Dallas Police Shooting: Comparing “Bullet Strike on Concrete” Videos to “Gunfight” Video

by Scott Creighton

“RB” written on the wall in blood. Does “RB” stand for “race baiting” perhaps?

UPDATE: As expected, the assault on “open carry’ laws has begun as well.

“This is the first time — but a very concrete time — that I think a law can hurt citizens, police and not protect them,” Dallas mayor

Someone (Chads Diebold) posted a link for me on my Twitter account showing that scene shot from above (as they always seem to have someone with a camera filming the action in these things) where the officer in Dallas is supposedly gunned down by the assailant conveniently right next to his car, or his mom’s car, which has it’s flashers on.

(Don’t forget… the official story has changed once again from 2 sniper teams (the three other people arrested that night carrying rifles have been released) to one sniper to no snipers and back to one sniper driving from perch to perch in order to fool us into thinking there were two snipers. That final story comes to us from Police Chief Brown: “Police also found a journal in which the Army veteran detailed tactical movements, including one called “shoot and move,” which is meant to create confusion about the number and location of gunmen,”. This addition to the story answers the bothersome question of how two sniper teams firing from two different elevated positions can become one Lone Gunman)

It looked like we had more than one shooter and they were triangulating on our officers from different positions,””When you look at the shoot-and-move tactics, the abilities he had because of the structure of the building, the journal buttresses the theory that the man acted alone,” Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins

Two men who were armed and a woman who was with them were detained, fueling an early, errant theory by the police that there was more than one gunman.” New York Times

(Please keep in mind, the two armed men were seen leaving the scene of the shooting in a black sports car and the woman arrested was supposedly picked up in the same garage where the shooter was eventually cornered)

This video Chads left for me shows the scene in slow-motion. What is interesting are the sparks generated by the bullet strikes on the sidewalk, columns and walls. Bullet’s don’t typically generate sparks when they hit concrete. That’s a generalization of course, but for the most part, they don’t. Things like the composition of the concrete and the exact rounds used come into play, but generally speaking, they don’t look like what we see in that video below.

Keep in mind when you watch the video of the Dallas shooting… the rounds fired by both the assailant and the officer create sparks on both the sidewalk and the wall of the building. Two different types of ammo, two different guns, two different materials being hit… but the exact same sparking results.

I am posting below his video a couple of Youtube videos which show an AK hitting a concrete wall and an AR-15 hitting a concrete wall.

Take a look and see what you think. Keep in mind, another thing that come into play is the angle of attack of the bullet striking the surface. The videos below show various types of rifle rounds striking a block wall, but they all do so at a 90 deg angle, or straight into the block. Only a couple shots during the gunfight scene would qualify as being fired straight into the wall (a couple at the end of video)

Hickok45 has over 2 million subscribers and is regarded as an authority on firearms on Youtube.

AK vs Concrete Block (first group of rounds are tracer rounds and even they don’t spark)

M14 vs Concrete Block (he says he “thinks” he “saw a spark” on one shot that bounced off ground and struck wall)

Personally, I don’t see any sparks flying off these bullets hitting the block wall.

Finally, we have an example of an SKS (the kind of rifle used by assailant) hitting solid concrete.

In all of these cases of real world trials, there are no sparks flying when a bullet hits concrete.

Again, keep in mind, the surface treatment of the building factors in just as the angle of attack of the bullet strikes. And these videos are not shot at night. So it is hardly a perfect comparison. But you see the same sparking from bullets hitting the wall as you do them hitting the sidewalk, which is suspect in my opinion.

Also keep in mind he was supposed to be using an old SKS semi-auto rifle. Seems longer than what the guy in the video had.

I’m not suggesting this attack was staged like many in the past have been. And I’m not saying no officers were injured or killed.

Had it been staged, the question arises, “why the three others were arrested and then released? Doesn’t that seem to suggest real sniper teams targeting real cops? And wouldn’t the confusion and the changing of the story be detrimental to their purpose?”

In that light, I still think this was a real event, even if the street scene combat wasn’t. In many cases, they tend to inject some dramatic footage into an event like this in order to elevate the shock and awe element of the project.

The fact that his car is the only one there and the guy left his flashers on as if he WANTED attention is extremely suspect to me. That and the various bullet strikes on different surfaces producing the exact same effect.

Suspect? Yes. Conclusive? You tell me.

10 Responses

  1. The ammunition shown in that video is incendiary ammo – the perfect choice for putting on a fireworks show for the public. “See, Bubba, theys usin’ live ammo!”. Common steel-core military ammo such as M855 or 7n6 will sometimes spark a bit when fired at a hard object, but only incendiary ammo will cause a fireworks show like that. It was a deliberate choice of ammo to maximize the impact of the video on the gullible public.

    • One more thing. The bullet seen impacting the sidewalk in the left foreground- that’s a frangible round. Frangible ammo turns into a puff of copper dust when it impacts a solid object. It is only used in training- no one would go to a war with frangible ammo- unless it was all for show.

      • Watch the fireworks video at the end he shows what Zirconium Spark Balls look like that’s what they used in Dallas it was a total hoax for TV.

        • Absolutely right, but there are frangible rounds from a 308 being fired as well. See the bullet impact on the sidewalk, the one that is in slo-mo on the video? Watch all the papers fly up in the air when it hits. A whole lot of kinetic energy there- five times more than a pistol. That came from a 308 sniper rifle, stage left.
          Now look at the impacts on the concrete post. These also came from offstage, stage right. Are these 308 or 223? Can’t say for sure, But I’d put my money on 308.

        • Yes, Russianvids posted this about those Zirconium bullets. Looks just like Dallas. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=n1TVhsMapAI

  2. So who was it that was firing these circus rounds, and putting on a show for Fox News! and it’s gullible viewers? Lets look at the video again. Those are large caliber impacts, likely from a 308, because incendiary and frangible ammo are available in 308. The impacts are all downward, thus the shooters are well above the impact area.
    Who are the shooters? Almost certainly they are snipers from the Dallas PD SWAT team. This is why the initial story had snipers as the central element- because there were snipers there, and if some stray citizen with a video camera had caught them at it, a plausible story was ready. Once it was apparent that they had gotten away with it, the story changed to the more desirable ‘lone shooter with an SKS’.

    • And I was just wondering why the rank and file DPD wasn’t complaining about the abrupt change to the official story, given that they were the alleged targets.

  3. Hey Scott, this is unrelated to the Dallas thing but it’s about Hillary’s dead staffer. A very curious event.

    • As the DNC’s director of voter expansion, I wonder if that guy was partly responsible for all those purge lists that kept likely Bernie voters from casting their votes in the primary.

  4. You need to see the REST of that very video … almost every version stops before the end where the supposed gunman dashes to the right and around the corner. The video then pans up but returns to the area and in the lower left corner you see him changing clothes. At least taking off his jacket. Then he runs further down the building and off camera and video stops. https://youtu.be/JphI1Mkiqxc

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