My Thoughts on Day Three of the “Idiocracy” that is the Republican Convention

by Scott Creighton

“Gee. I’m surprised Ted read the speech I told him he could read. I’m so disappointed. Here’s my disappointed face”

I watched a bit of the Republican convention last night. I caught it just as the boos were fading after Ted “Televangelist” Cruz finished his lengthy monologue. The Donald’s son came next. More on that in a bit.

We switched over after watching something called “Attack the Block” which is a film about some alien dog-like creatures invading a project in south London. Ironically, I read an article this morning about conditions in London becoming Dickensonian over the last couple of years. People living in squalor and desperate for any job they can find. One woman slept in the kitchen for three years on chairs because the tile floor didn’t hold as many fleas as the rest of her crappy apartment did. It appears Britain has their new Maggie Thatcher just in time for the nation to revert back to the worst of the worst of their neoliberalized history. An invasion of hairy glowing-teethed dog thingys seems like it would be a pleasant distraction from what is really going on over there.

But don’t worry, there are still an awful lot of billionaires enjoying the high-life in Kensington Palace Gardens.

Curiously enough, the new “CHANGE” campaign of 2016 promises more of the same neoliberal economic ideology as an alternative to the current neoliberal Washington Consensus. And in case you haven’t figured out the connection, that’s the very same economic model that’s destroying London right now. And here we are cheering for it as “CHANGE”

Privatization, deregulation, free-market ideology, cutting taxes for the wealthy, crippling government at an even faster pace, demonizing the poor and disabled… and of course… “War!” “WAR” WAR!!!” is the game plan for the Donald Trump “CHANGE” Express.

Like Obama before him, Donald’s version of “CHANGE” doesn’t seem like much change to me.

Yes, they talked about how The Donald wants to give “the troops” a “choice” at the VA, which means “privatizing the VA”

Yes, they talked about how The Donald wants to give poor black people a “choice” of schools to send their kids to, which means more “privatization of public education”

They talked about strengthening the military to fight the Endless Global War (OF) Terrorism.

They talked about strengthening the police to fight the Endless National War On (people suffering from) Poverty.

They talked about improving the infrastructure (translation: billions of dollars to developers… like Donald Trump for instance) via public/private partnerships which would almost certainly involve massive companies hiring huuuge numbers of illegal immigrants to work for next to nothing as a small number of wealthy, well connected contractors make shit-loads of money.

Basically this was the Republicans praising the failed Reaganomics model once again. It’s the same crippling austerity wet-dream they’ve been gradually implementing for decades now, only The Donald seems to think his celebrity billionaire status might provide enough cover for him to advance that agenda at a more devastating rate.

All of this was completely expected. Donald Trump doesn’t represent “CHANGE” anymore than Obama did way back when. Unfortunately it will be just as pointless trying to point that out to his followers now as it was trying to explain it to Obama’s back in 2008. With identity politics, people only hear and see what they want. Everything else is just noise.

I did watch Mike Pense give his long, long, long address last night. And I watched The Donald come out and give him an awkward air-kiss and a thumbs-up a al the Fonz.

I might be dating myself but to me Mike Pense has the authenticity of Frank Burns. You guys remember him from M.A.S.H.? I couldn’t stop thinking about old Ferret Face the whole time Pense was on the stage.

At the end, The Donald came out and patted Pense in a painfully awkward moment and then he slipped off stage to leave his VP pick alone and waiting for someone to join him.

So that was kind of weird, not quite as weird as having Ted Cruz come out a little while before Pense and suck the light out of the room by refusing to endorse the Republican nominee and basically telling his followers to “vote their conscience” in November.

Trump had to admit in a Tweet just before midnight that he had reviewed Cruz’ remarks prior to allowing him onstage and said he knew what he was going too say and allowed it anyway.

So all the coverage today is about Cruz instead of what is should be about, the VP pick for the Republican party.

How many ways can Trump sabotage his own nomination celebration you think?

I wonder if he’ll come out tonight with his pants down around his ankles or say something to piss off another segment of society such that they wont vote for him either. I wonder if Bill Clinton will meet with Trump for a half-hour on the tarmac right before his acceptance speech.

From the opening bell of this thing to the closing moments, the Trump campaign seems to be excelling only in torpedoing themselves. Why should the convention be any different than the rest of his WWE “campaign”?

Yeah, Trump looks like he’s hell-bent on seeing Killary in the White House. I’m not sure how many of his surrogates understand that right now, but his family-run campaign sure does.

The Donald came out just as Cruz was finishing up his little performance so he could stand there with his family and look shocked and disappointed. Did he expect him to change his speech after Trump himself approved it? Nah. It’s all just part of the show folks.

I half expected to see him run out on stage and shave Ted’s head like he did in WrestleMania a couple years back. You know, when the RNC crowd starts chanting “U.S.A!” “U.S.A!” “U.S.A!” they remind me so much of a WWE production I can’t help but laugh. The film “Idiocracy” didn’t even come close, did it? Or maybe it did…

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