Brazilian Senate Study Clears President Rousseff of Wrongdoing: Wall Street Journal Says “So What?”

by Scott Creighton

In a 224-page report put together by a three-member group of high ranking Brazilian Senate budget technicians, it seems the accusations which resulted in the suspension of President Dilma Rousseff last month (aka the “impeachment coup”) were unfounded. This is the conclusion of Telesur:

“TeleSUR said Monday that Senate’s analysts prepared a report, showing that Roussef did not participate in the fiscal wrongdoing directly and could not bear personal responsibility.

The report, saying that there were no reasons to continue the impeachment process against Rousseff, should be analyzed by the Senate Impeachment Commission in a three-day period, the broadcaster added” Sputnik International

The Wall Street Journal, forever the supporter of all things neoliberal, tried to put a positive “class half full” spin on the release of the official study. But even they had to admit the core of the impeachment charges have been exposed as hollow at best:

“…But the group also said Ms. Rousseff wasn’t personally to blame for the fund-transfer delay.

There was not any identified act by the president that would have contributed directly or indirectly to the delays,” the report said.

The group also found no fault with a fourth presidential budget decree that had been questioned by her accusers because it didn’t impact fiscal targets and therefore wasn’t illegal, the report said.” Wall Street Journal

So, according to the report and Telesur’s and the Journal’s reporting on it, Dilma Rousseff had nothing to do with the 3 delays which formed the basis of the impeachment process and the fourth charge they leveled against her, “wasn’t illegal”

The Brazilian Senate is expected to vote on her final impeachment on Aug. 8th. according to the Wall Street Journal, the lack of evidence against President Rouseff will have little to no impact on the outcome.

“Many political analysts say the trial’s outcome is virtually a foregone conclusion, and that Ms. Rousseff will be toppled regardless of the evidence presented for and against her.

“The lawmakers already have made up their minds,” said André Cesar, a political consultant in Brasília. “Those who are against [Ms. Rousseff] will keep their positions,” he said.” Wall Street Journal

The neoliberal ideology has already infected Brazil’s political structure to the point where they just don’t care if there is evidence against her or not.That’s what the Wall Street Journal is saying.

Brazil is a leading member of the BRICS nations which stands in opposition to our neoliberal, Washington Consensus, IMF/World Bank dominance of the world financial markets. They have her half-way out the door now, if they were to allow her to retake control of the government she was legally elected to lead, the consequences to their interests in the country would be catastrophic. Many business leaders and closeted neoliberals have exposed themselves as backing fascist, undemocratic rule by neoliberal technocrats, so the masters of the universe will never allow a populist, left-leaning leader to retake control after that.

They need more Senators to vote against Dilma when it’s put to a vote. They don’t currently have enough to make her impeachment and the resulting coup a permanent structure in the governance of Brazil.

It’s possible that all this talk about Zika and the Olympics is a not-so veiled threat to Brazilian lawmakers, letting them know the ramifications of “voting the wrong way” in spite of public opinion and prevailing evidence.

It’s also possible that various resources currently belonging to groups like the US Chamber of Commerce will be brought to bear on the situation, buying off reluctant senators between now and the impeachment vote.

Democracy means nothing to these people. Nor does the rule of law.

They have started their regime change coup and they will see it through and if nothing else, the Wall Street Journal article on the subject makes that point perfectly clear. The neoliberal globalists got their hooks into Brazil and they aren’t letting go.

3 Responses

  1. They might “keep their positions” for awhile, but the people have not finished expressing their will.

    • yeah, I agree. the vast majority of the Brazilian people don’t take their marching orders from the Wall Street Journal. We know that ones that do.

  2. “Democracy means nothing to these people. Nor does the rule of law.”

    That depends on how you define your terms. The oligarchs value democracy as long as the oligarchs are the only ones who get to participate in it.

    And the oligarchs value the rule of law, as long as they are the only ones who are immune from it. Indeed the oligarchs vitally depend on the rule of law. Where would they be without laws (and law enforcement agents) to maintain the gap between the rich and the rest? The worse that equality becomes, the more the oligarchs need a police state to keep the peasants in line.

    The oligarchs even value socialism, as long as they are the only ones who benefit from it. I mean subsidies, privatization, and government giveaways.

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