White House “Shooting”: Warning – Graphic Scene of High School Thespian Lying Down on Sidewalk

by Scott Creighton (H/T Ogami Itto)

WARNING: Video contains:

  • Very Bad Acting
  • Graphic Stupidity
  • Poor Stage Combat Training

I had to post this because it is just so funny. Here’s a video from ABC “News” of the White House Shooting street theater performance featuring a local high school thespian looking down at the ground while “attacking” the White House while putting up his hand as a signal to someone and then carefully placing his expensive prop gun on the ground so it doesn’t break and doing his exciting tumble roll to the sidewalk. Pay careful attention to the bumbling Keystone Cops, Trickey Dee and Trickey Dough as they jockey for position back and forth bumbling into one another during the “arrest”. Thanks of the laugh Ogami.

Here are a couple of my favorite comments from the ABC “News” Youtube page where this video lives.

Warning, graphic scene of man laying down.
Why would they show us something so obviously fake and tell us it’s real? What planet is this?
High school drama class?

10 Responses

  1. I notice the three agents who are circling the handcuffed, supposedly shot, guy are hyper-anxious that there may still be imminent danger as they train three guns on the actor, I mean perpetrator. If there were to be further danger, wouldn’t it be in the form of potential accomplices? Why is nobody scanning the surroundings for danger coming from the perimeter? Haven’t they ever seen a thriller, suspense, or action movie? After all, they are trying to make one – they should at least do their homework.

    • I guess for the same reason the high school thespian was scanning the sidewalk while walking into the White House grounds with a gun in his hand.

  2. So much blood! Did they really said this was real?

    • yeah. the ABC “News” Youtube channel says it was real. Or at least, they say it “happened”… I guess their legal team doesn’t let them say shit is “real” anymore.

      “Published on Jun 29, 2016

      Surveillance Video Shows Shooting Incident Outside White House | Secret Service officers shot the gun-wielding man after he allegedly ignored orders to drop his weapon.”

  3. Thanks for posting this, Scott. I kinda figured you’d get a good laugh out of it.

    You really have to wonder about the agenda behind releasing videos like this. It’s hard not to see it as a probe of the outer limits of the public’s gullibility.

    But the youtube comments raise another possibility, and that’s how to go about selling such a manifest sham to the public. There are upwards of 700 youtube comments, and around 100 of them are directed to race! Thus, it would seem, no matter how ridiculous an official story is, it can be legitimized by turning it into a wedge issue such that the zombies don’t even seem to notice that what they’re fighting over is wholly fraudulent from the outset. They blow right past the million-pound elephant chasing their hot button issue.

    At a minimum, the reaction shows that you can paste a network label over Jack and the Beanstalk and people would believe it’s real. And even more people would buy it once you insert 2 “experts” to argue over whose fault it is–say, Republicans or Democrats–that the green giant managed to steal their 401(k) plans and clean out their bank accounts.

    • I think that is a good part of it. It’s like a focus group. They post stuff like this and see how the reaction plays out. They can also use it like a honey pot and see who is capable of critical thinking and who isn’t and then track those people’s networks. Do enough of them and you can pretty much map out the dissident community.

      The other possibility is, all of these agencies, this one Secret Service, are operating their own little psyops these days independent of a central planner or organization. Since they know they have carte blanche to do as they will from the media and Justice Department, they freelance their own little productions. This thing really has the feel and authenticity of a corporate training video, right? Or, the feel of a public service announcement made by local law enforcement. The same level of talent. The same sophomoric level of talent I should say.

      Let’s say they are all working independently, maybe some loose coordination through fusion centers or Homeland Security, on what they call the Greater Good project. Smaller projects could easily be run independently from federal oversight. Larger ones would need supervision. Looks to me like someone at Secret Service was moonlighting this. Either that or a training video was taken live for some reason.

      • The acting here every bit as wooden as the wannabes in corporate training videos, you’re right. But this video, unlike corporate efforts, is not only a one-camera shoot, it’s a fixed lens and frame. There’s no panning or zooming or anything. I guess it’s supposed to look like the feed from a security camera. (Remarkable, then, how everyone stays in frame.)

        So this video was shot in one take, which is a two-edged sword for the producers. While there’s no possibility of the continuity errors that give away Rita Katz’s productions as frauds, you’re stuck with the acting throughout an entire take–and this is the best one. Makes you wonder how much worse the others are.

        I think you’re exactly right about different fed fiefdoms producing shit like this. Maybe this how the psy-op video production farm system works. It’s wildly entertaining whatever the case.

  4. Reblogged this on L8in.

  5. Scott I really appreciate your work. You are a sane voice, rare and precious. If you were reporting the news from inside an insane asylum you probably would find it more humorous than tiring because you would not expect anything more.

    It’s been my experience that unrealistic expectations tends to drain me.

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