Brexit and the Diseased Liberal Mind

(I refer you back to the recent post I put up talking about the “liberals” of the New Dem movement. The fake left, the Business Party Left as I call them, the neoliberal, reactionary, fascist corporatist left. In fact, that’s pretty much been the focus of this website since it started 9 years ago.)

by Jonathan Cook, Global Research

The enraged liberal reaction to the Brexit vote is in full flood. The anger is pathological – and helps to shed light on why a majority of Britons voted for leaving the European Union, just as earlier a majority of Labour party members voted for Jeremy Corbyn as leader.

A few years ago the American writer Chris Hedges wrote a book he titled the Death of the Liberal Class. His argument was not so much that liberals had disappeared, but that they had become so coopted by the right wing and its goals – from the subversion of progressive economic and social ideals by neoliberalism, to the ethusiastic embrace of neonservative doctrine in prosecuting aggressive and expansionist wars overseas in the guise of “humanitarian intervention” – that liberalism had been hollowed out of all substance.

Liberal pundits sensitively agonise over, but invariably end up backing, policies designed to benefit the bankers and arms manufacturers, and ones that wreak havoc domestically and abroad. They are the “useful idiots” of modern western societies.

Reading this piece on the fallout from Brexit by Zoe Williams, a columnist who ranks as leftwing by the current standards of the deeply diminished Guardian, one can isolate this liberal pathology in all its sordid glory.

Here is a revealing section, written by a mind so befuddled by decades of neoliberal orthodoxy that it has lost all sense of the values it claims to espouse:

There is a reason why, when Marine le Pen and Donald Trump congratulated us on our decision, it was like being punched in the face – because they are racists, authoritarian, small-minded and backward-looking. They embody the energy of hatred. The principles that underpin internationalism – cooperation, solidarity, unity, empathy, openness – these are all just elements of love.

One wonders where in the corridors of the EU bureaucracy Williams identifies that “love” she so admires. Did she see it when the Greeks were being crushed into submission after they rebelled against austerity policies that were themselves a legacy of European economic policies that had required Greece to sell off the last of its family silver?

Is she enamoured of this internationalism when the World Bank and IMF go into Africa and force developing nations into debt-slavery, typically after a dictator has trashed the country decades after being installed and propped up with arms and military advisers from the US and European nations?

What about the love-filled internationalism of Nato, which has relied on the EU to help spread its military tentacles across Europe close to the throat of the Russian bear? Is that the kind of cooperation, solidarity and unity she was thinking of?

Williams then does what a lot of liberals are doing at the moment. She calls for subversion of the democratic will:

The anger of the progressive remain side, however, has somewhere to go: always suckers for optimism, we now have the impetus to put aside ambiguity in the service of clarity, put aside differences in the service of creativity. Out of embarrassment or ironic detachment, we’ve backed away from this fight for too long.

That includes seeking the ousting of Jeremy Corbyn, of course. “Progressive” Remainers, it seems, have had enough of him. His crime is that he hails from “leftwing aristocracy” – his parents were lefties too, apparently, and even had such strong internationalist principles that they first met at a committee on the Spanish civil war.

But Corbyn’s greater crime, according to Williams, is that “he is not in favour of the EU”. It would be too much trouble for her to try and untangle the knotty problem of how a supreme internationalist like Corbyn, or Tony Benn before him, could be so against the love-filled EU. So she doesn’t bother.

We will never know from Williams how a leader who supports oppressed and under-privileged people around the world is cut from the same cloth as racists like Le Pen and Trump. That would require the kind of “agile thinking” she accuses Corbyn of being incapable of. It might hint that there is a leftwing case quite separate from the racist one – even if Corbyn was not allowed by his party to advocate it – for abandoning the EU. (You can read my arguments for Brexit here and here.)

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11 Responses

  1. Our Miss Williams had a temper tantrum because she didn’t get the result she expected. That was a vicious article she wrote, no doubt, stemming from the despair of a thwarted libtard. They think that they should get their own way all of the time and it’s a crime against humanity when it doesn’t happen.

    As for a Brexit; I’ll believe when I see it happen.

    • that’s a good point. from the beginning, I have written that it will probably not be implemented. they will manufacture some reason to have another referendum or they will simply ignore the results like they did in Greece not that long ago. If you recall, the people voted for “Leave” and their hero, their piped piper Alexis, simply ignored their wishes and cowed to the moneyed interests and gave in to crippling austerity measures which the Greeks suffer from today.

  2. My own feeling about this referendum is; that there is power struggle happening between the financial powers in Britain and Brussels. London won’t accept that Brussels has the authority to subject its financial business to regulation without its consent. As a nascent empire; Brussels cannot let the City operate independently of its control. So, Britain was bluffing Europe; Europe called Britain’s bluff and then found that they weren’t bluffing after all.

    So, what concessions can Brussels offer to buy off Britain and get them back on the reservation?

  3. Great article – thanks for sharing. There has been something akin to post-Brexit middle class meltdown. It’s scary how people who generally pride themselves in decency and tolerance have such underlying hatred of the lower classes. It’s scary how they are so self-opinionated that they are happy to throw Corbyn (the single person in Britain best positioned ot rescue a crisis of this kind) and let the far right again merely to save face. A disgusting spectacle. My advice to those serious about driving political change in Britain and Europe is get solidly behind Corbyn – this must be the clarion call now.

  4. All these antics from all sides make me wonder why kind of psyop they’re cooking. Yet again.
    In France, Le Pen -and Sarkozy- display their opportunistic self.
    Le Pen has never questioned the country being part of the EU or the Euro unique money. Or the TAFTA. Or NATO.
    As for Sarkozy he made France re-integrate the “friendly US army forces abroad” which De Gaulle had left, sending kind of a US go home message. (They knew they had the “stay behind” to play some of their dirty tricks)
    Anyway, back to the Brexit staged drama, the elites may have planned it all along. It’s a chess game and they have so far always had a fews coups ahead.

    • I’m going to write about the riots they staged at that Cali capitol building yesterday. Did you see that little sidewalk theater display? Amazingly stupid. People got stabbed supposedly. Guys with shields and swords whacking each other like those stupid recreationists do at the renfair festivals. Completely ridiculous and fake as hell… not a single arrest if that tells you anything. The “fascists” and the “anti-fascists” doing battle in the streets.

      It’s like the assholes who run the WWE have taken over in DC and are scripting the next “crisis”. Oh wait… Trump is in the WWE hall of fame isn’t he? Well, there you have it.

      • We’re really gonna have to fasten our seat belts and sit tight. This is gonna be a rough ride and a tough journey. Those bastards will soon show their true colours.
        Watch closely their every meeting, speech, move…
        WWE? World Wrestling Entertainment ?

    • what do you think about this: with the Brexit “crisis” and the US political election “crisis”, do you ever think that democracy itself may be the intended target? how long till someone starts saying we need to do away with democracy because it doesn’t work anymore, that the people don’t know what’s good for them?

      • Exactly, Scott … the point is to demonstrate that what passes for “democracy” (ha-ha) is a quaint and potentially dangerous way for ignorant humans to conduct life on Earth.
        You demonstrate this irrefutably by allowing a cradle of democracy to vote the wrong way.

        “That’s enough voting for you lot! Move along … move along … “

  5. as to the mentioned book “death of the liberal class”, this self-proclaimed liberal web site if finally figuring they’ve been abandoned by the likes of shillary:

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