The Brexit Do-over Petition is Complete BS… Anyone can sign it

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Hey, here’s another Brexit Do-over pretext that is developing. British ex-pats who didn’t bother sending in their ballots are complaining their votes were never cast, ergo they demand a do-over. Of course, there is no proof any of them ever sent in their ballots.

If you turn on any corporatist media outlet today you will hear about the “EU Referendum Rules triggering a 2nd EU Referendum” petition and it’s 3+ million signatures from British citizens to toss out the results of the Brexit referendum held last week and hold a new one (I guess after they get a shipment of Hillary’s electronic voting machines in from the States)

These 3 million signatures are being breathlessly reported as proof that the Brits regret their votes and want a do-over.

Taking his cue from the globalist-backing petition, Labour MP, David Lammy, has put forward a call to Parliament to disregard the democratic referendum results and reject the “Leave” results.

Two days ago Steve Lendman wrote an article which said the probably reaction from Parliament would be to dismiss the referendum results. Guess he was right about that.

His point was that all Parliament needed was an adequate pretext to dismiss the results of the referendum since they are “non-binding” in the eyes of the elites in London.

The same day someone submitted the petition which now has some 3+ million votes and is being treated as a mandate by the globalist media across the board.

There are several GLARING problems with that conclusion.

The first is that 17+ million voted to “Leave” and another 15+ million voted to “Stay”. The 3+ million signatures aren’t even close to HALF of the “Stay” votes. How is that a mandate to hold another referendum? No one, aside from the idiots working as talking heads on various media outlets, could possibly suggest the people of the UK want another vote when such a small amount actually sign the petition.

And the number is considerably smaller in fact.

There are a number of people reporting across the “radicalizing” interwebs that the petition is being signed by globalism supporters across the world and they have some evidence to prove it.

I was curious about this so I decided to take a look myself and this is what I found:


That’s right. I am not a citizen of the UK nor have I ever been to Britain, yet I was able to add my signature to the petition which is being widely triumphed as a mandate from the British people that they want a do-over.

If you look at that list up there, it’s unfortunate but you can’t see how many votes came from Israel and the US. My guess is, it was a lot.

So this petition is bullshit. Pure and simple. Anyone can vote on it and in fact, there was no captua signature authorization test which means an algorithm could have voted.

Of course, you can’t expect the pundits and corporate-whores of the mainstream media to tell you this. They don’t have time to do any research. Between the green-room and make-up, they barely have time for their designer coffee, much less doing any research on the stories they cover. Not that doing research would help their careers any.

So there you have it: the Brexit Do-over Petition is total bullshit.

4 Responses

  1. Nice work Scott. Thanks.

  2. Oh you brave Scots, descendants of the brave WIlliam Wallace, that I must surmise is turning in his grave, what has become of you that you who once fought for your freedom , now argue to enslave yourself to the undemocratic/secret government of EU bureaucracy. This is a shame and unpardonable. You must have evolved into something resembling our party of Clinton here in America. Total sellouts and easily manipulated.
    “Shame and eternal shame, nothing but shame!” Go on sign the all their treaties, indulge in Monsantos special agricultural brew, but feel good while you do it as if you belong, yes you belong to a vision called the EU. Attack the Russians and support Nato policy like good little folks. I am sure you have a class that is enriched by EU?NATO/ CIA/banker policy. Good for them.

  3. At the end of the day a cross on a piece of paper, written in ink (as many of us Brits did), and placed in a sealed box is still the best way to vote. And counted by hand with eye witnesses present. Beats any computer or online system. United States take note.

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