Falcon Heights Shooting Video – Was this staged? (yeah, it was)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Check out Greencrow’s article “Was Minnesota Police Shooting Staged to distract from THIS?!

There has been another shooting involving police and a suspect who was carrying a firearm but not brandishing it. This one took place last night in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. The day before, Alton Sterling was shot by officers in Baton Rouge, La. under similar circumstances.

Now keep this in mind: both of these guys were carrying weapons, I believe legally in both cases but I’m not sure. I have to wonder if someone in congress wont be using these latest incidents to say “see? we gotta keep guns off the streets because it makes it harder for cops to do their jobs and citizens are being killed needlessly”

I’ve watched this video several times and I have too say, it seems like it might have been staged. Might. You take a look and let me know what you think.

Well no wait… it is staged.

Watch the first few minutes of this video, when she is in the car with the dying victim and her kid is in the back seat.

What stands out to you? Her calm demeanor? The kid not crying? No smoke in the vehicle from 4 shots being fired at point blank range in the driver’s side window? The fact that the blood pattern on his shirt doesn’t change while he’s clearly still breathing and his heart is still pumping? No visible wounds on the guy? No powder burns on his clean white shirt? The fact that her ears aren’t ringing and she never checks on the welfare of her young child sitting 4 feet away from where the cop fired the gun?

Those are all interesting clues but they aren’t the dead giveaway.

I took me a couple times to see it, but when you do, you can’t unsee it.

Her “boyfriend” is supposedly dying from gunshot wounds right beside her… and what does she do? She goes to Facebook, focusing her stupid cell phone camera on her with drifting shots of hubby once or twice and “reaching for the stars” actor cop (“FUCK!”) but mostly, has her phone trained entirely on herself.

Her boyfriend is dying beside her, bleeding out in the car, and she never addresses him. Never tells him to hang in there. Never tries to help him. Never says she loves him or goodbye. Can you imagine? Imagine your significant other in that situation while you lay dying 12 inches from them… and they never even acknowledge your presence. Instead, he/she talks to his/her phone while you face the Grim Reaper on your own?

Really? Do you think anyone is that callus?  She’s not even trying to help the guy as he slips away. Really?

Not only that, but she never says his full name. Not once in the entire video. Towards the end she says something about “Phil’s sister” but that’s it. And the police didn’t release his name at first either. What a coincidence that is, huh.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that the man was Philando Castile but you wouldn’t know that watching the video.

What’s also odd is they never tell her to drop the phone while they are carrying out their felony arrest on her and end up giving her back her phone while she sits in the back of the police car so she can continue the show. That’s highly irregular. I can tell you that from experience. She’s still handcuffed in the back of the patrol car and they are still supposedly conducting an investigation looking for whatever they can find in her car. There’s no way in hell cops would give her back her phone at that point. Perhaps after they determine she hasn’t done anything wrong they would but she’s still in handcuffs in the back of the car so they hadn’t come to that point yet.

Another thing to consider is the fact that she has a private Facebook account. That’s important because if it was staged, which I think it was, they wouldn’t want it going viral while live and end up with 10,000 angry Facebook users flooding the scene down there.

Her Facebook page is now public by the way.

In my opinion, either this was 100% staged or this woman just don’t give a shit about anyone in the world but herself. I mean, she wasn’t even comforting the kid.

They have staged police shooting in the past. Poorly, I might add. And in those cases, they also just happened to have someone there with a camera that the police didn’t seem to care about. In this case they seemed to go out of their way to make sure she could keep broadcasting.

What the purpose is, is still a mystery to me. It could be they wanted media cover for James Comey’s testimony in congress today. A story big enough to take all the headlines and airtime from Hillary’s skating on yet another high crime and misdemeanor.

It could be, like I suggested before, that they want to use these incidents to justify changing law which allow citizens to carry weapons on them in public.

Or it could be more of their strategy of tension operation. I don’t know. And I don’t know for sure that this event was staged, but it damn sure looks like it was to me. The cop seemed to have more of an emotional investment in the dying man than she did.

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  1. Why would anyone “stage” the death of their boyfriend? You are a clueless dumbass and I hope you lose your job for writing a ridiculous piece of trash like this! A man is dead, the fact that woman remained calm and followed the cops orders is probably the only reason she is alive.

    • The fact that this coptroll ‘Julie’ was right here to post the first comment seals the deal for me. FAKE FAKE FAKE.

    • Unless it’s not really her boyfriend. I mean, would you let your boyfriend die like that without even saying goodbye to him?

    • I Also noticed she forgets her line and at first says (way to calmly by the way) “they’ve KILLED my boyfriend” when he is obviously still alive then she stumbles and says they shot him in the arm. I mean why would she even think he’s going to die at that point if he just got shot in the arm. This is why i came accross this site, because this whole thing just seemed so odd and i wanted to see if others thought the same thing.

      • not only that, but she says at first he was shot while reaching for his wallet, then in the back of the car she says he was shot with his arms up over his head.

      • It’s staged.doubt that’s her boyfriend or daughter..you forgot look at her eyes..not one tear friend.even after she so called breaks down and crys …still no tears..I understand she’s calm..but extremely lack of compassion for her “man”..she didn’t even hold his hand..and cops don’t want you filming them eating doughnuts..how is she filming this and the cop says nothing about her phone

    • Come on, if a cop had just shot my boyfriend while my child was in the back I would not have my phone out filming it!!!! My first priority would be to make sure my child is okay, all the while knowing my boyfriend has been shot in front of us!!!! AND THERE WOULD BE NO WAY IN HELL THAT I WOULD CALMLY FILM IT!!!!!!!! You are all stupid if you don’t believe it was staged, BUT THEN YOU WOULD RATHER BELIEVE A LIE THAN UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH , that way you can all feel justified in rejoicing when you celebrate hearing about someone killing a police officer!

    • You hit it right on the head. To think two people went out and decided one or both would try to get stopped so one or both could get killed so they could post it on Facebook, no less bringing your 4 year old with you, is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard! There is no way this Creighton character could possibly be any type of serious reporter or whatever the h… greencrow is. The driver did ‘everything ‘ correct. As a former officer you want the driver to tell you he has a weapon and has a permit. This was DWB and murder.

      • this argument hardly rises to the level of one that needs a response and I seriously doubt you care what I write, but you don’t seem to get the point, so I will explain it to you. Yes, that scenario you posit is the most ridiculous thing I have heard. But that’s not what I am saying happened. It’s a straw man argument you are making. What I am saying is the whole thing was staged, as it clearly was, by authorities, using all the folks involved. The young man was not killed. The kid was not terrified. The woman didn’t sit there and watch her boyfriend die without even so much as a goodbye to him. It’s called the strategy of tension and it was created to do two things: divide and conquer, justify changes to constitutional law. It really is that simple.

    • Julie, Barely a few seconds into it should be a telltale clue. He’s sitting directly in front of a steering wheel on the right side. Cars in the US have them on the left.

      • the image on her phone/camera is reversed. I found a photo she took of him and her at some county fair on her phone with a “5” on his jersey that was also reversed. I think it has something to do with her using the camera on the same side as the screen so she can watch herself as she films.

    • It wasn’t about staging a death of her whoever the hell he is. It’s part of an agenda. A group of PSA staged events that are attempting to teach Black people how to react and how not to react. Snap out of it Julie. BLM members are in cahoots with law enforcement.

    • It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that he’s telling the truth the fucking shit was obviously staged that’s why the story is pretty much dead now everybody knows that’s total bullshit get your fucking head out of your ass. Learn how to talk to people.

  2. Once again no video evidence of what actually happened. Only that of what supposedly (just) happened. I find it hard to believe this woman did not have her camera phone rolling from the very beginning of the incident when they were first pulled over. Just sayin and shit.

    • Yeah… it does seem suspicious that peoples are video taping their entire existence. Thats i guess black peoples only hope… haha…. that cop deserves to be prosecuted and caged.

    • it’s a good point. It’s like she screamed “HE’S GOT A GUN!” and pressed “record” on her cell phone right afterward. Why wouldn’t she be rolling the camera before the shooting started, when they were first pulled over? And certainly if he was just shot, how did she reach down and get her cell phone without getting shot herself?

  3. lol. no smoke in the car. come on. have you ever fired a gun?

    • Here’s a super slo-mo video from Mythbusters showing smoke coming out of the end of a gun as it fires bullets. enjoy

      • Except that the human eye, and film rendering in what to a human appears to be real time, isn’t taking things in at 73,000 frames per second, eh. I get the impression that you do not have first hand experience with firearms and that you have never witnessed anything dying from a gunshot wound. You’ve watched to many Hollywood movies or have your own notions of what a “real shooting” must entail in terms of visuals. Nothing in that video looks fake to me. That man is dying. Do you see the eyes blinking? Does he close his eyes? No on both counts. That is exactly how it goes down. Also, notice the movement of his jaw in the brief shot that we get as he slowly sinks down to his left. That’s quite typical of mammals in their last spasms, for the jaw to jut in that manner.

        And one more thing, just because a person is shot, doesn’t mean that you are going to have blood all over the place. Indeed, sometimes there is not blood at all, especially if there is not exit wound, but even an exit wound doesn’t guarantee a flow.

        What do I base myself on? 40 years of hunting experience, with more big game taken than I can remember (all hunted for meat, by the way), and since the animals I shot are every bit as mammalian as humans are, the death spams and wounds are effectively the same.

        As for the woman’s bland reaction, she is in a state of mind that recognizes that her own life hangs in the balance and one false move could spell disaster for her as well. I’ve been in similar circumstances (being held up as a cashier some thirty or so years ago, with shots fired), and my reaction was one of total calm and control, no emotion felt until well after the incident. And I don’t know, but once the “lady who can’t possibly care for anyone but herself” is out of the car and is being cuffed, essentially when she begins to realize that she will survive the incident, she does begin to “feel” the reality of what has just happened, eh. Unless, of course, that too is all so fake.

        To my mind, you discredit yourself somewhat in rushing to judgement, here. Not that there isn’t a lot of ‘false flagging’ happening in your country, or that these kinds of incidents are not exploited opportunistically by the American establishment, and that skepticism really ought to be the default reaction. But that’s “skepticism,” and not jumping to thinking “you know what went down” when in fact “you do not,” at least not yet.

        If you are unfamiliar with the use of guns or their real effects — in terms of the “smoke they leave behind,” the damage they do, and the likely bodily reactions of a person who’s been shot (or that of someone who has just witnessed such a thing) — you should refrain from trying to decide what is or is not “normal” or “natural” under the circumstances. Nothing about this video strikes me as being “fake.” But then that’s just me, eh, in comparing “that content” with my own experiences, eh, I mean with guns and shooting the guns and shooting animals and, in spite of myself, having sometimes to witness up close their sad demise so that I can save myself some coin and eat better than I would if I bought the crap they sell for meat at the local grocery.

        On the other hand, if the cop had used a “black powder” gun, then, yes, there probably would have been a lingering cloud of smoke in the car. But I’m pretty sure the weapon he was using was designed for “modern, smokeless powder,” which although it’s “smoke” can be captured at 73,000 frames per second, it cannot readily be detected by the human eye. You would be able to, however, in an enclosed space, such as that car, smell the cordite; in open spaces, only sometimes, but mostly it’s beneath notice.

        • Think this troll gets paid slightly more than Julie

          • You just want a whip in your hand and to able to say ni@@a as often and as frequently and loud as you like whenevwr you like without catching a beat down. 😉 We know your kind/type.

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            • wow. you sound pretty excited by that prospect. maybe you & i should get together & take turns whipping each other while calling each other “ni@@a”.
              i thought you were a typical new world order cunt, but i had no idea you could be that freaky.
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              don’t keep me waiting, you sexy thing…

              • Mercury7, Im not quite sure if you speaking to me or arlene the masochist troll? Homey dont do whips, but Im sure arlene will oblige.

                • You’d get dropped kicked as soon as the N came out of your mouth and you would not enjoy it.  Listen little boy I don’t give a damn about your kind.  The inbred and sadistic kind.  And who in the hell still says homey!?!! Freakin clown.  The fact that you are still on a blog that was questioning the validity of this incident shows your intelligence because at this point the world knows it was real.  And you YES you are the devils child along with the rest of your kind that not only find humor in a situation that has been going on for hundreds of years.  But thanks to technology, you now have a front row seat and still continue to ignore that there is already a “divide and conquer” in place and was not put in place by Blacks.  Why is it that you find this a humorous topic? Is it because those that it is affecting doesn’t look like you?  

                  • Arlene, at first I was gonna ridicule you…but I see that it is pointless as you are doing a fine job of it yourself. Firstly, Im not a little boy, im a little black girl from Africa….who dont really want to whip anyone or call them ghastly names. I’ve witnessed and lived through enough apartheid thank you very much. And catch a wake up – the WORLD as you profess dont believe a damn thing your govt stages. The WORLD knows that they are all false flag attacks….and the WORLD is waiting for you to stand up and take down your corrupt govt and not each other. So actually the WORLD does not believe the bullshit stories and frankly has had enough of your govt’s shit,….HOMEY!!

                    • You tell her, Syd. I wonder if our little troll here notices that she too is “still on a blog” that was questioning the validity of this incident.

                    • The ridicule little girl is on you.  My comment was not intended for you.  If you want to dance lets begin the music.  But just so that you you know if you are a little black girl I will give you a pass.  But if you are a little white girl from Africa, start the music.

                    • your racist crap is getting old fast. As I said before, take your race-baiting rhetoric to Prison Planet where it belongs. You’re done here. All 7 of your IP addresses are banned (though I know you can make more, you troll)

                      UPDATE: like I said, you are done here. Even if you get a comment through the spam filter I will simply erase it. Go earn your keep someplace else. I don’t suffer paid trolls well, thank you.

                  • i’m not a sadist; in fact, you can beat me if you like, lol.

                    but seriously, i’m aware there IS a divide&conquer campaign being waged against us right now and i’m also aware that black people are not responsible for this evil agenda. we are ALL being played by the powers-that-be.

                    • sorry. I busted up your new romance. Look at that, we had one and only one match-making event to happen on this website, and here I am breaking up the magic. I feel horrible.

                • was for arlene.

              • alright! I’m running a dating site. I’m very excited about our first love connection. Gotta keep us up to date on the romance. We need some S&M pics to be sure.

        • Eloquently amd articulately written. Love it!

        • I cannot deny that I have not generally seen much smoke when I have fired guns. I smell the burnt powder for sure, but oftentimes whatever smoke there may be dissipates very quickly. I’ve been with a guy shot in the head, however he did not die. I’ve only been with a few animals at their dying breath and cannot really attest to that – also I did not watch the video. But I must admit your argument is not unreasonable despite what I or anyone else wants to believe. I have a feeling this was a setup, but I didn’t even watch the video and don’t intend to, so my opinion probably is not worth much.

  4. Also cnn and Chicago tribune have 2 different videos shown at different angles. Cnn also reports this happened at 9 pm and pans a scene with cops showing its night-time.

    • You forget it’s summertime you ignorant, racist, conspiracy theorist assholes!! Sunset was at 9:02 pm google it you fucktards!

      • so you know for sure it happened because you saw it on tv & know the time of sunset?
        prove it happened.

        • No it didn’t happen…it’s all staged… like the moon landing and Elvis dying! Y’all are some ignorant ass people.

          • the moon landing WAS staged. can be proven pretty easily, too.

            but elvis is dead, r.i.p.

          • Why, oh why does someone ALWAYS, ALWAYS bring up the damn MOON LANDING every time a Gladio, false flag or news-generating event is staged for the purpose of someone’s agenda? How is the moon landing related to the veracity of this event in any way? How are you going to work “The Hitler” into this if it gets to that level? Why not focus on the event rather than the “moon landings” from almost 50 years ago?

          • BTW: I might be wrong, but your intended effect of mental association between moon landing and anything you want to discredit (you can also try the old David Icke crap, aliens, HAARP, etc., but moon landings seems most popular) could wear off f overused. Sort of like idiots who yell at their children at every turn. The literally stop hearing it. You have to raise your voice strategically, only at the judiciously chosen moments. People ignore Republicans screaming that Obama is another Hitler because it is overused and stupid. So don’t be an idiot Julie, be strategic.

    • This is so damn odd….Like how the hell could she possibly be so calm..and even possibly have the capability of remaining calm during this and sitting there with a video live feed. Bullshit. Its either fake as hell…or this shows the sickness of the world. That media coverage would be on your mind while your boyfriend is taking his last breathe. Either way SICK AS HELL.

      • Fake blood, wrong color, arterial blood is way brighter, he is breathing would be pumping all over the place. Maybe gangbanger in need of witness protection so hence this ludicrous staged event?

  5. The Harris county, Texas, sheriffs department has staged three fake shootings that I know of. The Alden Clompton shooting a couple months back was a hoax, the Stay family shooting was a hoax, and the ‘cop at the gas pump’ shooting was a hoax as well. Nobody less honest than an American cop.

  6. Also, a right side drive car? In the US, highly unusual. And after they shot her boyfriend for reaching for a weapon, but allowed HER to reach into her pocket or purse for her cell phone and didn’t shoot her? Plus 4 shots fired and the child in the backseat isn’t screaming or crying? Pull your heads out people. Stop drinking the Kool-aid.

    • A right hand drive car can’t even be imported to the US unless it’s at least 25 years old. So this video was likely shot in Thailand or Australia.

      • I typed too soon. Forgot about Jamaica. Most people are Black, it’s lawless, lots of guns, cops easily bribed, drive on the left- this video was shot in Jamaica.

      • Does Thailand or Australia celebrated the 4th? There’s a YouTube video of them in the car the day before the shooting with fireworks soubding off.

    • I thought the same thing at first but then it appears that her phone mirrors the image somehow. It’s weird. Why would it do that?

      • Yeah, I think the image is reversed. Notice that the cop has a watch on what appears to be his right hand–which would suggest that he is left-handed. Not impossible, of course, but not likely. Instead of a drivers wheel on the right and a left-handed cop, I’m guessing the image is reversed for some reason. Maybe more psyop junk.

        • Even if the image were mirrored, the street and sidewalk are still on the wrong sides of the car. The car is definitely right hand drive.

          • No, it isn’t. The street is on the side of the driver–just like it would be if it were not mirrored. You can see the cars pass on the driver’s side heading in the direction the driver was going. In a normal image the wheel and the street would be on the car’s left side after pulling over. In a mirrored image the wheel and the street appear to be on the car’s right side. In a mirrored image, a right handed cop appears to be left-handed, etc.

            It does look weird but it is created by a mirrored image.

      • Very few people care about that. That’s probably what the people who produced this wanted to see if people questioned. The other…NO SCREAMING child. Third, four shots and no one else got hit by a bullet? FRAUD!!!

    • Cnn showed the video several times. In one l, he was on right side of car, indicating that the image was flipped. Do better. Never mind, I’m just a troll that is in on the whole charade. Carry on, lol

    • I saw two clips of it on different sites. One shows he’s shot on his left side. The other on his right.

  7. Ah yes. Its clearly staged…. this article you wrote is just plain dumb…. you sound like you a true nut. I love howbat the end you try to explain why they would want to stage it.. haha… youre not a smart person.

  8. it’s her boyfriend and she calls him “sir”?

  9. All very good points. I thought immediately of how calm she was acting in the car, but thought, well, if you dare move an inch these days, you get blown away for no reason. So maybe her calmness was undergirded by stress.

    Then again, everything else you listed makes good sense: The child not screaming, the cops allowing her to keep her phone rolling the entire time, her not acting too concerned about her boyfriend until after she was out of the car, etc.

    Also good point that maybe it was set up as a distraction to Hitlery getting off scott free. Life is one big giant psy op these days!

  10. Crisis actors and green screens… Come on America, wake up soon!

  11. NO TEARS!!! These actors never shed tears! From Robbie Parker to Andy Parker to Obama’s fake tear and wipe. lol

  12. See how you feel when your loved one dies and people have the AUDACITY to do all this working calling it fake. Fucking scum

    • what? she would get more angry about people wondering about the validity of the video than she would about the cop shooting him? I guess I’m just supposed to believe every video that pops up on Facebook, right? Otherwise someone might just call me scum.

  13. well said. nothing about this video makes any sense.

  14. I saw two videos of the event. The first showed Boyfriend in passenger seat shot in right arm. The next one on CNN showed him in driver seat and shot in left arm. Research it for yourself please.

  15. I agree, it is another hoax. just a few recent are:
    1-8-2011 Tucson AZ shooting hoax 1-19-2011 El Camino High School, Los Angeles CA shooting hoax 7-22-2011 Oslo Norway false flags, bombing 8 deaths; shootings Utoya Island, Norway 77 deaths… 7-20-2012 Aurora CO, Century 16 theater, 12 claimed deaths, Hoax… 12-14-2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown CT, 20 children faked deaths, most obvious hoax in history? Children since proved to be living… 4-15-2013 Boston MA, Boston Marathon, bombing drill, 3 claimed deaths, Hoax and frame… 9-21-2013 Nairobi Kenya Westgate Mall shooting hoax, 67 deaths claimed, 175 wounded, all fake… 12-13-2013 Arapahoe High School, Centennial CO shooting hoax 5-23-2014 Santa Barbara shooting hoax, 7 deaths claimed… 7-9-2014 Spring TX, 6 claimed deaths, Hoax… 10-22-2014 Ottawa Canada shooting hoax… 11-20-2014 Florida State University, Tallahassee FL shooting hoax 12-16-2014 Sydney Australia siege hoax… 1-7-2015 Paris France, Charlie Hebno shootings, 11 claimed killed, frame and hoax, false flag… 2-14-2015 and 2-15-2015 Copenhagen Denmark shooting hoax, false flag… 5-3-2015 Garland TX shooting hoax… 6-17-2015 Charleston SC Church 9 claimed killed, hoax… 8-26-2015 WDBJ news, Roanoke VA “shooting” of Alison Parker, Adam Ward, hoax… 10-1-2015 Umpqua Community College, Roseburg OR 10 claimed deaths, hoax … 10-9-2015 Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff AZ shooting hoax 11-13-2015 Paris France, 130 claimed deaths, hoax, false flag… 11-27-2015 Colorado Springs Colorado, shooting drill claimed as real, hoax… 1-1-2016 Tel Aviv, Israel shooting hoax #1, 2 deaths claimed… 2-18-2016 San Bernardino CA, 16 deaths, 14 claimed killed by shooters, 2 shooters killed by police, despite witnesses saying it was 3 male shooters, not a man and woman, false flag… 2-20-2016 Kalamazoo MI, 6 claimed killed, hoax, crisis actors… 2-24-2016 Bailey Colorado shooting hoax… 2-25-2016 Kansas shooting hoax… 3-22-2016 Brussels Belgium, 35 claimed deaths, hoax, crisis actors, false flag… 6-1-2016 UCLA shooting hoax… 6-8-2016 Tel Aviv, Israel shooting hoax #2, 4 deaths claimed… 6-12-2016 Orlando FL, Pulse Nightclub, 50 claimed deaths, hoax, crisis actors. 6-28-2016 Istanbul Turkey Airport Hoax 7-1-2016 Bangladesh Café shooting Hoax. 7-5-2016 Baton Rouge LA shooting hoax.

  16. You failed to a relevant yet irrelevant question…why is the video footage in reverse? Just saying. He’s driving a right hand drive car in Minnesota? Is that place big with that sorta thing? So technically if he is driving a foreign spec vehicle, the officer more than likely went over to the american divers side door first.(more than enough time to whip out your phone and start getting evidence of this overwhelming traffic stop.)
    You brought up all points I was thinking about. And if you don’t work for the FBI or CIA, I give you kudos.

  17. You are extremely sick to think that something like this is staged, and then to discuss it as sport. I live here and it is real, a innocent man died. Be ashamed and then go out and do something that is real and matters.

    • prove it isn’t staged — otherwise fuckoff. please report back with your cnn bullshit.

    • Why wait until your 3rd post to *cough* mention that that you live where this happened Julie? I mean Steven. I mean G.May. care to make the claim that you know these people personally?

      • Because I live in Louisiana I must be related to the man that was killed? And I’m three different people? Are you fucking retarded?

        • He’s probably not retarded, but if you are not, it may be because you are a strictly emotional thinker. The feeling that something would bad or even horrific if true is unrelated to whether it is in fact true. These folks are simply debating whether something was staged or not. They are able to look past the notion of taboo through implication of horror, which is a stupid thing to adhere to in the first place.

    • You know it’s not sport. These folks are legitimately concerned about the future of their country/world. I suspect you know this, but if you’re not a liar, then look around and wake up, otherwise, carry on and good luck I suppose.

  18. Here is another copy of the video now showing the steering wheel on the correct side…..How bizarre!!

    Apart from all the other discrepancies….why would they allow her to continue to record after handcuffing her in the back of the police cruiser…or…..who was recording at that point???

    • I just tried recording with my IPHONE and was able to duplicate the right hand drive video……if you sit in your car and use the front facing mode you will get a mirrored image….interesting

      • Did you try saving the video and viewing the saved version? It is flipped in your live, on-screen view, because it is more intuitive for you to look at that way while filming, but the video actually saves in proper orientation.

    • This is what cnn had a clip of. Thats why Im saying 2 different videos. As I understand it, on the mirror image issue, facebook live does reverse images sometimes. I looked into it. Im not sure why there are 2 different videos tho and why cnn took it down.

      • I noticed there is a still frame photo of her with her boyfriend at what appears to be some kind of county fair or something and the number “5” on the jersey he is wearing is backwards. It’s either Facebook doing it or her phone.

  19. Speaking of strategy of tension, the news is currently reporting two cops shot at an anti-police violence protest in Dallas.

  20. In the back of my mind I wondered the legitimacy of this given the on going battle of gun reform but I never saw this video until now. Upon watching this I tend to lean towards this being a hoax. The Demeanor of the woman is the biggest factor for me. Calmly narrating what apparently happened over and over again. The cop constantly swearing also adds to the exaggeration of this video. The fact that the kids were left in the car with the “shooting victim” also cries foul. They would have had those kids out of the car and the unarmed woman out and not just had their guns drawn on them for so long as It was obvious she was unarmed. This video stinks

  21. I noticed many of these same things myself!!! You point out several that I missed!! The blm movement is strong out here in MN! They shut down the mall of America, they should down the freeway a couple times, they were protesting outside of the police station for Damn near month! The term ” conditioning” comes to mind, in a sinister plot that has yet to reveal itself!!
    Great points raised, with a with consideration of facts and logic!!
    Slightly better crisis thespian than the Florida mom!!

    Great distraction with an agenda!!
    There making great strides in there prestidigitation skills!!

  22. I just watched the video and (please forgive me Lord if I’m wrong) But something seemed very “staged” about it. In the midst of the police questioning before he shot the man, the girlfriend was able to set up Facebook Live and begin filming the aftermath,  which wouldn’t seem allowable by the frantic officer who just shot this woman’s boyfriend. Through it all she seems eerily calm as she narrates the whole scene. The man is shot and apparently bleeding to death yet the officer still has the gun on him, yet allows the woman to keep filming…. The camera continues to roll but there’s never any sound of doors opening or the woman looking back to see where her daughter was, now apparently removed from the car because next you hear the officer telling them to remove the female passenger from the vehicle and she gets out and asks where her daughter is which you see her in the distance being held by another officer (when was she removed from the vehicle?)…. The cop tells the woman to walk backwards to him, yet you see her filming as if she’s facing him, you see her facing him when she kneels down. You hear her say that they threw her phone, but  that isn’t evident from the view… at some point I guess the phone is picked up and given back.. it’s obviously turned off for a moment but the filming resumes with her in the cop car “handcuffed” And still pretty calm. Throughout the video you hear her going from frantic to suddenly calm again. The vlogging while handcuffed threw me off because you are typically handcuffed with your hands behind your back not in front of you which would’ve made it impossible to film…. but if you notice her left arm, it seems to be drawn backward, not forward.  

    I forgot to add, she initially said he was dead,  then later speaks as if she has no idea of his condition… she also can’t remember how many times he was shot, she says 4, 3 then 4 or 5 times. 

    Another staged murder to incite enough riot to justify implementing martial before the elections…

    • Yes, I was thinking the same…..create lawlessness in order to iniate martial law. I hope that the majority of Americans have the sense to recognise it and not play into their game. Peace be with you all.

  23. https://www.gofundme.com/2d8ryf34. Within hours of Phils death..6 to be exact…a go fund me account was made. Within 6 hours.

  24. I don’t question that the man lost his life and for that I pray for his family. I also hope to hell this woman was not his girlfriend. look at her facebook, for the past week and a half, she has blown up her facebook with posts. as if she were leading up to the video. If she loved this man so much how come there is only one picture of him on her facebook? where are the couples pictures? Nothing but selfies and talking about having haters.. listen to her in the video She sounds like a robot. I watched an interview with her again sounds like a robot reading from a script. also stated that the police confiscated her phone and still had it. if they confiscated her phone how did she have it in the back of the police car? also in the interview she had to be told where her “boyfriend” worked by someone off camera. then says he is 35. all reports say he is 32. how does she not know her boyfriends age?

      • Also watch this video, the news lady asked her about the race of the office.. her reply. he was Asian, he was short, he was black, no glasses etc… so was he Asian or black? later on they pulled him to the side and told him things would be ok. next breath they left him in the car and did nothing.. also stated that she let the video go live 10 seconds before her phone died.. but recorded for 10 minutes.. WTF

      • What really gets me about this (whether it’s staged or not)… she is blaming the police when, during her explanation of events she says he notified the officer that he had a firearm on him while simultaneously reaching for his wallet. DOESN’T MATTER WHAT RACE YOU ARE- if you are carrying and you’re pulled over, common sense would tell you to notify the officer that you are licensed to carry, that you have a firearm on your person, and wait for the officer to instruct you on how to procede. You don’t notify the officer while reaching down to get your information- yet she blamed the officer for asking him to do two things at once? I really am not trying to victim blame, it’s just one more thing that doesn’t add up. I’m also curious about how and why this video is still circulating on Facebook- why have they not removed it? If they confiscated her phone and took over her Facebook why is it still there? She says they took her groceris, but she also says (I believe) that they had just dropped the groceries off at her house. Then she says they got groceries for her sister. I can’t make sense of that part.

    • I got that too

  25. The officer is standing in the exact only place possible for his face to be totally obscured. She never once checks with her boyfriend… are you going to make it?… can I do anything? can you breathe? can I stop the bleeding? … should I try cpr? … nothing…

    If it’s not staged this may be the most extreme demonstration of NPD I’ve seen. [narcisisstic personality disorder, self-focussed to the point others no longer even seem to matter].

  26. Something is odd about this.

    Filming starts after shooting.
    The guy is in the passenger seat.
    The child was already OUT of the car when the filming starts. We know this because when the women gets out of the car we see a LEO holding her.
    His right upper arm is swollen and disfigured. (real shooting)
    Her calmness and the childs is odd… shock or not really traumatized?
    Possibly the child was not IN the car when the shooting occurred?
    The cop sounds shakened and scared. Which is how a decent person should act if they actually shot someone. Even in self defense.
    There would be no smoke in the car. I regularly train with firearms, it is called smokeless powder for a reason. But just watch a video of someone shooting at an indoor range.

    My opinion. This was a ‘created’ event. The woman is the provocateur. The cop is real, the victim is real. What provoked the LEO to shoot? We will never know.

    We do know this. This shooting led directly to the Dallas Shooting.

    • so who did the Dallas shooting? And in this comment chain, I posted a video showing smoke coming out of a hand gun. How do you know he was using “smokeless powder”?

    • I stand under correction, but I seem to recall a black lives matter false flag attack being leaked prior to this. I’m not completely convinced this wasn’t the pre cursor to it…..and then comes Dallas. This seems too surreal……honestly, if your life partner has been shot 5 times, your 4 year old is in the car…..but you still have the sense of mind to make a video AND appeal to all Facebook users. She gets his age mixed and her phone was “smashed” as she claims in a later interview. Something smells rotten in the state of Minnesota.

  27. Yes it was staged. I saw two different clips of this woman. Not just an article but the actual clips. One shows the man shot in right arm with supposed blood on that side. The other shows him shot in left arm with supposed blood on left side. Furthermore, if she was cuffed she wouldn’t have been able to record.

    • I saw the guy’s “mother” on the news this morning, giving an interview to Anderson Pooperscooper or the like. No tears, same freakishly calm demeanor. Totally staged, I don’t believe the guy was shot at all, IMHO.

  28. I have to say I question the validity of this video also if you notice when she does turn the camera towards him he has a steering wheel in front of him last I knew we drove cars with steering wheel on the left of the car! Also agreed that she does not seem to be overly upset that her suppose it boyfriend was shot and all the daughter says in the background is I’m here with you it’s OK seems a bit fake to me

  29. No doubt this entire situation is pretty bizarre, but there are a few things especially that stand out. Among other things mentioned, it’s curious that there hasn’t been much media coverage about the investigation following the incident. Not that I’ve seen anyway. I’m also curious to know if the Roseville PD allows facial hair. I see an officer toward the end with a beard. From my understanding some departments allow if it’s neat and groomed, but many don’t.

  30. I just saw a clip (on CNN) from the video that shows the “shot victim” on the completely different side of the car. The gun shot “wounds” were also on now somehow on the opposite side. I userstand what a mirror image effect can have, but that doesn’t explain this odd discrepancy. Something is afoul here, and I’m the last person to ever jump in on any conspiracy theory… Every question you raise only adds to further disbelieve of what is actually happening here.

    It also doesn’t help that this all “happened” right after Hillary gets grilled for her mishandling of classified material…

  31. I believe she did a great job. She should have began taping as soon as she realized they were being pulled over. The Blue gang as waged a lynching campaign on Black men. Video taping interactions with them from the very first moment to the last is our only recourse to ensure justice is served. Otherwise as you can see from all these racist post, we will continue to die until our race is extinct. No more Black seeds to be planted in the Black womans fertile ground. Thos is what they are attemting to achieve because they are inferior. Brothers and sisters never leave home without your video cameras. We have to police the police with them. Keep your phones handy at all times. When you see a cop be prepared to record. Your life or someone else may depend on it for justice to be served. The Black Panther Party patrolled the police. You my brothers and sisters, patrol them with your phones. Stay armed with your PHONES.

    • Typo’s *This-, *attempting-, and *else-

    • wow. can’t stuff anymore race-baiting themes in that one, now can you”

      “lynching campaign”
      “racist posts”
      “extinct” (genocide)

      and my favorite… “No more Black seeds to be planted in the Black womans fertile ground. Thos is what they are attemting to achieve because they are inferior”

      wow. come on troll, ain’t no one biting here. Head over to prison planet. they’ll fall for that bait all day long.

      • So you say. But my post wasn’t meant for you the racist standing by the side line trolling with nothing to add for a solution to a problem. Trust I was heard by those it was intended for. It wasn’t meant for you, and you respinded. 🙂

        • How can one race bait when there is a race killing problem? But I don’t expect a logical answer from you. I only expect for you to continue to encourage the behavior of your fellow racist and lynchmen.

        • *responded-

        • He’s the author. And if you read his last nine years of material, he’s no racist 🙂

    • She was posting inspirational quotes to her facebook page 4 minutes prior to the live stream of the aftermath of the shooting. So she was too busy during the traffic stop and shooting to film anything.

    • just more of the same race-baiting/divide&conquer bullshit currently being pushed by the powers-that-be.

      funny how your response to this hoax is to work the same angle & push the same agenda.

  32. She said she never got to say her last words to this man….well, she blew that opportunity. At the beginning of her video, the dying man is moaning and saying something but she is more interested in talking to the camera and refers to him as already dead.

  33. Why did she pull over on the left side of the road? I know it looks like a one way street but even then why did the cop come to the street side of the car? If the driver was on the left side of the highway wouldn’t he come to the driver’s side? That’s the liable party in a traffic stop and the safe side of the car where there is no traffic.

    • That’s a good question? Among many other questions that need answers for why this man lost his life. Thank you for keeping the focus on the issue and not the scrutiny of how the young woman recorded.

    • Maybe something is wrong with me vision. Idk. But the steering wheel appears to be in front of the deceased. When this video was sent to me late last night, that was one of my questions to the sender.

      • *my vision-

      • the video is mirrored as are several on her Facebook page. the other video of him lying on the ground next to the car is not, and he’s on the left side of the vehicle, on the ground, with the driver’s side door opened… just like it is supposed to be. the video is simply mirrored from her camera, that’s it.

  34. I’ve seen two videos one of her in the passenger seat and one with her in the drivers seat. I know I’m not crazy here!

  35. She started live streaming at 9:06 p.m. central time this “aftermath of the shooting” video. Exactly four minutes prior to that at 9:02 she was sharing to facebook some inspirational quotes. So…she wants us to believe that during the traffic stop and actual shooting of her boyfriend she was posting pleasant sayings to her account and then decided AFTER he was shot and bleeding right next to her, that would be a good time to start live streaming????? And by the way, she has received nearly $12,000 so far from a GoFundMe account he friend started for her while the mother and sister of the “deceased” have got about $52,000. Not a bad payday, but I hope Lavish buys some acting lessons.

  36. This shite is going beyond ridiculous. Was the child crying or scared due to the supposed gunshots? And the cop stood there too long with his gun aimed at the supposed victim. And would the cop have fired into the car with a child in the backseat???? More crap flavored pudding for the sheeple to swallow.

  37. FWIW, Alton Sterling was a felon, so he was not legal w the gun he was brandishing at the fella that called 911 to report having a gun pointed at him. The cops did not confront him over selling cd’s.

    We have only Diamond’s claim that Philando had a carry permit. The Sheriff has stated Philando did not get one thru his dept. You will also notice that the gun was on Philando’s lap/left leg, partially covered by his shirt. I kinda think that might be why Diamond does not move to touch him.

    Since no one mentioned this in all the comments, again FWIW, Philando was pulled over because he matched a BOLO for an armed robbery of a convenience store a few days prior in the same general area. The cop radioed in that he was making the stop for that reason. Whether the cop used the (non) broken tail light as an excuse when he asked for driver’s license is unkown.

  38. Just in case anyone was wondering, Time published this somewhat over the top profile of Philando Castile, quoting two people who assure us “he was a real guy” and “a real person”.

    • didn’t the Pope make him a saint yesterday? Saint Phil?

      • When tragedy knocks on your door willyloman, and it will…It will be interesting to see if maintain this sick humor you have. Karma has been known to be an ugly #$%ch.

    • Good to know that TIME publishes such true and independently-verified news since the Mockingbird program officially released them in 1976.

  39. The kid was not in the car. They had been there a few minutes already by the time she took out the camera. She seems to be in shock. Think of the stories that could be made up if she hadnt filmed? She seemed level headed to me.

    • really? the cops removed the kid from the car before asking the driver for his license and registration? really? that’s the story?

      • Can we confirm age of the child? Ive seen 4 yrs old in the comments. After seeing both videos, there is no car seat in the car. Not to say the child has one, but should’ve had one. And it confirms that child was not in the car during filming. Im begining to believe she never was.

    • I’ve seen other debates about the kid. I havent studied the film but have read that when she gets out of the car and asks about her kid the kid at that point is out and I guess you can see some cop holding her.

      However, given that only 90 seconds transpired bt the radio call that they were pulling over an armed robbery suspect and the call of shots fired, can’t imagine the kid was removed before the shooting.

  40. Why is the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car? She is on the drivers left side. I know racism is very real. But this is media trying to divide us

  41. You Dumb ass cracka are THE DEVILS CHILDREN no doubt about it.

    • you’re cute. am i supposed to take you seriously? are you onboard with the powers-that-be program of “divide&conquer”, or are you merely dumb enough to be taken in by it?

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        BTW I’m not on the blog, I’m responding to an email. Stupid dumb cunt.

        • ???. what is this — an invitation to trolls throughout the internet? i’m not sure i understand… did “arlene” post this to “wordpress.com” to invite anyone to respond?
          hopefully anyone looking will read the article & go through the details, etc.

  42. whether its staged or not there is something going on and it isn’t our petty racism towards one another either. So we all await the sinister outcome together.

  43. Other interesting things conveniently missing from this. Where is the hole in his shirt from the bullets? Where is the blood splatter in the car? And I think the most damning evidence was mentioned here is that how does the wound on his shirt and not grow if he’s supposedly Bleeding Out?

  44. Didn’t anybody noticed that the police ordered her to walk backwards with her hands in the air how did you record that video so well if she did not follow orders we all know the police would shoot her if she didn’t they would’ve had feared for their lives from a cell phone.Black people do not get to choose how they walk towards the police

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