The Toyota Truck: Vehicular Choice of Kurds, ISIS™ and Special Ops

by Scott Creighton

Head over to Penny’s blog for an interesting review of all the land the glorious Kurds, our new “freedom fighters”, have been stealing from the Christians in Syria.

While I was over there reading this article I saw something that made me think.

Kurds. Good guys. New Freedom Fighters

ISIS™. Bad guys. Be afraid.

Kurd women. Young. Adventurous. All they need are “Freedom Torches”

ISIS™. Evil. oogie boogie boogie boogie

The Kurds. Glorious Kurds.

Anyone notice anything strange? I mean aside from the fact that they are driving around in the same Toyota trucks?


All they do is give ’em an ISIS™ flag one day for one photo shoot and then a YPG flag the next. It’s the same fucking guys in the same fucking trucks.


4 Responses

  1. the CIA has a contract with Toyota to supply them to the CIA and the CIA then disburses them to their various “branches”

  2. Toyota should use this in its commercials, with photos of ISIS Toyota truck convoys:

    Toyota — the truck you buy for those you love
    Toyota –even those who hate our values love our free trucks
    Toyota– speed of legend, suspension of disbelief
    Toyota– when an F16 isn’t fast enough

  3. Maybe they chip in on a mutual car-pool.

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