Nice Truck Attack Video (aftermath)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: The Donald has decided to postpone his announcement tomorrow of his vice presidential running mate. They will eviscerate him for this. They will say he didn’t want his limelight to be stolen by the victims from Nice, France. Usually, when a candidate picks a VP, it’s the headline story for a week. Given this attack, The Donald has decided to hold off until Nice falls from the front page. They will destroy him in the MSM for this. talk about throwing the election.

I’m not exactly sure what has happened at this point, but here is a video of the aftermath. A little gruesome. Wouldn’t you know it… all the race baiting died down and folks started talking about Hillary the criminal again and suddenly, POW, some other terrorist attack to monopolize the headlines. They were also recently talking about Hollande spending $11,000 tax-payer dollars on his hair every month just yesterday. And POOF.. all gone.

I cannot confirm the authenticity of the video but it looks like the same place being shown on MSM outlets right now.

31 Responses

  1. my first thought. Where are the ambulances &white coats?

  2. Ban trucks NOW! Ben & jerry’s first!

  3. Exactly. Where are the fucking ambulances and paramedics?

    The area is not closed off? People just milling about a la Boston?

    Why are those most injured and bleeding out – a la Boston – NOT being attended to but those who are just sitting around are being attended to?

    The scene looks as if some time has passed – i.e., where are the medics/ambulances – and as if there may have been some triage but the most injured are just left to filmed? No way.

    Sorry, the Bataclan attacks were bullshit.

    The Brussels attacks were bullshit.

    Boston was bullshit and on and on and on.

    In July of 2016, the FIRST thought about any so-called attack MUST ABSOLUTELY always be:


    And the 2nd thought MUST ABSOLUTELY always be:


    And the 3rd thought must be:


    It doesn’t do any good to even begin to give credence to any of this horseshit, to allow yourself to get knocked back on your heels so that you start accepting the narrative that they want you to accept:

    Muslims bad, let’s start another fucking war and roll-out the full blown police state etc etc etc

    And Rachel’s on now talk talk talking about how serious the terrorist bullshit bullshit blah blah…zzzzzz

    Hmmm, do ya think most of the more spectacular attacks are now happening in Europe so as to be timed for the US nightly news?

    Fucking bullshit.

    Fuck TPTB and anyone who’s playing their games for them.

  4. The casualties are evenly spaced.

    • Yes, they are. Evenly and, apparently, quite strategically. Amazing the zombies still “believe”. The pupil dilation I witness around me is truly astounding. The matrix has become a drug as much as it is a prison.

  5. Another thing:

    Let me guess. This is yet ANOTHER soft non-military target composed of people who are mostly LEFT-LEANING i.e., the LEAST likely to want to kill Muslims and start wars in the ME?

    Yup, this “attack” would like the others make perfect fucking sense from the point of view of a terrorist group, right?

    Let’s make sure that the ENTIRE country – not just the rabid right and the fascists but the liberals and leftists, too – wants us destroyed by killing the people who most support us.


    • The first stage is denial …

      You are apparently in the anger stage?

      The last stage, in this case, is …


  6. Notice how the blood on the dummy w/ the whackdoodle legs kind of fades into focus? Almost like it’s being sprayed by the dude bending over him? Weird. Thankfully, we don’t need to see any of his wounds.

    And the dummy missing it’s head w/ the blue pants? Really? Is that supposed to be it’s head next to it all mangled?

    And, again, why does everyone lose their fucking shoes in EVERY SINGLE terror attack?

    Old lady at end of clip with bandages? blood? on her head getting around ok no one needs to help her, I guess.

    Sorry, too much Boston not enough Paris, guys!

  7. why does the guy with the camera only glance at all the casualties? and he doesn’t offer any help & no one asks him for help?

    if there was a thick crowd, then why are there so few victims & why are they spread out all over the road from one side to the other with many feet between them?

  8. Listen RT’s live coverage…they found ID card inside the truck, as always conveniently left by the terrorist!

  9. A very suspect report on RT from an eyewitness dual-nat. US/French Carol Davis who wants Europe turned into a police state. ‘No security – only a few guys with machine-guns’.

    I have to wonder if she’s a triple-national?

    It’s sad, but predictable, to see the ‘no-victims’ trolls jumping on this so soon. Dummies, bullets in wrong place, victims too evenly spaced, wrong color of blood… on and on the insanity goes.

  10. Please stop with the conspiracy theory shit. There are lots of false flags and staged events. This is not one of them. This video is part of one taken by someone walking down the street in the immediate aftermath of the truck passing through. The ambulances have just been called and aren’t there yet. Obviously. That truck hit people along a 2 km stretch of road – that is a lengthy stretch of road for him to plow through. It was also a madhouse of people lying everywhere, dead or wounded, and the hundreds of others trying to help the victims. The medics could not just drive up through the middle of this carnage, nor could they appear like magic 10 seconds after the truck went through.

    You don’t like the “look” of the dead bodies in this cell phone video? Think they don’t look “real enough”? Jesus fucking Christ. There are over 70 dead people along that mile and a half of roadway, and over a hundred hurt. Hundreds milling around, scared and confused. Too bad the poor overwhelmed dude with this particular cell phone did not capture the most gruesome for your dining pleasure and didn’t take pictures of the entire mile and a half in slow motion for you so you could do your “forensics” on his footage. Too bad he didn’t stand and face the truck coming at the crowd so he could film it actually running over someone for you. Guess he didn’t know he was supposed to be the official archiver of the event for posterity.

    And yeah, the driver had his license on him. Quelle surprise! He probably left a letter or two in the front seat as well, since he probably wants his act to be attributed to the correct person. What’s the point in doing something like this if he can’t be famous, even if posthumously? Why did he attack the commoners enjoying the fireworks on Bastille Day instead of going after some politicians or a military target? Fuck if I know. Maybe he was a chickenshit asshole who thought a road closed to anything but pedestrian traffic, full of civilians having a good time, made an easier target than an army base. Maybe he was just a crazy motherfucker who felt like killing people. Hell, maybe he was high on jimson weed or rip-roaring drunk and went off the deep end. Maybe he WAS inspired by ISIS and their call to murder civilians in the “evil western countries”. Much as I hate what my country (US) and the EU countries are doing in the Middle East, I have to say those ISIS shitheads are disgusting and lethal pieces of human waste. At this point, I don’t know what motivated him. (That being said, I would agree we might be a tad suspicious of whatever motivations the government attributes to him in the coming days.)

    If the politicians mis-use this event to further their agendas of militarizing the police and taking away civil rights, that’s what they will do – and that must be fought. But don’t assume this was staged for that purpose just because it will end up being used as an excuse to help achieve that particular goal.

    I have a loved one in France right now, and I do know this happened and that people are really dead. Please don’t make the mistake of assuming that every single event is a staged one with paid actors just because such things have happened and continue to happen all the time. Once you get to where you think absolutely nothing is real, you start to fall into a trap of a different sort: you lose the ability to distinguish between the real and the unreal, and you lose the humanity to sympathize with those innocent people who really did just die or lost someone they loved in an actual tragedy. Falling into that trap serves the fuckers in charge just as much as believing all their lies does.

    • In some ways I agree with you. People do end up falling into one camp or the other which bothers me. They either think all of these events are staged or all are carried out by “ISIS”. AS you yourself write, “I have to say those ISIS shitheads are disgusting and lethal pieces of human waste” . I don’t know what that even means. “ISIS” is a fabrication designed to give Obama the flexibility to re-engage in Iraq and bomb Syrian targets making ready for regime change. Of course, as various countries that we have “liberated” fall under the control of legitimate national leaders we don’t like, “ISIS” always shows up there as well. You can look up Libya, Yemen Egypt if you want references.

      If you’re talking about the fake beheading videos, I suggest you do a little more research on that subject as well.

      But honestly, I have to agree with you on that one point and that is, people have too understand, there are fake events and real ones and they have to be able to tell the difference between the two.

      It’s hard because sometimes they mix em up. They install fake witnesses and victim’s families in order to control the narrative in the wake of the event. Sometimes they pad numbers of victims, sometimes they stage the whole thing.

      Looking at the Nice event, I find it hard too imagine they could possibly convince so many people, witnesses, victims, family members, first responders… to play along with a faked event on such a massive scale. It was an open walkway stretching for 1.3 miles. There’s no way the thousands of people who were there are “in on it”

      No, seems to me this event was, as you suggest, some psycho whacked on drugs or possibly an asset they used like other suicide attackers are used, to incite fear and loathing in Europe.

      But that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t default to the questioning of these events. So many have been staged in the recent past it’s understandable that we would be skeptical at first.

      • Yes, Scott, I agree that ISIS, just like al Qaeda, was created by the CIA, Pentagon, US government. I also agree that a significant portion of the reported atrocities, etc. are undoubtably bullshit (the beheading videos are a particularly egregious example of such nonsense), however, here is where I diverge from what you are saying; I think they got out of control. In other words, what started as bullshit psyops turned into some real people who really believe in the whole stupid ideology of the movement. I think that Saudi Arabia and Qatar, for instance, have taken advantage of what was a completely corrupt political maneuvering on the part of the US (to create our own enemies to justify the “War of Terror” and destruction of the ME) in order to advance their own wahabbist belief systems.

        Maybe there weren’t real ISIS or al Qaeda fighters to start with, but at some point, there suddenly WERE true believers following the call. It all morphed into something more real. See what I mean? In some of the terrorist attack cases, individuals joined up because they thought the whole thing really WAS the building of a caliphate and a call to arms against the western imperialist pigs. Saudi Arabia in particular feeds that frenzied group, because the beliefs espoused by ISIS matches their goals anyway. They don’t care, and know full well, that ISIS is just a new name for the US’ invisible and wholly self-created “rebel groups”. And they built upon that conveniently provided base.

        Now as to why the US consistently supports countries like SA and Qatar and continues to create and then support, financially and with weapons, groups like ISIS, al Qaeda, the Khorosan Group (remember them?) and al Nusra Front is pretty clear. The people in charge of the war machine make money from all this chaos and death, and they can take control of even us in the US through the now “necessary” increased surveillance and police controls.

        Which does not take away from my point that a number of misguided fools think they are answering some divine call to arms and act accordingly. Those are the real events. I don’t dispute that the “divine call” and the group behind that false call were invented and did not arise naturally. I am saying that there are crazy people who can’t figure this out and are now really doing bad shit because of their inability to see that they are answering an invented cause. There is a fake ISIS – it all started as a fake-out – and there are now people who are responding to it because they think it is real. Kinda like the Crusaders, who really seemed to think they were killing for Jesus, even though it was the church elders who made up some BS interpretation of what Jesus said in order to get the crusades going in the first place. The dumb-asses who went off murdering in the “name of Christ” really WERE slaughtering thousands of people, nonetheless, despite the whole “Jesus said to kill the infidels” line was made-up crap.

        I’m going on at too much length here, I know. Sorry about that, but I am trying to explain that I think while I absolutely believe ISIS was fabricated by TPTB, it has become something they can’t quite control any more. Whether the nut-job in Nice was inspired by this invented group or not remains to be seen; if he was, HE probably believed they were real. If he wasn’t, he still was a murdering fucker who killed a lot of people on purpose. And yes, the PTB will very quickly try to make everyone think he was inspired by “terrorists”/”ISIS” whether or not such is the case.

        My main point, however, was that this event was an actual happening. It wasn’t staged, and those are real dead bodies there in the street. Nice is a resort town (think Ocean City, Maryland – not, say, Chicago, Ill) and they had no reason to anticipate such a thing and were ill prepared for it. There aren’t hospitals all over the place. The truck went through the crowd and suddenly a thousand people were running all over the place, with a couple of hundred bodies scattered every which way, wounded or dead. The limited number of available ambulances took 10 minutes to work their way safely into where they could start picking people up. Considering the confusion and the rapidity of the devastation, it’s pretty amazing that they were able to make it into the main area that quickly.

        I think it is awful that our country has wreaked so many false flags on the planet that the first thing we think is “staged show”, and yet I am also kind of offended that the first response of some of the commenters is to pore over this one very brief video, slapping themselves on the back with their “discoveries” of what they think is proof of another Boston Marathon or Charlie Hebdo type thing. (Or San Bernadino, etc., etc.; which are pretty obviously psyops.)

        This one was real. I’ll repeat what I said in my first post, that I have someone I love and whose word I trust in France right now. Whatever motives they eventually claim the jerk had that made him want to do this, whether they invent a motive out of whole-cloth, how they use the event to bring more police-state tactics on the population; those are other matters entirely and need to be discussed and investigated further. (And as an aside, I think you are just the one to do that investigating, Scott.) The fact is, though, that real people died last night. We shouldn’t trivialize their deaths in an effort to sound like we are “onto the government stooges who are playing us”. That just makes us as inhuman as they are.

        • I have queried google for months for the complete, full list of the victims of the October 2015 Paris event … If I’m remembering correctly I never got above 60 or so names.
          Paris 10/15 was definitely a tragedy. Hollande definitely made good use of it. Let’s see what he does now …

        • And yes, as you know, “I’m going on at too much length here … ”
          At least you write well, Teri.

        • “Maybe there weren’t real ISIS or al Qaeda fighters to start with”

          al Qaeda did exist. Even Hillary Clinton admits we made them. The problem with your argument, that they got out of control, is that it’s the same as the official line with 9/11… that al Qaeda got “out of control” and attacked us. Notice, al Qaeda’s offshoot, Nusra, is fighting (like ISIS is) on our side to destabilize Syria and regime change Assad. So, they were for us, then against us, and now they’re for us once again?

          Uh… no.

          Like you said, I think this one is real… just like the vast majority of Gladio attacks were, in fact, real attacks. It was just they were carried out by stay-behind forces working for the CIA and other clandestine agencies in what is referred to now as “unconventional warfare”

          I completely agree with you. There was a truck, driven by someone, which struck and killed/injured a lot of people last night. The question is, why did this individual REALLY do it. Who put him up to it? As we are already being told, he had no affiliation with “ISIS”, so, who is left?

        • “I’m going on at too much length here, I know. Sorry about that…”

          don’t be. that’s just fine. I enjoy the chat.

        • Don’t you find it strange that the mayor of Nice has come up to say that, of course, this terrorist attack should have happened in Nice, because his city is the city of freedom… and a lot more else, all with a smile on his face?
          Of course, when something so wrong like this happens, one cannot talk about these events with a smile on his face.

        • Teri-

          I agree with you 100% and this is where I part company with Scott. Regardless of who created and semi-controls “ISIS” there are real people that really believe in creating the Caliphate and they are
          now fighting off script, if you will. Our governemt could not make it go away if they suddenly wanted to. Then again, maybe they don’t. Even uncontrolled chaos has it purposes.

          ISIS needs to be destroyed.

      • You need to moderate your comment section and get these staged crisis actor, fake victim, fake blood people out of here. Or I’m going to start to think you are just as interested in delegitimizing conspiracy theory as their absurd theories do. It makes you look stupid. It makes me feel stupid coming to this website. These people are sick; pouring over videos of people missing limbs like their going to actually find some evidence of fakery. Watching these scenes of carnage over and over again is just contributing to their psychosis. It’s ruined conspiracy theory and made people who actually have real questions, evidence into jokes.

        To say the Boston Marathon victims are fake is so bogus it defies common sense. It’s way easier and cheaper to blow real people up than to pretend to do so.

        Every single person that thinks these victims are staged and crisis actors are Cass Sunstein’s wet dream and they probably cash checks with his signature on them – so to speak.

  11. Wow, almost as predictable as the crisis actors are the crisis posters who always have a “loved one” in the affected area, huh?

    Would it make you shed a tear to know that I once had a baby in an Iraqi incubator?

    That my grandmother had just finished her first marathon when da shit went down in Boston?

    That my EODM groupie sister caught it in Bataclan?

    Eff you. Seriously. Eff you.

    The reason I use such strong language is b/c you are trying to tell me how I should think and perceive my reality when you do not have a right to do so.

    In the US, do you know how many people that believe – for example – in the official 9/11 fairy tale I have to share the road with, work with, go to family parties with etc etc etc and the whole while I am able to still interact with them and function even though I know there worldview is based upon that and many other laughable fictions.

    Do I DEMAND that they fucking “cut the shit” even though I believe I may have a right to?

    Somehow I can live with people’s OBVIOUS and BLATANT inability to deal with reality but you can’t deal with someone who having been lied to time and time and time again finally says, “Nope I’m not gonna fucking believe it anymore unless I fucking see it for myself.”

    Why do you need such TOTAL consensus for your beliefs?

    Because it dishonors the dead? Because it just bothers you so much that someone doesn’t think like you?

    Why do posters such as yourself think that you can tell people to shut up when it’s the very inability to discern reality that leads to the deaths/enslavement of MILLIONS of innocent people worldwide?

    Oh, because THIS TIME it’s really different, huh?

    FINALLY, it’s really real THIS TIME?

    Eff you.

    If I can live with people who can’t find the ability/common sense to wake up, then disgusting supporters of TPTB like yourself can deal with people like me who will no longer engage in your support of horseshit cosplay.

    • The problem with people like you is that you don’t realize that a government that was willing to create a false flag attack would surely not think twice about murdering a few dozen innocent people to push their political objectives along. Don’t you understand this? Or are you just here to delegitimize the debate? Because that’s what you do with your silly fantasies of crisis actors and people painting fake blood on fake victims. Just using a real bomb or bullet to kill real people is a lot easier than faking it. To think that France or whomever could fake the deaths of 80 people – people with crushed heads, lost limbs etc in front of 10s of thousands of witnesses is beyond belief. People like you should just go away. Get a grip. Or, just stop being such a liar and tell us what your true intentions are.

      I say this as someone with 1 degree of separation from a Boston Marathon victim. If you don’t believe me then you are fool and a complete disservice to every goddamn serious minded conspiracy theorist out there.

      • Yawn….

        So…you’ve got nothing, huh?

        What, are you Tier 2 crisis poster support? I see that you’ve been tasked w/ working on my case.

        1) Um, if real people were killed wouldn’t that present a bigger problem as their would be real families that would sue? Demand answers? It’s harder to guarantee that everyone involved will stay on script if real people got killed. Please see Sandy Hook/Boston for more details.

        2) The :”number of people involved” horseshit argument is trotted out every single fucking time something happens. Umm, you must be a Millennial b/c like we’ve heard that horseshit since before you playing Pokemon – i.e., 9/11/2001.

        But but but there’s just too many people to keep quiet!!! Fail.

        2) As far as the debate goes – I’m sure Scott will find it funny that you’re using the Establishment catchword of “debate” – what is there to debate if you’re trying to fucking make everyone take the side of the fucking MSM? Oh I get it..the debate is how many MORE wars you and your friends can start with this latest act of showmanship! One, two?

        No, the debate seems to how best to try and marginalize people who won’t accept the MSM version of events at facevalue so that the murder/theft can continue.

        Uh oh, better escalate to Tier 3.

        And I say this as someone who could give a FLYING FUCK if your mother died in Boston: if I can live with gullible fools and knowing liars – go ahead pick your poison – surrounding me in my life with their submission to the fantasies of TPTB, then you’re just gonna have to start living with people who won’t believe a goddamn tear-filled word that drips out of your putrid whoring mouth.

        • You’ve lost it man. Incredible. I suppose the Twin Towers will filled with real dolls. All of you’re absurd theories do only one thing – they avert your eyes from the real crimes of the state.

  12. And it’s amazing that every person with a cell phone has video resolution that is AT LEAST 3 years old, huh?

    Wouldn’t want to much detail to be seen, huh?

    Also, how hard would it be to make people run away from something esp. as France is already on edge.

    Truck moves through crowd, plants in crowd scream “Terroriste! Terroriste!” and then they all start to run.

    Throw in a few firecrackers a la the Paris cafe and you’ve cleared the area in about..oh…10 seconds.

    Dummies, fake blood, etc etc in truck and voila!!

    Really it’s not very hard…

    • Again, the number of people injured/killed and who witnessed the events in Paris, Boston, Orlando etc were huge but that didn’t stop those horseshit cosplays.

      Also, the fact that there was fake ammo/grenades in the truck is an amazingly clever diversion from what else could have been in the truck, huh, such as dummies, fake blood, etc etc.

      Now we get to argue about why there were fake weapons inside – were French authorities involved? who knows? – instead of EVER thinking that maybe there were really fake people.

      Confusion like that is a HALLMARK of intelligence operations.

      Oh well.

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