Failed Military Coup: Enter the Spin – It’s Now a “Fake Coup by Erdogan” says Gulenist Trolls

by Scott Creighton

The influence peddlers on the interwebs are working overtime as the coup in Turkey appears to have failed. Now the story is… Erdogan staged the whole thing in order to pump up his “Islamist superpowers”

[–]Spankthenooodle 164 points an hour ago

Thanks for writing that. As an American who doesn’t like Erdogan, I’m disappointed that the military is losing/this might have been a fake coup so the bastard can further expand islamist bullshit.


Yup, she confirmed what I have thought from moment when I saw photos and dynamics of this “coup”. “That’s why some claim it’s make-believe. Faking a coup w/ some Turkish generals as expendable extras? Beg to differ.”

“Coup appears to be failing, too soon to tell, but if Erdogan prevails expect an iron fist over Turkey

When the coup started to turn and it looked like it would fail, Dogan Media, the Gulenist media outlet in Turkey, decided to have their own “Hail Ants!” moment:

Kudos to Dogan Media, ostracised and harassed by , for unequivocally condemning the attempted coup, for being a voice for democracy.

The fake coup meme. Wow. They will try anything.

Erdogan is expected to land in Turkey at any moment now. Perhaps a hundred thousand Turks will be there to greet him. Let’s hope we drone him first.

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  1. Thanks for your updates, Scott.

  2. The “false flag” accusations started on twitter from the very beginning. Almost all of the anti-Erdogan people I follow were making comments suggesting that. At about 4PM (NYC time), Carlos Latuff tweeted this toon:

    • There’s also the real-coup-attempt-used-by-Erdogan theory:

    • Some strong evidence for US-backing….

      “When the coup was taking over, the USA embassy called the coup ‘Turkish uprising’.”

      “Turkey jets which bombed Ankara refilled from fuel tankers took off from Incirlik airbase!!”

      • yeah, folks are reporting that the White House and State Department sided with the elected government in Turkey “very quickly” but in fact, they did not. They said they wanted stability and for “both sides” to take care to preserve civilian lives, but did not come right out and say that the coup was wrong and illegal. They didn’t even call it a coup to start with. It wasn’t until it was clear it failed that the White House and State Department sided with the government of Turkey. They did the same thing in Egypt and Thailand. They were behind both of those.

        • Actually, Kerry’s initial statement sounded very pro-coup. Obama’s, not so much. There is still evidence that implies Erdogan’s camp knew about this before it happened

          Turkey’s Patriotic Party’s statement is an interesting read (which explains a lot considering the Gulenist aren’t very well-represented in the military but also makes this look even more amateurish):

          Turkish officials saying it publicly:

    • Also interesting is who claims to be anti-coup…

      “Jabhat al-Nusra AQ spiritual scholar al-Maqdisi attacked the Turkish Army responsible of the coup as ‘anti-Islamic'”

      “Ahrar al-Sham publishes support message for Turkish government for coup attempt in Turkey, citing ‘democracy first'”

      “Free Syrian Army (Syria Opposition ) released a statement congradulating the fail of TurkeyCoupAttempt.”

      • everyone who wants to remain relevant in the region is anti-coup now that it’s failed. The question is, when were they anti-coup? that’s the question.

  3. Screw the influence peddlers on the interwebs.
    Just watch the vile corporate media like CNN, CBS, NBC BBC, CBC or any of them……………they are all saying the same thing you are Scott.
    They say the coup was a real attempt and it failed and Erdogan is the rightful leader of Turkey………..same stuff you are saying. Same.


    This is a false flag paid for by Saudi Arabia to get the 9/11 report which implicates bandar bush bankrolling the Saudi arabian patsy’s on student visas OF THE NEWS CYCLE FOR THIS WEEKEND!!! The saudis love erdogan and Israel loves erdogan….he is a puppet that is a bulwark against Iran and russia.

    This story of the saudis funding the 9/11 hijackers is not just damaging to the bushies and their cronies it will make the entire narrative of the events of 9/11 fake and staged with any diplomat / official govt circles world wide who has half a brain…

    The saudis most probably paid for Nice and I am sure for this nice fake coup…erdogan and his top military cronies got paid handsomely.

    This coup is so easy to set up and execute…a select group of pro erdogan commanders stage manage the whole event, this flushes out all the anti erdogan clowns in turkeys puppet army…

    plus all the social media accounts of the losers who celebtrated…he comes out much stronger and handsomely paid for this “event” by his zio wahab allies saudi arabia and israel.

    Meanwhile the 9/11 story and the lynch testimony all get conveniently bured forever and ever…all weekend long coup talks…next week they got the convention and then a kablamo some where else ISIS, lone wolf or some staged dindu nuffin poor black person racist shooting or a plane that goes missing….

    another possible event is probably a jet liner being brought down by a terrorist with an AR 15 just about to take off or land at some major airport in the US….

    Willy if possible please do a blog expanding the saudi 9/11 redaction…remember bandar bush is implicated…this would be huge for the entire US version of events in the mainstream minds of mostly dull low iq sheeple govt bureacrats worldwide…suddenly 9/11 bush america UK insider conspiracy becomes a mainstream talking point!!!!

    • the saudi connection to 9/11 (redacted pages) is a red-herring; 9/11 was perpetrated by the “deep state” (possibly with help from our israeli friends) and the utter complicity of the major tv networks.
      saudi arabia does not control our media or when/how the u.s. military conducts it’s drills, etc. saudi arabia is a vassal state to the u.s. & the extent to which they may or may not have been involved in 9/11 was the decision of those who truly rule the u.s.

      sorry, but i don’t buy your theory.

  5. It seems that this video or song made in Warsaw’s summit, did not help NATO to get rid of Erdogan:

  6. My first instinct was that it was staged. Egomaniacs tend to do these things. No half assed Coupe would start without taking out the Head figure Erdogan. Without if an attempt one can only conclude that this is staged.

    • that’s ridiculous. Many CIA coups have failed to take out the targeted leader, the most recent being Thailand, but you can also include Cuba, Venezuela and Egypt (morsi) so that is not a determining factor at all. History is replete with failed coup attempts where the leader is not killed and regains control. All it means is they couldn’t get close enough to his inner circle.

      • Even if the coup failed; still, it is a rap on the knuckles for Erdogan. Making up to Russia and worse, Syria. He won’t learn anything from it though.

  7. He, he, he….Tayyip is a legend. Only Bush The Subliminal can outdone him. Obama is misery of person. Bush’s “capacity” has Trump. Only in political-tribalism such individual can exists and rise to that level. Yes, these people are not politicians they are Chieftains.

  8. I feel bad for those poor young soldiers, or maybe stage actors. So six or seven infantry men with Hecklers were send to take major channel down!?

    Tayyip….seriously!? He, he, he…..

    Beyond ridiculous.

    What would Penny says?

    • no one is buying the “Erdogan did it” spin. give it a rest.

      Also notice, CNN Turk is a Dogan Media outlet. Dogan is Gulenist. That’s why they didn’t send that many to CNN Turk.

      • Really Scott?

        • what I find surprising is that I have to spend time addressing the “Erdogan did it” influence peddlers on my website. It’s knee-jerk desperation spin and nothing more. It’s clear who did this and WHY, more importantly. Yes, I know, the regime change “geniuses” figure they can turn a weakness into a strength, but they are fucking idiots, PR guys, salesmen trying desperately to keep a customer from walking out the door. They are all over Twitter with their 3 day old accounts saying the exact same thing you are. So yeah… really.

          • Nobody other than your obviously fake sock puppets is talking about Ergdogan doing a false flag. There are so many ties between Erdogan and NATO and Israel. There is so much evidence to suggest he is no more loyal to Turkey than Hollande is to France, Obama to the USA or any other greasy NWO leader is to his people.

            This site is clearly selling conflict with lies and the pathetic use of the lame straw man tactic. Pretty weak stuff.

  9. It would be so easy to stage this coupe . Simply tell a small section of the armed forces that there is a threat from within and they must act, that the threat have taken parliament and they need to regain control. Then send the full force of the military after them wile they think they are saving the govt. both sides think they are defending. Capture military leaders to prevent information being passed on and then remove anyone you like from government and name them traitors. Bring back the death penalty and tie any loose ends. Even the BBC is questioning wether it was staged.

    • oh gee… if the BBC is saying it was staged along with the Times of Israel, then it MUST be true.

      Is that the same BBC that said Saddam had WMDs? The same BBC that said Building 7 fell down 20 minutes before Building 7 fell down? That BBC?

    • If BBC, CNN, Israel… are saying that Erdogan staged this, it’s because it wasn’t staged at all.
      In order to understand the process of this coup, please read some of Thierry Meyssan’s articles in his page, Voltaire Network.
      This has certainly something to do with US patience, in order for Erdogan to cooperate with NATO against Russia.
      As Erdogan realized that his relations with the US were going nowhere, he made another agreement with Putin.
      Also, you have to hear how France’s government is already criminalizing Erdogan’s government. What has France got to do with Turquey’s affairs?
      That is why I think that the NIce attack was prepared by the government of the criminal Françoise Hollande.

      • isn’t it funny… after all the obvious false flag events in the last 15 years, how this failed coup becomes a false flag in the eyes of the MSM and all the rest of the time people like us write about real false flag events, we’re just conspiracy theory kooks?

        I think France is heavily invested in the idea of Greater Kurdistan as well.

        • I am still waiting for Thierry Meyssan’s article in Voltaire Network. He must have some idea of this connection between Nice and Turkey events.

          Just a final idea. It seems that this last coup in Turkey has beheaded the turkish military, something quite outstanding, if you consider Turkey’s latest history. Though, it seems that at the moment, Erdogan has no army. He only has the police and the people that elected him to back him up. What comes next?

  10. I said BBC is “questioning” it. It is way too convenient for erdogan. If it looks like a duck and talks like a duck, usually it’s a duck.

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