Debbie Wasserman Schultz Booed at unDNC Convention Before it Even Started (video)

by Scott Creighton

What did I tell ya yesterday?

The unDemocratic National Committee (unDNC) convention doesn’t start for another 4 hours and it’s already more of a freak-show than the RNC debacle was.

Just a little while ago, Debbie Wasserman Schultz who was finally exposed for tipping the scale during the primary season for her hero and slave master, Hillary Clinton, was booed by the Florida delegates when she tried to address them at a per-convention meeting.

Wasserman Schultz has agreed to step down after the convention. Not nearly soon enough for most.

Hillary has rewarded Debbie for her cut-throat loyalty to her neoliberal agenda in the unDemocratic Party. She has given her a new job where she can promote Hillary even more right out in the open without worrying about pesky email issues. She should have gotten a private email server like her hero that way she could have erased all the troubling ones before anyone ever saw them.

I wrote yesterday that this was going to be a mess. Now that Debbie refuses to walk away it’s going to get much worse real fast. I can’t wait.

5 Responses

  1. Sure Debbie, it’s all about the guns….and if we don’t believe you, The Company ($?) will shoot up more innocent people. These criminals like all criminals are getting desperate. Everyone now sees these psychos with their greedy hands caught in the cookie jar. More people even their unpaid apologists are openning their eyes…. and seeing is believing. Keep trying to blind us, Little Debbie, et. al, try to get our eyes off the ball. What a despicable move, “You know we had a shooting today….”

  2. This woman is absolutely disgusting. Yet she is simply the personification of a NWO functionary in our midst. So many of my own family are still mesmerized by the fake Dem v Rep charade. I truly hope, and pray, that people wake up and see through this vile facade. Given all that has gone down I don’t believe this woman and her cronies should even be afforded the courtesy of being listened to. Booing her down until she leaves the podium is exactly the appropriate response.

    • Consider this.
      She is still playing her role, still an insider. The RNC freak show got viewers, only because it was a freak show. Nobody cares about the fake political process any more. Controversy and fighting and booing and maybe some pushing and shoving will be good for ratings in the boring Dumbocrat convention.
      She is still working for Clinton. These scumbags will take a punch or two if the script calls for it.

      It is preposterous to think that she ‘got caught’. This will give the deluded Bernie supporters their two minutes hate so they can vent and pretend the process is democratic. It is likely that the big bosses hope the booing of Sanders will allow idiot Democrats to feel better, plug their noses and vote for Hitlery.

      This is pro wrestling, all fake. Nobody got caught here, the show just goes on. No sense cheering for any of it.

  3. Time to grab some soda and popcorn…

  4. This was an interesting start to the convention days. I was glad to see people even from the same party being so mad. I’m glad so many people are awake.

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