Successful Video Test: Church and I Discuss Youtube

by Scott Creighton

Over the past few months I have been unable to process videos with this computer. Windows doesn’t want to update my Windows 7 Pro because they want me to upgrade to Windows 10 and I’m having a hard time getting updates for the crappy motherboard on this system.

But I kind of fooled them by starting the Windows 10 upgrade then killing after it updated all my current hardware for Windows 7. Hee hee. Sneaky, right? Right.

Anyway, turns out I can now process videos without getting the blue screen of death. I made a little video with Church the Dog as a test run to see if it would render for Youtube… and it did. Whoopie!

Now I can get back to making videos again… til it fries my computer. So here is Church the Dog who apparently want’s no part of Youtube.

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