Nice Truck Attack: Reactionary French State of Emergency Extended, Gladio Success Achieved

by Scott Creighton

Back on Nov. 17, 2015, I wrote about French president Hollande demanding a change to the French constitution which would effectively allow the government to strip anyone of their constitutional rights if they were merely suspected of terrorist ties. He pushed for this following the attacks in Paris that month. Here is how the Huffington Post covered it:

During a rare trip to the Palace of Versailles Monday French President François Hollande called on lawmakers to change France’s constitution in order to better protect the country.

Hollande referred to article 36 of the charter as outdated, and asked that parliament change it to give the government greater power without needing to resort to a state of emergency.

“We are at war, this new kind of war demands a constitution that can manage a state in crisis,” he said.

He announced that he is submitting a proposal to extend the state of emergency by three months and asked parliament to vote on it before the end of the week.

He also suggested enacting a law that would revoke French citizenship from anyone linked to terrorist attacks, however he didn’t elaborate on how this law would be applied. Huffington Post

In May of this year, the French parliament voted to extend the state of emergency by two months. It was scheduled to end on the 26th of July. Now, that’s not going to happen. With the TTIP waiting in the wings and thoughts of a Frexit whispering around the country, the emergency laws provide the French establishment all the tools they need to squash such notions before they become another French Revolution.

This attack, the third major attack against “soft targets” in France in the past 18 months, has ensured the MIC and the Intelligence Industrial Complex in France will continue to enjoy their unconstitutional control of the country at a time when dissent is on the rise all across Europe. It should be noted, before Nov. 2015, the most recent state of emergency declared in France was 2005 when youth unemployment was off the charts and police were cracking down on the desperately poor of the country. Riots ensued and the state of emergency lasted for 18 months.

  • authorities can decide administrative searches and seizures, day and night, without judiciary oversight
  • authorities can censorship the press, radio, films and theater representations
  • The Minister can pronounce house arrests
  • The prefects can regulate or forbid circulation and gathering in some areas
  • the power of curfew is extended to prefects

These are just a part of those emergency powers that are quickly becoming the standard, everyday powers of the French government. It should be noted that this attack took place on Bastille Day, known for it’s celebration of a major turning point in the leftist French Revolution. How ironic for a Gladio 2 operation.

Keep in mind, this attack took place while the state of emergency was activated. Which means, for all the constitutional freedoms and protections the French people gave up for security, they got nothing in exchange. The state of emergency failed to protect them.

What the state of emergency HAS protected though is quite interesting when you look at it:

The emergency laws passed in Nov. of 2015 in the wake of the Paris Attacks have been used almost exclusively in defense of establishment in France in their quest to maintain the status quo. Two months after it was enacted, French citizens rallied against it by the thousands.

After this massive attack in Nice, it will be hard for anyone in France to come out against the extension of these unconstitutional mandates and in fact, you may see a move by the establishment to enact these provisions on a permanent basis for as long as the “Endless War on Terror”, the “Hundred Years War” goes on.

Last month there were major protests and strikes taking place in France.

Riot police officers clash with protestors during a demonstration held as part of nationwide labour actions in Paris, France

May 2016

Keep in mind, the emergency powers allow French authorities to round up various protest leaders and detain them without judicial oversight. And they also allow locality leaders to keep protests from even happening.

Now take into consideration:

Massive protests across Europe have temporarily derailed the passage of the TTIP, the corporatist’s wet dream of neoliberal “free market” “free trade” agreements. As we look to enter the endgame of this assault on our collective freedoms, it appears you wont be able to arrange many protests in France in the next couple of months.

Whether it’s anti-global warming protests, anti-globalism or anti-austerity, it would appear France is going to be pretty quiet in the next couple of months. Key months for the passage of the TTIP.

What has happened here is the definition of Operation Gladio. You can look that up, I’ve written about it till my fingertips bleed.

Suffice too say, Operation Gladio used false flag terrorism in order to prevent various European nations from moving too far to the left in the wake of the horrors of the Fascist War, WWII. This isn’t conspiracy theory, it’s recorded fact. How anyone paying attention today cannot see the relevance of this historical comparison is beyond me.

As people like Newt Gingrich rant about shutting down the internet, criminalizing visits to certain websites and rounding up Muslims because they have a different theory on government than he does, words like Gladio and McCarthyism come to mind along with all the “freedom” they represent.

For this Gladio operation, the choice of using Bastille Day as the backdrop for the attack is the ultimate inside joke for the perpetrators.

3 Responses

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  2. Very good, Scott …
    There’s been tremendous unrest in France the past months over the new neoliberal labor laws the Hollande/Vichy regime has been trying to RAM down the throats of the working folk. and the Folk have no intention of accepting …
    Not much reporting on all of this in the MSM, natch. After all, France has been hosting the European soccer tournament (excuse me, is this a European “Union”? Not as far as nationalist soccer/football teams are concerned! Banksters take heed!)
    It is critically important to prohibit peaceful assembly and legitimate protest at this time in France. And this is how you do it …
    “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité”, my ass …
    Those values, which are beyond opinion or debate, were established 227 years ago. And yet, the battle rages on …
    Eleven grand per month for a hairdresser? It’s not the common folk who need to be guillotined by big trucks; our enemy stands before us … or maybe I’m just ranting …

    PS Yes, Scott, staging this on Bastille Day was a nice touch …

    • it’s kind of sick when you think about it, but wasn’t it? I mean, what would a real terrorist attack? A Eurocup finals match or a celebration of a revolution against tyranny of the people, by the people? Well, if you consider the fact that the REAL terrorists hate such celebrations, then there you have your answer.

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