French Authorities to Destroy CCTV Videos of Nice Attack to “Keep “ISIS” from Winning”

by Scott Creighton (H/T CS)

I’m not exactly sure what this means but a reader sent me a link to a French publication, Le Figaro, which has an article about what appears to be an order demanding officials to erase all of the surveillance videos from the Nice attack which occurred on July 14th of this year.

They want officials to destroy not only the videos of the vehicle running through the crowd hitting all those pedestrians but apparently they want the earlier videos destroyed as well, the one showing what led up to the carnage. The preparation.

According to a quote from the article, this is the first time these specific French authorities have been asked to destroy evidence in an ongoing investigation.

The excuse they give for this dramatic and rather suspicious move is that they don’t want someone to leak any of the videos because “ISIS” might get a hold of them and use them for propaganda infomercials.

I have used Google Translate to come up with this very rough partial translation.

“Urgent legal requisition was sent to urban supervision center of Nice Wednesday, July 20 . The Paris evokes a desire to “avoid the uncontrolled dissemination of these images.”

Panic and misunderstanding for mayor of Nice. Wednesday at 11 am, the Anti-Terrorism Sub-Directorate ( SDAT ) sent to agents who manage video surveillance of the city requisition citing Articles 53 and L706-24 of the Code of Criminal Procedure and Article R642-1 of the Penal Code erasure asking them “complete” 24 hours of images from six cameras named , numbered , but also of all the scenes from the beginning of the attack that took place on the promenade des Anglais, on the night of July 14 .

“What to stunning state agents of urban supervision center of Nice. “This is the first time we are asked to destroy evidence , says a source close to the dossier. The center of CCTV and the city of Nice could be prosecuted for this and also the officers in charge of the device does not have jurisdiction to engage in such operations. ”

The demand is all the more astonishing that the SDAT sent since last Friday servers to recover the 30,000 hours of CCTV related events. A backup operation that will extend even several days. ” We do not know if giving a destruction order while we are in full backup is not going to curtain the whole system ,” is are we concerned in the case entourage.

Contacted by Le Figaro, the Paris prosecutor’s office confirmed the information and said: ” this was done in this case to prevent the uncontrolled and uncontrolled dissemination of these images.” Regarding the national police, it is recalled that ” the thousand cameras in Nice, 140 had interesting elements of the investigation . The police recovered 100% of videos of them. PJ and prosecutors have asked to delete pictures of these 140 cameras to prevent malicious use of the latter for the sake of the dignity of the victims and to prevent the resumption of these images by jihadist websites at propaganda purposes . ” Finally, at the chancery , it is specified that the application of an erasure “complete” is explained by the inability to make partial destruction of such equipment” La Figaro via Google Translate

This is a very odd development. Are they saying they can’t trust their own employees not to leak videos of carnage to the press or some TMZ producer with a handful of cash? Very odd indeed.

Of course I can’t independently verify the story from Le Figaro.

Of course this does not mean the attack was faked. In Oklahoma City after the Murrah Building was attacked, the FBI ran around grabbing all the surveillance videos they could find. Same thing happened at the Pentagon on 9/11.  But it does raise a lot of questions. Seems to me that someone doesn’t want a record of this event hanging around for too long.

Either that or they were tossing fake bodies out the back of that truck. I don’t know.

I will tell you one thing though, I haven’t seen many cell phone videos of the attack. There are the few first ones we all saw, but I haven’t seen as many as I thought I would considering how many affluent people were there when the attack happened.

Of course, that same oddity presented itself in the wake of the Bataclan attack and the Pulse nightclub attack as well.

Now this. The official CCTV videos being deliberately destroyed rather than locked up and kept on record.

Very odd. Very odd indeed.

13 Responses

  1. Thanks for this info, Scott. CCTV video is very inconvenient when it comes to false flags and/or false flag hoaxes…as we’ve learned.

  2. The town authorities refuse to comply. We’ll see if that holds.

  3. Huh?
    There’s videos of it on YouTube and even the video that showed that the guy LIVED and was taken away. LOTS of people downloaded the videos!

  4. i didn’t buy it & the state destroying/hiding evidence is one more reason not to believe the official story.

    we’re expected to believe that this big box truck caused that type of carnage on a major holiday in france during an extended state of emergency? lots of people partying on the street, but the driver wasn’t confronted by police for over a mile? — try to do that on south st in philly where there’s practically a cop on every corner. single bodies on the street spaced a few feet from one another that would have required that big truck to drive in a rather difficult zig-zag pattern? individual “victims” instead of several people in a pile the truck should’ve hit had it plowed into a crowd? there are a great many reasons to doubt the authenticity of this event once you consider the details.

    additionally, i couldn’t help but notice the “twin trolls” that showed up for your initial reporting on this event — one of them trying to validate this event & another attempting to verify/validate the fake boston bombing.

  5. Nothing suspicious about that.

  6. The CCTV videos of the missile hitting the Pentagon on 911 were never released either. No doubt to “keep ISIS™ from winning.”

    Often when the police commit crimes in the USA, they confiscate all surveillance videos. For the sake of “national security,” we must prevent the “uncontrolled dissemination” of truth.

    “Of course this does not mean the attack was faked.” ~ S.C.

    No, but suppose surveillance videos showed the truck driver receiving instructions from police officers as he sat in the driver’s seat, just before he began his attack. Something like that would raise many embarrassing questions.

    Obviously the French government is covering up something.

  7. So, the same German journalist who filmed the Nice “attack” was also supposedly at the scene in Munich for that rampage…oh, and he’s married to a Israeli Knesset member.

    Once again: FUCKING BULLSHIT!!!!!


    Pekay Truth

  8. Oh yeah, and Gutjahr’s wife was in the intelligence unit of the IDF before becoming a Knesset member. That’s cool…

    Fucking bullshit.

  9. My fave Richard Gutjah video – please Scott go check out his Youtube channel – is how he shows how to film things using an iPhone4 off of a balcony. I shit you not.

    Go to about 2:00 in:

  10. sorry, that’s Gutjahr and it’s :30 seconds in:.


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