Jeremy Corbyn – Response to the Chilcot Inquiry report (video)

by Scott Creighton

The officer involved shooting two days ago and the sniper attack in Dallas last night have dominated the news cycle. Lost down the memory hole was the Clinton email finale, the Comey betrayal and the evaluation of the damning Chilcot inquiry report which is going on right now in Great Britain.

The Iraq we created is tearing itself apart. 250 died in one suicide attack just the other day in Baghdad and Obama is pushing to send still more troops into the country in order to maintain control of the treasure that the Bush administration “won” with their illegal invasion and occupation of the country. Treasure that Hillary Clinton talked about as a great “business opportunity” way back in 2011 while U.S. soldiers were being blown up on Iraqi streets on a weekly basis.

Here is Jeremy Corbyn speaking at the House of Commons just the other day about the report. I hope every American sees this video and listens to the truth in his words.

As Obama doubles down on Bush’s nation building catastrophe in Iraq, it is as if we have learned nothing in the past 13 years. Nothing at all. As millions and millions protested against this illegal war based on lies back in 2003, today they are relatively silent by comparison as President Peace Prize moves to invade and occupy all over again. We cannot keep silent.

3 Responses

  1. Dynamite. Thank you for posting that.

    Would that we had a soul of equivalent courage to make a speech like that in our own “parliament.”

    • never happen. they’re too busy tossing around flowery language in support of creating secret blacklists and taking our guns from us.

      • Exactly. At appears there are still at least a few Britons with some morals and backbone.

        The ‘excusing’ of Clinton proves the following US Govt departments are utterly corrupt;

        Office of the President
        State Department
        Justice Department

        Of course there are many other corrupt departments. And of course we also have corrupt State and Local governments. Our government officials long ago sold their souls… to the highest bidder or the devil.

        USA is leading the way! In corruption, fraud, and theft!

        Oh, and in my opinion, the Iraqi war originated from the City of London.

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