Why Pulse Nightclub Shooter Never IDed Himself as Omar Mateen (lawyers told him not to)

by Scott Creighton

(I am breaking an article I wrote yesterday into two (to? tu? ptu? too?) parts in the interest of clarity. I brought up two issues in the one piece and I think they both import points of interest that need to stand alone in order for them to receive maximum consideration. Sorry for the repeat guys)

UPDATE at the end of the article

Do you want the real smoking gun from the Pulse nightclub shooting? Do you want to know why the Justice Department and even President Obama himself are asking a Florida judge to deny the release of the 911 and negotiation audio files from that night?

The answer to those questions is hidden in the text of the FBI release from June 20th, 2016 (found in JPEG format at end of article).

And it’s the most startlingly obvious confession through omission that I have ever seen. It’s so obvious, I’m disappointed I didn’t see it sooner.

It has been reported that Omar Mateen sent his wife a text or two during the standoff somewhere around 4am. He said “do you see what is going on?’ It is reported that she said she loved him. Also reported is the fact that she tried to call him on that same phone, but he refused to answer. Apparently at no point did he describe himself to her during the texts as “Omar Mateen”. The texts coming from his phone were identification enough.

And he didn’t answer the phone when she called.

Why wouldn’t he pick up the phone? He was calling everyone else that night from 911 to the cops to a local TV station. So why not his wife when she called?

Because of all four of those potential conversation partners, she’s the only one who would have recognized his voice.

His voice by the way, is a matter of public record thanks to that documentary he was in. That’s probably why it’s so important for certain folks to keep the audio files of it from public scrutiny.

But that’s not the smoking gun. This is:

  1. TV reporter: he said “Do you know about the shooting? It’s me… The shooter… blah blah blah (in “Arabic”)… I did it for “ISIS””
  2. 911 call: “My name is I pledge allegiance to {whatever}
  3. Crisis negotiator: “In these calls, the shooter, who identified himself as “an Islamic soldier”

He never says his name is “Omar Mateen”

Why is that? (psst… because the lawyers told him not to…)

Because we know by now based on the efforts to keep the audio files from public scrutiny it probably wasn’t Omar Mateen and that opens up a huge can of legal worms which SOMEBODY was paying close attention to.

Follow me on this: if someone calls pretending to be “the shooter” and gives some fake info (like bombs in cars outside and suicide vests) during a standoff, what is the max penalty for that?

It can also be written off as some crackpot just trying to be important for the day or some Islamaphobe trying to gin up some hate to make his day go better.

There are a lot of ways out of that problem if the audio track is released and someone tracks the call down to a different location than the Pulse nightclub.

Even if someone is found to have made those calls, what is the actual penalty? Someone saw the news and played a prank. Easily whitewashed with the right prank calling patsy.

Now. What happens if the caller doesn’t identify himself in generic terms? What happens if he says “I’m “OMAR MATEEN”

What happens then?

No one knows who Omar Mateen is. No one is supposed to know who the shooter is in the Pulse nightclub.

So if someone with a different voice makes these calls and they get out to the public and people know it’s not Omar Mateen, but the guy said he was “Omar Mateen” hours before anyone could have known that name…

Then what is that person facing in terms of criminal charges?

Conspiracy to commit murder?


Mass murder?

He would have to be because he knew the name of the assailant BEFORE the crime ergo, he had to have knowledge of the crime BEFORE the crime. And that makes him an accessory to terrorism and mass murder.

That’s why he never picked up the phone when his wife called.

That’s why he never identified himself to ANYONE as “OMAR MATEEN”

Plausible deniability.

Someone with a really good legal team helped script this event. That’s for sure.

And that’s the smoking gun: his name. It’s as simple as that.

UPDATE: As they still search for a plausible motive for this American Gladio event, consider this: if it was Mateen and he wanted to go out in a blaze of glory, wouldn’t he want people to know who it was that did it? Isn’t that always the M.O. of the mass casualty shooter? That he want’s the attention, the recognition, to live forever in history? Isn’t that part of the psychosis? So why wouldn’t that kind of suspect reveal his name? It doesn’t make sense. And if it doesn’t make sense, like so many of the American Gladio events don’t, something is wrong with the official story.

UPDATE 2: As was the case in the San Bernadino shooting event, we have a suspect who was doing what he (they) would naturally do in the course of their lives (in his case, going to the gay nightclub, in theirs, attending a social work function with friends and co-workers) who then leaves that event for a couple hours, only to return and open fire for no apparent reason. In the case of San Bernadino, witnesses describe the small brown couple as “three large white men” and in the case of the Pulse shooting, witnesses say there were several people involved, not just one.

I think the leaving and coming back to launch the attack is important. I think these individuals were tracked to a location, someone planned the timing of it all because they had access to their phone communications or emails or social media outlets, and when they left, they were rounded up, gotten out of the way and made ready for their presentation later after the mass casualty event ended.

In the case of San Bernadino, someone was driving the two in a vehicle practically begging cops to follow behind them until that person stopped the car at what appears to have a predetermined location and then fled the vehicle, never to be mentioned again leaving the couple to get shot-up by authorities.

In my best case guess as to what happened at the Pulse nightclub, Mateen left 2 hours prior to the event, someone came back around 2am, crept around to the back, went in one side door, other doors were held closed, started shooting and chased folks out of the club and then came back in and retreated to the bathroom. That would have provided plenty of time for someone to bring a disabled Omar in from the back door and dump him in the bathroom on the floor in front of the stall (as many reported happened to one guy) only to be shot dead by the assailant.

I think the reason they couldn’t get the story straight as to which bathroom the shooter was in is because he wasn’t in either.

Whatever you think of that theory, in my opinion, two things really stand out in this story: the fact that he never says he’s Omar Mateen and those two hours the feds have to admit Omar left the club. They are damning to the official story like the laws of physics are to the official story of 9/11.

9 Responses

  1. Scott, based on what you know, was anybody killed? Are the “victims” listed actually victims?

    • I think, like in Aurora, there were some real victims. They were the ones shuffled off either to the hospital or on buses to locations where they could be processed by the FBI “witness assistance” teams or whatever they are called. I think there may have been some real fatalities mixed in with the padded numbers that came out later (after the California op went south) and there were certainly a lot of folks who were really shot in the legs (lots of leg wounds, like Aurora)

      But they certainly staged a number of fake victims, key witnesses and fatality stories in the mix from the beginning so they could cover all the angles in terms of press coverage after the event. People whom they could count on to tell the “right” story. They stand out in my opinion and I don’t blame people for thinking they are all crisis actors because honestly, they are the ONLY ONES getting any attention from the press. The rest are told to shut up or told what to think they saw and wait for the victim’s reimbursement checks to start rolling in.

      You see, that is another way to keep folks from airing their questions about what happened to them. They are told if they go on TV and start asking questions, they don’t get the payday like everyone else who keeps their mouths shut. It’s like a corporate non-disclosure agreement.

      But all of that is just a guess. Clearly there are actors playing roles in the media in this. Could be completely staged, but I doubt it. Harder to stock that club with people “in on it” than it is to actually send someone in there to pop-off a few rounds and target a couple folks’ legs, then seed the resulting media circus with a couple good ringers for public consumption.

      Seems that is the most logical formula for them to use and unless someone steps up and takes out your asset before the show is over like what happened in Orlando the night before, it’s pretty flawless.

      • Good to know. Thanks for the answer.

      • First solid article, I like and agree with your reasoning.

        You saw this?;

        So the FBI, the same FBI who seems to always have some ties to the alleged perps (Boston, OKC, WTC bombings, and many many more), is shutting down access to records request concerning Orlando. Yea, that’s not suspicious at all… .

        The longer it goes the more I wonder if anyone died, except for possibly Omar. Who it appears they bumped off before it started. Certainly if the Patsy is already ‘secure’ he can’t screw anything up at the live event.

        I briefly went looking for evidence of Orlando victims funerals. I found this one;

        You tell me what your opinion is of the pictures of grieving relatives? And we have ANOTHER female victim. I’m beginning to wonder if there were any men at this Gay Men’s Club? Also, please note in the link that this article was in the ‘Celebrity News’ category?!? Actually USMagazine is a celebrity rag… so then why have this article at all? Who is the ‘celebrity’? The crisis actors?

        I do believe in some events people die. Certainly the 2011 Tuscon shooting involving Jared Loughner (classic MKUltra patsy), Gabrielle Giffords, and the real target, Chief U.S. District Court Judge John Roll, who did die. But Roll’s death was at least one of the objectives of this event. Therefor a ‘real’ death.

        I don’t think there were any victims at SB, but possibly the two patsies got executed. But I’ll counter your argument of a few real victims. The reason for having no real victims is no real grieving relatives causing problems questioning the official narrative. Instead we get pro gun control relatives, who can’t manage to shed tears, and can’t keep from flirting with Anderson Cooper.

        • The other question that you should ask is: Where is the body of Omar Mateen? Special services involved reported the killing. So, where is the body? Any images of him dead?
          Previously, morbid curiosity meant that people wanted to see the killer’s body. Even the police showed photographs of the corpses. The US military had no trouble showing the photographs of the bodies of the sons of Saddam Hussein disfigured and now do not show pictures of the biggest killer of the last times.
          For me, Omar Mateen is an invented name and the killer does not exist. As for the photographs of a funeral ( only one? ) could be staged .

          • Jorge-

            Omar Mateen was apparently a real guy. If he was, he was the only casualty of this event. Everyone else with a speaking role was an actor, and Omar, if he existed, was an actor as well. Look at all the selfies.
            What happened to Omar? My guess is that he was flown to Israel to collect his million dollar payout, and became an involuntary organ donor. This is pure speculation on my part, but it does fit the facts.

            • He’s probably in Afghanistan, getting ready to take that job with his daddy’s administration once they install him in some position in the puppet government. Or, for that matter, he could be in Vegas living in the witness protection program. Or, they could have whacked him 2 hours before the event and stuffed his body through one of those holes they punched in the back of the building.

              • I think that there is pretty much zero chance that Omar is still alive. Alive, he is a liability- dead, he’s a profit opportunity. His organs are worth $500,000, easy. The ultra-Orthodox hospitals in Israel operate under Rabbinical law, not statute law. Under Rabbinical law, harvesting Omar’s organs is not a crime, merely a medical procedure.

  2. They sure didn’t wait to publish photos of El Che …
    Oh wait, that was about fifty years ago and he was a hero, not a patsy!
    My how things have changed.

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