Search for Flight MH370 to be Suspended as the Obama’s Pivot to Asia is Saved for the Greater Good

by Scott Creighton

It’s what I said all along.

When they fabricated the story about Flight MH370 flying south for the winter from the location where it disappeared off the radar over the South China sea, where a witness reported seeing a plane burning and crashing in the night sky, where the US was holding naval drills with two cruise missile destroyers… when they fabricated the “super stealth” commercial airliner story and diverted the search area a thousand miles from anywhere one would logically look for debris.. I wrote that the plane would never be found.

And after a number of bullshit “discoveries” of parts and pieces of things that had nothing to do with Flight MH370 and spending $180 million on an ocean floor mapping project for Big Oil (under the cover of “looking for Flight 370)… they have now given up entirely on ever finding the plane and the bodies of those poor souls lost that day.

The hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 will be suspended if the aircraft is not found in an area now being searched, Malaysia, China and Australia said in a statement on Friday.

The Boeing 777, with 239 aboard, disappeared in March 2014 while on a flight from the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, to Beijing.

Almost $180 million ($135 million) has been spent since then on an underwater search spanning 120,000 square kilometers (46,332 square miles) in the southern Indian Ocean. Reuters

Being right has never left me feeling so empty inside.

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 was lying in the shallow waters of the South China sea all this time. It was probably shot down accidentally by an errant cruise missile fired by one of the destroyers taking part in war-games in that area 2 years ago.

But Obama’s pivot to Asia was too important to the globalist masters of the universe to let a little mishap reshape the Asian project as it certainly would have if the truth were known to the population of that region.

So they quickly made up the “suicidal pilot flying a super stealth commercial airplane” story and shifted the search far to the south where it obviously would never be found due to an equally plausible “ping” story made up by a globalist airline and defense contractor.

My father having been in the Navy his entire career, I certainly do not take any joy from the conclusion I came to. But accidents happen in the real world. Even in the military which we are taught to worship day in and day out. Just ask the family members of TWA Flight 800 about that or the South Korean family members of those lost on the Cheonan.

It happens. And when it does people should take responsibility for it. And I know for a fact, the vast majority of the people working in the Navy are honorable people. At least the few that I met were. Deeply honorable people.

But politicians are not. And globalist politicians are even more soulless than the average politician. They are the ones who made the decision to let those lost two years ago in the South China sea remain where they laid at the bottom of that shallow body of water, forever.

They did that because they have a vision. A greater good in mind. And to them, returning the lost to their families didn’t come even close to the importance of their global hegemony agenda.

I take no joy in having predicted this sorry outcome so many years ago. It is deeply saddening that our leaders can be so callus and heartless in these days of misery we live in.

But what do you expect from monsters who hire terrorists and drone civilians at will? What else do you expect from billionaires and their public servants who impose life-crushing austerity (and the economic terrorism that precedes it) on their own populations for the benefit of a tiny few who already have more than they could ever need?

These are soulless humans who barely qualify to be included in the species.

I am so sorry for the families of those who lost loved one on Flight MH370. I am sorry for those who feel they bare responsibility for this tragic accident and are forced to carry that burden in secret for the greater good.

So much heartbreak and tragedy in these times we live in. This quiet little story that is going unnoticed by the media at large is but a drop in the bucket. But it is tangible to some, to far too many, as it repeats itself over and over again in the artificial world we find ourselves occupying today.

Being aware is never easy and it is rarely painless. It is never satisfying.

And whatever small compensation it may provide those who grieve today for the loss of loved ones on Flight MH370 and rage at the humiliation of this inhuman cover-up, I offer my sincere condolences and the knowledge that you are not alone in your outrage at this indignity.


3 Responses

  1. “Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 was lying in the shallow waters of the South China sea all this time. It was probably shot down accidentally by an errant cruise missile fired by one of the destroyers taking part in war-games in that area two years ago.” ~ S.C.

    Yes, this is the only logical explanation. MH370’s flight-path was a straight line from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, which means it likely came down in the South China Sea between Malaysia and Cambodia, or between Vietnam and Hainan Island (which belongs to China). Or perhaps it came down in eastern Cambodia.

    If we search along its normal flight-path, it should be possible to locate the debris, unless the debris was secretly collected and disposed of by whoever shot down the plane.

    Of course, any questioning of the official lies makes us guilty of indulging in a “conspiracy theory.”

    The USA claims that MH370 did nearly an about-face and headed out to the Indian Ocean. This is absurd. Many stories were planted in the corporate media outlets to throw everyone off, all of them involving the Indian Ocean. In reality, no part of the jet’s flight-path took it anywhere near the Indian Ocean.

    Other absurdities include the planted rumor that the USA was forced to destroy the plane because hijackers had seized it, intending to carry out a 911-style attack against the Diego Garcia base, or against…wherever.

    That’s the thing about lies and bullshit. It is self-propagating.

    Accidental shoot-downs happen. On 3 July 1988 the USS Vincennes destroyed Iran Air Flight 655 (290 people murdered). On 17 July 1996 a missile destroyed TWA Flight 800 (230 people murdered).

    As Scott says, such accidents are often covered up for the “greater good” (i.e. in order to preserve the wealth, power, and privileges of the guilty parties).

    Imagine losing someone on one of these flights (perhaps a spouse, or a parent, or a child or sibling). The cover-up would drive you mad with grief and frustration. If you started shooting government personnel, the public would call you an “insane terrorist.” Then the police would silence you with a robot bomb, after which everyone would resume watching sitcoms, and checking their Facebook pages for the latest trivialities.

    • Also, let’s remember that the South China Sea involves myriad territorial disputes between nine different nations, and is believed to hold huge oil and gas reserves beneath its seabed.

      The area is also crucial to the Western naval encirclement of China. The American, French, Japanese, South Korean, and Australian navies all patrol there. German naval ships will soon arrive as well.

      In such a sensitive and highly contested area, the USA and NATO would suffer politically if it came out that MH370 was accidentally shot down in the South China Sea. Hence the cover-up.

  2. Thanks for covering this. It is a small good, but a good nonetheless that someone remembers.

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