me for instance. If you were to bother to actually take the time to read some of my writing you will find it’s mostly about others. How they are treated or mistreated as the case may be. That’s kinda what I do here.

      But I am glad you have done quite well by Obama. You can just take my word for it, there are many others who have not and unlike you, I don’t simply dismiss their suffering by blaming the victims.

      As for comparing Obama to Abe Lincoln, come on, really man? The guy was a genius orator who actually wrote his own speeches, held the country together when it was ripping itself apart and brought about the end of slavery or at least the start of the end of slavery. What’s Obama done? Made death by drone strikes in other countries an everyday occasion? Passed an unconstitutional mandate for people to be forced by law to purchase insurance from a company they will probably never use so that the insurance companies can make of a profit? Privatized a bunch of public schools? Destroyed Syria and Libya in pursuit of his neoliberal regime change agenda?

      What exactly has Obama done to even compare to Lincoln. Please, feel free to enlighten “us people” out here, we’re dying to know.

      And as for Michelle’s speech, when that scene from that TV show first came out, it was all over the progressive websites. It went viral, remember? And now here we have Michelle Obama recreating the role of the vapid sorority chick saying “This is what make America the greatest country on Earth”… you don’t find that even the slightest bit ironic?

      Yeah I guess for some folks it is pretty darn nifty, isn’t it? Just like it was under Pinochet, Suharto and Yeltsin. But you know, in the end, all of those guys fell from power too, right? So enjoy it while you can.

      psst… notice how many “gun related” speakers and guests have been featured at the DNCC this time around? You paying attention? yeah, they are coming for someone’s guns. Just not mine. I don’t own any. Don’t want to. But you know, I kind of feel a little partial to the constitutional right that says I could if I wanted one. See how that works, genius?

      Now, you come on back anytime you want to enlighten us poor dumb rednecks with your infinite wisdom.

      And you know, Hillary Clinton will certainly be remembered by more folks than remember me in the end but I’m ok with that because I’m not a liar, not a thief, not a corrupt politician selling my influence to the highest bidder (check out those new email releases?), not a war criminal and I never ran a fake charity from which I skimmed money off the top to line my own pockets.

      So I’m ok with that. now I know I have laid out a bunch of concepts in this comment that will be hard for you to understand, like this last one. But that’s ok. “you people” are a little challenged in that regard, aren’t you?

      pps.. Since we are comparing apples to apples here… how many views did your blog get back in the day you were still running it? Last year I averaged 3,182 a day and so far this years it’s just over 2k per day. That’s not bad. I’m looking to break 7 million views before the end of the year. More importantly, people come here and feel free to speak their mind and they don’t have paid shills trying to wage a hearts and minds campaign on them all day like the MSM does. They like that. Some, like Greenmon, have been coming here for years. What did your readers do? Did you have any?

      I guess my point is simple: yeah, 50 years from now, people will discuss exactly what Obama said and did and judge it on the merits of history. The educated will certainly judge it differently than most. And more people will care what he said than will care what I write 50 years from now, that’s very true if not a particularly astute observation.

      But right now, in real time, there are literally thousands more who care what I write and think that do about anything you do online and that’s a fact. The evidence is right there.

      And here’s another little curiosity. You do nice SIMS architecture. I looks lovely. Before I got sick, I actually drafted and designed homes and renovations and fountains and kitchens and additions… very similar to what you do. Only I had to then make it work in the real world. Real stone, real steel, real people living their real lives with what I built. In fact, here’s something I helped design and draw for Northrop Grumman’s 9/11 memorial. I was freelancing for Kusser Granitwerke. I also helped design and install this, the bowl fountain and Onyx pedestal at the W Hotel in downtown Atlanta.

      But those little SIMS houses of yours are real nice.

      • Dear willyloman,

        You’re backlash comments only proves one thing: You can only see the negative to everything, and it doesn’t matter if you’re voting for Trump or not, because if you’re not voting for either, then you don’t really have a voice that counts, and if you’re voting for someone without enough support to even come close to winning, then you’re simply throwing away your vote.

        And, the only thing I have gained from Obama’s presidency is my rights as a gay man. I have not prospered a great deal but then, much of that has to do with me, because unlike you, I don’t sit around and blame the government for my lack of prosperity. Under Obama, you at least had more opportunity than you did under Bush. Bush left you with nothing and somehow because Obama didn’t perform miracles while standing on one foot, holding the economy up with one hand and foreign enemies at bay with the other, all the while getting past a do-nothing, say-no-all-the-time Congress, he’s then a liar and and those of us who believed in him are all neoliberals, unlike you who is such a down-to-earth guy who finds every politician to be crooked and liars and no one tells the truth but you and you alone.

        And please, feeding ignorance with heated rhetoric may get you a lot of support because speaking from facts doesn’t draw a crowd, so you’re mister successful blogger. So is Fox News successful and Rush LImbaugh and Brightbart.com but then, like you, they feed on lies, accusing others of lying.

        Oh and how convenient, standing in the middle and claiming you’re not for those on the right or those on the left because somehow you’re for truth and justice and the rest are all just liars. You’re simply a fence-straddler, unable to comprehend the good in anyone because you don’t know what it looks like, you’ve been so busy finding fault in everyone but yourself.

        But yes, let’s put you in the correct category, “you people” because that’s all you are, just another piece of bluster, feeding the ignorant emotional crowd out there who feel they’ve been cheated out of something. You might as well jump on that same hate bandwagon as the Trump crowd because you’re no more interested in the truth than they are.

        It also seems so important to you to brag about how great you are. Sounds familiar. You’re busy comparing your great works to mine and yet you can’t see or understand that I don’t use my talents to compare myself against others, only because I enjoy doing them. Personally, I don’t care if you designed the Brooklyn Bridge, it does not lift you up in my eyes or anyone’s eyes who are too busy just trying to find enough food everyday to feed themselves. I worked at a mission for the homeless for over five years but I’m sure you have fed a whole nation because of your greatness, just so you can compare yourself to me. You know what, I really think there might be a place on Donald Trump’s bandwagon for you because you’re certainly getting to sound like him.

        But you go ahead, tell us how independent you are and give us some more platitudes about yourself and dig that hole a little deeper.

        But believe me Mr. Great Blogger with over 3,000 viewers a day, you will not ever come close to the deep commitment or the overwhelming service that Obama, Michelle or Hillary has accomplished. Now you go and tell your bloggers some more bluster to feed their hungry and ignorant disillusioned faces, because the world and America will never lack for pessimist like yourself.

        • Reading comprehension not a big thing for you, huh?

          Clearly I’m not “sitting on the fence” as that I’ve contributed daily to the debate and if you’re presence here is any indication, that contribution has been heard and therefore it’s been effective. And clearly, I am a member of that disaffected left that everyone seems to be talking about these days… even Obama with reverence last night… you could take a lesson from his speech writers by the way.

          And let me say this: just because you disagree with my argument does not mean it’s on par with Fox “News”. Fox does not provide links or evidence supporting most of their claims. I do. You just don’t happen to like my conclusions.

          This is a perfect example of the fallacy you have been making this whole time you have been here and that is you attack the messenger rather than the message. If you wish to argue that America is “great” as the First Lady suggested, then you should have at least tried to show that. In the article I provided several examples from which I concluded that it is not “great” and I think I made a strong case. You on the other hand, said it was good for you and basically everyone with a problem right now is either lazy or just a malcontent (the definition of what you called “you people”, since you didn’t wish to define that insult for us)

          How could you possibly conclude from what I wrote any of the claims you made about me in the first comment? Did you even read it or just see it was a popular link on Facebook and jump to conclusions after reading the title alone?

          In the future might I suggest you make your argument Mr. SIMS without personal attacks because it works better when you don’t assume someone who is far to the left of Bernie Sanders is a right-wing Trump supporter who questions Obama’s religion (as you did in the previous comment). 1. it makes you look like you are just here spouting cliches and platitudes and 2. being that far off about your conclusion about me personally (especially because my left leaning is CLEAR in my article, the one you supposedly read and disagreed with) seriously undermines your effectiveness (and any credibility any reader would give your argument)

          Now, as to what you consider my vanity. I made a point about readership to respond to your point about no one caring about my opinion. Apparently more care about mine than they do yours. I was addressing your “attack the messenger” argument and not bragging. 2 or 3 thousand readers a day is not much but I’m happy with it. Still, it’s not bragging. a hundred thousand a day.. that would be bragging.

          As far as my work experience goes, once again, you miss the point. Allow me to explain:

          I worked in reality, in the tangible, where all sorts of real world factors have to be considered when designing anything. From a simple bench to a water-bowl fountain in the middle of a hotel bar.

          I still do the same today. That’s why I forge my arguments like I would my designs or my drafting/project managing projects. I give them a foundation and a structure that holds up to the physics of the world in which they are produced.

          That’s why I make my arguments with supported facts, I don’t just attack personalities, the messenger. I posted that work by John Pilger as an example to show how “honest” Obama really is in relation to her argument. Now that is just one of a litany of examples I used to support my argument throughout the article. What you wont notice anywhere in it, is a personal attack on the messenger over and above saying “yes. this America has been very good to the Obamas. just not for very many others”

          I work in the real world sir and I work in structure on things that have real world consequences.

          You on the other hand do not. And that was my point.

          Finally, yes, a lot of people have been cheated out of something.

          Syrians were cheated out of their peace under your glorious president.

          Libyans were cheated out of their country.

          Sanders supporters were cheated out of a fair shot at democracy, or have you failed to keep up with the news as of late?

          And lastly, all those Obama supporters from back in 2008 were cheated out of the “CHANGE” they were promised.

          Do you understand? Are you paying attention? Are you actually reading my comments or just skimming along trying to find something you can latch onto?

          You keep referring to “you people”, myself and the readers here as “ignorant”… I wish to give you one more piece of advice…

          In case you missed it, what Obama did last night was quite brilliant in a tactical way. He not only reached out to the disaffected left, he praised them. He honored them and challenged his supporters and Hillary’s to motivate themselves with the same passion and drive we have.

          His message was inclusive, yours is divisive and I am sure with so many people reading this article and agreeing with the core message of it, many of them have been turned off by your endless attacks and derogatory statements about them.

          Do you understand? Are you paying attention? You should because what you are doing to folks you callously refer to as “you people” (repeatedly now) is helping drive them further away from your goal. Do you get that? If not might I suggest you rewatch the president’s speech sober this time and without the fog of identity politics clouding your vision. There’s an important message in there he was trying to convey, not just to “my people” but to everyone.

          Kay? kay.

          • I have read enough of your comments to know you called everyone you disagree with a liar. I realize that you don’t expect personal attacks just because you make them and simply providing links does not prove anything, or in other words, just because something is posted somewhere on the internet proves nothing but that you wish to prove something; that Obama is a liar, Michelle Obama is a liar, and since you claim to be even left of Bernie Sanders, surely Bernie is nothing but a liar, and your proof really is that two or three thousand viewers stop by your website to read what you’ve got to say.

            Where you stand is not the left but out in the middle of nowhere because if all you can offer is cynicism to all your readers looking to find someone just as cynic as themselves, then you have proven nothing.

            You also base your accusations on the fact your not happy because you think Obama lied to you about change. It never occurs to you that many have seen that change, people who probably have a lot less than you do and perhaps never had health care because they never could afford it and now they can.

            You also I would assume are not gay or you’d realize that gay people like me appreciate the change to finally be accepted and allowed to marry throughout the country. Of course, that is all due to Obama but his support certainly didn’t hurt.

            You also never thought about that when Obama made those promises, he could not have foreseen a housing crisis on the arisen just at the end of the year, long after he made those promises, that is unless you expected him to be able to predict the future. Nor did you take in consideration that he had a Congress that was much more in control by Democrats going in and by 2010 both houses fell to Republicans thanks to Democrats being lousy voters during midterms and a Tea Party full of hate and lies toward the first black president.

            Throughout my long life I have watched presidents come and go and they all make promises and most of them are basically honest when they make those promises, believing enough in themselves that they can accomplish the lion share of those promises. And the truth is, Obama managed to keep more of his promises than most of those presidents, just by his strong determination to fulfill them if anything. It certainly wasn’t because he had a willing congress or an economy handed to him that was strong and vital.

            As far as the Affordable Care Act, Obama and Democrats wanted a single-payer option but they could never have gotten anything passed if they refused to compromise on it. It was about hoping that once we had a health care system for everyone, it could be amended later to include a public option and it still could but not without a difficult battle to get there.

            You also mentioned drones. But then, if it weren’t for the drones, you or some others of his many detractors would be talking about how weak he is on foreign policy, or if he responded like Bush and put our troops on the ground in various countries, then you or some others of his detractors would be talking about how he put our troops in harms way, along with perhaps tens of thousands of civilian lives lost somehow connected to those wars, for many various reasons. So it really doesn’t matter what he does, folks like you or other detractors would find fault because that’s what you do; find fault.

            Now would you like to come back to me again and tell me more about how intelligent you are and how creative you are? I work at a regular job, one that I have been at for over 15 and a half years. My sims is a hobby I do on my free time because I enjoy it, not because I’m some great talent. My political comments are based not only on my emotions but on my extensive eye on events in the world and in politics. I get my information from more than just different websites on the internet but from reliable sources, such as USA Today, which is a paper read by many, both Republican and Democrat and is a trusted news source.

            My passions are not as patriotic as the average American because I have a world view and care about things that are usually not at the top of the news, such as children dying of hunger and disease in Africa and other countries, and that is where I contribute.

            What angers me when I read articles like yours is the fact that you don’t really give a hoot about who Obama is as a person, or his wife or Hillary for that matter. They’re just more fodder for you to attack with your so-called internet linked proof. I have spent the last seven and a half years listening to the constant barrage of attacks on Obama’s character and I have also watched that man rise above it all, with his head held high. But no, you only see what you want to see and nothing else matters to you because, you got a bunch of people who are counting on you to tell them something they want to hear.

            So you go ahead and keep feeding the masses of your viewers with your cynicism and you personal attacks on politicians without regard to who they really are as people and then be outraged that someone dare attack you personally, because you’re so far above reproach.

            You want to affect change in politics? Let me give you the one solution and it doesn’t take hundreds of post with thousands of links to explain it, nor personal attacks on anyone: Take money out of politics. Fight for public financing and make private donations illegal. We pay our politicians well, and if you want decent people in politics, then stop the bribes and the endless begging for bucks just to be able to run. And don’t spend all your time pointing fingers at politicians for taking that those contributions until you can make it possible for them to run without them, and win by the strength of their character.

            As far as my reading your complete article, certainly, I didn’t read it all and perhaps I made a mistake because of it. But I read enough to read your accusations against Michelle and Obama and as far as I’m concerned, I’m tired of reading attacks on those two people, because I am one person who highly regards them and there is nothing you can do to change that. Why? Because one thing I have gained from my life’s ups and downs, through staring death in the face, knowing what it’s like to have people hate me, reject me, to be an outcast with no where to turn, just because of my being gay, this coming from religious people and that is discernment of character or in religious terms, discernment of spirit ,and believe me, you’re picking on the wrong people. When you do, you can count on people like me coming out in force to defend them and if necessary, I will do so by giving you a taste of your own medicine.

            • “I have read enough of your comments to know you called everyone you disagree with a liar.”

              now you’re just making shit up.

              “But I read enough to read your accusations against Michelle and Obama and as far as I’m concerned, I’m tired of reading attacks on those two people, because I am one person who highly regards them and there is nothing you can do to change that.”

              Ah. Identity politics. OK. No, I guess nothing they do will change your mind about what they are.

              “Fight for public financing and make private donations illegal.”

              I couldn’t agree more and as the new revelations show, your candidate and the Obama’s have been literally selling access to them at an astonishing rate.

              “But then, if it weren’t for the drones, you or some others of his many detractors would be talking about how weak he is on foreign policy…”

              Well thank you for telling what what I WOULD be arguing, but in fact, no… I would not be calling him “weak on foreign policy”. But that is an interesting argument: death squads from above so he doesn’t look “weak”.

              I find fault in what he’s doing because it is wrong. Killing civilians because the CIA is targeting someone who is problematic for them in a country we ILLEGALLY INVADED and now OCCUPY is wrong. I don’t care how he does it, the act is wrong. The targeting is wrong, the collateral damage is wrong. It’s just wrong.

              But of course, you wont see that, because like you said, there’s nothing I can say pointing out the wrong that he has done that would ever make you change your mind. So why should I or anyone else bother? Funny isn’t it how similar you are to the picture you try to present about me.

              • You like to lie, and you like to get fucked in the ass. No wonder you are so happy with today’s America.

              • Anyone who knows me would tell you that I don’t make shit up, unless I’m being humorous and joking around. And for me to fill you in to my life story would be enough material to fill a book.

                Let me also add that the use of drones is not to kill innocent civilians. In fact it is to avoid killing innocent civilians as much as possible but no, it’s not perfect. But please, oh great knowledgeable one, tell us what we must do to take out the terrorist who seek to kill us? Do we just lay down and die or perhaps we could write a blog with links to make those terrible terrorist tremble in fear of our awesome pen?

                Unless you got better solutions, then all you’re doing is blowing smoke. It’s easy to criticize when you don’t have to be the one making the decisions. So do me a favor, instead of just telling all your readers about the wrongs you believe you see in others, offer solutions because if you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem.

                I suppose I cannot make such a high claim as yourself to be the American Everyman as I only represent those who actually look for answers to life’s daily problems and surely most Americans just look for blame.

                And here is me making shit up again but while you were here writing whatever you wanted to on a WordPress.com free blog, I was trying to get my work published on Yahoo Voices, which had strict rules about what you could post and what you couldn’t, as far as reliable sources to back me up. I failed many times, enough that Yahoo finally sent me a huge book about Internet blogging, with all the rules and legalisms that went with it, and I read all of it cover to cover. I also repeated the same thing when Yahoo offered the same elective courses online, with testing to prove I actually read it and learned it. Still, I managed to publish several stories accepted by Yahoo as I learned what was acceptable and what wasn’t. One story, which was not a political blog, they actually paid me for. So I suppose that would make me a professional. Not that my head swells over that single story but technically, that would make it so.

                I’ve also published much of my work on DailyKos.com, which isn’t anywhere as strict as Yahoo, and in fact, you can pretty much blog whatever you want to, as long as you can take the criticism from their very well in tuned and very liberal large viewership. You make accusations against someone on the political stage, especially the progressive political stage, you’d better have solid facts to back you up or that crowd will eat you for lunch.

                What you need, the same as every blogger needs, is a good dose of humility because without it, you become like a shrill in the vast open space known as internet blogging. Before you go stepping all over everyone else, you need to step on yourself and realize no one is always right and no one is always wrong. We’re all humans with all our frailties and like me, sometimes we get angry and stop paying attention enough, but when we finally do pay attention, we find that others actually do make sense, as long as they’re able to be honest with themselves.

                Right now you’re mostly full of yourself and because you have a free-willing website that you can say whatever you please, you’ve convinced yourself, along with the help of many of your viewers, that you’re always right. I’m sorry to break it to ya, you’re not, but then, neither am I. But I have real passion and I seek the truth, not laced with cynicism because cynicism will only allow you to see the bad in everything.

                Dig a little deeper than what’s on the internet and you might find many of your targets are just people trying to fulfill their dreams too. See past everyone’s faults and look for the good. Write a blog about yourself and talk about your faults and then perhaps you won’t be so judgemental of others with such ease.

                Lastly, let me feed you some more shit, because you can disbelief anything you want. For probably three to four years I hosted the most popular help thread in TS3 or for your understanding, The Sims 3, called “Showcasing Your Lots Workshop”. At its heyday, it was getting up to ten pages of comments, simmers, from young children to older and more experienced creators, looking for help and advice on their projects. I was doing this while working a full time job and writing blogs, just as a hobby and because so many people wanted my opinion on their work.

                That thread stayed at the top of the pages of thousands of daily post on its own merits and without it being pasted. The reason being was simply, simmers who enjoyed creating houses, loved someone to critique their work with honest opinion. Eventually, because of its popularity, and even though the employees at EA did not particularly like me, as I was well-known for voicing my disapproval, the thread was pasted at the top of the Creative Corner of that forum. Eventually it died down because I grew tired of spending so many hours a day on that thread.

                Still, I am remembered well for that thread. I never gained a red cent for it as it was only a hobby. I tell you this because with all your discounting me as just a creator of pretty homes in a game environment, many look up to me for my truthfulness and clear direction.

                One thing more: It’s a good thing I’m on vacation or I would never have the time to give you the wellspring of my vast knowledge. Thank your lucky stars. I do hope my humility is shining through. 😉

                • pretty much all of this country’s recent military actions are criminal and immoral and are designed to confront, control, and exploit civilian populations. your defense of obama’s drone program is ignorant and disgusting.

            • you know what you remind me of?

            • Everyone is inclined to support a situation that benefits them personally, often at the great expense of many, many others. It’s much easier if one dissociates himself from those harmed by whatever situation benefited him, so as to be guiltless in the suffering of those who are directly affected. So you’re gay. Hooray for you. I don’t care. I don’t judge you for it and I don’t care. I am heterosexual. Hooray for me. I’ll bet you don’t care and I doubt you judge me for it. Obama has presided over continuous war and his administration (not him per se, but his administration) is responsible for the deaths of tens or hundreds of thousands of innocent people. People with families who almost had the “audacity of hope”. People who wanted “change”. People who thought “yes, we can”, but their children found out they couldn’t because WE KILLED THEM FOR EXISTING IN THE WRONG PLACE AND TIME!!!! This is who you support. I do not care who you bugger or don’t, but please look into who you support and REALLY why you support them. Are you completely selfish?

              • I hear you talk of facts and then you go make ludicrous accusations like ” Obama has presided over continuous war and his administration (not him per se, but his administration) is responsible for the deaths of tens or hundreds of thousands of innocent people.”

                That’s complete bull and you know it. The drone program has not killed tens or hundreds of thousands of innocent people.” There were tens of thousands of deaths during the last war in Iraq orchestrated by the Bush administration, which was horrific but even in that war, there were not hundreds of thousands of deaths. And, especially there were nowhere close to that many deaths in the Obama administration.

                And if you think if we just sit by and do nothing that somehow terrorist are not going to attack us, then you’re the one who is delusional.

                I am one to believe that the U.S. Government gets way too involved in other countries’ politics and have for decades, helping to place leaders who have turned out to be tyrants and dictators. This has been going on long before the Obama administration and even before the Reagan administration. However, it is not in our national security’s interests to sit back and hope that we won’t be attacked.

                As I mentioned earlier, if you have a better solution that can we can go out and kill our enemies before they kill more Americans and other innocent people, even innocent Muslims in the countries they themselves are from, than the current drone program, then let’s hear it. Otherwise you’re just someone who’s enjoying the freedom you have to say what you want in dissent of this administration with reasonable security that you won’t be killed in a terrorist attack, thanks to that drone program.

                I wish we all could live in the perfect world that you obviously have dreamed up but reality is not so easy. We have our freedom because we don’t just sit back and wait, reacting only after again being attacked as we were on 9/11. It if is up to the terrorist, we would all be placed under Sharia law and be living under the iron fist of extremist who believe our women shouldn’t even have the right to drive a car, let alone work and support her family. And yes, as a gay man I would be facing death for just being who I am.

                So go ahead, enjoy living in a country that works hard to protect your right to call our president a liar and a murderer, because if it was up to the terrorists, we’d all be either dead or living in extreme poverty, worried that in the middle of the night they’d come for our us and our families only because we don’t believe in their religion.

                • “The terrorists”, huh? Where do you suppose “they” come from, breaking down your door to kill you? Do you work for an agency, or do you just believe what you see on the news?

                  • p.s., if you invade someone’s neighborhood, they will fight back. If you invade someone’s country, they will fight back. We will and should fight for America if we are invaded. However, of we hire mercenaries to kill a few people in another country and they try to defend themselves, and then we use that act of defense and promote it publicly as an act of aggression and a justification for retaliation, are we really simply proactively protecting ourselves, or are we trying to be clever in stealing someone else’s shit?

                • obama doesn’t only kill with drones — he’s also used armies of cia-trained mercenary terrorists. this isn’t even a secret at this point, since john mccain shot his mouth off about it on tv. but i guess you’re waiting for “usa today” to put 2&2 together for you? “but… but.. 9/11”, you say? you’re not only deluded; you’re truly a fool.

                  also, there’s probably no one reading this site who would disagree that george w bush is a criminal war-monger. but that fact cannot be used to justify or excuse obama’s war-crimes.

                • “The drone program has not killed tens or hundreds of thousands of innocent people.”

                  He didn’t say the drone program killed them exclusively, he said “Obama has presided over continuous war and his administration is responsible for the deaths of tens or hundreds of thousands of innocent people.” which is absolutely true.

                  Do you not count the deaths in Libya and those in Syria as part of Obama’s handiwork? He shipped thousands of terrorist mercs into both countries, called them “moderates” as they killed and maimed thousands upon thousands of civilians in both countries. Then he allowed bombing campaigns in Libya which killed thousands more. Then, in the wake of the horror, still more die every day as the “moderates” he unleashed there fight for control of various parts of the country. All of those deaths in both Syria and Libya are the responsibility of the man who allowed it to start, Barack Obama. And that is just two countries. The guy is bombing and droning in at least eight as we speak.

                  “I am one to believe that the U.S. Government gets way too involved in other countries’ politics”

                  You think?

                  “However, it is not in our national security’s interests to sit back and hope that we won’t be attacked.”

                  Right, preemptive war is always in our best interests, right? Uh, no. Preemptive warfare is illegal. It’s a warcrime and try as you might to normalize the illegal behavior of George W Bush, and now Barack Obama, most rational and thinking Americans still see it as such.

                  What are you a defense contractor?

                  “As I mentioned earlier, if you have a better solution that can we can go out and kill our enemies before they kill more Americans and other innocent people, even innocent Muslims in the countries they themselves are from, than the current drone program, then let’s hear it. Otherwise you’re just someone who’s enjoying the freedom you have to say what you want in dissent of this administration with reasonable security that you won’t be killed in a terrorist attack, thanks to that drone program.”

                  That is the most sickening thing you have written in this entire conversation and it’s what ultimately earned you a well deserved ban.

                  Oh yeah, I’m sitting around enjoying all the “freedom” over here thanks to the CIA blowing up women and children in Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, South Sudan, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria and little malcontent me just don’t understand how them drones make me free to criticize the glorious leader.

                  Uh no, dickweed, the glorious drones don’t provide me with the freedom of speech, the constitution does and killing insurgents fighting our illegal occupations in countries where our “national interests” want to make some money doesn’t secure those freedoms by keeping terrorism at bay, instead, it breeds hatred and terrorism. EVERY GODDAMNED COUNTERTERRORISM EXPERT IN THE COUNTRY WHO ISN’T ON THE PAYROLL WILL TELL YOU THAT JUST LIKE THEY WILL TELL YOU TORTURE DOES NOT DECREASE TERRORISM, IT CREATES IT, YOU FUCKING SIMP.

                  You know, unlike your first accusations toward me, as you can see I have given you plenty of time to make your case here. And as it usually works out, influence peddlers like yourself always expose yourselves when I do. This last little comment of yours proves you are probably someone hired by the defense industry to spin bullshit on sites like this one. either that or you’re currently working for them while serving in the military.

                  Funny isn’t it how Hillary and Obama fans are turning into little versions of Dick Cheney these days isn’t it?

                  But keep your eyes open sailor. The Trump people don’t want endless war, the Bernie people don’t either. You are WAY in the minority and it’s getting worse for your ilk, not better… probably because the simps they hire like yourself are so bad at their jobs.

                  Think you are winning the hearts and minds campaign? Not even close. You know why? Because evil never wins, and that’s a goddamned fact.

        • You actually managed to not say anything specific within all of those paragraphs. On this site, things get emotional occasionally. Occasionally is the operative word here. Most of the time, the discussion revolves around facts. Documented, referenced facts. So several paragraphs of appeals to emotional nonsense will not be too effective. You should probably move on to another site to peddle influence.

    • Are you sure you’ve actually read anything here? Your comment doesn’t make sense in this forum.

  14. Pretty sure fidlerten is a paid troll along with fidlerone through fidlernine.

    • I’m not so sure. Have you ever discussed recent events with a sincere relative who cannot bring themselves to accept that they are not really one of the pack? When one feels that they really matter to those who don’t actually need them for, well, anything really, it can be quite disillusioning. To think that the leader of this great experiment would watch them die in agony with no more than a chuckle and a ‘who is that clown anyway?’ might break the psyche of some folks, if they are in the business of feeling self-important beyond any logical evidence or substance.

    • No amount of rewording could get that comment past the scanners. Bizarre …

      • In reference – I tried to post a response, but it got “skimmed” repeatedly – out of curiosity, I pasted it here to see if it would go through by piggybacking on another comment, but it was still blocked.

        • One more time – really not sure what the offending content is. Very interesting actually – Nope – still blocked!

          • Here’s part: I’m not so sure. Have you ever discussed things with a sincere relative

            • who cannot bring themselves to accept that they are not really one of the pack?

            • When one feels that they really matter to those who don’t actually need them for, well, anything really, it can be quite disillusioning. To think that the president of These Great America States would watch them die in agony with no more than a chuckle and a “who’s that clown?” might break some folks’ psyches, if they are in the business of feeling self-important beyond any logical evidence or substance.

  15. #21fathers commit suicide every week due to child access issues across Australia and Penny Wong and her Labor party pals don’t care one bit, but then tears up during a speach on equal marriage. She talks of ending discrimination against one social group while fully supporting discrimination against another social group. The hypocrisy is vomit worthy! PENNY WONG THE DONG LIAR FRAUD CHEAT AND A DISGRACE TO AUSTRALIAN POLITICS. An inconvenient truth for Labor! So Penny Wong you have been exposed for the fraud liar and out right cheat that you are and always have been. Wong the dong says that we are all bigoted and Homo-phobic if we don’t support Gay Marriage which I find a bit of a Twitter when you consider that Ju-Liar Gillard and Bill Shorten were both dead set against it. So is Penny saying that her own Left wing socialist comrades are Bigoted and Homo-Phobic ?

    The issue here is not whether one supports or opposes same sex marriage. it’s the blatant hypocrisy and double standards displayed by various high ranking Labor political figures and the obviously left leaning pro same sex marriage lobby when it comes to how they dealt with this issue when Labor was in government and how they’re dealing with the issue now that they’re in opposition!

    Love him or loath him, Tony Abbott has, rightly or wrongly, never changed his own personal view regarding his opposition to same sex marriage………. And his very own sister is a lesbian! Yet he’s been flamed to a crisp by the very same left leaning pro same sex marriage lobby and within the predominantly left leaning media for rightly or wrongly sticking to his guns by refusing to change his position for the sake of political expediency.

    Meanwhile, the most that these very same advocates could say about former prime minister, the pathetic failure Julia Gillard’s previous lIDENTICAL opposition to same sex marriage when she was in the top job was DIDDLY SQUAT!!!! Yes, they said Jack shit if I put it a little less eloquently!

    Oh, they did express ‘dissapointment’, but she wasn’t raked through th’e coals and demonised for her opposition to gay marriage when she was PM like Tony Abbott was when he was prime minister.

    Does anybody sense the blatant hypocrisy and double standards here????

    Another former PM’ (twice in the same government), the compulsive liar Kevin Rudd also made it very clear that he opposed gay marriage CONVENIENTLY right up to just before the 2013 election when he did an about face overnight! Was this sudden change of heart foe politic point scoring? NOOO surely not!!!! (ps note my intense sarcasm in that last sentence!)

    Similarity, openly gay senator, Penny Wong the biggest disgrace and hypocrite of them all is on public record openly opposing same sex marriage when her mob was in government. Yett all of a sudden she made a complete about face and has done what she should have done from the onset and changed her stance!

    Why the about face Comrade Wong????? This lady is a moron beyond words

    Is it perhaps that your mob can make massive political mileage from the issue of now conveniently supporting same sex marriage – AN ISSUE THAT YOU SHOULD HAVE SUPPORTED ALL ALONG MY DEAR!!!!!!!!!

    Labor was in government for 6 years between 2007-2013 and they did barely JACK SHIT regarding the issue of legalising same sex marriage! And now we’ve got senior Labor figures from Shorten, Wong to Plibersek and their left leaning political allies in the pro gay marriage lobby shouting from the rooftops about how ‘Neanderthal’ this current government is regarding this issues .

    This is despite the fact that the issue of legalising sane sex marriage is going to be PUT TO THE PEOPLE in a plebiscite or referendum so WE THE PEOPLE (plebs) d NOT the politicians on either side who are merely interested in their own self serving political grandstanding agendas and opportunism at any cost!

    Why should anyone in favour of sane sex marriage oppose a PEOPLE’S VOTE on the issue when, judging by the prevailing attitude and polls conducted, A VAST MAJORITY OF AUSTRALIANS SUPPORT SAME SEX MARRIAGE!!!!

    Are they perhaps concerned that a plebiscite or referendum wouldn’t be accepted by a majority of voters????

    Again, it’s all down to will of THE MAJORITY of the people, NOT the will of opportunistic politicians who are supposed to represent us but obviously don’t, judging by the recent rorts scandals on BOTH SIDES of politics!

    The Australian Greens, are the only political force who have supported same sex marriage from the start! Labor only supports it now that they’re in opposition and can score political points! The Greens, to their credit have Stuck to their guns in supporting same sex marriage! Unlike Labor!

    Again I ask, why are conservative politicians like Corey Bernardi and the former conservative PM, Tony Abbott flamed for opposing gay marriage,? Yet socialist politicians like the pathetic Penny Wong (incidental openly gay herself) and former socialist PMs Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd who also opposed gay marriage when they were in government weren’t raked through the coals for supporting exactly the same stance against gay marriage?

    The issue isn’t about supporting or opposing something that is inevitably going to occur because the will of the MAJORITY of the people will demand it at the ballot box!

    The issue is one of breath taking hypocrisy and double standards displayed by those who put self centred political agendas and vested interests ahead of the the well being of the SILENT MAJORITY OF AUSTRALIANS who want everyone to live equally in peace, harmony and LOVE!!!!!!!! In the U.S. the GLBTI Lobby convinced the U.S. Congress that Gays represented 10% of the population/ voters to manipulate the Congress into thinking that they needed the Votes to keep their seats and so they started to pandering to the Gays. The Gay Lobby 7 bragging about how they had deliberately misled the Congress and had a good laugh when in fact the Gays were 2%-3% of the population !! The same con-job has been applied to the Australian Politicians and the people are thoroughly sick of hearing about this day after day after bloody day! SAME SEX MARRIAGE WHICH IS SUCH A SMALL PERCENTAGE OF THE COMMUNITY. Let’s move on and talk about how to fix the economy, you’d think we didn’t’ have any other problems in this country!
    Summary of facts
    • 1.2% of Australians identify as gay or lesbian
    • 1.6% of men in Australia identify as gay, 0.9% identify as bisexual
    • 0.8% of women identify as lesbian, 1.4% identify as bisexual
    • 97.9% of Victorians aged 12-24 identify as heterosexual
    • Same-sex couples represented about 1% of all couples in Australia
    WITH SUCH A SMALL PERCENTAGE OF PEOPLE IT EFFECTS WHY THE FUSS ITS TOTAL NONSENCE. HOW ABOUT THE ISSUES THAT REALLY NEED TO BE ADDRESSED. THERE ARE SO MANY SERIOUS AND URGENT TOPICS THAT ARE A PRIORITY AND SOMETHING THAT IS 2% seems to be a priority. you would think terroism, national security, immigration 18c reform would be the major concerns seeing tbough these topics effect such a large number of us.
    Andrew Bolt’s Blog 25/3/16; Bolt is defending Tony Jones guess why; 2 women represent 1.5 billion; Bolt warms to a professional Liar; A Church is being maligned;

  16. So the media want you to think this is now between Hillary clinton and donald Trump in a head to head debate, but let me tell you where america really stand! This is also about Governor Mike Pence, Dr. Ben Carson, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Senator Jeff Sessions, Governor Chris Christie, Representative Trey Gowdy, Senator Marco Rubio, Ted cruz and the other loyal Republicans who want to save the great country of america from the rotten to the core Clinton’s! Obama soros and co…This is about the Deplorable’s who are the true American heroes; the blue collar workers in the mines and factories; the small business owners; the farmers; the law enforcement officers; the border patrol; the military; the Vets; the working families; the poor in the inner cities, Black, White or Hispanic; the legal immigrants; the unemployed; the senior citizens; the retired; the school kids seeking a better education; the college graduates looking for a job; the doctors and nurses seeking relief from Obamacare rules and regulations; the families who have suffered from horrendous crimes caused by illegal aliens; and so many others who want to live normal lives without the government corruption! Its for the greatest men who ever lived the Founding Fathers: John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington who sacrificed and made america the greatest country in the world with there morals and great values and foresite . its for the recently deceased greatest justice in american history antonin scalia its for Law and order and blind justice, that treats us all as equal, it must prevail if AMERICA are to have a country! We are tired of the propaganda put out 24/7 by a biased media that makes a mockery of Freedom of the Press! We have reached the bottom of the abyss and we are going to climb our way out of the evil and darkness that we have endured america for the last 8 years and we will be stronger and wiser than ever before! WE THE PEOPLE ARE BACK AND WE ALL STAND WITH TRUMP!!

  17. Penny Wong trampling everyone else’s rights in her self righteous crusade against other peoples relationships that have existed since the beginning of time that suddenly at election time ” discriminate against her” its completely wrong
    The love between man and woman marriage the major protective factor for children has never been any reflection on homosexuals at any time

    It is simply the autonomous right of man and woman to their autonomy

    People are different that does not mean people are conspiring against homosexuals

    Wong attacks other peoples autonomy attacks other peoples rights to be themselves in the name of Wongs PC thought Police

    Because she thinks its Wongs “right”!to tell everyone else what to do.

    The SSM activists accuse opponents of ‘hate’ because they won’t give them what they want. Sounds pretty childish to me. BUT our supposed ‘hate’ is nothing compared to theirs. If we are guilty of ‘homophobia’ aren’t’ they guilty of ‘heterophobia?”
    There should never be desire to change the marriage Act simply because the gay community says one discriminates against them or that those against it deny them equal rights. Defending traditional marriage in itself isn’t hate speech its the far left who perpetuate this view to shut down free speech as to get there way in the wrong way. I oppose homosexual marriage on grounds that homosexuals has and will use it as a weapon against everyone else on the slimmest of pretexts and trample all over freedom of religion, freedom of speech and plain old freedom. Wongs hypocritical back flip is nothing short of political opportunism.

    When Penny Wong was a Labor Minister she said,

    “On the issue of marriage I think the reality is there is a cultural, religious, historical view around that which we have to respect. The Party’s position is very clear that this is an institution that is between a man and a woman.”

    It simply could not be stated any clearer by her honorable self.

    At the time she made her statement, it was in support of her dear leader Julia Gillards address to the lower house before the vote.

    Who also opposed same sex marriage! As did Rudd. Gillard the prime minister at the time said,

    “…marriage is a special status between a man and a woman”.

  18. Penny Wong is delusional, presumptuous and arrogant to say Trump’s rhetoric does not reflect Aussie views. Penny, you are so are out of touch. Trump’s behaviour leaves a bit to be desired but his rhetoric is spot on, and hillarys corruption and countless scandals on a scale never witnessed in history leaves a lot to be desired and is totally unexceptable although it seems ok to penny, this is why Trump is President elect. The fact that Trump won, despite Penny’s so called unsatisfactory behaviour, and against the might of the Foundation and massive personal attacks a bias corrupted democratic run media makes his win so much greater.

    The irony and plain facts are that Penny’s attitude is exactly what propelled Trump to his win. Penny Wong the queen of wrong encapsulates and ticks all the boxes of what’s holding back our country from the drivers seat … political self – interest. Wong was against gay marriage when Labor was in government but now accuses anyone who disagrees with gay marriage of bigotry. She is a joke. Any views she has are not based on individual beliefs or values. Instead they are based on what will most give her the most political advantage. Disgusting. Thank you President Elect Trump for exposing people like Wong on a daily basis.
    Penny Wong seems to believe that most Australians share her opinion – don’t fool yourself. They do not and never will.
    Penny Wong the dong at her best. The truth about her is out there for all to see. Clinton Foundation Corruption investigations to catch out Australian Ministers. When authorities want to interview Alex Downer, Julie Bishop, Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd, Penny Wong and others they won’t be able to say they weren’t warned. How ironic Penny is in there who would of guessed. Every facet of penny is in someway an oppressed minority. It was subconcious affirmative action at the ballott box that got her elected, because aside from being a full time drama queen and moonlighting as a professional victim, the woman actually does nothing.

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