#KeepDancingOrlando ? When Massa Mickey says DANCE! you Dance

by Scott Creighton (H/T Slava Matlin)

When events in the American Gladio campaign take place, one of the first instincts for the leadership class of the town or city involved has to be centered around self preservation. If it’s a city that centers on industry (not many left here in the states) then the first inclination of the spin doctors working for the city would be to assure the financial investment class that they are #BackToWork so that the global speculators don’t write them off or worse, start pulling capitol out of their localities.

In the case of Orlando, the main industry is fun. Tourists don’t go to Orlando to be depressed. They want to enjoy the illusion, not dread the stark reality of what happened (?) . They have enough reality at home.

With that in mind, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office has put together a little video of them dancing around at a mock press conference, in their offices and on the streets of the city. It’s marketed as a “healing” move but in the stark reality of what happened (?) there on June 12, you have too understand, it’s not about “healing” the hearts and minds of Orlando citizens as much as it is about “healing” the profit margins of the tourist industry in the city. These “fun” based industries certainly hold a lot of sway with the local politicians who could tell the Sheriff’s Office what to do and when.

Below the fold I have posted the video which I find extremely offensive. It should be noted that the Youtube video was posted to the official Orange County Sheriff’s Office Youtube page where it has received twice as many “dislike” votes as it has “likes”

You will also notice the date it was posted, July 1st. That’s about 3 weeks after the shooting (?) at the Pulse nightclub which supposedly took 49 lives and seriously injured another 53 citizens of Orlando.

A video like this isn’t made overnight. With all the different locations and shoots presented in the video, one has too assume it took at least a week to film and then edit and process. Perhaps more.

So now our timeline is probably looking at around 2 weeks if not less, after the shooting at Pulse, these guys were planning a dance video hoping it would go viral. That’s their hashtag up there in the title. The PR campaign came up with that one as well.

This video is offensive on many levels and I don’t have to spell all of them out for you because I have copied a couple choice comments from the Youtube page. These comments happened to be rated as well and the ones I am going to post below the video were the “Top” comments, receiving the most “like” votes.

Between the comments and the “Dislike” and “Like” votes, it should tell you just how much of a “fail” this effort of theirs was.

I find it offensive because it was CLEARLY done at the behest of Orlando’s monied interests.

More than likely, they put pressure on the Sheriff and got them to go out and dance around while the bodies of the victims were barely cold in the ground and they did that thinking it would help their profit margins.

It’s disrespectful to the people who were injured or killed at Pulse and equally disrespectful to the men and women of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

But that’s how these rich fuckers view public servants, like they are their personal possessions or as an asset belonging to their multinational corporation. So when massa says “dance” so they can make some more money, you dance. And you better smile while your dancing cus Mickey Mouse is watching.

I can’t think of a better example, a nice quiet example of what happens when Big Business owns cities and towns in America. Corporations think of only one thing and they don’t care who they hurt or, as in this case, who they demean in their pursuit of the glorious profits.

When they say dance, you get out there and dance.

Some of the comments I will post below the video are very angry at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office for doing this video, and rightly so.

My disgust is focused more on the local politicians the sheriff himself. County employees have county jobs. That means good pay, great benefits and a retirement plan that doesn’t involve working until you’re 70 and you drop dead from exhaustion.

In this economy, who the hell can blame them. When Massa Mickey says “DANCE!” you damn well better dance and look like you are having the time of your life while doing it.

These are the top comments in order. As you can see, this hearts and minds PR stunt didn’t really work out the way they intended.

Dance until your next drill goes live.
Where’s Gene Rosen when we need him?
Celebrating the successful gun control drill that you just pulled off?? You fooled a lot of people, but you didn’t fool all the people.
“49 dead, 53 injured”supposedly…sure let’s party like it’s 1999…you shameless frauds are disgusting…TTFD
wow! who knew treason could be so fun
is this why police recruits are required to have a low IQ score?
There you have it folks and they wonder why so many people dislike cops. Just take a look at their leadership in action here. Over 50 people killed and they are rejoicing like NONE OF IT HAPPENED.

p.s. For the record, I know there were many scripted and staged elements to this American Gladio event. But I believe they did send someone into that building to shoot the place up and I believe there really are some victims, real victims, of this operation. I don’t think there were 50 fatalities, but there probably were some, which makes this video all the more offensive.


21 Responses

  1. I like this one: «Celebrating the successful gun control drill that you just pulled off?? You fooled a lot of people, but you didn’t fool all the people.»

    Orlando gone. Now, it’s time for another show in Dallas. What will be next?

  2. Gladio.2 / are the monstrous masterminds gearing up for…
    strategic tensions in Financial Economic Upheaval, FEMA liquidation,
    Society Panic, Nuclear nine-eleven, China-Russia.
    These devils have many tricks in their trade. CIA ETC

  3. They know that most people are misled and deceived by their tricks and forgeries. The internet, facebook, twitter, cable TV with all channels included, in order to hypnotize the most, who are ready to buy and consume what they produce with insufficient mediocrity.

  4. Yes, it’s disgusting and really, but really fucked up overall.

    The heart and soul of the American establishment:

    “But that’s how these rich fuckers view public servants, like they are their personal possessions or as an asset belonging to their multinational corporation. So when massa says “dance” so they can make some more money, you dance.”

    Indeed, it’s not just that they view them that way, it’s that they really are their personal possessions . . .

    Not that I’m adding anything to what you already wrote, and not that I or anyone else really could, but as Chris Harman also put it some years ago:

    “Force in the capitalist state is exercised by a minority of hired killers, cut off from the rest of society and trained to obey upper class officers.”

    In a nutshell, that is the situation under which we live . . .

  5. wow. maybe next they can have the dallas pd dance in an open motorcade in dealy plaza while they play elton john’s “i’m still standing”.

  6. The dancers don’t look as if they had to have their arms twisted to take part, do they? They look happy, certainly not as if they had been ordered to do it. I wonder how many refused?

    • Distasteful is a gross understatement. I see a lot of happy and enthusiastic people, dancing with lots of energy. (Perhaps because they got big bonus checks?) Which, imo Scott, is more evidence that no one did die.

      The only thing missing is them flashing dollar bills.

      I wonder if the Dallas Sheriff’s Office is going to do this?

      I doubt it since Dallas was a real traumatic action event. Still a false-flag, but in this case, real people did die.

  7. OMG!!! I dont know whether I should laugh or cry….

  8. As someone who loves to sing and dance myself, and who has been taking dance lessons for over 2 years now, I am beyond disgusted.

    The video would actually be great if it was created purely for fun or some very special and positive occasion.

    But that is not the case with this sick crap at all.

    Your article, as usual, sums it up perfectly, Scott. Nothing at all matters to the fucking pieces of shit masters more than profits. No matter who gets maimed, killed, traumatized, or otherwise hurt in the process.

    Did even Stalin or the Nazis pull this type of shit?

  9. very highly produced. WackeyHut fbi cia Interns prepared this trick well in advance of hoax/frame-up orlando.

    Are the malignant master-minds preparing a Grand Finale Spectacle
    for their Coup d’Gr…? Then nine/eleven nuclear China/Russia,
    money-system collapse, food-system breakdown, panic policestate..?

    P.S. Let’s list the most obvious of the shared components in these Gladio 2.0 events i.e. The Modus Operandi…
    / frame-up a solitary patsy

  10. It seems that Eric Holder, from the U.S. Chief & Security from Obama’s department, said something like: «We need to brainwash people to thinking differently about gun control». This is what they are doing. Though, they do not seem to realize that they are lying the whole way through, just like their predecessors.
    To paraphrase what Grandfather says in the film «Little Big Man», «these black white men who are part of Obama’s junta are just as crazy as the white men».

  11. To ‘live’ nowadays, especially here in the good old U.S., is to be subject to one, uninterrupted, interminable psychological operation.

    • And it’s always some sort of advertisement in the end. Even when killing citizens, it will end in an ad for “buy some more of our shit”.

      • Well, sure! Even after Sept. 11, Bush, Giuliani and the PNAC neo-cons (new faces, same confidence game) made sure to tell you NYC was open for ‘business’. (Just don’t shop for self-defense weapons and do NOT bother yourself with noticing that there was no plane wreckage at the Pentagon, or that Jeb Bush was involved with ‘security’ for the WTC1 and 2, or the dancing ‘Israelis’, all the other many ‘coincidences’ associated with 9-11 —- you entered ‘the twilight zone’ decades ago and you are expected to remain there.
        No exit for you.

  12. […] Keep Dancing Orlando (Until Your Next Drill Goes ‘Live’) […]

  13. Must say that I am not all that interested in what anyone “believes” so much as I want to know what someone knows. What verifiable or logical evidence do you have that would be the basis for a belief? I’m still in the I “do not know” phase of analysis. And I suspect a design to manipulate the masses. You say: “But I believe they did send someone into that building to shoot the place up and I believe there really are some victims, real victims, of this operation.” Looking forward to hearing what you know. Thanks, Scott! ps Can’t you get a logo that would encourage people who have not read you to take you seriously? I like your work, but I think that the smiley logo probably is probably not working in your favor. Truth Troubadour at Blogspot

  14. Psychopathic personalities are infamous for their emotional ‘tin ears’.

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