Andrews Air Force Base Shooting: Active Shooter Drill Goes Active Shooter… then it doesn’t

by Scott Creighton

How many times have we seen this? Too many too count.

Gee, I wonder if he will have been “inspired by “ISIS” and “radicalized” on the internet”? Anyone want to put any money on it? How about weapons? Let me guess: an assault “type” weapon and a semi-auto hand gun or two with extended magazines?

So the MSM had to report someone at Andrews leaked the fact that there had been an active shooter drill scheduled for today. Once the MSM all jumped on that part of the story… suddenly, the story changed to “no. we were just kidding. it really is a drill. gotcha!”



9 Responses

  1. Wow. Agree with your analysis. Looks like MSM actually prevented this one.

    • once one of them reported on it, they all had to or else look as if they are behind in their coverage. to be honest, greed killed this one. the almighty Neilson ratings.

  2. Seems like whoever runs these shows needs to test as many scenarios as possible to figure which ones should go “live” …

  3. Why do military bases have “active shooter drills” at all? Wouldn’t the most likely attack on a military base come in a war situation? You know, missiles, soldiers, artillery, air attack? If the primary security threat to the military comes from a lone shooter why don’t we just send over one or two crack shots to take out our enemies? It would save on defence budgets if nothing else.

  4. So then technically would this be a FALSE False-Flag?!?

    Just part of the larger FEAR psyop. It’s kinda like a freebie. Get to create the fear without the risk of the shenanigans being exposed. Doesn’t have the same overall impact, but still effective.

  5. Speaking of keeping the fear going, Al Zawahri comes out with a new video threating the US, and reminding everybody about Boston. .

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