Trumpapalooza? DonaldMania? StuperSlam2016? No Joy in Mudville

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Question – Does anyone else think that Donald Trump is paying for his son’s future political career by throwing this election to Killary? Because the Donald Trump Jr. show last night had a very odd Obama 2004 feel to it, did it not?

Nothing of any consequence has taken place so far at the Republican National Convention this year apart from the most unpopular candidate in modern history being selected to run against an equally unpopular candidate from the “Democratic” side in the general election. At least the Dems can say, and accurately, that their disliked and distrusted pick stole the nomination. The Republicans, well, they did this to themselves.

It has been said by smarter people than myself that the only candidate that Donald Trump could beat would be Hillary Clinton and that the only Republican Hillary Clinton could beat is Donald Trump. Perhaps that explains why Hillary was allowed to steal the nomination from Sanders supporters and why she has been given a pass from the Justice Department, the State Department and the International Criminal Court (all of whom have more than enough reason and evidence to bring her up on charges).


Donald once joked that he could shoot someone on 5th Ave. in broad daylight and his idiot supporters would still back him. That’s a lovely sentiment in the abstract, but he has nothing on what Hillary has actually done and gotten away with. She giggled about her proxie army shoving a knife up the rectum of a beloved national leader and her brain-dead zombiefied followers still view her as some kind of “peacemaker” because she “negotiated a ceasefire” in Gaza after the IDF finally ran out of ammunition to fire at Palestinian women and children.

Let me just say this right off the bat: Trump’s job is to secure the White House for Hillary Clinton which is not that different from what Bernie Sanders’ job became in the final stages of his campaign. He was supposed to bring the real left back into the Hillary camp that is populated by the “Republican Lite” class of Dems while Trump’s job is to alienate as many factions of the Republican party as possible and serve as the “worse of two evils” option that scares Dems into holding their noses.

Some 700+ delegates cast their votes for someone other than the nominee last night at the Republican Freakshow convention. That’s the most in a convention since Ford back in the mid-70s.

After winning the nomination Trump quickly fired the man that was mostly responsible for his success, his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. He has yet to hire another one.

In his place, the campaign chairman, Paul John Manafort, Jr. has essentially run the campaign aground in the lead-up to the freak-show of a convention. It should be noted that Manafort once pretended to be a CNN journalist while on the payroll of CIA-linked Pakistani intelligence service the ISI. I wonder who is paying him now to pretend to be a campaign chair.

It should be noted that Manafort aided in the campaigns of other great Republican candidates like Ford, G. H. W. Bush and John McCain.

Manafort’s valuable input aside, it appears that Donald Trump’s kids are running his campaign. His offspring have no previous campaign experience. Even Joe Scarborough says by doing that Trump is “giving Hillary the White House” which is an unusually astute observation from Mr. “I Killed My Intern and Got Away with It”

I have to admit, in terms of demoing one’s own campaign, the plagiarism dust-up was a particularly nice touch especially considering who’s lines they stole.

Keep in mind, various “sources” inside the Trump campaign are leaking info saying Trump’s wife is to blame for the mistake. Even if that is true, a campaign would never admit it. Someone would fall on the sword and say they did it in order to preserve the integrity of the candidate and his spouse. But not this one. We are now 30-some hours into the fiasco and still no one has taken credit for it, leaving folks with the unsettling idea that she did it herself.

And that fact goes straight to the heart of the matter.

In spite of the highly unusual interview that took place before the speech with Trump’s wife telling Matt Lauer “I wrote it”, Melania Trump did not write the speech. They hired a well known Republican speech writer to write it and what he turned in to them did not include the stolen lines. They added that.

And it’s a pretty safe bet that it was added by Trump’s offspring. Yeah, they are trying to blame Melania via some ballerina turned writer she likes, but for the most part, that’s still a version of “blame Melania”

Ultimately, the fault lies in the campaign staff for not vetting the speech before it was delivered and of course the talking heads and pundits say this shows a lack of control over the campaign which bodes poorly for President Trump in that if he can’t even run a campaign, how can he run the country.

Of course, the flip-side to that is… it WAS vetted and the plagiarism WAS noticed and they allowed it to remain in the speech for the same reason it was added to the professional speech they paid for…

Stealing from “man-arms” Obama aside, the Republican Convention is a prime-time train wreck which seems as well scripted as Donald’s “reality” TV show was.

Day before yesterday, the theme was “Make America Safe Again” and their keynote speaker was screeching Rudy Giuliani, Mr. “Noun, Verb and 9/11” himself who famously ran away from Ground Zero before Building 7 crashed into it’s own footprint for no apparent reason.

How’s that for making the audience feel “safe”?

Last night the theme was “Make America Work Again” or some such nonsense and I can say it’s nonsense because not a single speaker spoke to that theme. Not a one. It should have been the “Talk About Hillary All Night” night because that is all they did.

Oh, well wait… they did anoint Donald Trump Jr. as the “Next Big Thing” in the Republican Party. That happened.

Here’s a little insight into the kind of pathetically obvious manipulation that took place last night.

As the delegates gave the counts to the speak, some states reported numbers that didn’t jive with what the speaker would then report as the official count. As an example, Alaska. They reported a number of vote for Cruz and Kasich which ended up being given to Trump, much to the chagrin of the delegates from Alaska. And they couldn’t understand it because some other states that did the same thing did have their actual numbers recorded by the official count. That’s how there were 700+ delegates for candidates other than the nominee.

And I couldn’t understand the difference until they got to New York and a Trump offspring was dramatically able to cast the delegates for his state for The Donald which put him over the top (“toss him over the top” as the new Golden Boy of Repubs said)

Ah… they massaged the numbers of the count so Donald Jr. could have his dramatic moment. What a WWE moment that was, huh?

Smoke machines, controversy, sappy scripted moments and the occasional Code Pink protester getting her meaningless sign ripped from her clutches. Oh yeah… and dancing over-weight middle-aged rhythm-challenged  white people .

This is the freak-show the party of Lincoln put on this week thus far. Who knows what new lows it will sink to by Thursday’s Trump speech.

The world is falling apart. The CIA’s coups are failing in Turkey, our moderate terrorists are beheading Palestinian children on live video streams, the Brexit bug is spreading across Europe like the clap in New York on Fleet Week while banks all across the region are about to go bust in a multi-trillion dollar implosion that will shake the global economy like nothing we have ever seen before.

Shit is hitting the proverbial fan by the shovel full and these idiots are dancing around because a billionaire they think is “just like them” is doing his level best to make the most criminal candidate in history the next President of the United States… and they… just… don’t… get it.

As ridiculously horrific as this convention has been thus far, it will pale in comparison to what happens in a week or so when Killary Clinton accepts the stolen nomination of the Corporatist Democratic Party of America. That is going to be a melee; a free-for-all of anger, resentment and abject disappointment on a biblical scale.

There will be tens of thousands in the streets and hundreds protesting inside the building til they are whisked out like a California congress critter running from a caucus before she is mauled by the angry Sanders mob.

As bad as my review of the Rethuglican Sideshow is, surely my opinion of the Neoliberal Dems’ event will be worse. Much, much worse.

No Greenmon, there is no joy in Mudville today. Casey Jones struck out and his clean-up batter, Donald Trump, is taking a dive in the 9th. Turns out he’s been betting on his own games all along.

Seems we are stuck. The pennant goes to Killary and there is not much else we can do about it.

Look at the bright side: four long years from now Donald Jr. will run with Jeb Bush. Wont that be nifty?

I should kill myself.

12 Responses

  1. Well Scott I have a creative and sub-lethal alternative to your killing yourself over the dismal (ok, it’s worse than dismal) state of our body politic.

    Here’s a link to a recent interview with Robert David Steele. I believe his portion starts about an hour into the show. He is excellent, and lays things out with a clarity that is astounding. A really informative listen and obviously his stuff and deserves more attention then he is getting. He also appears to be available for interviews and conversations with anyone who is interested.

    You’ve experimented with videos, why not do one with him? Obviously there will be no shortage of false flags to dissect and I have the feeling that if you put some time into mapping out what he actually knows (and the other sources he knows) we could shine some light into a number of different areas. He’s got some interesting “solutions” as well though right now it’s all pretty improbable of course.

    Not even a conflict of interest. He’s only pushing for electoral reform and is no longer running for anything.

    I would also suggest a round table discussion with Steele and Scott Bennett the whistleblower who exposed ISIS funding via our government. I think they would both be amenable and the synergy between them could be very productive. Of course stepping into the role of interviewer would be a challenge, but you are a knowledgeable guy and it would open some interesting new vista’s for you. Couldn’t hurt in terms of building your viewer base either.

    And if you warm to the idea have a look at this incredible MP from Germany. If this woman spoke English and wanted to do interviews (don’t they all want to do interviews?) you’d have a really kick butt line up.

    Whatcha think?

    • I think it’s a good idea. I don’t know how much someone is going to want to chat with me. I only have 61 subscribers on my Youtube channel, but these guys certainly seem like they would make interesting interviews. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to branch out a bit. Of course, suicide is easier…

      • Nah, they will chat with you. These guys have been through the mill and have both developed some ethical heart space. Give it a whirl and you may be surprised.

        On the suicide front, your car has taken on that particular aspect of your life energy. An interesting soul agreement that reminds me of that TV show from the 70’s where the guy’s mother comes back as a Packer. Anyway lighten your load and the Vega will breath a sigh of relief.

    • Robert starts at around the 25 minute mark, by the way.

  2. Please don’t! We need you! It’s going to get better — eventually.

    This feels to me like the beginning of the end of the era of American stupidity.

  3. …or American ignorance.

  4. Scott, I’d love to read your thoughts on Margaret Kimberley’s latest at Black Agenda Report:

    Also, I wanted to share this guy with ya:

    • I find it offensive especially after listening to the video she posted of Gavin Long’s “manifesto” speech. Which is a disappointment coming from Black Agenda Report, a website I usually find in possession of careful, thoughtful insight. Of course Long doesn’t “understand reality better than the rest of us do” as Kimberly suggests at the end of her article. No peaceful protest has ever succeeded? Is Long an idiot? Is Kimberly? What just happened in Turkey? How about Egypt in 2011? How about the Civil Rights movement? Do they really think the whole of the FBI, National Guard and the CIA were frightened of the Black Panthers or the Nation of Islam? Are they retarded? Woman’s suffrage movement? Venezuela 2002? How about this one:

      Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man.” Mahatma Gandhi

      How about this one:

      “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God”

      The revolution will not be won with AR-15s. It wont even be fought with them. The revolution will be won when we decide we have had enough and stop the machine in its tracks with our resolve and our bodies. The heart and mind are more powerful weapons than anything you can buy at a gun show and that’s a fact. Kimberly advancing that patsy’s ridiculous rhetoric is disappointing to me and I kinda wish you hadn’t brought it up but since you did, there is my reply. I hope it makes sense to you. My guess is someone at BAR is worried about the coming “purge” here in the states and wants to make sure boss man knows they got their mind right over there.

      That’s my feeling on it anyway.

  5. Please don’t kill yourself, I need someone to watch this shit so I don’t have to. You deserve hazardous duty pay for being on the Convention watch. Donation to follow forthwith

    • thank you very much, but in the interest of full disclosure, I plucked my eyes out years ago and was just making stuff up about the convention. Don’t tell me I was right?!? Really? Maybe I should launch a psychic website. That’s what I should do… make news videos by just watching the nightly news and post yesterday’s date on them at the bottom of the screen and rename the channel American Psychic! I bet I would get about a million subscriptions before anyone caught on. At least a million.

      And thanks for the support. I’ll be sending an email in a few.

  6. Appreciate the update and shout-out, Scott.

    Time to go drown my sorrows. Maybe the next game will actually get at least one home run…

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