Switching Out Computers

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: I’m back. Feels weird. But it’s working. Hate this keyboard.

I’ll be down and out for a little while. Switching out computers. Got a little upgrade. Not much of one, going from an AMD A6-3650 (2.6ghz) to an AMD A8-6500 (3.5ghz). The big thing is the motherboard. This one has always been crap. And yes, it has the dreaded Windows10 God help me.

This will definitely fix the rendering issues I was having (blue screened again after the last video I did) so you can look forward to my smiling mug soon enough (until I learn to edit videos and can put something other than my face on the videos)

Maybe it will even be able to play a video game made this century without dying. Maybe…

I’ll hopefully check back in a couple hours. Have a nice Sunday folks.

8 Responses

  1. I saved these for the dreaded day they unload their monstrous programs on me (so far so good). I read these a while back and they seemed hopeful. Check these out on another pc before you spark up the new one. A lot of links and suggestions. Good luck.



  2. I got feed up with Windows when Vista was infesting the computer I bought. So I tried out Linux and now I am never going back to shitty Microsoft.

    • I was just talking about Linux the other day with someone. I should switch

      • You can always have dual-boot on your machine, if you need some windows software. But Linux is less resource hungry and runs faster. A lot off Linux distros have a live-CD:s you can test before installing, but an install runs better than a live-CD. Ubuntu is quite easy for a beginner and if you run into trouble it is a lot of helpful people on Linux forums.

  3. I just bought a (long overdue) new computer at the beginning of the year and have been complaining to myself about the keyboard ever since. I am not getting the sort of tactile feedback from it that I’m used to.

    • I switched back to the old one. Funny thing was, when the old one was new, I hated it as well. But right now it feels like a comfortable old shoe. “Old Shoe”. Isn’t there a movie that features “Old Shoe’? Doesn’t that movie resonate these days, or is it just me? Why am I straying from the subject like this? I don’t know.

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