Munich Shooting: So Many Odd Facts Surrounding New Mass Casualty Event

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Hey look. Here’s another odd part of the story:


It took 3,200 security personnel 2 1/2 hours to find the suspect’s body? I wonder if they are going to destroy those CCTV videos like they are doing in Nice France.

Thanks to all the readers who have left comments and links regarding this event.

This is going to be a quickie. My computer is dying, gasping it’s last blue screens of death as I try to research this event. I will be headed out in a little while to see if I can’t scrounge up another one. Cross your fingers.

The Munich Shooting Mass Casualty Event looks suspiciously like so many others in the recent past it’s hardly worth mentioning but let me list a few of the similarities right off the bat:

  1. no clear motive
  2. shooter takes his own life somewhere in private
  3. convenient dramatic cell phone video
  4. multiple shooters reported by witnesses becomes “lone nut gunman”

There is an unsourced video out there reportedly showing the “lone nut gunman” shooting folks outside a McDonald’s on the street.

It was posted to Twitter the same day of the shooting by this guy, uprising@johndeconner  who apparently ignored a request from a CNN producer asking him to let him know exactly where he got the video.

uprising@johndeconner  is an account that follows a total of 6 people and was created in Dec. of 2015. It had no Tweets from then until July 6th. It is definitely some kind of bot or propaganda account. To my knowledge, the original source of the cell phone video of the shooting is still a mystery.

A reporter from Munich who describes the scene as looking like “something out of a bad action movie” just happens to be the same guy who just happened to be filming off his balcony when the truck drove by in Nice a couple weeks ago.

His name is Richard Gutjahr. He’s a reporter wonder-kid celebrity from Germany who also happens to have a Youtube video showing people how to use their Iphone to shoot videos off their balconies. I’m not kidding.

Aside from being in both places at the just the right time, this guy is married to a rather interesting woman.

Her name is Einat Wilf and she is a self-described “atheist Zionist” who served as a member of the Knesset for Independence and the Labor Party.

“I am a Zionist because I am an atheist and a Jew. Zionism has allowed someone like me to preserve my faith in the sovereignty of human beings over their fate, while maintaining a deep and continuous commitment to the Jewish people and its future.” Einat Wilf

Being a Jew and being a Zionist is not what makes her association with this guy who ends up as Johny on the Spot in these two latest mass casualty events.

What makes her association with this event suspicious is her other associations… and the fact that the suspect is being linked to … wait for it… WAIT FOR IT… Iran.

first point: Einat Wilf served as an intelligence officer in the Israel Defense Forces and as a foreign policy advisor to Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres.

second point: Einat Wilf also was a strategic consultant with McKinsey & Company. McKinsey & Company is a global management firm which was recently paid 10 million tax-payer dollars in 2015 to help reorganize the Central Intelligence Agency. They are the biggest and most influential management firms in the world with

I myself wrote about this company back in 2013 as it turned out, they had their fingerprints all over the Malala fake shooting event (long quote but worth it):

Its come full circle. There is no denying it: Malala was created by Shiza Shahid of the McKinsey & Co. management firm so they could push their global charter school system model throughout the world for profit and control.

It’s not enough for McKinsey to be “the Skull and Bones society” of our own charter school scam, they want more. A world of more. So they created… Malala. And I learned this, in part, from their own website.

McKinsey & Company, Inc. is a member of the Global Business Coalition for Education (GBCE) along with Hewlett Packard, LEGO Education, INTEL, HESS, Exxon-mobile and other. They want billions in tax-payer dollars to fund their world-wide for profit education scheme.

On Sept. 24th 2012 the GBCE held a meeting during the Clinton Global Initiative annual conference in which they published “Girls Education Challenge”, a road map to a global for-profit charter school system through the Global Education First agenda. McKinsey & Co. Inc was there.

Three days later Gordon Brown holds a press conference announcing the “big idea” and one reporter showed up. They needed a new pitchman.

On Oct. 5th Google hosts a live chat about the “One World Schoolhouse” project.

On Oct. 9th, the Malala shooting is staged. The military for some strange reason is all over this one little girl, taking her from the scene to a hospital and eventually to Britain, where Gordon Brown is from.

On Dec. 10th, the Malala Fund for Girls’ Education is set up by UNESCO

Shiza Shahid is the CEO of the Malala Fund as it is called now. She was a McKinsey & Co. Inc. business analyst and left to head up the Malala fund project.

Shahid and McKinsey & Co. cultivated a relationship with Malala and her father, apparently helping her with her “blog”

McKinsey helps Big Business and globalist governments “manage” certain projects across the globe. Einat’s association with them and her history as an intelligence officer with the IDF is certainly interesting.

But then there is this:

third point: Einat Wilf is the Baye Foundation Adjunct Fellow at the AIPAC-backing Washington Institute for Near East Policy which focuses most of it’s time trying to figure out what next the US can do for Israel.

Here are three of their current programs listed on the WINEP Wikipage:

  • Project on the Middle East Peace Process — analysis on issues of critical concern to Israel and its Arab neighbors.
  • Iran Security Initiative — analysis, private dialogue, public debate, and operational recommendations to address the challenges posed by Iran
  • Turkish Research Program — discussion about Turkey’s political, diplomatic and strategic environment.

WINEP also has an interesting group of folks working for it including:





It seems our former Israeli intelligence officer who worked for a company with clear proven ties to the CIA and a history of setting up false flag operations for the benefit of various globalist agendas and companies, also rubs elbows with some of the biggest, most influential neocon war-mongers this country has ever produced.

Now keep in mind the suspect, Ali Sonboly, just happens to be a dual citizen of Germany and … Iran.

If someone were to stage these events for various purposes as yet unknown, it is understandable to consider the fact that they may just bring in a trusted “journalist” to be there for the event in order to record something and become the main go-to journalist reporting on the events.

That would accomplish two things:

  1. they could put someone in place prior to the event with no concerns about them growing a conscience and blowing the whistle on their foreknowledge and…
  2. it would certainly benefit the staged “journalist” in terms of advancing his/her professional career.

There is an awful lot that is suspicious about these events as we have talked about before not the least of which is the recent discovery that the French authorities are demanding the CCTV videos be destroyed immediately including ones that show no violence, only what happened just prior to the Nice truck attack.

We can now add the rather suspicious background of certain folks involved in these mass casualty events. Like I said before, it’s not her choice of religion that is suspect or necessarily her being a Zionist that makes me wonder about Richard Gutjahr and Einat Wilf but rather her other connections to globalist firms with a provable history of being involved in false flag events and them being associated with neocon warmongers and the CIA.

Yeah, very suspect indeed.

21 Responses

  1. McKinsey & Co had a contract with the MoD here in the UK about 10 or so years ago, connected with procurement and supply chain systems I think. The military brought them in as consultants. They weren’t the only consultants used. I worked for the MoD at the time.
    I could never understand why the combined brains of the British Army and the MoD needed outside help in the first place.

  2. This is clearly some kind of controlled/red flag/op. There is a video out there which clearly shows this…It was shown on the BBC and Sky…as the camera pans around the outside of the Mall, while cops have already cordoned off the area and directing the shoppers away from the the scene, you can see an abandoned push-chair/pram by a side entrance, then you see a blonde woman casually walking out of that entrance on her own, holding her bags and walking ‘slowly’ and chatting on her mobile. The camera immediately switches away from her to show the road….I thought it was a major terror alert…no one told this woman obviously!

  3. “You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on.” George W. Bush

    I have friends in the group that dear old George was referring to – and I want to kill my self when they start to blabbing about what they read/heard from MSM. Half of the world population belongs to the sad part off the IQ-scale and even “normal intelligence” isn’t that impressive. Day by day I get more and more convinced that we are truly fucked. The brain-dead herd is going to drag us all down into the abyss.

    • I really don’t think it’s primarily about IQ though. It’s more about psychological make-up. Willingness (or compulsion) to question authority. Openness to new ideas and information. Willingness to go against the consensus.

      It’s interesting that there are lots of surveys that show that people don’t trust the MSM (when asked about it in general), but it seems like when it comes down to specific stories, they forget that they don’t trust it.

      • It is a combination of them both. But I think IQ have priority before spinelessness. If you are not smart enough to see trough the vail, you have nothing to protest against. With or without a spine.

        But it is saddening to speak with these well programed humanoids. On the surface they look like you, but you have not more in common with them then with a chimpanzee or a jellyfish.

  4. Just to clear something up about that Twitter account @johndeconner. The account was set up a year earlier than you state – in December 2014.

    An it’s first tweets were in November 2015, and then December 2015.

    In addition, it’s next tweets were in June 2016, not July.

  5. Oh Scott,
    Can I compare thee to a summers day?……

    • I am flattered… but no… but I am flattered. I hope the idea of the immortality of verse still exists but unfortunately, the Bard didn’t didn’t have CISA and the USA Freedom Act factored into his thinking back then. Google wasn’t quite what it is now with their internet scrubbing capabilities and willingness to fight the good fight against radicalization in all it’s devious forms. Unfortunately it appears the days are getting shorter my friend as the winter of our discontent grows near. Still, cheers for the reference.

      • Just lifted my spirits to read you over breakfast. What a strange circumstance that when the devious nature of humans in power, is exposed and laid bare it should fill me with joy. Know your enemy. Know your strength. Thanks for your commitment. Suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous F18’s in Pitch Black Darwin a three week multi-national large force employment exercise which will be conducted from RAAF Base Darwin and RAAF Base Tindal from 29 July to 19 August 2016

        The Northern Territory host up to 2500 personnel and 115 aircraft from around the globe for the exercise including participants from Australia, Canada, France (New Caledonia), Germany, Indonesia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and the United States. I notice that Turkey slipped off the edge…..

  6. The multiple shooters (and usually it’s three) becomes one is so consistent. It proves that a specific script or plan is being used and that also indicates these False-Flag events are created by the same group, or related groups.

    Another absolute proof of cover-up and hence False-Flag is the destruction, disappearance, or confiscation (CCTV footage in Nice) of evidence, and in particular critical evidence. I just happened to run into a few different pieces on RFK’s murder. The gun Sirhan used (the most important piece of physical evidence) was destroyed by the LAPD, before the trial of Sirhan.

    It looks like the alleged shooter in Munich, David Ali Sonboly was “a mentally disturbed young man with an obsession for killing sprees, and who had undergone psychiatric treatment.”

    Which means he was on some strong psychotropic drugs and hence was the classic MKUltra patsy.

  7. It seems that the photographer, Richard Gutjahr, who took photos in Munich, was also in Nice, 6 days ago.
    It also seems that Richard Gutjahr is married to a Mossad agent.

    Here is a video about it:

    P.S. Give a pat to your dog, ‘Church’.

  8. Its seems “deconner” from the Twitter account is French slang for bullshit.

  9. Interesting twist how this to blame Iran and the perp was a Syrian Turk

    The Munich Massacre Is A Complete Coverup. The Munich Shooter’s Facebook Including His Family Background Shows He Is NOT Iranian But A Syrian Islamist Pro Turkey

    • And a Facebook page is impossible to change by somebody else after the patsy-perp got rigor mortis?

      • Now, Petro – give the poor troll a chance. The tactic he is using is called negative affirmation – denying one aspect of the story in order to reinforce the main narrative. it’s a standard tactic now in all these hoax shootings.

  10. And just who’s narrative might that be? The shoebat is from that region and well versed with its people an clan structures, language and cultures so his opinion can’t be ignored. I am also familiar with Israeli psyops as well as their use of MEK proxies for assasination, their dirty work by isaels LAP division in setting the stage for Libya bombing. For someone to say I am trolling here and only posted once is beyond the pale.
    Good luck in your search for truth and stay in your safe place.

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