Military Coup in Turkey: Post Mortem

by Scott Creighton

Last night on CNN, former CIA spook Robert Baer was despondent, irreconcilably inconsolable. He was talking to a CNN “journalist” about the coup attempt in Turkey which at that point was looking like it was quickly becoming a failed coup attempt.

Baer laid out a list of what he said were mistakes by the coup leaders and stressed that he himself had taken part in many CIA-backed coups over the course of his career so he was speaking from experience. “Baer would have done it better” was the point of the discussion as he mourned the missed opportunity for undemocratic regime change by violence in Turkey.

The normalization of the CIA’s policy of brutality was chilling. But Baer does have a point. He is experienced.

“Since 1953, the US has either attempted or carried out 80 coups since 1953. That is more than one per year.” Daily KOS 2014

(read: Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions since World War II, )

On MSNBC Rachel Maddow, the fake-left sycophantic Clinton cheerleader, it took them less than 5 minutes after Erdogan regained control of the country for them to start demonizing him again. Millions of Turks were out on the streets, had risked their lives and their freedom to thwart the unconstitutional coup and the first thing Maddow and company could do was start talking about their elected leader being a “power-mad dictator” locking up journalists and arresting opposition leaders.

Maddow’s guest, I forget which “foreign policy expert” it was, said looking at the airport where a hundred thousand citizens greeted Erdogan’s plane, that he was some kind of “populist… like Huey Long”

He spit the name out like he expected it to be censored like the “F” bomb or the “N” word. Maddow shuddered.

Oh God. Imagine a leftist who stands up for his constituency. The madness!

This morning CNN is covering Trump’s VP pick. Fox News is covering the Republican convention. And MSNBC is showing a rerun of an older Rachel Maddow show.

The coup attempt failed and the Mockingbird press wants us to simply “move along”

So it’s up to me to give you guys a wrap-up of last night’s events.

According to al Jazeera, these are the numbers:

161 government forces and civilians killed
104 coup plotters killed
1,140 people wounded
2,839 military personnel detained, with the number of arrests expected to rise
(Source: DPA)

The coup soldiers opened fire on civilians and police alike on several different occasions. I don’t know the break down of that 161 number as of yet.

When it was looking bad, some of the coup leaders decided to make a break for the border (I mentioned they would last night) and they jumped in a helicopter and entered Greek airspace where they were detained for illegally entering the country.

“Turkish media quote Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu as saying that “we have demanded the immediate return of the eight treacherous officers who fled to Greece by helicopter”. Cavusoglu’s statement came after Greece’s defense ministry said that seven military personnel and one civilian had landed in Alexandroupolis in a military helicopter and asked for asylum. They were arrested for illegal entry.” al Jazeera

Another helicopter with coup leaders trying to make a break for it was shot down according to sources. But that’s not confirmed.

Erdogan says this is nothing short of treason and the plotters will be dealt with accordingly.

The situation in Turkey is calm. The MSM was saying late last night that they didn’t know if the plotters were done quite yet and it seemed most of them were holding out hope that they might stage a bloody comeback like a football team in the Superbowl down by 20 early in the forth quarter. It didn’t happen.

The Gulenists waited til the very end to denounce the failed coup attempt. It would appear they are busy doing their spin detail trying to distance themselves from the events of last night.

According to the agency, a US-based organization close to Turkish Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen denied involvement in Friday’s coup attempt against President Tayyip Erdogan. “We condemn any military intervention in domestic politics of Turkey,” the Alliance for Shared Values group said in a statement. “Comments by pro-Erdogan circles about the movement are highly irresponsible,” it said.

Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag said in a television interview earlier that members of the Hizmet movement loyal to Gulen, who lives in Pennsylvania, were involved in the attempted military takeover. Ankara believes that his colleagues in a “parallel structure” within the state power bodies are trying to discredit and oust the current leadership of the country. Tass News Agency

This version of events is not expected to hold up under interrogation by Turkey’s security forces. The Gulenist movement took their shot and it failed and now their sleeper cell in the military is spent. Surely the leaders sneaking out in helicopters aren’t going to be the last in the country to hit the bricks.

They tipped their hand when they pushed all in and the results are pretty clear: they went bust.

It looks like they tried to take advantage of the international media cover provided by the Nice truck attack. They were motivated by Erdogan’s new attempt to normalize relations with Assad and Russia. This is bad news for the US and her allies that want Syria and Turkey broken up so they can build a new nation called Greater Kurdistan.

The plan was working pretty well. The MSM wasn’t paying much attention and they held the airports and media outlets so Erdogan could not return to the country and they could control the narrative. They reported early that he had requested asylum in German which turned out to be a lie. They often do that, it’s a demoralizing trick the CIA has perfected and use quite often in their coup attempts. They said the same thing about Saddam, the same about Gaddafi, the same about Chavez all those years ago when that coup attempt failed.

What they didn’t factor into the equasion was the citizens of Turkey ignoring their marshal law declaration and coming out by the millions to demand their country back from the Gulenist junta that was developing.

I myself reported that the coup leaders were already talking about re-writing the constitution, something these IMF/World Bank regime change operations always do.

I guess the people didn’t want the neoliberals to do that, so they came out in force and confronted the traitors.

Many of them lost their lives in the process. Too many of them.

As parliament held an emergency session last night to voice their outrage over the coup and their support of democracy and the elected government, coup helicopters fired on the parliament building causing a great deal of damage and the loss of lives of several Turkish police officers.

If that reminds anyone of the CIA-backed Chilean coup, it’s understandable.

Whatever happens at this point, the sleep cell of Gulenists is spent. Used up. Gone.

Perhaps that means Gulen himself with enjoy far less privilege from his friends here in the US. What does he have to offer them now? Nothing. He shot his wad and came up short. Now he’s just another neoliberal dick swinging in the wind with no Viagra.

Erdogan has been strengthened by this, or should I say the AKP, his political party. This is always the risk of any coup effort. Right now even the opposition Kurd party stands with the elected government, with democracy. The last thing they want is to be lumped in with the impotent Gulenists of the country.

This doesn’t mean he will be able to get all the government reforms in place that he wants. He actually wants a system more like ours and less like a parliamentary one they have in place. But it’s one thing for opposition to stand with the people in the face of a coup and yet another to do so when it comes to re-writing the constitution. He will still find opposition to that and though he may try to push those reforms in the wake of this failure (his success) I doubt he will succeed.

What he will do though is advance his efforts to normalize relations with Syria and Russia.

Erdogan is not an ignorant man. Nor is Assad or Putin. They know what this coup was about and since he already has a good relationship with Iranian leaders and since Assad just recently said he was intent on keeping “ALL OF SYRIA” for the Syrians, my guess is we will see a shift from the government of Turkey to support of the Syrian government against the destabilization forces in both countries and the push to build Greater Kurdistan.

But understand this: it is far from over.

The spin doctors are already giving their talking points memos to their influence peddlers which infect the social media like cancer. The “hearts and minds” campaign is underway as is demonstrated by the likes of Rachel Maddow and company. Erdogan is still being made into Hitler despite the massive support he received from the population of Turkey. The story of the failed coup is slipping down the memory hole as we speak.

If you can say one thing about the masters of the universe who direct such things you can say they don’t take defeat well. In fact, they don’t take it at all. They just see it as a minor set-back and move forward, always moving forward with the “plots and plans” as “W” used too say.

As we saw in Egypt after the people there overthrew the master’s dictator Muhammad Hosni El Sayed Mubarak, these guys don’t give up. They may realign their plans for a couple years, but they always keep the same plan. And as al Sisi rules Egypt now with an iron fist, so too do the Turkish people need to worry about the next coup. Lessons learned, these guys will definitely be back.

We can hope that this failed attempt will at least slow the progression of Greater Kurdistan. We can hope this means that the Gulenists in the military now gone will not be allowing Takfari terrorists into Syria to terrorize that country. We can hope this means the stolen Syrian oil will stop flowing into Turkey financing the destabilization campaign and the Barzani clan in Iraq.

We can hope these things will be the result but we cannot be sure of it. The YPG and PKK will surely continue their terrorism in Turkey as the MSM here will step up their demonization of Erdogan in preparation for yet another regime change effort.

But it’s good news for now if for no other reason than Turkey is able to cleanse itself of the cancer of the Gulenist sleeper cells.

They took their shot and failed because the “x factor”, the people, refused to bow to the masters of the universe. And Robert Baer cried himself to sleep last night. Good.

Democracy won in Turkey last night and after a prolonged day of blogging on the subject… I slept like a baby.

Good for you Turkey.

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  1. Reblogged this on deinvestiture.

  2. Wow! If this info is correct, Scott, the implication is that the US may have lost Turkey; that it was losing its grip there and it Okayed the coup in order to hang on. After this, Mr. Erdogan is going to think very seriously about cozying up to Russia and Iran and even smoking the peace pipe with Mr. Assad.

  3. He, he, he….I must admit I have a lots of fun with all this ridiculousness.

    With text like this you can work for Trump, let me know you address, I’ll buy you this:

  4. Now on serious note.

    I do sympathize with poor young soldiers who are send into hell of civil war.

    That what egomaniacs across all parallels and meridians do. When I read that policeman is killed in the US I know he is victimized by regime and regime’s security agencies.

    I’v seen enough of blood and horror for 10 more life if I have them, so these images are not new to me. Still there are gruesome and can serve as a warning how far lunatics can go to maintain themselves on the throne.

    Do I supposed to believe that Tayyip is “Democracy” lover now when “Democracy won”? Only thing he believes is bestiality and violence.

  5. Scott… You are not gonna like me saying this, but it needs to be said. The coup was a fake coup…. It was a show staged for an audience… It was NOT planned and executed by the Gulenists, but will nonetheless serve Erdogan to kill, jail and fire anyone he does not like within any branch of government and the armed forces.

    • and you know this how? because neoliberal Zero Hedge says so or because former NSA employee Wayne Madsen does?

      • I know this because I am from there, I speak the language, I know the people, exact history of Erdogan’s rise to power with all of its nuances, I follow Turkish politics very closely, and I have lived through three military coups in Turkey, and I don’t give a rat’s ass what madsen or cnn or anyone else says for that matter….

        And no, I am not a gulenist… In fact, I have zero horses in the race after having lived here for 27 years…

        I dropped our last exchange about erdogan after seeing that your knowledge of turkey and its past and current history is more holes than cheese, and that I would have to spend days writing stuff to set the record straight and point out your errors… And a little bit because I still respect your sincerity in your analysis, and I know from years of reading you that you mean what you say, even when you are horribly wrong…

        Erdogan is a textbook dictator handpicked during the days he was just a mayor and put in power by the US… If, as you claim, the US wants to get rid of him, it is not because they want to overthrow a “democratically elected” government, it is because they have the next dictator on the ready, who will take the master plan further with a fresh start…. It’s like a snake shedding its old skin…. No matter how different the skin, the snake is still a snake!!!!

        There you have it…. Make of it what you will… Let me know if you are at all interested in me sharing what I know, provided that you will refrain from calling me names, and stop it with your knee-jerk replies. Like when you called m an Israel apologist for attempting to point out that he flotilla incident was staged, and that most of the Israelis were victims of propaganda just like most of the Americans here, most of the French in France, etc. etc.

        • well, the “dictator” refused to take out another IMF loan… and is currently waging war on our latest “freedom fighters” in Syria and Turkey. And the people of Turkey apparently like him and his political party enough to come on the streets risking death and go to the ballot boxes and vote for them… so WTF are you talking about? That doesn’t sound like a dictator to me. And even if he was, he’s there choice. Not Gulen. Not the junta that tried to take power.

          You think we in this country would do that for Bush 43? Obama? Killary? are you kidding? That says a lot and though I don’t live there, I can figure out enough to know he was elected and people want their GD democratically elected government. So no, I do not support this coup or any other undemocratic junta taking power. And if you haven’t figured out that much about my website, what the hell have you been reading all these years?

          It doesn’t fucking matter what I think about him. Do you get it? The people of a country DECIDE THEIR FATE… and they HAVE.


          And by the way, since you decided to make your opinion of Erdogan perfectly clear, I guess it’s pretty safe too say your opinion about who was behind this coup is slightly tainted by that hatred, right?

          and yes, I remember our previous chats. Some things we agree on, some we don’t. But to me, this is unshakable. Even Bibi over in Israel. Were a coup to unseat him, as much as I dislike what he does and stands for, I would have to report on it just as I do every other illegal unconstitutional regime change operation… because the will of the people is being denied them… and there is NEVER a situation that I will support when that happens.

          So it’s not about “liking” Erdogan, it’s about liking democracy and the rule of law. Yes, I am glad he opposed the creation of Greater Kurdistan in spite of Turkey’s ties to the US. and yes, I am glad he opposed another IMF loan. To me, these are good signs… but it is not everything. And I understand that. But the majority of the people in the country want him and that’s all it takes for me. I don’t pick and choose which democracies I support based on who leads them. If you can’t understand that, you don’t understand what I do here. and you should after all of these years and debates we have had. you really should know that much about me.

          • What asinine, simplistic, black-or-white gibberish, Scott… Hatred???? Really??? Are your articles guided by your hatred of Hillary? Trump? Bernie? Do you “like” the democracy being practiced here??? You don’t seem to be short of any criticism about the crooked “democratically elected” politicians here….

            Do you even have he faintest idea HOW erdogan was “elected”? Do you have the faintest idea what this guy does to democratically elected people????

            Do you know that Turkish army has 1.2 million (yes, MILLION) troops?You think Gulenists are desperate enough to attempt a coup with 3000 troops, one fighter jet, one helicopter and two tanks????

            Oh what’s the point??? You have it your way… I am done with this nonsense!!!! I thought I could provide you with some impartial (yes IMPARTIAL) insight…

            Have a good one….

    • If you use Gulenists as synonym for the US Gov., and it is always the Synonym, than it MIGHT be organized by “Gulenists”.

      However, Erdogan is extremely polarizing figure in the Turkish society, thus we see violence which see can see in Syria for past five years. Leading public servant must be unifying figure but not so in Turkey. It is the same sectarian and ideological script. It is tragedy of the nations in the region. It usually is coming from colonial toolbox. In this case I believe it is self-inflicted.

      Violence that we had seen in Libya and the way NATO’s mercenaries killed Qaddafi came on the streets of Turkey.

      • let’s be a little more specific, shall we?

        Gulen’s NGO (that’s aside from his charter school scam) is called the Alliance for Shared Values. They list the following as member organizations:

        Atlantic Institute (aligned with NATO and funded by Ford Foundation)
        Rumi Forum
        Pacifica Institute
        Institute for Interfaith Dialogue
        Niagara Foundation
        Peace Islands Institute (formerly Interfaith Dialog Center)

        Not only that, but…

        Emails, Documents Tie Clinton Camp to Turkish Imam –

        and …

        Ties Emerge Between Clinton And Mysterious Islamic Cleric | The …

        Look like someone was trying to make ready for a Clinton-friendly regime in Turkey.

        it’s funny you should mention Libya. We all know who was behind the Libya regime change, don’t we? And now it looks like there might be another connection between Killary and bloodshed. Oh my.

        • claims that erdogan is polarizing or unsupported are western media claims- no different then Assad or Gadaffi

          Curious that Erdogan has been trying to extradite Gulen and the US has been thwarting the process

          The popular support that poured into the streets of Turkey speaks otherwise doesn’t it?

          ” One thing can be said with absolute certainty at the outset: this was not a coup attempt by the ‘Kemalists’ who sought to make a desperate move to roll back the tide of political Islam and remove President Recep Erdogan from power. The two main opposition leaders of the principal Kemalist party and the nationalist party respectively have voiced strong solidarity with the democratic forces.

          That, in turn, means that the immensely popular Turkish leader at the moment enjoys the sympathy from a wider spectrum of Turkish opinion than the 51% mandate, which the ruling Justice & Development Party secured in the 2014 parliamentary poll”

          • “claims that erdogan is polarizing or unsupported are western media claims- no different then Assad or Gadaffi”

            Oh yes it is different, very much. It is elementary. Turkey is client state and has no or has limited sovereignty as member of NATO. Syria is not, nor Libya was, and Iraq and Iran for that matter. Thus polarization is introduced by outside in order to destabilize them or ultimately to bring medieval reactionary forces or what Khomeini called American Islam. Targeted countries are multi-ethnic where “polarization” have another dimension sectarian violence, where in Turkey minorities are oppressed (Mountain Turks or Kurds) or not recognized Alawis so polarization is “natural” state of affairs given ultra-nationalistic feeling of the Turks. It is de facto fascists state of affairs just like in Austria, Hungary, Russia etc wherever People Parties are ruling ones.

            You might call these countries “democratic” (because they vote!?) which is totally meaningless, and I do not give a damn about it. Is country that wage war against own people and support terrorism is still “democratic”? Is fascist Zionist settler state “democratic”?

            Turkey is nominally secular state by the constitution and Erdogan has violated that numerous time in various situations. By doing that he has estranged secular/urban part of population. He simply imposed its vision of society.

            • “Is country that wage war against own people and support terrorism is still “democratic”? Is fascist Zionist settler state “democratic”? ”

              All countries wage war on their own people- In one way or another to control them- And they all call themselves democratic because they hold elections…. yet only Turkey’s President is faced with endless media spin typical of any other destabilization campaign run against Iraq, Libya, Syria etc.,.

              Turkey is being targeted in order to remake the ME- and that’s all there is!

              • “All countries wage war on their own people- In one way or another to control them”

                This is a big lie.

                don’t you see that you contradict and ridicule yourself. you use “democratic” as a argument for one’s legality and than allow him to commit crimes. Is it that what’s “democracy” about i.e. Fascism?

                If the authority is legal it is not necessarily legitimate. That’s where “democracy” comes an absurd. People are having choice between far-right and so-called centrist parties which is same.

                Turkish president is lunatic, and he can blame only, and just only, himself. He put his country on path of failed state, like the Pakistani did of its own country serving the US and KSA. In word somebody’s else interests not their own. And guess what, nobody would like more to dismantle Turkey more than the US and the UK and Russia to get rid of those “filthy Muslims” and their control of the two straits there.

                Did you that in In the original Sykes-Picot agreement Russia was supposed to be given Constantinople or Istanbul?

                Not much change ever since, yet Tayyip is playing with fire. That is definition of lunacy, doing same things and except different results.

                • Neretva:

                  “This is a big lie”

                  Says the slave who can’t see the chains that bind- You claiming it’s a lie doesn’t make it a lie-

                  So I’ll restate the fact- “All countries wage war on their own people- In one way or another to control them”

              • Turkish/Kurdish city of Sirnak.


                • Is that the PKK’s heavy equipment? You know the stuff they use to dig trenches?

                  Wasn’t it the PKK that opted to take the fight into the cities.. you know as a new tactic of destabilizing Turkey?

                  I would title that photo ” Gladio” It would be much more appropriate

                • Erdogan struck a deal with the Kurds about 3 years ago. It was historic actually. The Kurds broke it about a year and a half ago. I guess they figured they had a better deal with the Barzani clan in “Iraqi Kurdistan” (a.k.a. “Iraq”) so they killed some Turkish cops and set off some bombs and here we are today. They are cleansing what they consider their territory in Turkey (much of what you show is their work, not Erdogan’s) much like the Kurds are ethnically cleansing parts of Iraq, Syria and Iran now. So you show pics of their handiwork and say “look how evil Erdogan is!!!” Doesn’t work here troll. We’re not that dumb.

            • Turkey did not wage war on it’s own people. Erdogan signed a peace agreement with the Kurds 3 years ago and it was the Kurds that broke that agreement so they could cut a better one with Barzani in Iraq. Turkey is defending itself from separatist Kurds a.k.a. the YPG and the PKK. They are acting like terrorists once again, ethnically cleansing what they consider to be their part of Turkey.

              Saying Erdogan is “waging war on his own people” is like saying Assad is waging war on his own people and we all know that is a major meme in the MSM talking points and has been for a very long time.

              And you give us a wonderful insight to what you think of democracy when you say it’s “meaningless” don’t you? No it is not meaningless. The people stood up and demanded their country back and they voted for the party they wanted to rule them. And that is the end of the discussion.

              When you say things like that, you sound like Kissinger screeching about countries “voting the wrong way”, which I think provides some wonderful insight into 1. your personality and 2. your training.

    • hey lookie… the Times of Israel agrees with you

      Experts say doomed coup attempt by small number of the military could shore up president’s power; some speculate it was a false flag operation aimed to achieve that exact goal

      Some “experts, huh? Well I guess that cinches it. It must be true if the Times of Israel says it has the “experts”

  6. It begins.

    “Turkey’s judicial body sacks 2,745 judges following coup attempt”

    “Turkish government sacks five judges from the country’s high court”

  7. “Madness is rare in individuals – but in groups, parties, nations, and ages it is the rule.”

    Friedrich Nietzsche

  8. western/NATO leadership is certainly disappointed

  9. Sybil Edmonds on the coup:

  10. Is this Syria or Iraq? Maybe Libya after NATO’s crusade. This is Turkey. German Wermacht did like this to Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia in WWII, Scorched Earth tactics. The US uses Shock and Awe.

    • Nereteva: employing images with no context is extremely suspect
      Does this image show us any proof what so ever who did this damage?
      How this damage happened?
      It does not?

      And playing the Nazi card! I hate the Nazi card! It’s tiresome. It’s tedious- I mean seriously you actually compared what is going on in Turkey to ww2 Germany in the majority of your comment
      ” This is Turkey. German Wermacht did like this to Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia in WWII, Scorched Earth tactics.”

      Your image, with no context, doesn’t tell us how this came about

  11. Here is a Sputnik International article in support of the David Hazan claim that the coup was staged by Erdogan: “Claims Emerge that Erdogan Faked his own Coup in order to Wield More Power”

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