Mr. Revolution Bernie Sanders Enthusiastically Says He’ll Vote for Hillary: I Got One Message for him

by Scott Creighton

The other night while doing an interview on Tom Kiely’s show along with Wayne Madsen I told Tom that I felt there was no real difference between Trump and Clinton in terms of their support for neoliberal global economic ideology but the big difference between the two of them was that all the fear-mongering about what Trump “might” do in terms of aggression on the world stage as a president, Hillary Clinton has already done as Secretary of State. She’s a known commodity of war-mongering and state-sponsored murder-for-profit while the take on him is purely speculative. And to that end I said if I had to, if I thought it would keep Killary out of office, then I would vote for Donald Trump. If I had to.

This morning Bernie Sanders was asked a direct question with no qualifiers attached: will you vote for Hillary Clinton in November?

His answer was an unequivocal and enthusiastic sounding “YES”

I got a message for Mr. Revolution. It’s in code so you have to pay attention.

Hillary Clinton stole the nomination. That’s not even a question anymore. She’s a criminal who broke the law to hide public documents from the people and the historical record. She traded influence for money via her corrupt Clinton Foundation and promises to keep the same racket going while serving in the White House. She is a mass murderer who celebrated like a giddy Goldwater Girl the brutal murder of a beloved national leader in Libya. She employees mercenary terrorists to destabilize countries in order to force regime changes on behalf of neoliberal globalist business partners of hers. She is a liar. She is a thief.

She spouted every damn lie about WMDs and Yellow Cake from Niger on the floor of the senate in 2002 in support of Cheney’s illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq.

She said Iraq was a “business opportunity’ in 2012 while soldiers were being blown up by IEDs on a weekly basis.

Do you understand what I am saying Bernie? Do you hear the words coming out of my keyboard?


That’s too say nothing of the long list of republicans, neocons and globalist Big Business/Big Banking fascists that have already come out in support of this witch.

Hillary Clinton is by far and away not qualified to hold an office in your local post office but Bernie Sanders enthusiastically says he will vote for her.

As a result of this latest development from Mr. Revolution, I have one message for him. It’s in code. You have to really think hard about how to break the code. Good luck Bernie. See if you can figure it out.

18 Responses

  1. I see what you did there at the end.
    (and i approve)

    • it’s code. shhhh… don’t want the NSA to figure it out. it’ll take em a while.

    • I wasted a very hard earned $100 toward the Bernie’s elections having doubts what a great number of people have said about Bernie as a schill of the ZioNeo Cabal. If Hillary gets elected that will be the last nail on the coffin of America. God help us all!

  2. I’d like to buy a vowel. Can I have an ‘u’ please?

    What did you expect? He is part of the Democratic ‘Party’. Just like Trump is part of the Republican ‘Party’. Which are all part of the larger ‘Oligarch’ party. It’s all theater.

    Neither Party, or any member of it, will make any significant change in the current system. The system is hopelessly corrupt. Which means it must be done away with, if there is to be any meaningful change.

    • I agree things need to change. All this delegate stuff is just a way to drive elections one way or another. It has to go.

      Needing to have millions in order to be able to campaign needs to go away.

  3. “The only solution is nonviolent revolution …”

  4. Sounds like maybe the whole thing was a joke/fraud on the people. Or maybe Bernie’s just trying not to be assassinated.

  5. If you’ve really been paying attention to Bernie’s campaign, especially the last month, his answer is no surprise. He wants his 1900+ delegates and 13 million voters to have a strong say at the Convention, and any answer besides ‘yes’ would doom that part of the campaign to failure. He’s a smart politician.

    What is also NOT surprising is that in the comments sections of various ‘news’ sites and pro-Hillary sites, the level of Bernie bashing has gone up, and not down, because Hillary Zombies have a warped sense of what ‘party unity’ means.

    • well sure — they’re not about to let “crazy bernie” have too much influence re the party’s platform.

  6. Woof! Woof, woof!
    Good boy! Now go back to your kennel and roll over!
    (PS surprise, surprise … )

  7. Laugh if you will, but at least the Republican voters had the guts to choose an outsider, or at least someone who claims to be for some of the very things Bernie claims to support. The fact it appears Trump will be the GOP candidate shows to me, anyway that the Republican Party hews more towards what America is than the Dems. They could have stolen the nomination from him. Now, don’t get me wrong, I see the party leadership on both sides as being partners in crime.

    Trump could very well turn out to be a bigger con than the Agitator-in-Chief, but youse pays your money youse take your chances.

    There is absolutely nothing “racist” about believing immigration policies should be aimed at what’s best for the country rather than facilitating a re-colonization of this country. Ask the Indians how open borders work out.

    If America descends into a Banana Republic (hello #NoBillNoBreak,#BlackLivesMatter,#OWS) or into the absolute chaos that is turning Western Europe into a MidEast hell hole, just where are people to immigrate for a better life?

    I’m willing to give Trump my vote because we KNOW where a Hillary presidency will lead.

    • “Laugh if you will, but at least the Republican voters had the guts to choose an outsider, or at least someone who claims to be for some of the very things Bernie claims to support”

      so did we. Bernie until recently has been an outsider in some regards. At least he was the closest thing the left had to one. And it doesn’t matter that he turned out to be what some of us called a ‘sheepdog’ from the beginning. The left still chose him and their choice was stolen from them.

      We have yet to see if Trump is really campaigning to win or if he’s playing the foil to get his longtime friend into the White House. Time will tell on that one, but thus far, it ain’t looking good is it?

      And I am not exactly sure how you call a billionaire businessman who profits from neoliberal economic ideology and contributed to the Clinton campaign back in 2008 an “outsider”. Only in America I guess.

      As I stated before I would only vote for either of the two if I thought my vote would count toward keeping her out of the White House. That’s kind of a bit of legaleze since we all know what I think about votes counting here in the states.

      I wonder if we aren’t better served showing the world we don’t buy into these fraudulent elections by staying home in droves.

      and I completely agree about the neoliberal open border policies, but you have to admit, Mr. Trump has used those programs to make all kinds of money in the past just as he takes advantage of tax breaks sending his own manufacturing overseas. Some “outsider”

  8. A good summation espoused by someone recently;

    It is a very well known fact that the US political system is based on a united duopoly of a corporate parties and hopelessly rigged. The deeply undemocratic electoral system is designed with a specific purpose to prevent any populist movement from seizing power. We know whom this trinity of Washington D.C. corporate power serves and whom they enslaved.

    We know it, we feel that we are duped, betrayed and turned into cannon and/or financial fodder, a Soylent Green that feeds oligarchic pigs.

    So, what needs to be done?

    I do not know, but millions of us together know well what needs to be done.

    For starters, based on historic evidences, we should reject this illusion of “electoral” system as being any kind of path or conduit to democracy or any democratic changes. We must open our eyes to the fact that an act of voting in the current helplessly tainted and rigged political/electoral system is nothing but morally corrupting tool that extorts from us an approval for the meaningless political puppets of the calcified, the repugnant, murderous US regime, in a surrealistic act of utter futility aimed just to break us down, to break our sense of human dignity, our human spirit, our individual will and self-determination since no true choice is ever being offered to us and never will.

    Nor would it ever matter. Under such conditions of people’s government overtaken by a criminal class of oligarchic usurpers devoid of any political legitimacy, it is not an option but an imperative to withdraw our temporarily delegated sovereign power from all political institutions and representatives who betrayed us, and return this unalienable power to citizenry where it originated from where it belongs and from where will be exercised under people’ sovereign legal authority.

    Facing undisputed facts of carnage among fellow citizen and lawlessness in highest echelons of power, we have no choice, no alternative or no other reasonable remedy but to declare the US imperial government as a existential threat to the very survival of the nation and under exigent circumstances of collapse of constitutional order we , as defenders of constitutional and human rights, are obliged to prosecute in revolutionary tribunals all those courtiers of ruling elites including security apparatus, MSM and oligarchs themselves responsible for high crimes against the sovereign American peoples.

    Those crimes include instigation of imperial wars of aggression through propaganda lies and massive security apparatus/military murder, fraud and cover-up and destruction of American economic life via massive theft of US national treasure by banking and corporate thieves with impunity enabled by dereliction of official government duties and obligations to the people.

    This is what should be the major demand of any protest against political system including electoral system and not limiting ourselves to begging oligarchs and their political puppets to be nice, while we are being exploited, persecuted, beaten, killed, arrested and prosecuted for defending our unalienable right to democracy and democratic rule.

    Just say no to oligarchic thugs and their political farce. Instead
    we must focus on long term organization of an entirely alternative political process, a shadow political process controlled by the people.

    None of that is radical in any shape of form. In contrary, it would be a judicial, thoughtful response to an existential threat to social order that threatens lives of millions of Americans if allowed to continue unchallenged. The boycott could be a first step to stop the carnage, an emergency action embarked upon by ordinary people to enable subsequent longer term deep democratic transformation of American society of rampant individualism, domination and greed promoted by oligarchic ruling elite into a humanism driven society of human dignity, cooperation, support and sharing.

    Are we up to it?

  9. Jim Stone on his website has some very good advice for how to proceed as far as an attempt to shed light on the fraudulent hacked voting scam. He’s proven to be legit over the years so I suggest you guys check out his take.

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