Nafeez Ahmed is a Propagandist for Obama’s “Freedom Fighters”, the Kurds – Blames Erdogan for the CIA’s ISIS™

by Scott Creighton

At one point in his career, Nafeez Ahmed was praised by Gore Vidal. He argued that the CIA and various Washington insiders had their fingerprints all over 9/11 (even though he was basically a LIHOPer from day one) He was against the cancer of globalization and the scourge of the Endless War (OF) Terror being waged by the neocons in their pursuit of what Condi Rice once called the “New Middle East”

Now that he’s earned some street cred, Nafeez Ahmed is a sellout piece of shit just like the rest of ’em. Well, let’s be honest. Nafeez has been cashing in his “truther chips” for a while now, hasn’t he? For years he’s been propping up various psyops on behalf of those same CIA and neocon war-criminals he used to pretend to oppose. He even started his own little “think tank” so he could really cash in.

In a piece he scribbled together on his “crowdfunded” website called “Insurge Intelligence” Nafeez spends up the last of his left-cover credibility points when he claims “he has the documents” that prove President Erdogan of Turkey is personally running the CIA’s ISIS™ program.

“New evidence has emerged that the Turkish government under President Erdogan is covertly providing direct military, financial and logistical support of ISIS, even while claiming to fight the terror network.” Nafeez Ahmed

With “evidence” provided by our new “freedom fighters”, the Kurds, Ahmed is trying to lay blame for false flag ops like Paris, San Bernadino and Orlando squarely at the feet of Turkey’s elected President Erdogan and the implications for that are staggering in the wake of the failed US-backed coup. Nothing short of all out war against Turkey to “fight ISIS” is a distinct possibility. All out war in pursuit of Condi Rice’s “New Middle East”

And here we have an “alternative truth teller” laying the foundations for this new version of Dick Cheney’s WMDs story.

Gore Vidal is rolling in his grave. He should be digging himself out and printing a retraction for writing anything positive about this Mockingbird propagandist asset Nafeez Ahmed. Is he the new Judith Miller? You be the judge.

Let me explain something very simply:  Gulen, the US, Saudi Arabia and various dictatorships across the Middle East decided they had had enough of President Erdogan so they cashed in their stay behind assets in the Turkish military for an attempted coup which failed largely because it may have been tipped off by Russian intelligence and because so many Turkish people took to the streets to throw themselves into the gears of the latest regime change operation in that area.

That’s a fact.

And immediately afterwards (a good clue as to who was behind the coup) the corporate MSM (a.k.a. “CIA Mockingbird press”), the far right analysts (neocons) and the fake left propagandists (Webster Tarpley, I’m talking to you, you sellout piece of shit) started attacking President Erdogan in every possible way they could think of in an effort to essentially spin the failed coup attempt as some kind of “democratic revolution” against the “tyranny of Erdogan”

Nafeez writes occasionally for the Middle East Eye. So does Soumaya Ghannoushi who clearly doesn’t have her own goddamned think tank or “crowd funded” “investigative” website (I would LOVE to see the financial records of that thing so I could figure out which In-Q-Tel companies are signing Nafeez’ paychecks). This is what she wrote JUST YESTERDAY:

“Instead of expressing a clear principled stance against military coups and in favour of democracy and the popular will, they (fake alternative propagandists like Nafeez) chose to side with the putschists as they bombed the Turkish parliament with F16s and gunned down peaceful protesters.

They (fake alternative propagandists like Nafeez) cheerfully sought justification for the plot to topple a democratically elected government when it was under way, heaping scorn on the elected president instead of the generals and soldiers who conspired to overthrow him.

And when the coup was defeated, against all the odds, the tune turned to lamentations over democracy and its terrible plight under “arrogant” and “authoritarian” Erdogan and gloomy warnings of an inevitable slide to repression and tyranny.” Soumaya Ghannoushi

And now we have Nafeez writing about how he has proof positive that all the issues we have with ISIS™ , including the attacks on US and French soil by people with NO CONNECTION TO ISIS™) should be laid at the feet of that same “arrogant” and “authoritarian” Erdogan.

Remarkably, do you know what the source of Mr. Ahmed’s story is? The Kurds.

Yes, America’s newest FREEDOM FIGHTERS ( a.l.a. Tibetan Freedom Fighters, the Contras, al Qaeda, our “moderate terrorists” in Syria… et al) the Kurds, have supposedly tortured a CIA-backed ISIS™ fighter and he has spewed forth the information that it has been Erdogan all along who has been running ISIS™.

How’s that for proof?

The “evidence” comes in the form of testimony from an ISIS terrorist captured by Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, widely recognised as the most effective force confronting ISIS on the ground.

The testimony has been reported by two Kurdish news agencies, the Syrian-Kurdish Harwar News Agency (ANHA) based in Rojava, and the Turkish-Kurdish Ajansa Nûçeyan a Firatê (Firat News Agency or ANF News). The latter’s head office is based in Amsterdam.

Websites of both news agencies are blocked in Turkey. Nafeez Ahmed

The Kurds absolutely hate President Erdogan because he and he alone stands between them and the realization of Greater Kurdistan, the formation of Condi Rice’s “New Middle East” via the breaking off of pieces of Iraq, Syria, Iran and TURKEY to make a new nation sitting on top of loads of oil and LNG reserves in select parts of those nations with specific strategic and Geo-political benefits.

No individual group has more at stake in the regime change operation in Turkey than do the Kurds. That is a simple, undeniable fact.

So when the new freedom fighters pop up and say “hey look. We have some PROOF that the guy we hate is behind ISIS™!” after the failed CIA coup and someone like Nafeez Ahmed buys into it, that pretty much tells you everything you need too know about him.

Nafeez Ahmed is a sell-out propagandist liar. He’s a tool. A CIA Mockingbird doing his level best to facilitate the next regime change step toward the neo-cons “New Middle East”

His “proof” is laughable. You have to be a special kind of stupid to miss the fact that the Kurds are now more desperate than ever since they see their dream of a new nation built on ethnic cleansing vanishing before their eyes.

The US and French coalition members just bombed the crap out of civilian target in Manbij that were getting in the way of the Kurds expansionist dreams.

Erdogan had to go because he started making nice with both Putin and Assad and his plans to thwart the Kurd’s efforts in both Turkey and Syria were starting to look like they were going to be adopted by the Syrians and the Russians as well.

The Iranians have already been backing Erdogan in this effort. It appears no one wants to give up part of their country for the neocon agenda and our glorious new freedom fighters in their stolen lands.

No one should be surprised that Nafeez is a sellout liar and propagandist of the lowest order. No one.

After he smoozed a little street cred from the 9/11 Truth crowd, like so many other fakers, he quickly turned his back on what he called “the twoofers” and started toeing the globalist party line at every turn, while still trying to pretend he was “alternative”

Nafeez Ahmed is just another version of Dwain Deets or Webster Tarpley or Di$info Jone$. He may have been a little more subtle at times, maybe a little more nuanced, but ultimately Nafeez Ahmed is a proven Mockingbird propagandist working to sell the next regime change operation in the Middle East on behalf of the same neocons and CIA spooks he has PRETENDED to oppose all these years.

With this latest sellout, Ahmed makes his loyalties perfectly clear. He is just as soulless as the PKK terrorists he collaborates with and the CIA handlers who pay him through “crowdfunding”

Hey Nafeez: go fuck yourself. We know what you are. Your “alternative” card is revoked. Now go work for Fox “News’ or CNN where you belong.

7 Responses

  1. One giant EU accession car commercial dovetailing with RUS fed encirclement – gulen/erdogan both puppets – NATO/EU created by NWO engineering of WW1/2 – plenty of money for dumbass lickspittles who will either useful idiot or openly promote for the agenda the way nafeez does. Meanwhile, pretty much everyone trapped inside a false macrofin/geopol construct.

    Seriously, talk to rulon about a podcast – no need for production values, simply soundcloud/youtube it with a base image. I think people would benefit a great deal from the two of you just reflecting on the week’s propaganda &c.

    We are lacking prominence from authentic voices.

    There is a cacophony of successful imbeciles.

  2. Nafeez Ahmed has always been the Rothschild family’s pet Muslim Intellectual. His polemics on ‘Muslim Terrorism’ are masterpieces of long-winded obfuscation.
    The real terrorists are the US Air Force, who dropped 23,000 bombs on Muslim countries last year.

  3. Smashed it out of the park once again sonnn!

  4. “President Erdogan of Turkey is personally running the CIA’s ISIS™ program.”

    Bwaaaaaaahahahaha!!! The quality of central script-writing has done a Wile E. Coyote off a cliff over the last year.

    Seriously, Scott, thank you for putting in the work you do to keep us informed. The tether to reality has grown distressingly thin it seems. There are a number of sites, formerly reliable, that appear to have gone the way of Nafeez Ahmed.

  5. Supposedly, during the coup attempt, the counter-terrorism official in charge of the campaign against Isis was offed….

    The top counter-terrorism official responsible for Turkey’s campaign against Islamic State did go to a “meeting” at the presidential palace in Ankara. He was later found with his hands tied behind his back, shot in the neck, according to a senior official.

    • Is that “senior official” a Gulenist perhaps?

      • I haven’t spent much time searching but I have not seen much information about his background.

        I don’t think it matters much anyway just like it really doesn’t matter much if the pilot who shot down the Russian jet — and is now locked up — is really a Gulenist. The person who would have the greatest knowledge of Turkish relations with ISIS is gone. It’s just more evidence pointing towards a change of policy in Syria and rapprochement with Russia.

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