VOTE Giant Meteor 2016! The Merciful Lesser of Two Evils

Evil # 1: Elect one of those two a-holes.

Evil #2: Quick merciful reboot of operating system “Earth”… complete with factory settings restore.

Who knows… with a fresh start, in a couple million years, we might just get it right.

2 Responses

  1. Better outcome: Clinton gets indicted for fraud, treason, or who knows what, then her husband gets indicted, which grabs up the Bushes, and the domino effect kicks in and takes down all of the crooks. Meantime, we the people get a whole lot smarter and come up with a better system where we never again have a ridiculous situation as we now find in this election. Many, many other bonuses as well.

  2. Sadly, it might be the only way to rid the world of this disease called capitalism.

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