Nice Attack: “Whistle-blower” Threatened with Lawsuit, Attack at Weak-point in Security, Potential Motive for FF Event Uncovered

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: By the way… how did the suspect know there would be a weak point in the security at that entrance when he rented the vehicle and picked up his fake grenades and guns? I mean, if the national police were on the scene, just at the end of the run, how did he know that spot would be undefended when he planned this whole thing? Just asking.

(Computer is running smoothly but my chest hurts again so this will be brief. Sorry)

I read an article from Russia Today which seems to answer a few questions for me and opens up a new line of inquiry regarding the Nice Truck attack which took place on July 14th and supposedly claimed the lives of 84 people.

As I have already pointed out, the “journalist” (Richard Gutjahr) who just happened to be on that balcony facing the start of the attack and just happened to be filming the scene with his Iphone, is married to a former Israeli intelligence officer with ties to global management behemoth, McKinsey & Company. This company has well established ties to the CIA and as I pointed out years ago, they also have their fingerprints all of the Malala psyop. This “witness journalist’s” wife, Einat Wilf , is also a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy   which focuses on all things Israel in the heart of our nation’s capital.

It should also be noted that another key “witness” at the scene of the attack is one Eric Drattell. He’s an American living in London and working for Risk Management Solutions Limited. They have a branch that does what they call “terrorism modeling“. Mr. Drattell has been all over the corporate media telling his story to anyone with a camera. Mr. Drattell must feel very comfortable in front of the cameras as he lists this as part of his resume “Responsible for public relations and internal communications, which integrate messaging across media platforms

McKinsey & Company has offices in Paris. Back in 2012, McKinsey & Company was focused on the neoliberal transformation of France in the wake of the banker-conscripted global economic demolition they staged for just such outcomes. To them,it was a wonderful thing. They had been calling for “smaller gubment” in France for years. McKinsey & Company have had senior partners “advising” the French government for years.

Keeping all of that in mind, this new article from RT tells us a great deal about what’s going on in the wake of the Nice attack without intending to do so in my opinion.

First off, a whistle-blower (or a fake one) is being threatened with a lawsuit by french Minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve if she doesn’t shut her mouth regarding some info she seems to be in possession of.

Sandra Bertin, a local police officer and also the head of the Center for Urban Supervision in Nice, says that this whole attack could have been avoided if the local cops were tricked out with all the nifty heavy weapons of war the national police carry around on a daily basis.

This is important because it provides a little insight into a potential additional motive for a state-backed false flag event.

Keep in mind, the state of emergency that had been declared in France after the Paris attacks was set to expire on the 26th of this month (or some day close to that)

After Nice, it has been extended by 6 months.

Also keep in mind, the state of emergency is being used to round up all sorts of dissidents in the country, not just people accused of plotting terrorism.

France is undergoing a lot of rebellion right now. People are opposed to the very “transition” McKinsey & Company were championing not that long ago. And with the TTIP on the horizon, it’s not hard to understand the neoliberal French government might just want to keep that state of emergency around a little longer to help them deal with the massive protests they expect when that is signed.

And it would be a bad idea to have all their cops dressed out like they are on a battle field in Iraq, now would it?

That is what this “whistle-blower” is calling for:

“The truck dodged the municipal police barrier. The team couldn’t stop it. You can’t burst the tires of a 19-tonner with a revolver. Then other municipal police in plainclothes in the crowd were confronted with it,” she said.

The problem was the light weapons provided for those police officers, she added.

“If they’d been armed like our national police colleagues, just as they demanded [from the French Interior Ministry], they could have stopped it. Finally the truck came to where the national police officers were who shot and neutralized it.” RT

Seems like a perfect set-up for that agenda, doesn’t it? Almost as if a corporate manager scripted it.

At the start of the one mile of death, there are only local cops with their little pea-shooters. They could do nothing and the truck drove by them.

At the end, the national police with their weapons of mass destruction bring the carnage to a halt thanks to their trusty fully automatic weapons.

Ergo… had the local cops been decked out like the national cops, 84 folks would be alive today. Who could argue?

Picture perfect, right? Problem, reaction, solution. Neat. Clean. All too perfectly understandable even for someone with an average education in France. And easily explained in a 30 second sound bite on the news.

You don’t get better marketing management than that.

You get your extension for the state of emergency and you get to turn the local French cops into Storm Troopers roaming the streets of France once again. “PAPERS?!?”

That’s why I wonder if she’s not a fake whistle-blower. Her “truth” seems to benefit everyone from the neoliberal Hollande administration, the neoliberal McKinsey & Company Business Firsters crowd and the Military Industrial Complex who will be supplying all the nifty new guns and the relevant accessories that go with them.

Another aspect of this “whistle-blower’s” story that makes me wonder is how it seems to tie-up the story of the authorities demanding evidence be destroyed in a neat little bow almost as if one these management types decided to take the crisis of that story leaking and turn it into an opportunity (once you start seeing the world the way they do, it’s hard to miss crap like this):

Bertin also said that she didn’t see the national police officers on the CCTV footage when the massacre began. This point is in line with Cazeneuve’s statements on Thursday that it was lightly-armed local police who guarded the entrance to a pedestrian zone on the embankment when the attack started…

A few days later, “the antiterrorist branch ordered me to erase the film of six cameras that I mentioned in my report that had captured the massacre … to prevent them being seen by the public,” Bertin said. RT

Right. They want the videos erased because they show the local cops don’t carry heavy weapons… a fact everyone in France already knows.

It’s not that there is some odd collusion going on between the suspect and someone else (like French intelligence perhaps?) right before the attack began. It’s not that someone let the truck through the blockade without firing a single shot at the driver.

Correct me if I’m wrong but a 9mm or 40cal pistol can break through a glass windshield, right? Driver’s side window?

Anyway, speculation aside, when you break down the components of this event, even the ones readily reported by the MSM, there are some mighty fishy smelling parts of it stinking up the place and this new “whistle-blower” is no different.

Let’s be honest, the fake whistle-blower meme is about spent up in terms of believably these days. From “Snowden” to Assange to LIHOP “truth-tellers” from 9/11 to Nafeez Ahmed and his “crowd funded” “investigative’ website reporting that President Erdogan has been the driving force behind “ISIS” all this time… we don’t buy it anymore. And this story is clearly in the interests of a lot of folks with a dog in the race and not, as we are told by RT, in the interests of telling some truth to the people of France.

The problem with letting various management companies run false flag events like these is that they stink of corporate management. Very few corporate ladder-climbers have a single creative bone in their bodies. That’s also a dead giveaway if you ask me. All they do is copy and paste from one event to the next and if they eventually happen on a new twist to the old tale, when you break it down, it’s written like a made for TV movie on the Oprah network. Ham-handed. The timing is obvious. The plot is paper thin. The principle players are one dimensional cartoon caricatures of stock archetypes.

Ultimately the story reads like something from a corporate training video and you can clearly see how they stuffed in the moral to the story and their product placements with the finesse of a sledgehammer driving a finish nail.

Picture perfect, right? Problem, reaction, solution. Neat. Clean. All too perfectly understandable even for someone with an average education in France. And easily explained in a 30 second sound bite on the news.

You don’t get better marketing management than that.

Witnesses in place, cameraman in place. Lights, camera, action.

Wag the Dog doesn’t even come close, does it?

(Gotta run folks. Chest hurts. Might be blogging from the house with many nurses sometime soon. Have a good one)

5 Responses

  1. Excellent write-up and easy plot twist with the police/militia gear. Please take care of those chest pains.

  2. Non off these false-flag attacks would be possible without cooperation from people in key-positions in the police and intelligence services.
    They are waging war against us, unclean and simple…

  3. Actually, a revolver bullet will go right through both sides of a truck tire.

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