Nice Truck Attack: “He must have been radicalized quickly because there is no evidence of him being radicalized”

by Scott Creighton

When you run a Geo-political analytical website like this one and you come up against logic like this, it just makes you tired. Immediately irrevocably tired. Tired deep down to your bones. Tired like a 14-hour shift and a 1 hour commute tired. Tired, tired.

“(France’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls) added that the investigation was yet to prove the fact, but French officials were certain of the terrorist’s sudden turn into Islamism as he never had any “jihadist past.” Sputnik International

Why am I suddenly reminded of Donald Rumsfeld talking about the “known unknowns” or the WMDs “north, south, east and west of Baghdad”?

The Glorious and Honest Prime Minister of France was reacting to the telegram from ISIS™ which popped up yesterday claiming the truck driver in the Nice attack was their soldier.

Apparently that’s all the proof they need in France. Some random telegram send from some random, unverified ISIS™ propaganda outlet to the MSM propaganda outlets and not to some official law enforcement source which could vet it and determine if it was real.

And from that rock solid “evidence” the French Prime Minister himself decides to take his conclusions to the people:

Saturday morning’s claim by Islamic State [Daesh] and the fast radicalization of the killer confirm the nature of this attack,” Valls told the French Le Journal du Dimanche weekly newspaper in an interview.

I have always told the truth about terrorism: a war is underway, there will be more attacks. It’s hard to say, but other lives will be lost,” he stressed. Sputnik International

So lets say ISIS™ sends another telegram saying Donald Trump is their glorious leader making Brownshirts Bikers for Trump ready for Sharia Law… what do we do? Arrest Trump? Drone the bikers? Is that really the measure of the standard burden of proof in the West these days? A random unconfirmed telegraph… from a fucking enemy? Really?

The truck driver is reported to have not been very religious, was a womanizer, was NEVER seen praying… and had a bunch of fake guns and grenades in his truck.

“Authorities later found an ID and bank card identifying Lahouaiej Bouhlel inside the truck, along with two pistols, two fake assault weapons..” Huffington Post

“the Telegraph reported that an inactive grenade and fake rifles were in the truck. …. All the other guns he had were fake or replica guns..” Heavy

Truck terrorist Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel beat his wife and never went to … the guns found in the van were fake and the grenade inoperableDaily Mail

Let me say that again… he wasn’t religious and had FAKE GUNS IN HIS TRUCK.

Oh yeah… and apparently he had no ties to ISIS™.

All of that and the French authorities are “certain of the terrorist’s sudden turn into Islamism

Fake guns, not religious, no ties to ISIS™… WHAT KIND OF ISIS™ TERRORIST IS THAT!?!

What kind of terrorist has fake fucking guns? I’ll tell you what kind of terrorist has fake fucking guns… A FAKE FUCKING TERRORIST HAS FAKE FUCKING GUNS, THAT’S WHAT KIND.

Oh God, I’m so goddamned tired. I’m sorry. Sorry. I lose control sometimes.

It’s just so Goddamned stupid…

I like the part of the Vichy France Prime Minister’s statement when he says he “tells the truth” about terrorism and he tells the French people “more of you surrender-monkey sheep are going to die”.

Does that mean he lies about everything else or is he over-compensating for something like a little white guy with a big truck?

Maybe he’s over-compensating for their ridiculous conclusions about this event based SOLELY on some stupid fucking telegram discovered by Rita Katz. Maybe that’s what he’s doing? Ya think?

After all, the telegram in question was sent to the media, not to any government agency and then leaked to the media. I mean, I could send a telegram signed “Da Ebil Turrurrurrrists!” to Fox News and it would have just as much legitimacy as this one does. That’s a fact.

But here we are and the ISIS™ story rolls on and on with no end in sight.

On the upside, I heard Brian Cox of Brownshirts Bikers for Trump say they are going to be at the Rethuglican Convention to protect the police from the evil leftists this morning and he gave three reasons why his organization, Brownshirts Bikers for Trump, supports The Donald:

  1. ISIS™
  2. Illegal Immigration
  3. The Troops

You notice how “The Troops” are in third place behind illegals?

Oh shit! Do you see that!?!  ISIS™ is getting Donald Trump elected to lead the country? Oh my God! I was right! I was joking but I was right!

It’s just so damn stupid.

I’m tired.

Have a nice Sunday folks. I need a nap. Maybe a drink. Maybe a lobotomy.

17 Responses

  1. Why such a large truck? The streets of Nice are very crowded, and a smaller, more maneuverable vehicle could do a lot more damage.
    Because the back of the truck was full of plastic dummies, and a Dummy Dumping Team to pitch them out.

    Why were a team of people seen trotting behind the truck just before the incident?
    These guys were the Dummy Dispersal Team- mean to arrange the dummies tossed off the truck into death-like poses.

    • really? The “dummy dispersal team”? Really?

      You might wonder why the “terrorist” rented the truck and then stopped somewhere to pick up fake guns and grenades. That might be a clue to something.

      But “dummy dispersal teams” throwing dummies out of the back of the truck?

      lol. come on man.

    • that would seem implausible & too difficult to pull-off, but then again we saw operatives stage the scene of the boston bombing in broad daylight, so who knows?

      • There was a hole in the bottom of the trailer, and on a signal they just pitched them all out, and the DDT all ran to their assigned dummies. There were two dead dogs and a dead pig as well.
        If you doubt me, just take a good look at the front of the truck that ran down 286 people. Nary a drop of blood anywhere!

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  3. The lobotomy might be provided free of charge during the next phase of the Great American Transition that seems to be taking off. Whether Hillary Trump of Donald Clinton gets “elected” is probably irrelevant.

  4. Scott, I am almost afraid to visit your website these days. Not because I can’t handle the truth or I want to cover my ass or some similar bullshit, but because my brain and my soul cannot handle the stupidity and garbage you have to cover.

    Argh maybe Giant Meteor should just come already…

    • I feel the same way. I saw that shooting down in Baton Rouge a little while ago and said “NO! I’m not covering this shit anymore Goddamn it”

      I’m thinking of turning the website into a collection of kitten and puppies photos. Cute ones, you know? Happy thoughts all day long until they come drag me out of the house at 3am. What do you think? Here, here’s one…

      oh Goddamn it…

      • I agree, it is is mind numbing, soul drenching tiring. They are relentless – attempting to beat everyone into submission with bullshit and its coming from all angles. On another note….not sure if you have perhaps posted something on this, but I was looking at a site that had all the victims of the Pulse shooting on it – so just wanted to ask you if you had any information on whether they were in fact “real” victims – I thought that I had heard that there were very few genuine victims of this attack. Just wondered if you had any info cause I was discussing this point with my sister, who is still in the denial phase – am trying to pull her kicking and screaming into the light of awareness 🙂

      • That’s kind of what I did with my Twitter account (the kitten/cuteness thing). I understand, there’s only so much you can take. But know this, Scott, your mental sacrifice helps keep others sane. It gives us hope to know we’re not the only ones that can see thru the madness.

        • that’s why I liked Kenny’s place so much. You could go there and be reminded that you aren’t the only one out here seeing this crap and feeling horrible about it. He had it right… it is a sideshow, isn’t it? I miss that place.

  5. […] via Nice Truck Attack: “He must have been radicalized quickly because there is no evidence of him bein… […]

  6. Bonjour,

    Found this, what do you reckon?

    Amicalement, Sabine

  7. Back to the subject of terrorism in France, it appears quite clearly now that our government is playing a sneaky filthy deadly game.
    You may have heard of Tlass, half cannibal on the field half stripper on Skype ?
    He’s asked for asylum in France. He’s a good friend of Anouar Malek a fake journalist and real activist for some BS Human Rights ONG.
    And a good friend of Fabius too who, then Minister for Foreign Affairs, said “Al- Nusra is doing a good job” and that “Someone like Assad should not be allowed to walk the earth”. That’s rich coming from such scum.
    Anyway, nothing in the MSM of course. But photos on Anouar Malek FB taken in Paris. (Published on 07/11/2016) and a few snippets, here”s one in English.

    Amicalement, Sabine

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