Baton Rouge Police Shooting: “Cosmo” Story is a Carbon Copy of Other Shootings

by Scott Creighton

This is going to be a quick report as I am trying to work on another project and up against a TECO timeline (tree knocked over yesterday during wind-storm and laying on power lines outside my house)

All I wanted too say about this event was that it looks suspiciously like so many others we have seen in recent days.

  • Multiple shooters becoming one “lone gunman” in the end.
  • Suspect dead
  • Ties to military.
  • Rented car.
  • Type of weapon(s) used
  • Body armor
  • Masks
  • Questionable motive
  • “Fog of war” reporting

Apparently there is a video manifesto he did on Youtube after the Alton Sterling shooting. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into that.

In this case we have a dead suspect, Gavin Eugene Long of Kansas City, Missouri, who on his birthday decided to travel all the way to Baton Rouge to walk down the street wearing all black camo outfit with body armor and a mask carrying an “Ar-15 type” rifle, supposedly waiting for police to show up.

Of course, that story doesn’t quite jive with the witness statements:

Witness Brady Vancel told WAFB that he saw two people shooting at each other before authorities even arrived.

“There was multiple gunshots going back and forth and back and forth before any police ever showed up. This was not a come-at-police situation,” Vancel said. “They weren’t targeting police at first, I don’t assume so, because these were men out here shooting at each other in an empty parking lot until the police showed and then it turned into a gun battle, I’m guessing to try to get themselves free or get out of the situation.”  Huffington Post

That story morphed into the “ambush” story just as the two suspects everyone saw leaving the scene turned into “nothing too see here, move along” after they were detained… and then released (same two guys from that black sports car in Dallas perhaps?)

Authorities earlier reported that they were searching for two suspects wanted for the attacks. They declined to take questions at the press conference but asked the public to stay away from the area.

Two “persons of interest” who were detained near Baton Rouge have since been released, and no charges were filed against them, according to WITN. A police spokesman told the outlet the investigation was still ongoing to see if the shooter had any help.

Multiple outlets previously reported that the Addis Police Department, about 10 miles away, had detained two men in possible connection to the shootings. The men were reportedly seen entering a Walmart store dressed entirely in black, WAFB reported. When they exited, they were wearing a change of clothes. A request for comment from Addis Police was not immediately returned. Huffington Post

It’s a horrible thought that someone is running around in this country shooting civilians (San Bernadino “three athletic white men dressed in black camo”) and police (Dallas “two men detained with guns and released”) at will and being detained and eventually released for no apparent reason.

There was another suspect being sought after in Aurora after the James Holmes event.

There was another detained trying to run through the woods out back of Sandy Hook elementary.

There were other shooters involved in the Pulse nightclub mass casualty event according to witnesses.

And in this case, the police we CERTAIN there were others involved up until they caught some guys trying to change clothes in Walmart out of their all-black outfits… and were ordered by someone to cut them loose.

Can you imagine being ordered release someone you seriously suspect to have been involved with the shooting of several of your brothers in blue? I would like to have been a fly on the wall in that room when those arresting officers were told to cut them loose.

There were also early reports of this guy having been in Dallas and going from there to Baton Rouge.

I wonder if the rental car is the same one they pulled those two guys over in back in Dallas. Wouldn’t that be something? Those guys being the same shooters who killed cops in Dallas and got away with it?

I know I am not doing this story any justice but as I said, I am under the gun here. Trying to beat TECO before they cut power so they can cut a tree down.

If you guys have anything to add, any links, any of the tons of stuff I’m leaving out, please leave a comment. I will be back as soon as I finish the other project.

6 Responses

  1. Interesting. Now that so many lone crazy gunman scenarios have been pulled off with the same formula – two or three well-trained professionals go in, quickly shoot some people then drop and/or kill a patsy and leave him with some pre-staged weaponry and ammo, then flee the scene taking the risk of being witnessed and sometimes arrested, then a high-level official of some sort steps in and orders them released and news from all mainstream outlets is morphed to report a single crazy guy (or couple) acting alone, who was either killed at the scene or quickly sequestered away from the public to avoid real questions.

    Sounds like the same organization, maybe even the same shooters, are likely involved in all of these. Question is, is the organization private business, US government, or foreign government? Obviously, US gov must be involved at some level or not every single police department would be compelled to cooperate and release the murderers. Must be tough for some of them to do that. In fact, I doubt every department would cooperate if it did not involve an official program under the guise of national security.


    So we have multiple accounts of more than one shooter.

    If the police actually caught other shooters, why would they let them go? That makes no sense. Especially if fellow officers were killed. Unless fellow officers were not killed. But let’s assume they capture other real shooters. What would compel them to release them? I don’t think other real shooters were taken into custody.

    Are the other suspects just mistakes? Wrong guys? (wrong place, wrong time). The real shooters get away? (other than the Patsy). This is where I’m leaning.

    This is the same team that did Dallas. It seems the real trick here is how you do the shooting, and then just melt away. That takes assistance. And also control of local electronics, surveillance… and media.

    As Timothy Kelly loves to state: A strategy of tension.

  3. The “perpetrator” was ex marine with an AR-15:ish weapon – ergo they must disarm the US-Army.

    • i think the real idea is to portray veterans as potential terrorists because combat-trained vets will be leading much of the resistance when the shit hits the fan.

  4. wow, you are right. There *is* a pattern here! Black murderer with ties to Nation of Islam!

    Quick, hide the truth and promote communism!

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