New Ties Emerge Between Clinton And Mysterious Islamic Cleric (Gulenists)

(Oh yeah, right… it was Erdogan that staged a “false flag coup”, not the Regime Change Queen Bee Killary Clinton. Nah, that would never have happened. She would never do something like that.)

from the Daily Caller

A newly-released email and lobbying documents filed with Congress reveals new ties between Clintonworld and members of a network operated by a mysterious Islamic cleric from Turkey.

Connections between Clinton and acolytes of the imam, Fethullah Gulen, could muddle the complex relationship between the U.S. and Turkey, a key NATO ally, if the former secretary of state wins the White House.

Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has mounted an aggressive crackdown against Gulen and his followers, known as Gulenists. Erdoğan, who was once allied with Gulen, has even personally asked President Obama to extradite the 74-year-old guru, who has lived in self-exile in Pennsylvania’s Pocono mountains since 1999. (RELATED: Followers Of A Mysterious Islamic Cleric Have Donated Heavily To Hillary’s Campaign And Charity)

In addition to muddying that complex geopolitical dynamic, a 2009 email recently released by Judicial Watch provides yet another example of access being provided to a Clinton campaign and Clinton Foundation donor.

In the April 1, 2009 message, a Gulen follower named Gokhan Ozkok asked Clinton deputy chief of staff Huma Abedin for help in connecting one of his allies to President Obama.

Ozkok is founding board member of the Turkish Cultural Center and part of a network of businesses and non-profits affiliated with the Gulen movement, also known as Hizmet.

Ozkok served as national finance co-chair of the pro-Clinton Ready PAC. He gave $10,000 to the committee in 2014 and $2,700 to Clinton’s campaign last year. He is also listed on the Turkish Cultural Center’s website as a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, one of the non-profit arms of the Clinton Foundation. He’s given between $25,000 and $50,000 to the Clinton charity.

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11 Responses

  1. Wow, this is very interesting. In 2000, I took a tour of Turkey through a company called “Cultural Folk Tours.” owned by a man named Bora Ozkok. Bora must be related to Gokhan, although I can’t find that relationship on the web. Bora plays the flute and his company is called “Cultural Folk Tours.” He lives in California, and had immense clout in the places we visited in Turkey. Everyone knew his name.

  2. What is with your obsessive fixation on Erdogan staging a fake coup.
    Nobody is talking about that silly strawman idea except you.

    Corporate media seems supportive or at least tolerant and apologetic in their description of Erdogan cracking down hard and arresting thousands this morning.
    Corporate media are not condemning Erdogan, but they are playing up the theme that Turkey is a nation divided paving the way for civil war. These are the same dirty lies they use about Syria…… internal civil war. Erdogan is all in with the NWO charade that is destroying nations all over the globe.

    From CBC this morning……….
    ‘On the diplomatic front, a lingering suspicion of Erdogan will likely persist in the West, in spite of the fact major powers, including the U.S. and Germany, quickly sided with his government against the plotters during the tense hours of the coup.

    Inside NATO, Turkey is a key partner, the second largest military in the Alliance, while holding its strategic south-eastern front on both the Black Sea and Mediterranean shores. It is also enormously important during the current refugee crisis as it continues to shelter up to four million refugees who would otherwise add to a movement of migrants into Europe.’


    OK I’ll put this up again. Just a coincidence that my comment was deleted here, I’m sure.

    Corporate media are NOT running some ‘Erdogan did it’ false flag theme. Corporate media are supportive of Erdogan and running with a theme of ‘divided Turkey’ paving the way for a civil war in which both sides are supported by NWO scum. A FAKE conflict, have we ever seen that before?? Hundreds of times.
    But for some reason, this site is pushing the conflict theme with a slight twist from corporate media. Greasy.

    Both links show how corporate media are selling internal conflict just like they did in Syria.
    So rather than doing some thinking and and looking at how this conflict is being created and scripted by NATO playing both sides…………this site asks us no to think and to chose sides. Vile stuff.
    So keep on censoring comments that talk about a fake scripted conflict directed by the West, it shows everyone what you are all about.

  4. Fucking greasy censoring lying piece of shit, all you spooks. Burn in hell soon!

  5. Ah yes, the old censor the reasonable comments with links to good articles and post up the other shit. You are so predictable…………but then again so are us nice people. We all have a job to do. Mine involves the truth, yours involves fake truth and dirty lies to keep the conflict going. Carry on spooks!

  6. Sibel Edmonds on Gulen and Edrdogan

  7. Let’s see where this goes…

    “Turkish President Erdoğan speaks live, calls U.S to hand over Fethullah Gulen to if U.S is strategic ally”

    “Erdogan pressing Obama for simple deal: Head of Fatullah Gülen (Pennsylvania, CIA controlled) in exchange for access to Incirlik airbase.”

    “Power to Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base, which is used by U.S. to launch airstrikes against ISIS, has been cut, U.S. consulate in Turkey says”

    From the embassy:

    “Kerry invites Turkey to present evidence against Gulen”

  8. The WP spam filter ate my last comment.

  9. Thanks for your contrarianism on Turkey and Erdogan, Scott. I’m not sure you’re right, but you sure have made me think. Stay true to yourself, and if I become president you’ll have a place in my cabinet.

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