Man “wrongly accused” in Dallas Sniper Psyop Asks Paul Ryan to Pass Mental Hygiene Law

by Scott Creighton

Mark Hughes is reportedly in “hiding” due to his being sent numerous death threats and a situation he describes as almost a potential lynching involving a hotel and a “mob” of white guys. There is no word on whether or not police reports were filed.

Hughes is the guy who was “wrongly identified” by Dallas PD as a suspect during last week’s Dallas sniper shooting event. I put that in quotation marks because even after he was cleared by Dallas PD of having any involvement in the shooting, they left his photo up on their Twitter account for an additional 13 hours or so… just “because”



If Hughes isn’t part of this psyop, he has a right to be upset about that. Like he says, he could have been shot by some vigilante out there. Dallas PD should have been smart enough to know a smiling guy walking through the streets probably wasn’t their assailant.

Makes you kinda wonder how they got that pic so quickly, don’t it?

Anyway, Mr. Hughes flew his ass over to New York for a CNN Town Hall meeting with Jake Tapper and House Speaker Paul Ryan last night. I guess he doesn’t mind coming out from hiding sometimes if he gets to be on TV.

His new celebrity status got him a chance to ask the Speaker of the House a direct question:

“What are you going to do to ensure that guns do not fall into the hands of individuals with some type of mental disorder, and what is your plan for vets to come back that has the potential disease of mental illness?” Mark Hughes

That would be Billionaire Bloomberg’s “mental hygiene” law Mark is pitching. That’s the one where a group of unelected folks sit around in some back room and decide if you are mentally sound enough for your second amendment rights.

Unlike laws that already exist restricting people from owning guns if they have criminal felony convictions or a mental health professional determines they are a danger to themselves and others, this law will involve a gaggle of secretive “deciders” making decisions based on things like complaints, social media postings and other, less tangible sources of information. One’s credit rating could even come into play. The new “threat assessment level” system cops use factors in your credit rating along with other factors.

The other law congress is considering is the “no buy no fly” law where a group of unelected folks sit around in some back room somewhere and decide which mentally stable folks don’t get their second amendment rights as well.

Me? I used to find such things odd. This guy made famous by a police department’s outrageous decision to post his photo (where again did they get that) and call him a suspect for no reason, suddenly has the time and money to fly to New York and come out of hiding so he can advocate an unconstitutional law that very same police department surely supports.

I used to find that kind of thing a little “odd’ but I don’t anymore. Now it’s just par for the course.

5 Responses

  1. His brother was an organiser of the protest as well, I believe.

    • BLM itself is a psyop operation, and although 99% of its followers may be genuine, it is certainly infiltrated (or perhaps even created) by some alphabet agency or another.

      • Brought to you by the same people that gave us “Occupy”.

        “Civil Rights” group have a history of the misfortune of being co-opted by the far left.

  2. A black man walking the streets of Dallas with a scary black rifle is looking to be noticed. I’d say he succeeded.

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