Neoliberal News of the Day: 7/14/2016

Neoliberal Grand Spook, the Home Office’s Theresa May, Takes Over in UK: “May is a hard-line Thatcherite, who is considered capable not merely of political spin designed to paper over the Tories’ reputation as the “nasty party,” but of ruthlessly defending the interests of the ruling class. Her political record includes opposing a minimum wage as an unacceptable burden on business and declaring that tax credits for poorer workers “disincentivise[s] people from working more hours or finding better-paid jobs.” Ending poverty, she added, was about ending “idleness.”

Syria’s UN Rep Says Some Countries Install Terrorists in Countries Then Exploit Them to Interfere With Internal Politics (called unconventional warfare over here): “Some countries give themselves the right to violate human rights in other countries under the pretext of protection of these rights and kill under the pretext of protecting civilians,” the Permanent Representative said.

Our “Freedom Fighters” Launched Another Rocket into Syrian Controlled Aleppo Yesterday: “The terrorist attack caused material damage to a bakery and a number of houses and cars in the neighborhood, the source said.”

The FBI Seeks to Demolish the 4th Amendment: “The security that Comey wants to protect is not our security or the national security of the United States. Comey’s intent is to make Washington secure despite its violations of statutory law and the US Constitution. The way Comey intends to do this is by intimidating, harassing, and arresting Washington’s critics.”

FBI Made Agents Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement Protecting Hillary Even More: “In an unusual move, FBI agents working the Hillary Clinton email case had to sign a special form reminding them not to blab about the probe to anyone unless called to testify.”

No Chilcot for Copenhagen: “Unlike the United Kingdom, which last week published the Chilcot Report, which unleashed strong criticism of Tony Blair’s Iraqi venture, Denmark decided to block a secret note regarding the 2003 Iraq War from public access, obviously with the intention of shielding its former Prime Minister and NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen from similar scrutiny.”

Turkish Foreign Minister Condemns EU for Promoting Photos of “Syrian Kurdistan”: “European Parliament has become an instrument for making propaganda of a terrorist organization and encouraging terrorism w/ the exhibition,” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Twitter.

“If Congress Funds a War, then it’s Legal” Says Obama: “In its motion to dismiss (pdf), the administration argues that Congressional funding for the war amounts to Congressional approval for it.”

Just Say No to Pokemon Go: “Considering that one of Big Brother’s favorite pastimes is watching its citizens at all times always and forever, Pokémon Go is an ideal vessel for its many, many eyes. It’s addicting (kids, adults, and conspiracy-loving bloggers for can’t seem to put the thing for more than ten minutes at a time). And it has access to pretty much our entire phone, meaning tons of personal data and monster tracking capabilities:”

One Response

  1. Pokemon Go is the game that is ushering in VR to the masses. Linked to Nintendo, though technically not a Nintendo product but created by Niantic, of which Nintendo is a partial owner. The link to Nintendo is very deliberate, since it’s seen as a kid friendly company… you know ‘it’s harmless/safe’. And apparently in order to participate in VR you must surrender all your personal information to play.

    Pokemon Go is directly aimed at the Millennials. It will then lead to the quick adoption of VR headsets. And the headset wearer will thus be completely captured by the matrix.

    One good thing about VR headsets, we’ll be able to quickly identify the completely zombified.

    I like to think of it as a portable ‘Plato’s Cave’.

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