Civilians Climbing on Tanks, Helicopters Shooting at Police and Civilians: Turkish Coup is Failing

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: It’s almost official but I will call it anyway… the people of Turkey have spoken. Their elected government stays and the coup leaders will scramble for the exits in hopes to make it out of the country before they are caught. It’s over. Just that fast. Even people who opposed Erdogan in the end were out there supporting the protesters and opposing the coup. I guess they remember what life under a junta is like. All they have to do is ask someone from Thailand or Egypt how that feels. I guess they didn’t like the part where the junta said they were going to write a new constitution for Turkey. Perhaps the Turks like their constitution. Either way, it appears to be done. Police are rounding up soldiers, they are being pulled from their tanks.

Goddamn… democracy still has some balls. We could use a few Turks over here in the states if you guys aren’t too busy in the next couple of weeks.

It’s hard to keep up with all this stuff. Thanks to you readers for leaving links. It’s getting bad over there in Turkey right now. Here are some Twitter feed videos. Turkish police are siding with the people against the military coup. Helicopters are firing on the the people and the police. Civilians are crawling up on tanks trying to yank their drivers out. Unbelievable.

And currently it looks like the State Department and White House are slowly starting to side with the elected government of the NATO member state Turkey. It took long enough. I guess that means they don’t expect it to succeed. Kinda like George H. W. Bush turning his back on the insurgents in Iraq back in the first Iraq War. Looks like Obama may ditch the coup leaders as it seems to be failing.

I even saw Chris Mathews, that drooling neocon sycophant to power, saying he can understand that Erdogan doesn’ want to concede part of Turkey to the Kurds for their new country.

Really? After all this time with only Penny and I and a few others talking about Greater Kurdistan and the regime change operation in Turkey and it goes from “conspiracy theory” to mainstream news in about 5 seconds… and it’s Mathews who does it? Damn.

I gotta take a break for a while. my leg hurts. Thanks for all the links guys. keep it up.

Twitter video feeds after break.


13 Responses

  1. “The coup attempt took hours after Justice Ministry received a file seeking extradition of Gulen from US”

    Now, pure speculation from my side, is this the CIA is trying to protect its asset, neoliberal pioneer of privatization of primary schools with public money.

    when s/he says something like this,…think alway and I mean always: OPPOSITE.

    “Commander of the First Army reportedly stated: a small group within the First Army is behind the coup, which’s not at all likely to succeed.”

    • I’m hearing that a group of citizens are gathering at Ankara airport because word has it that Erdogan is going to land pretty soon. This shit is over and watch Washington and all the rest scramble to get on the side of the winners. You can bet though that Turkey and Syria are going to normalize relations immediately. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Turkey file a complaint with NATO over US involvement in the coup.

      • I have read that too. I suspect he will be welcomed with millions of its followers and as a champion of democracy. What’s BS.

        • say what you want, but they didn’t get their fucking regime change did they? And you keep linking to Dogan News Agency reports… that pretty much tells us all we need to know about you. Yeah, Erdogan and the AKP were freely elected and they are the official government of the DEMOCRACY that is Turkey. You don’t like that too bad. It’s their country. Perhaps next time the CIA can pick better generals to run their Gulenist coup.

          • I do not link anything with any purpose and Daily Sabah is not Dogan’s outlet. While I do not know it is rather Erdogan’s mouthpiece.

            After all the media is taking side of the Gov. i.e. “democracy”, not of military.

            As a advice stick what you know.

            • the link of yours that I left that comment on was to this woman who basically said “hurray for Dogan Media” exactly one tweet before the one you quoted. And I will stick to what I know, thank you. You can keep your advice.

              as for that ridiculous “Erdogan did it” meme… I wrote a little article about that. I am already seeing that crap posted everywhere. You would think someone was sending out talking points memos to folks, wouldn’t you?

  2. Yup, she confirmed what I have thought from moment when I saw photos and dynamics of this “coup”.

    “That’s why some claim it’s make-believe. Faking a coup w/ some Turkish generals as expendable extras? Beg to differ.”

    “Coup appears to be failing, too soon to tell, but if Erdogan prevails expect an iron fist over Turkey”

  3. Now that we know that the coup was defeated let start our conspiracy theorization. What if it was Erdogan behind it? He just wanted to flash out potential opposition (and help Hillary to keep Americans not interested in the Servergate). But seriously, what Erdogan was up to in recent weeks by (1) restoring relationships with Israel, (2) the same with Russia, (3) having terrorist attack at Istanbul airport so he could announce that he will attack ISIS now, (4) declaring that Assad can stay?

  4. Good coverage, Scott. I hope you’re right about the outcome.

    I must say, I am simply FLOORED by many comments at zerohedge (which also semi-streamed coverage), where people moan all day long about how terrible it is to lose the rule of law in the U.S., only to turn around and openly cheer on a goddamn coup d’etat–the very negation of the rule of law.

    Based largely on the strong (primordial?) loyalty to their “teams,” Americans have a disturbingly uncanny knack for slitting their own throats through bad precedent. Unbelievable.

    • Charles Krauthammer was also voicing his support for the coup.

      Isn’t it odd? To watch people who go on and on about government overreach and freedom and “liberty” cheering for a bloody coup and resulting junta? The neocons hate Erdogan and the AKP basically for the reasons I have written many times over. The left hate him because they’ve been brainwashed like Clinton fans. They just don’t know it. Erdogan has his issues. No one is perfect. But he has a point, he doesn’t want a good chunk of Turkey to be handed over to the Kurds for Greater Kurdistan and if he is going to make nice with Assad and Syria, this is a serious problem for our nation building agenda. That’s why the neocons like Charles hate his guts.

      • Your argument that the “neocons hate Erdogan” is simply funny. Erdogan in its carriers has made one and the only one right decision in foreign affairs that is he did not allow Bush to use Turkey territory as
        to attack Iraq from the north. Some have argued that his price for such move was too high even for American.

        Erdogan’s contribution to Libyan destruction is considerable. What about Syria and 5 year long war and destruction of that country? If I were Syrian and on high ranking position I would, as mandatory, teach kids that Turkey along with members of NATO is chief cause of calamity of their country.

        Now Turkey along with France and the US want to present as a victim of “terrorism” and Turkey want to establish relationship with Syria. Who are you kidding?

        By the way long before Erdogan Turkey was the first country that embraced economic measures (Turgut Ozal and Kamal Darvish) that fascist Pinochet introduced in Chile after the coup. Of course fascist regime adopted after its mentor the US and Chicago Boys formulated later known as There Is No Such Thing As Society. And Turkey and its ruling oligarchy sticked to that policy ever since. That much about that “neocons hate Erdogan”.

        And something from Dogan Medya:

        • are you kidding? all the msm’s stories about the coup demonize erdogan & push the same propaganda as those who perpetrated the coup — namely that the plotters were seeking to “preserve democracy”. what a joke.

          i’m not speaking for or against erdogan, but at least he came to power through democratic elections. but you’re hoping to subvert the will of the voters by siding with a military coup? how’d that turn out for egypt? and what does that mean for democracy?

          erdogan has been an easy scapegoat for the conflict in syria — i don’t deny he may have dirty hands re the same — but do you really believe the b.s. that he is mostly to blame & are you willing to ignore the fact that it’s mostly the u.s. gov’t behind those operations?

          and were you paying attention a little while ago when turkey was attacked by kurdish terrorists & their nato allies said “oh well, too bad — don’t expect help from us”?

          p.s.– those who perpetrated the coup killed their own countrymen, including quite a few police officers who were attempting to enforce the law. but you’re siding with them? disgusting.

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