Success of the Brexit Do-over Petition is a 4chan Prank – MSM Exposed

by Scott Creighton

Earlier this morning I wrote about the “EU Referendum Rules triggering a 2nd EU Referendum” petition, what I called the Bexit Do-over Petition. I wrote that it was bogus because the vast majority of signatures were coming from places outside the UK and in fact proved my point by signing the damned thing myself.

I called out the corporatist media for not doing due diligence when reporting on this “mandate” and exposing it as an obvious fraud because it served their “Remain” interests.

Turns out, according to Heatstreet, the petition has been hijacked by 4chan trolls, playing a little prank on the establishment press. They’ve been online for the past 24 hours boasting about their little prank while CNN, Fox and MSNBC have been breathlessly reporting on how the Brits have spoken… again.

Eventually places like the Telegraph started waking up to the game when they found “39,000 signatures  from Vatican City – population 800” and “23,788 people from N Korea, one of the world’s least internet-connected countries, have also signed the petition.”

They’ve been using bots and various other tools to hijack the petition as a joke but apparently no one at the MSM gets it. They just keep on reporting that the British people want another bite at the apple.

It’s sad what gets reported to us as “news” these days. Even sadder what passes as “journalists”

2 Responses

  1. Oh man. Check out team BoJos proposals though. No extra money for the NHS, a worldwide points-based immigration system with a promise of absolutely no reduction of levels immigration, (needs of business to come first), and unilateral no-strings-attached global free trade.

    They declared economic war on the British people today! It’s a Randian nightmare.

    I’m sorry you can only see through one-side of the propaganda man, I really am.

    I’ll keep reading, I love this blog. This’ll be my last comment here for a good while at least.

    Good luck, and thanks’ for all your awesome work.


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