Is the European Superstate the Answer to the Brexit Democratic “Contagion” or the Birth of the Fatherland 2.0?

by Scott Creighton

Germany and the new Vichy France are pushing Poland and other former eastern block nations to sign-up for the new One State Solution in Europe: the European Superstate… aka The Fatherland. I guess this falls under the “you gotta be shitting me” category.

Since I always cower in the face of pure totalitarian fascism, I’ve done our new European technocrat overlords a little favor. I made them a new flag design. They are welcome to use it. Be my guest.

new eu flag

It is being reported that minsters from France and Germany are in Prague today meeting with the Visegrad Group or V4 (Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary (with Ukraine and Romania)) in a hastily called meeting designed to counter issues that have arisen as a result of the Brexit vote.

Clearly, the technocrats that rule the globalist entity known as the European Union (EU) are concerned about the contagion of freedom that might make it’s way to their eastern-most reaches. Sound familiar?

What’s interesting are reports coming out of that meeting that the French and German ministers have brought with them a 9-page plan to fully integrate the EU into one Superstate in order to avoid any other future Brexits. Full integration would include things like border controls, tax-laws, domestic law enforcement, military forces, foreign policy decisions and of course, central banks. Everything, according to reports of this new plan, would be under the control of the unelected technocrats in Brussels.

“If the proposed document is implemented, then they will set up a single European state – instead of the European Union – which will depend on the strongest players in Europe,” said the Polish TV channel. UA Today

“The document appears to propose several highly controversial suggestions. They include a single EU army and formation of a unified foreign policy. The unification of criminal law, and tax and visa systems are also on the list, it appears.” BNE Intellinews

“The foreign ministers of France and Germany are due to reveal a blueprint to effectively do away with individual member states in what is being described as an “ultimatum”.

Under the radical proposals EU countries will lose the right to have their own army, criminal law, taxation system or central bank, with all those powers being transferred to Brussels. ” Express UK

It is reported that the 9-page document talks about how France and Germany now see themselves as one and urges the same consolidation on other member states.

“France and Germany share a common destiny and a common set of values that provide the foundation for an ever closer union between their people. We will therefore move further towards political union in Europe and invite the other Europeans to join us in this endeavour“, the document preamble states.” UA Today

The document was leaked to Polish TV and published there. The ripple effects of the meeting are starting to be noticed.

“Poland’s public TVP described the Franco-German proposal as an “ultimatum” designed to create a European “superstate dominated by large nations.”The Daily Star Lebanon

I guess it is safe to assume the Czech and Polish leadership are not quite on-board as of yet.

It doesn’t make sense to talk about speedy or headlong integration, which would be a silly reply to what happened in Britain,” Czech Foreign Minister Lubormir Zaoralek told AFP Monday in Prague.

It turned out that the public is lagging behind these (integration) processes – these are processes that have not been explained to the public or defended before them.” The Daily Star Lebanon

This is not a good solution, of course, because from the time the EU was invented… a lot has changed. The mood in European societies is different. Europe and our voters do not want to give the Union over into the hands of technocrats.

Therefore, I want to talk about this (in Prague) — whether this really is the right recipe today in the context of a Brexit.” Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski 

It is quite possible that the French and German leadership decided to approach the V4 nations first with this European Superstate integration proposal considering their geographic and historic relations to the EU.

On Germany’s part, it is said that “Martin Schaefer, a spokesman for the German foreign ministry, said: “Berlin does not want superstate, it wants a better Europe.””

There you have it, a “better Europe”. One that is locked down under one flag with one unelected body of ruling fascist technocrats determining the futures of all who reside within it’s One State borders. And they appear to want to start with Poland, Hungary, Romania and Czechia with the new  Vichy Regime at their side.

I hate to be a bummer or anything, but doesn’t this sound just a little familiar? Anyone? Perhaps? Remind folks of anyone else? Anyone?


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  1. At the evening mass on French TV Herr Angela, Renzi and Hollande agreed to give to the UK before it leaves the EU…. then some “expert” laid the 3 options for the future of the EU.
    Which amounted to either more or less of it (with 19 countries instead of 27). And in any case, as you mentioned, militarisation and control of the borders… for our own good of course!

  2. The National Socialists (nicknamed Nazis) are coming to Europe, you say? That sounds hopeful in many respects: full employment, rebuilding the national infrastructures (Autobahn), national banks that lend funds to the state with no usury involved, no private gangs that print your money and charge you for it.
    All this and they get to keep their Jews too? But they are constrained from pushing cultural marxism and the Frankfurt School ideology. Tell us more, Scott but without the facile funny mustache that settles the dialog.

    • Rest assured these bureaucrats lack any of the passion or national commitment that you have referenced in your comment. One of these days we’ll tackle the question of what WWII was really about and how it relates or doesn’t relate to the proposed EU single state. For now however, the focus is more limited. And in that respect we can be clear, this proposed body couldn’t care less about the welfare of the people or the preservation of any nation’s cultural identity.

      • Furthermore, their project for their feudal superstate just got hit with a wrecking ball. The ECB and Deutsche Bank’s rosy projections have pretty much just been proven false. Their derivatives portfolios seem about to come under, uh…’pressure’. EU countries need to sell products to the UK so they are probably less interested in handcuffing themselves to an anchor heading for the bottom. The Germans and Euro-oligarchs seem to be shitting bricks and trying to get some breathing room. It looks like it may not work because they are moving toward the short side of the lever.

    • I’m sorry, I’m not sure I understand. You think the Nazis had a good impact on Germany? Did you forget they were the first corporatist regime to seek global domination and one way they decided to accomplish that little feat was to round up all the real leftists and put them in slave-labor camps that served various global businesses (like Ford for instance?)? Did you forget that they were backed by global financial interests including many from the United States (that’s really why we refused to get involved in the war until it was obvious the Soviets were going to crush them)? And my use of the facile funny mustache was an effort to highlight the fact that these two politicians from Germany and Vichy France are nothing more than puppets representing a more powerful, more insidious ruling class, just like the first guy who wore one… frankly I think I settled the dialog with the reference to Vichy France.

      • “Ein Volk-ein Reich-ein Führer” and the Austrian Adolf Hitler tricked the German people in believing they were that “volk”.

        Same shit but different toilet, well well…

      • You have a lot of catching up to do. The lie that Germany sought global domination was put to rest decades ago by historian David Irving. Hitler repeatedly offered the liar Churchill peace, even an alliance. And you ignore the fact that Britain and France declared war on Germany. Churchill accepted bribes from Jews and that is why Britain attacked Germany. Your ridiculous claims about “world domination” are belied by the fact that one of Hitler’s closest colleagues flew to Great Britain to offer peace in 1941. How did the liars deal with this? They put him in jail for the next 46 years and said he was insane. The only bigger liar than Churchill was FDR who claimed Germany was going to take over South America. The British fed him a phony map they created, claiming Germany would take over the continent. Anyone who believes this would be a real idiot.

        The leftists thrown in jail were violent murderers. And if he had to throw others in jail to prevent the murder of millions of people, as was happening in the USSR in the 1930’s under the Jew lead USSR, then that was a good move. There was very little violence in Germany until the war broke out, while the Jews were murdering millions in the USSR and were spreading the violence to Spain and other countries. Hitler’s pre-emptive strike against the USSR saved western Europe from an even worse disaster than WW II was. Being the most advanced country on earth, with the best troops, Germany was at outskirts of Moscow within six months. If not for the fact they were fighting the whole world, they probably would have crushed the USSR soon after. They certainly would not have lost the war. That is another ridiculous statement, ignoring the fact they were fighting the other world powers also, having thrown the British and French into the sea within six weeks, attacking after these countries declared war on Germany.

        Putin -80 to 85% of the Soviet gov’t was Jewish

        • More on the liar FDR and his “secret map”.

          At the time the US entered the war Germany had routed the USSR and were on the outskirts of Moscow. How this was evidence that the Soviets were going to “crush” Germany is beyond me? Stalin was in a panic after the German attack and asked if the German ambassador was still on Soviet soil to offer a peace deal before he regained his composure. The Soviets had already lost millions of soldiers.

          Jews leading role in pushing the US into the war:

          In early 1938 the Polish ambassador to the US, Jerzy Potocki reported back to Warsaw on his observations of the American political scene:

          The pressure of the Jews on President Roosevelt and on the State Department is becoming ever more powerful… The Jews are right now the leaders in creating a war psychosis which would plunge the entire world into war and bring about general catastrophe. This mood is becoming more and more apparent. In their definition of democratic states, the Jews have also created real chaos; they have mixed together the idea of democracy and communism, and have above all raised the banner of burning hatred against Nazism.

          This hatred has become a frenzy. It is propagated everywhere and by every means: in theaters, in the cinema, and in the press. The Germans are portrayed as a nation living under the arrogance of Hitler which wants to conquer the whole world and drown all of humanity in an ocean of blood. In conversations with Jewish press representatives, I have repeatedly come up against the inexorable and convinced view that war is inevitable. This international Jewry exploits every means of propaganda to oppose any tendency towards any kind of consolidation and understanding between nations. In this way, the conviction is growing steadily but surely in public opinion here that the Germans and their satellites, in the form of fascism, are enemies who must be subdued by the ‘democratic world.’ (February 9) 32

          On January 12, 1939 Ambassador Potocki reported back to Warsaw:

          The feeling now prevailing in the United States is marked by a growing hatred of Fascism and, above all, of Chancellor Hitler and everything connected with Nazism. Propaganda is mostly in the hands of the Jews, who control almost 100 percent radio, film, daily and periodical press. Although this propaganda is extremely coarse and presents Germany as black as possible—above all religious persecution and concentration camps are exploited—this propaganda is nevertheless extremely effective, since the public here is completely ignorant and knows nothing of the situation in Europe. …

          • Hitler was a pawn of “the powers that be” and was probably not fully in the loop. BTW FDR, Churchill and Stalin were all Freemasons and so was probably Hitler to..

        • so let me see if I got this right: according to you, the concentration camps were the fault of “the Jews” as was the whole of WWII… violence against leftists in Nazi Germany was because the leftists were really the violent ones… and the Germans would have overtaken the whole of the Soviet Union were it not for the US getting involved with the war… and fascism gets a bad wrap because of “the Jews”…is that basically it?

          • Pretty close. The Jews brought the war on. Without them, there would have been no WW II. There might have still been a war with Poland, possibly with the USSR, although neither of these are certain. If there had been a war with the USSR, Germany would not have taken over the whole USSR. That is 12 time zones. The USSR had made preparations and were moving many things east of the Urals in anticipation of defeat.

            Germany was making every effort to solve the land issues with Poland peacefully, while Britain was doing everything it could to make sure there was a war and they succeeded. Certainly no war in the west if Germany had its way. It was the British, French and Americans that attacked Germany, not the other way around.

            This is a fairly new book on the lead up to the war. The lies and deceptions are staggering, including a fake sentence never spoken inserted into a Hitler speech at the Nuremberg Trials to make it look like he wanted war.

            In German with English subtitles

            • Extraordinary videos, Peter, especially the last one. History is indeed transmogrified by the victors. Attempts to correct wrong information–not talking about opinion or political inclinations here– often cause cognitive dissonance. We were raised on Stalag 13 caricature and learned to use the politically correct shortcuts: any authoritarian regime is “Nazi”; the gulf between the 99% and the obscenely rich is “class struggle” between the “proletariat” (non-existent as is the long gone industry) and the “corporations” (“owners of the means of production”). To question this and ask if perhaps the conflict is no longer one of class but one between salve NATIONS and MULTINATIONAL slave masters (the overwhelming majority of whom by mere coincidence happen to belong to one ethnic group operating in tight tribal cohesion is to be a “racist,” a “bigot” and, inevitably….a “fascist.”

    • as far as “full employment” is concerned, don’t worry, with all the free trade zones they have planned for Europe and the US, we’ll get to full employment as well. Just don’t expect to get paid anything in these new employment opportunities if Haiti is any example of the path to full employment. Well, you can add to the work camps the fact that they also had help reaching “full employment” by building the largest war machine in the history of mankind including but not limited to a massive army rampaging through Europe on route to the Soviet Union, where many of those happy employees died in the Russian winter.

    • but you do make one good point.. they had the Gestapo, the SS and Joseph Goebbles while we have the 5 Eyes, the Department of Homeland Security and Cass Sunstein, so maybe you have a point. I guess fascism is a good thing.

  3. interesting doc from a Feb 2016 EU Council meeting – some of the automatic changes that would have occurred if UK had remained…

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