Dallas Sniper Attack: Story Morphing, Multiple Snipers Becoming One Dead “Lone Gunman” Carpenter (patsy?) Micah Johnson

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: (H/T Kevin) Don’t know if you guys have seen this video of a street level gun battle. It’s worth looking at.

UPDATE: Yep. That’s it. The three others arrested are dropped down the memory hole like 3 hobos on a hot November Dallas day:

“But they’re still trying to answer key questions. Chief among them: Are any other suspects on the loose?

Federal law enforcement officials say they believe Johnson was the only shooter in the ambush that began Thursday night, according to law enforcement officials briefed by the Dallas police” CNN

Gone like hobos in Dallas, like Dancing Israelis in New York, like the three tall white guys in San Bernadino, like the extra shooters in Orlando. Gone daddy gone

Holy shit. I made a joke this morning about the cops turning lose the three suspects they arrested last night in connection with the multiple sniper event down in Dallas. Ain’t so funny now, is it?

An Army veteran “upset about Black Lives Matter” and “recent police shootings” who opened fire Thursday night in Dallas in an attack on police officers has been identified as Micah Xavier Johnson, the Los Angeles Times and CBS News report. Heavy

Micah X. Johnson has been identified as the individual the Dallas PD was in a standoff with in that parking garage all night. Reports were that he took his own life late last night but the “official” word now is that they used a robot with a bomb attached to it to blow him up early this morning.

The suspect did not shoot himself, despite reports, Brown said. Heavy

Mr Brown said the suspect had been killed when police used explosives placed by a robot to end a tense stand-off in a building where he was holed up. Before that he had spoken to a negotiator. BBC

Johnson was an Army reservist who, according to Dallas police, wanted to kill white people in uniforms because of the two recent staged shooting events in La. and Minnesota. His Facebook page is decked out like it was made by a collection of “let’s start the color revolution” CIA interns. Not a single cliched race-baiting reference is missing. The disinfo trolls are probably running around all over the internet right now like Cartman from South Park yelling “RACE WAR! RACE WAR!!!!

“The suspect said he was upset with white people and wanted to kill white people, especially white officers,” Brown said. Heavy

micah johnson, micah x johnson, micah johnson dallas, micah x johnson dallas

micah johnson, micah x johnson, micah johnson dallas, micah x johnson dallas

What’s really frightening is that after all the witnesses saying there were at least two shooter positions located high above downtown Dallas and the fact that they have 3 more suspects in custody, reportedly arrested in possession of rifles, they are now starting to seed the public with the idea that Johnson acted … alone.

Mr Brown added that the man had said he was not affiliated with any groups and he acted alone. However, police had previously said they believed that more than one gunman was involved. BBC

It is not clear if there were any other gunmen, or whether other people taken into custody by police were involved in the shooting. Police initially said two snipers positioned themselves in triangulated locations to fire on officers from elevated positions. Heavy

That’s a pretty remarkable trick: a single assailant firing down on a city block from two different positions simultaneously creating what was described as a “kill zone”… by himself. Doesn’t quite jive with their first statements, now does it?

Speaking earlier, Mr Brown said two snipers had fired from “elevated positions”, shooting some officers in the back

“We believe that these suspects were positioning themselves in a way to triangulate on these officers from two different perches… and planned to injure and kill as many law enforcement officers as they could,” Mr Brown said. BBC

Does that remind anyone of the Single Bullet Theory?

According to officials, they are still chatting with the other suspects caught last night. My guess is their release is pending.

Brown said they want to ensure “that everyone associated with this tragedy is brought to justice. … We won’t expand on any further on what other suspects we have interviewed or looked at or their status until we get further into this investigation and get closer to a conclusion of who are all involved.” Heavy

That’s right, you might as well just shut up and stop asking about those “3 hobos” they arrested last night with camo duffel bags trying to make a run for the border. Cops aren’t going to tell us anything about them until they get “further” into the investigation.

I wonder if Mr. Warren is around to help them out.

This is remarkable. I was joking about this possibility this morning while drawing comparisons between the “lone nut gunman” story from the June 12, 2015 shooting attack in Dallas and the “lone nut gunman” story from back in 1963.

Now here we are looking at it again.

It’s been reported that Johnson was a carpenter for the Army. A carpenter. Carpenter. The “lone nut gunman” CARPENTER.

A Department of Defense official told The Daily Beast that Micah Johnson was a corporal in the Army Reserves. He was part of the 284th Engineering Company, which is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The official said Johnson served in Afghanistan.

He was a carpenter and masonry specialist, CNN reports. It is not known if he had advanced firearms training, DOD officials told CNN. Heavy

That’s amazing. Just fucking amazing.

No. It ain’t so funny now. That’s for sure.

65 Responses

  1. Yeah, we are so not buying lone gunman theory. Shots were coming from multiple areas from on high.

  2. This Reporter NAILED IT !

    Merci monsieur everyman Loman

  3. So…are the Dallas police going to accept this?

  4. Was watching a video and noticed the date of 7/7…..hmmmm.

  5. Reblogged this on deinvestiture.

  6. Sad what happened, but is also convenient how all this is getting Hillary, FBI and the emails out of sight…

  7. The ‘killed him with a bomb delivered from a police robot’ meme accomplishes several objectives for the Evil Elite.

    No trial, as usual, as always.

    Lowers the bar for the use of bombing to achieve domestic policy objectives. If they can kill us with bombs, well hell, why not a MK 82 500 lb. GP bomb? Can’t kill ’em TOO dead, can you?

    Introduces killer drones into American policing.

    Welcome to New Palestine

    • One more point. The attachment of a bomb to a robot cannot be field rigged. This is because a bomb must be triggered by a blasting cap, and the lead wires of the blasting cap are subject to induced current from nearby electronic emissions, such as the data link which controls the robot. This means that the wires would have to be shielded from any stray phone or radio transmissions while the bomb was being assembled. As a practical matter it would be impossible to safely do this outside a controlled environment such as an electronics shop.

      Conclusion if a bomb was used, it would have to have been pre assembled, a very painstaking process which would have taken hours.

      The logical conclusion is that this op was likely just another hoax shooting.

      • well, he did say “the robot bomb” didn’t he? is that a thing? something akin to a drone strike? does that set a precedent? does that serve their interests as well? I don’t know. so many questions.

        • What I want to know is, where did they end up killing the shooter with this “robot bomb”? Where was he holed up? Also, these things move slowly, as far as I can tell. I just imagine him sitting there watching this thing come cruise up to him. Would he not try to evade it or shoot it?

          • He was holed up in the parking garage and was supposedly wounded, though they never detailed his injuries other than 2 shots. I sat up all night watching livestreams and the tac radio stream.

        • It makes sense to look at the PTB working several objectives at the same time in this deal. The obvious attempts to fuel racial violence are there, but the whole ‘robot’ angle is interesting.

          First off, they are trying to make robots cool or friendly and even heroic as they save good people from a ‘killer nut’.
          I saw a cool video from a guy who seems to put out a lot of good stuff, and he was on about robots and the ‘rise of the machines’. Here is a link to it, very weird………..but we do live in a weird world.

      • Actually, this could be very practically done outside if one accepts a very tiny risk. Just require a high threshold signal to trigger detonation. One could also require two correlated high-threshold signals for safety.

      • Now days they don’t use electric blasting caps, they use shock wave caps.

      • DPD Chief said is was a C4 bomb taped to the robot, my question as a combat Veteran is, why was this C4 explosion not heard?

    • “Welcome to New Palestine”

      you can say that again

      • …and again. I suspect tie-ins to police violence/murders (AL, MN amid a long list) with training missions to ZioIsrael, where our police are treated to hi-tech control centers and videos/demonstrations of IDF urban-warfare technology to subjugate and commit genocide against the Palestinians. NYPD has a “forward” unit in Zioland! I watched a video from a Fresno, CA, TV station a couple of years ago where the police chief fell all over himself with admiration for the trip he had just made to Zioland. Among other pleasures, he was treated to a shoulder-to-shoulder schmooze with a beautiful young Jewess who allegedly had been on a bus at some time blown up by a Palestinian resistance fighter, er, terrorist. Also, I suspect that returning soldiers like this fellow Johnson bring their PTSD and repressed anger back with them and contribute to the coarsening of our body politic…guns…violence…blowback…. Mightn’t I ask if the casualties in this Dallas incident shouldn’t be considered “collateral damage” a la our penchant for killing non-involved by-standers with drones and other weapons of war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen…?

  8. Isn’t this about what Charley Manson has been saying for years?

  9. I listened to the narrative of this evolve today, i drive a for a living so at 3am I learned of the shootings, heard the press conference, the statement of other suspects in a Mercedes apprehended to the change in the story this afternoon.
    What a crock.

    • As the narrative continues to evolve (7:00 PM pacific) I now see a focus on the whole ‘bomb making’ idea. Materials and booklets found, and much of the area around the crime scene deserted. Setting the stage?
      So a big invasive SWAT search of the area should be upcoming and hopefully no bombs, real or staged.

  10. Is this guy even guilty or is he a patsy? When is the last time someone saw him. This is getting so old. The lies over and over and over.

  11. Scott,

    I just sent you some cash. Thank you for all the work you do. I so appreciate that you stay on top of these things and that you look at everything in a comprehensive fashion.

    I would encourage my fellow readers to donate also.

    God bless you, Scott.


    • thank you so much Gwen. I hate these things when they happen. I really do. I was trying to take a nap a little while ago and this sense of dread just lingers there. On an upbeat note: I’ve been draining some kind of horrible smelling stuff out of a thing on my chest for the past two days. I’ve never had anything like this on me before. Nasty. They got me on some designer antibiotic right now, but apparently this stuff is eating it. ah, the salad days….

  12. Is someone archiving the reports of multiple shooters somewhere, before it goes down the memory hole?

  13. The Feds have a keen interest in lone actors – it’s better from a psychological point of view that no one think people are banding together to act in concert against the government.

    The OKC bombing timeline is a great example of this. Multiple folks on video surveillance in OKC, McVeigh assembled, tested and transported a very large explosive, was making calls to other white nationalist groups, especially that associated with the author of his precious Turner Diaries.

    But at the end of it, the bombing itself has been presented as McVeigh acting alone, and the preparation involved McVeigh and Terry Nichols with Michael Fortier in a supporting role.

    How hard did the FBI investigate the preparation for the bombing, rather than catalog the aftermath? Until McVeigh’s trial, they did not know where he had gotten the fuel oil.

    During the trial, a reporter for Playboy found the racetrack that he’d purchased it at. That’s right – a single journalist did more investigating of the preparation for OKC than the FBI chose to.

    Another good instance is Nichols’ cellmate in Florence, Theodore Kaczynski. Peer reviewed analysis of “Industrial Society and Its Future” has established that the document, later known as the Unabomber Manifesto at the FBI’s insistence, had multiple authors. Its authors came from different academic disciplines, and the text as a whole is, in essence, a small symposium.

    And of course, the ultimate “one crazy acting alone” – two blocks away in Dallas lies the 1963 kill zone ringed by the grassy knoll, the triple underpass and the Patsy’s Nest in the old book depository.

    • Yes, those similarities to OKC and JFK also stood out to me too. It is the invisible fingerprint of the same hidden actor behind all of it, across generations, and so all will share a similar methodology for arriving at their desired official narrative it seems.

  14. Recent hoaxes in which policemen were allegedly shot by Evil Black Criminals.

    August 14, 2015 – Harris County, Texas.
    Harris County deputy Darren Goforth ‘shot to death’ while pumping gas.

    As fake as Nixon’s smile.

    January 7, 2016 – Phliadelphia
    Philly police officer Jesse Hartnett shot while sitting in his car. Turns out Jesse Hartnett was not a cop at all, but a gay actor playing a cop in this grade C psychodrama.

    April 14, 2016 – Harris County, Texas
    Harris County deputy Alden Clopton allegedly ambushed and shot four times by an EBC. In fact, the whole thing was a hoax.

    • I don’t know about the hoax angle just yet. Seems to me it would have been easier to send in a couple of their new Honduran recruits than stage an elaborate lie. But, you never know.

      • When considering Texas law enforcement and faked mass shootings, don’t forget the May 15, 2015 ‘Biker Shootout Hoax’ in Waco. It was a police massacre! The cops shot them while they were having lunch! No, it was nasty bikers killing each other! No, actually it was a complete fake. Nobody killed or injured – and of course, nobody brought to trial, either. So, they’ve done this before.

  15. It’s strange how a desperate power structure, in order to maintain the same power, falsifies and plan attacks, almost monthly .

    All these staged and planned events only demonstrate a great despair on the part of those behind them.

  16. Hey Willy
    I have the story posted about the robot sent in to execute the patsy


    It was one of the bomb defusing robots.. They armed it and sent it in to kill the lone wolf

    And yes isn’t it interesting how this story morphed from multiple snipers in multiple elevated positions to one long gun man

    But look at the images of the police men- guns and face looking upward–

    Hubby and I saw a video where one eye witness stated that he thought Micah was a police officer- he was dressed like a police officer- bullet proof vest- ammo belt everything

    We’ve been trying to hunt that video back up!!
    Wish me luck

  17. Well this video clearly shows someone who has real combat training, not a carpenter. And there is TONS of video evidence of this event, unlike say Orlando. I believe real shots were fired. And at least the LEO in the vid below was killed.


    So we have our patsy. Who is conveniently dead. And the 3 ‘other’ suspects will become members of the Open Carry group, who will be declared innocent.

    And as I said in the other thread. The DPD would have had officers, most likely SWAT, on buildings above the parade route.

    • You’re a very smart guy, Kevin, but that video is no evidence of anything beyond two guys playing war. If that’s all they’ve got, I ‘m becoming more confident about calling this a hoax.

    • Look at this video. Is that the shooter that walks between the camera and the building (starting around 0:09)?

      • Yowling cop cars, a half dozen people running, a voice-over, someone shooting off blanks. This is stagecraft, not evidence.

        • If that is supposed to be the shooter, he’s not wearing the same clothes as the shooter in the video linked by Kevin.

      • No. You have to watch closely because the shooters movement is blurry. But he comes around from the other side of the column. Just as seen in the vid I linked above. However the question is who is the guy calmly walking down the street. His calmness is bizarre. Whether he is another shooter or a bystander. But he looks like he is holding a long arm as if he is a left hand shooter. And it appears he has on a tactical vest. But then why did he not engage the LEO?

        Franklin’s video is potential evidence there was a least two shooters.

  18. Reblogged this on L8in.

  19. So, they pulled out the 1963 playbook and hoped no one would remember? Snipers fired from elevated positions just blocks from where JFK was murdered by snipers firing from elevated positions. Two guys in fatigues pulled over in a car in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas. Oak Cliff, where Oswald lived and J.D. Tippit was shot.

  20. I believe many of these (Gladio) events are “staged,”coldly calculated in advance, but as far as the psychopaths pulling the trigger, I think that is real. I think their are real victims made very much dead or damaged as a result of these actions that, yup, just happen to occur when news cycles are revealing evidence nailing our slimy policy makers. Why not really kill people? We are an easy source of tragedy waiting to happen. And certainly they have enough practice now to set it up ASAP anywhere (military base to city street)
    As for yesterday….if you’ve had someone who is bugging out, as that Minnesotta cop obviously was….pointing a gun at you, it’s amazing how calm you become. It’s happened to me a couple of times (and not cops). Even if someone you love just got shot, all normal reactions are suspended. That gun barrel becomes bigger and starts to look like an open grave….yours. You are suddenly the most reasonable person, the focus now is keeping a stableizng tone in your voice and to try and decelerate the situation, it’s incredible how clear and pragmatic you become when someone is really ready to blow your brains out. And the poor kid in the backseat was probably in shock and paralyzed with fear after the thunder of gunshots. If that mother would have made a move to touch her friend the cop would have thought she was going for the gun and killed her, too. That’s my opinion.
    The thing that stinks to high heavens is the regularity…. These events happen like clockwork every summer. The Long Hot Summer reruns of officers being shot….two yesterday….Eric Garner and Micheal Brown plus more last year and Trayvon Martin plus more the year before and swamp the news cycle Obama comes out and pretends he is a brother and gives a fish’s tit about black people. I don’t believe this was staged without real blood….the man was killed. Again, would actual murder bother them? Yesterday’s sacrifices of more black (usually poor) people are just the cost of doing business. Part of the Gladio is the chaos….the cops (working class) vs civillians (working class), have everybody bugging out, and then impose federal order. They love seeing us kill each other.
    Once again, the timing of this was impeccable, to distract people from yesterday’s congressional suck-fest of G-man Comey, Chilcot, embago provication on DPK fatboy. By the way this whole e-mail hacking investigation is a smokescreen, from all the gross conflict of interest that Sect. of State Hillary had going on….That’s not an issue? If you are a mayor in a small town and you give construction contracts to your friends you go to jail! With her heavy handed manipulations of war, and her inside track info to the defense contractors and foreign interests, like the Saudis, all who have given so generously to the HillBilly Global Initiative…..come on! Negligence? Carelessnss? Somebody subpoena those sequestered e-mails before they disappear. Sorry for running on so long but….

    • Amen. I’ve been threatened with a gun and knife at different times, and been with my friend when he was shot in the head (didn’t die). The sense of pure calm and cold logic until the crisis was over in each case was the dominating factor. I got shaky afterward, but not during, the emergency. Don’t know if this is everyone’s experience, but crises have always slammed me with an insane calm (near car collisions too) until over.

      • I concur – I was in fine-tuned control when a guy tried hard to stab me once and only later, after it was over, did I feel shaky.

  21. https://streamable.com/d2gu Here is another video of the street level battle. Different angle and strange sparks coming from the column to right of where the confrontation takes place. You can see it in the other video but not as clear.

  22. Scott great work as always. The patsy was one of the shooters he had to be but the other 2 or 3 or 4 were expert mercenaries from overseas. You could get American mercs to shoot American cops but it’s easier to bring in experts from other countries. No loyalty to Americans that way.

    Same as Orlando where the designated patsy ends up dead and the other guys get away nice and clean. Same as San Bernadino where the “evil muslim couple” were killed in advance then stuffed in the back of the Police SUV with its Flashing Headlights that only Police SUV’s have and it was driven around town by remote control. They were dead and handcuffed long before the TV news copters showed up to follow it.

    This was a brilliant plot it accomplished two major objectives. It made Black Lives Matter into a terrorist group and it furthers the Ban All Guns meme the best way possible by killing our beloved police right after two black men are murdered in cold blood by racist white cops.

    This was a perfect psy-op perfectly timed and perfectly executed. The other suspects are flushed down the memory hole and Micah Johnson is exposed to the world as the lone gunman. Just like I was in 1963.

    • It also excuses the police for the past and latest racist attacks on the african american community.

  23. Now they’re trying to tie Professor Griff from public enemy into all this. I’ve listened to his podcast for a while- he’s a targeted man. His house was burned down recently and he’s mentioned ongoing harassment, I guess TPTB are still pissed about Public Enemy.

    Here’s the Dallas Police Departments press release where he is implicated:

    • Boy, they use every possible frequency of dog whistle.

      • Very funny and true, Observer. And isn’t that how it works? And the ultimate point of this attack on all people who haven’t bowed down to our clever and omnipotent “masters” (monsters) is total control of your senses. A very subtle whistling wind in all the well choreographed and scripted confusion that whispers in your ear, “Hey, this is way too complicated to figure out. Surrender. We will define reality for you.” And you see it everywhere….almost every commercial on tv insults your intelligence, every character looks foolish and helpless, and the most pernicious part….it makes your senses shut down till the whole thing blows over. Their message is everywhere, “We will tell you what to think.” Great observation, Observer, you nailed it. And even those of us who think we’re free from this shit, nah-uh, we’ve been trained well. But the one thing that messes them up is their assault on the mind is not working on our hearts, and especially our souls. We instinctively know right from wrong, even though we sometimes play that we don’t. They can’t win because they HAVE surrendered their hearts and souls. If we lose that, it’s all over….except smoke and mirrors….their reality and their crumbling world.

        • Great perspective and valuable insight. Thanks.

        • Very well put. I would just say we, en-masse, need to stop consuming their media the way we do. I mean, just walking by a newstand nowadays offers plenty enough to see through their agendas and lies, whether or not any particular event is fully fake, scripted but with death, or organic but later co-opted (now rare, almost non-existant – they prefer high scripting imo). One can’t consume it and not be infected to some degree. An example comes to mind this weekend day when I stopped along a country highway for biscuits and coffee, where the TV was on. A random “funny and cute” insurance commercial had a dude say, “The government invented rabies. Look it up!” It is all designed to inoculate our minds against learning what can obviously be determined to be real and true. Every frequency of dog whistle sounds about right. Fact is, humanity has entered a massive Renaissance the likes of which we have never yet known. Every aspect of human endeavor is exploding with brilliant developments that promote and enhance the free will of the individual, whether alternative medicines, fuels, financial instruments and currencies, musical “just intonation” tuning systems and microtonality. He’ll, as a radical example is, now don’t cringe as STUPID as it may first sounds, but the flat earth movement (in addition to a legit NASA whistleblower) fully and unequivocably expose NASA and the powers-that-be as having carefully promoted and protected the globe/gravity model of reality since it’s inception mid last century. One can “look it up,” and evaluate the evidence for themselves, without appealing to authority. Our one earth photo is a photo-realistic painting, and about the only pic we’ve seen since the early 1970s, while HD everything has proliferated. The ISS is shown to be blue screen and zero-G airplanes. They are hiding land from all of us, and true physics operates under different premises than we have been taught. Hell, they are even fighting to lead the flat earth movement into their own desired directions, with the official “flat earth society” being controlled opposition to make it all look stupid, if one looks at it closely enough. Its even why Obama just recently referred to freedom lovers as flat earthers in a recent speech. Of course this all sounds stupid at first, but in any Renaissance, higher consciousness is accompanied by more accurate and honest information, and it’s coming through everywhere, in all “spheres” of reality and activity. The system will just be naturally left behind, as something beautiful continues coming into being to take its place, something we can only now barely imagine, but that promotes and defends the fully separate and independent free-will of each individual. Sorry, I got started talking so much here. I’m just so excited to read insightful comments like here, that see right through to the core of things. It’s like fresh air, regardless of the topic. Check out my short youtube video, if someone read this far! Sincerely, Henry

  24. Just a few other points from following the shooting til dawn.

    -the 11th cop shot came later. A shooter (per scanner) was in an alley and this 11th cop exchanged gunfire with him.

    -they were reporting for a while that the shooter was on the loose and believed to be outside the downtown area. That being the shooter from the alley.

    -tv (wsbt?) reporters on scene had noted that the police attentions had shifted from the parking garage to the El Centro College Bldg. That was, I assumed, the 2nd sniper’s position. It was a surprise when they later said a shooter was wounded in the garage. That turned out to be Micah.

    -First police presser they stated as fact that there were multiple shooters, elevated and triangulating.

    I’d like to see a timeline on Micah shooting the cop at street level and the shots from the elevated positions.

    That was damn good shooting to kill 5 outta 10 cops and only wound one civilian.

    I didn’t read the “neighbors describe him” stuff but saw a reference that one(?) neighbor(s) said he “wasn’t all there”. Another simpleton for a patsy?

  25. This two two-men teams reduced to the “lonely gun-man” is a rerun of L.H.O. and the “magic bullet” bullshit.

  26. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/07/08/the-curious-case-of-philando-castile-falcon-heights-mn-police-shooting/

    So the justification for Dalls also fake–black victim had gun in lap, was CRIPS member, no permit, and appears to have carried out 4 armed robberies (or was a dead ringer for the perp.)

    Now on to the Dallas police chief, who recently met with Obama. 50 police have resigned the Dallas PD in the last year (in fear for their lives.) Four Texas police orgs called for his resignation. The State Police were due to fill in spots, which could have allowed prosecution of massive official corruption. Now he’s “off the hook” along with Hillary and Tony!

    And to think, this happened only a block from the JFK group hit!

  27. It gets even better, at least with respect to one of the cops: https://imgur.com/a/N8vWh


    Man says he is fully censored.

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