The unDemocratic National Committee Convention Starts Tomorrow: LET’S GET READY TO RUMMMMMBLE!!!

by Scott Creighton

For those of you who read my RNC convention coverage, you might recall I was a little critical of it. I was critical of the ham-handed sappy WWE emotionalism they tried to provoke. I was critical of the deliberate missteps they took in order to shoot themselves in the foot at every turn. I was critical of their “CHANGE” candidate basically voicing his support for the Washington Consensus policies that created his base in the first place. I was critical of it with good reason.

But don’t be confused. I’m not one of these HillaryBots running around saying The Donald is Satan 2.0

Today over at the fake-left Huffington Post, they have a piece linked from Murdoch’s Washington Post written by chess grand master Garry Kasparov talking about how much Donald Trump reminds him of the other great boogie-man in the world today, Vladamir Putin.

One should remember Garry Kasparov backed the Ukraine color revolution… including all those damn neo-Nazis killing protesters and Ukrainian police officers on behalf of Barack Obama’s (and Hillary Clinton’s) regime change operation.

So no, I’m not in that camp. My criticism of the RNC event was based in reality, not breathless fear-mongering hyperbole like that put out there by Killary shills.

That said, I also wrote that the upcoming unDemocratic Party convention was going to make the RNC coming out party look like an episode of Kaptain Kangaroo by comparison.

And I do not disappoint, now do I?

Two days ago the honeypot website Wikileaks released a bunch of emails from the unDNC which show the collusion between them, the mass media and the Hillary Clinton campaign during the stolen primaries in an effort to ensure Killary “won” the nomination and Bernie Sanders was all but discredited and publicly shamed for not conceding sooner to the Queen Bee.

I wrote months ago that Bernie Sanders’ real sin was to take his campaign all the way to the end when they wanted him to concede way before California. That forced Killary and her staff of minions to have to steal even more states and as we know, the theft of California was obvious… blatantly obvious… which was a problem for the unDNC. They didn’t want to have to expose themselves in that way and Bernie made them do it. That was his sin.

So now Wiki”Leaks” has produced a bunch of unDNC emails that tell us all exactly what we already knew… they rigged the game against Sanders in support of the neoliberal anointed one, Hillary Clinton, right before the convention starts tomorrow.

Why would they do that? Well, that’s simple folks…


The chaos of the unDNC convention is going to provide a lot of cover for other important news of the world. We know they are going to be sending in their agent provocateurs by the fistful. Hell, they might even stage a little Dallas scene up there in impoverished Philly to get things kicked off just right.

They fully expect the Sanders loyalists to be there in the thousands, yelling about all sorts of things the unDNC would rather folks didn’t hear anything about. How do you stop that? Well, one way is to stage something louder.

With Hillary Clinton at the helm I can’t help but think about Benghazi and that fake video (The Innocence of bin Laden as it was called the first time the FBI used it as a honeypot trap in Cali) that was used as the pretext for the Sept. 11th “attack” on the compound.

Is the Wiki”Leaks” dump the new version of that video? Is it the pretext for a major event set to take place at the unDNC convention tomorrow which will cause the whole thing to be locked down tighter than a CIA gun-running warehouse in Libya?

I don’t know. Seems kinda odd to me the same group that just “leaked” some crap info demonizing Erdogan in Turkey on behalf of the masters of the universe would suddenly turn against their Goldwater Girl in Philly for no apparent reason.

All I can say is this: one way or the other, the unDNC convention was set to be the biggest protest we’ve seen since the Battle for Seattle. They didn’t need Wiki”Pot” to prime the pot by leaking stuff we already knew.

Killary isn’t making concessions to the real left wing of the unDemocratic party. She’s basically told em to “fuck off” as she picked Wall Street Banker Lover Tim Kaine (Cain and Able?) as her VP and slid her slippery ass further and further to the right in order to court the all important Republican contingency of the unDemocratic Party.

They still back the TPP, the TTIP and TiSA as if their lives depended on it and Kaine’s big thing is getting a new Authorization for Use of Military Force passed in congress so Obama, Clinton or Trump can wage endless wars anywhere anytime against anyone they say has anything to do with ISIS™

Let’s see… abject deregulation, endless wars of aggression for Big Business and fascist “free trade” deals that will cripple if not outright kill any and all constitutions they come in contact with.

Anyone understand why I call them the unDemocratic Party? Sounds like they’re a little right of Reaganomics to me. But that’s just me.

However you look at it, the freak-show that was the RNC convention is going to be NOTHING in comparison to what starts tomorrow.

It is going to be wild. Real protesters, fake protesters, corrupt politicians trying to act as if they stand for something, honest politicians toeing the line to show the “got their mind right”

It’s gonna be fun.

There will be arrests in the streets, fist fights in the halls, commenters on every “news” program screaming at each other while the talking heads sit back and laugh.

And I can’t wait.

If the RNC convention was a WWE production, the unDNC one tomorrow is going to be a prison riot. To be honest with you, I prefer the riot to the road show any day. At least it’s honest in its chaos, in it’s own little way.

Hillary Clinton should be behind bars. No, strike that… she should be in a mental institution along with her corrupt husband and DWS and all the rest of the bought and paid for corporate New Dems they surround themselves with.

They are soulless, vapid ladder-climbing ghouls who only raise up others of their ilk in their cancerous political party.

I said long ago that Bernie Sanders should have taken Jill Stein’s offer and run on the Green Party ticket after the unDNC stole the nomination from his supporters.

Tomorrow he’s going to pay the price for not doing that as he watches the paper tiger of the Democratic Party tear itself to shreds in full public view.

And I couldn’t be happier because the young people and the real lefties are getting an early taste of the reality of the fake left party like they haven’t had in decades. This is going to change the unDemocratic Party. And rather than it being for the good with all those idiots saying they are “making it more progressive”, the reality is, it is going to fracture it, splintering off the real leftists and progressives into something else.

I couldn’t be happier. So let’s get ready to rumble and watch the fireworks as the unDemocratic Party implodes like a couple aging ugly skyscrappers at the start of the Bush administration.

Got my popcorn. Got my iced tea. Let’s get it on.

I want too see weaves lying in the streets.

I want Bernie to come off the top rope and drop the atomic elbow on Killary!

I want someone to put DWS through a table. DEVON! GET THE TABLE!

Democracy is rough. Democracy is brutal. Let’s do this thing and be done with it.

No apologies. No retreat. They stole it from us so let’s show em what thieves get in the big house.

3 Responses

  1. “the real left wing of the unDemocratic party”
    That’s huge news, yet you don’t elaborate. You mean there IS such a thing? I’ll be hillaried!
    Don’t tell me it’s Sanders!… Your Bernie is as likely to “come off the top rope and drop the atomic elbow on Killary” as a companion horse that trots alongside a contender before the race is to suddenly bolt and jump into the starting gate. He has completed his role: to give the starry-eyed voters the notion that there is a “real left wing of the Democratic party.”

    As for “honest politicians who toe the line”, if that’s not side-splittimg, thigh-slapping oxymoron, a cute one at that.

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