BREMANCIPATED!! UK Votes to Leave the EU

by Scott Creighton (H/T to the people of the UK)

UPDATE: Here’s a thing:


Wont someone think of the MARKETS!?!?!?” [weep weep weep] CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, BBC, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, LA Times

They just don’t get it.

I stayed up until about 1am eastern over here in Florida which was about the time the BBC finally called the referendum for the “Leave” campaign. I was way too tired to restart my crappy little computer to update my live blog but the voting tally in terms of percentages remained about the same as it was at 10pm when I last updated it.

In the end, the “Leavers” won by about 1.3 million votes, which everyone seems obligated to describe as a “narrow victory” but I don’t see it that way.

There were undoubtedly a good percentage of voters who would have liked to vote to “Leave” but decided to vote the other way due to the constant fear-mongering from the other side. This might explain why so much of the youth vote went to the “Stay” side. They bought into the David Cameron/ John Osborn terror campaign and worried about their future in an EU-less UK.

This is a truly historical moment for the people of the UK and Europe. But it’s also a significant event in terms of the global war against neoliberal globalization across the world. Is it really any wonder “Leave” won in a time such as this? Populism is on the rise everywhere from Bernie supporters and Donald Trump’s fans to Greece, Spain, France and Mexico. People are rejecting neoliberal globalization everywhere you look.

Let’s face it: aside from the attempts to present all the “Leave” voters as raving racists, ignorant dupes, geriatric half-wits and nationalist neo-Nazis, the reality is they are really just everyday ordinary working (or unemployed) Brits who are tired of the business as usual “Everything for Big Business/Big Banking” unelected technocrats in Brussels dictating British domestic economic policy on behalf of Big Business/Big Banking interests. It’s that simple.

They were tired of that and tired of the MSM’s incessant obsession with reporting everything from that Big Business/Big Banking neoliberal slant.

And true to form, what does the MSM do after they receive this stunning mandate from the people? They focus on nothing but Big Business/Big Banking all morning long.

Wont someone think of the MARKETS!?!?!?” [weep weep weep] CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, BBC, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, LA Times

The people of the UK wanted control of their country to be put back in the hands of the people they elect. Its  that simple. And it’s a clear mandate for the ruling class which are either quietly or loudly saying right now that Cameron was wrong to put this question to a vote.

That’s probably why David Cameron announced his resignation this morning. Of course he wont actually leave until October or so and in the meantime, he wont be filing article 50 with the EU which starts the 2 year clock on leaving. That buys the technocrats and globalists a little more time to undo the will of the people.

It’s hard too say what is going to happen next.

Without a doubt the EU fears a contagion. This “Leave” idea spreading across Europe to the other peasants they rule over is a major concern for the technocrats who impose neoliberal ideology on them as a way to line their own pockets and those of the oligarchs they serve.

So naturally the worry is they will “make the British economy scream” for “voting the wrong way” (as we heard from Kissinger relating to Chile so many years ago)

I’m not so sure that will happen.

You have to remember, London is the center of neoliberal globalization. It’s the birthplace of the economic ideology and in some regards, the heroes that led the Brits to the “Leave” side are libertarian neoliberals themselves, all aligned to the same “small gubmint” ideology that makes up the neoliberal World Consensus (formerly known as the Washington Consensus)

So Britain may still continue with neoliberal ideology that the people voted against yesterday in spite of them being separate from the EU and in that case, Brussels will be less likely to punish the people in order to send a message to the other 27 nations.

On the other hand, even if the neoliberals in UKIP don’t take full control of the country, the likelihood of a London-ruled global economy crushing the British economy is not very high. Unless of course you think maybe the Rothschilds are looking for another opportunity like the one their founding father created when falsely reported a loss on the battlefield all those centuries ago. I guess there are some things left in the country that the Rothschilds don’t own yet, so that is a possibility I suppose.

My guess is they will find a way to undo the mandate set by the people of Britain between now and when the technocrats at the EU finally hand over the keys to the kingdom. With the TTIP waiting in the wings, it’s not a good time to be undermining sovereignty of the European Union so something must give. Democracy would be my guess.

I have too say I am impressed with the resolve of those damn Brits. They stuck to their guns and followed through and most importantly, they don’t allow for election fraud like we do here in the states (I’m looking at you Hillary Clinton)

They saw past the fear mongering, the name calling and possible false flag murder event to the bigger picture and they never lost focus on that.

Nigel Farage said this was Britain’s “independence day”. I think it’s bigger than that.

I think it’s the day the Brits signed their own emancipation proclamation, freeing them from the slavery that is EU membership.

I don’t care what side you came down on, that took guts. A lot of guts.

So my hat’s off to the people of the United Kingdom (except for you London, Northern Ireland and Scotland)

You stood fast, gritted your teeth and said “come what may, we demand freedom” and that is the real story here… NOT THE FUCKING MARKETS.

Cheers mates.

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  1. Reblogged this on deinvestiture.

  2. “ … they don’t allow for election fraud like we do here in the states … “ I’m not so sure about that, Scott … Remember the vote for Scottish Independence?

    TPTB allowed this result. We need to ask ourselves why … Why?

    There’s sure to be more to it than just getting rid of pudding-pie Dave.

    • well that is funny you mention that. Scots run their elections a bit differently, don’t they? And they voted by far and away to stay in the EU. The fix might just have been Scotland. They may have expected the rest of the UK to be a lot closer so adding a bit to Scotland’s total they may have figured would cover the deficit. guess not. but yeah, I figure Scotland’s election system might be fraught with fraud.

      • But the Scottish are largely pro-EU and the referendum matched the prior-polling pretty damn closely in Scotland. They may be deluded slavery-loving dum-dums in your view, but they did genuinely vote that way.

        Anyway you know what I think. It’s a trick to collapse the EU in favour of a successor TTIP-style arrangement continent wide, but with dove/moderate voices in the European foreign policy establishment silenced, the EU’s remaining social protections gone, and all power the to US/Israel and NATO.

        Anyway we’ll see.

    • I concur Victor. We know it’s a trigger. It will lead to others leaving. Will they use this to blame the collapse of Europe?

      Is it the City of London, exiting before the carnage to then come pick up the pieces afterward? Do they use it to crush Britain’s economy to justify the need for ‘inclusion’? Is this the Crown saying they don’t agree with the direction Brussels is taking?

      The British kept the Pound as their official currency, they never adopted the Euro. The Euro, for all intents and purposes, is the official currency of Germany, that the rest of Europe uses. As goes Germany so goes the Euro, and vice-versa. Doesn’t Germany and Great Britain have a long sorted history? Correction. Doesn’t all of Europe and Great Britain have a long sorted history?

      And let’s not forget the Russian ‘threat’, and by that I mean the non-existent but heavily propagandized one.

      The goal is ONE world government. But where will the center of power lie?

      Well it’s June 24th. We’ve had Orlando and now Brexit. We’ve still got 10 more weeks of summer with the DNC, RNC, and Olympics to come. Plus whatever other madness is in the pipeline. Which I fully expect another false-flag.. or two. Things are just heating up.

    • Agreed.

      If chaos and financial meltdowns serve the NWO’s interests, then this clearly can work for them. Further dividing people in the UK and Europe and getting them fighting among themselves would seem to be part of this show.

      • RIght mitch, My suspicion, (or maybe/hopefully it’s just an irrational fear) is that this is classic divide-and-conquer and that it’s part of a series of soft color-revolutions to bring Euro policy further under US/NATO control, but most here don’t agree with this assessment, and I could of course be wrong…

  3. They still need to allow them to leave. The fight is not over yet.

  4. I fully agree with your article, and I’ll bet the plans to sabotage the vote have been laid already. After all it’s not – as Cameron stressed – binding.

  5. Yes I want total disintegration and collapse of EU and vanishing from political scene as entity. I want to see return of national currencies of individual EU members.

    While I am with wholeheartedly on this but I am not sure that:

    “The people of the UK wanted control of their country to be put back in the hands of the people they elect.”

    I do not believe in “democracy” not even as a concept. Obviously, we all witnessing re-feudalization of societies worldwide and none other than the UK has championed that.

    Most likely the UK oligarchy is leaving the ship half full of water and at least some Euro countries live like that (out of Eu) for almost half century. The UK oligarch needed legitimacy (popular voting is alway handy when they wash their hands) in this carnival, after all they never fully embraced EU project anyway.

    But the problem remains, the problem of colonialism and neo-colonialism. And how to fight it. That’s EU is about and the US, as well. I believe that majority “small” countries, has seen EU as a saviour to the problems there are plagued with. But exploitative instinct/policy, in this case German one, has been the one which caused all problems.

  6. Unless of course you think maybe the Rothschilds are looking for another opportunity like the one their founding father created when falsely reported a loss on the battlefield all those centuries ago. I guess there are some things left in the country that the Rothschilds don’t own yet, so that is a possibility I suppose.

    That was the first thought that came to my mind actually. The minute I saw the news flash before bed last night I thought of the Rothschilds working the economy down to buy up the remainder of England.

    • think about this… Wall Street and all the prognosticators were saying it was going to be a “stay” vote in spite of the fact that the polls made it look pretty close. I wonder if anyone in the big firms bought a boatload of put options day before yesterday. Not only can they profit from the mini collapse today, but if they really knew it was going to be “Leave” they could have made some serious money on the front end as well.. just sayin

      • So now the leave vote was a fix? Well make up your mind 😀

        • that’s not what I said. The polling showed it closer than investors were led to believe. It’s possible other, more accurate polls were even kept from them. This so big Wall Street companies could profit from the mini-crash that took place this morning. That’s what I was talking about

          • Sure, sure, I got it really dude – I was just being tounge-in-cheek… 🙂

            I know we have our differences of opinion on this one, due to differing analysis, but I also know we’re ultimately on the same side. The side that cares about people.

            And I’d like to go on the record for any pro-Brexit UK’ers hanging out on here, here’s one remain-er that wouldn’t presume to resent your vote, or anything like that.

            Whatever the agendas are behind the scenes, and whatever the outcomes, let’s try to make the best of it!

      • A broker called me the day before out of the blue, actually, just to ask me about my long term “financial goals”, and managed to work in, unsolicited, that he was sure that the UK would vote to stay in the EU. I hadn’t asked, nor do I really understand why the markets should tank due to the vote, other than the obvious conditioning of everyone’s mindset to expect this and to act accordingly – a self-fulfilling prophecy (like all prophecy).

    • can you imagine if you had purchased put options on HBSC, Bank of England, Citibank and Chase on Weds? You would be a rich fuck today.

  7. Awesome comments, dudes.

  8. i’m rather pleased to have been proven wrong re the outcome of the vote & overjoyed to see cameron leaving — good riddance to him.

  9. This is a good day for all Europeans. I wish my country would leave the abomination of the EUSSR, but the our politicians are hard driven globalist puppets without a spine.

  10. So far I haven’t seen anyone except Max Keiser speculate or comment on the following:

    Deutsche Bank appears to be nearing collapse. All their loans to people who can’t pay them back, like Greece, may be starting to fail (I’m not sure I have this right), just like all the “cheater loans” of the 2000’s did, precipitating the 2008 crash.

    Right now, International holders of US Treasury bonds seem to be selling them off at the fastest rate in recent history if not ever.

    Banks all over the world are offering negative interest rates, which means that fiat currency is becoming a liability to hold, so you have to PAY banks to hold it. It’s putative value seems fictitious.

    And though the Fed keeps saying they intend to raise interest rates, in fact they always end up deciding not to, because as Max Keiser so smartly points out, “you can’t taper a Ponzi scheme” – you have to double-down all the way until the day it collapses. We have just seen what looks like more ancillary evidence of such a dynamic with Carny saying he’ll do massive QE and lower interest rates again in the UK to prop up the Pound against the Brexit-induced fall in its value.

    Taken together, this all seems to indicate that the western global banking cartels are running out of Band-Aids again and the next crash is coming soon, because all the bail-out mechanisms to prevent it have again run out.

    In other words, it looks like the refusal to fix any of the banking problems of 2008, including having made things even far more unstable by enacting the exact opposite of sound policies at that time, is now coming to a head and we may be looking at the next crash, which lots of well-informed people have predicted for 2015, 2016, or 2017, and that this time it will be a much bigger crash.

    Right now, NATO is running its largest military exercise ever, “Anakonda-16”, with 30,000 troops including apparently 5,000 or so German troops, right on Russia’s southwestern border. The Russians know all too well what western troops, especially German troops, massing on their border means, as does everyone else.

    Is the UK getting out of the EU to get themselves some distance or breathing room in the coming crash? Are they getting out of the EU so they can more easily ally with the US or India or China when the shit hits the fan, or moving into the US’s safer arms because they perceive that a crash will devastate Europe more than any other advanced region? In other words, to stay removed from the continental European strife that this scenario might create? Do NATO, the US, the UK, and the Germans see their Ponzi scheme collapsing and so are preparing to start a world war to essentially “kill the creditor”, and to preclude and distract the massive unstoppable popular uprising that a crash 10 times worse than 2008 would likely create all over the world?

    Basically, are they starting a global war to keep the world population from rising against them in the coming crash? That looks like a role Hillary seems eager to play.

    • My uneducated guess is that your last few sentences have the answer. I suspect the business party is going to be pushing for war from all sides to prevent global uprisings in the coming crises. Another world war at precisely the right time will:
      1. Focus people’s fear and hate outward from within each country, rather than at the leaders of any country.
      2. Generate business, occupy people in the pursuit of military machinery and killing each other while generating enormous profit for oligarchs.
      3. Kill enormous numbers of otherwise innocent folks which will thin the density of people who could organize against oligarchs.
      4. Distract people from the causes of financial crises and focus them on patriotic fervor – the oligarchs have no patriotic loyalty to any nation – it’s equally valuable to occupy the common populations of all countries with their own patriotic obsessions.
      5. After the mass genocides and aftermath, give people deep emotional attachments and a sense of unity and purpose in rebuilding for peace. This is when the leaders who committed the genocides come out looking like leadership heroes and are worshiped by their surviving populations.

      Logically, if you’re in the right position, massive world war (without nukes) is far preferable to the risk of global popular uprisings. Mass genocide has never really been viewed as too disruptive to world stability, but too much widespread personal freedom coupled to a global crisis is definitely too disruptive to be a tolerable risk to oligarchs.

    • State currencies are not Ponzi schemes.

      The pound Sterling is a sovereign, fiat, floating exchange rate, non-convertible currency and the UK is a major market for exporters all around the world who are keen to sell their products there.

      The pound is not ‘collapsing’ anytime soon.

    • “Right now, International holders of US Treasury bonds seem to be selling them off at the fastest rate in recent history if not ever.”

      And buyers appear to be very happy to take them and pay a premium if that is true.

      Looking at the figures from Treasury, the yield has declined right across the curve all through June.

      That doesn’t seem to fit with your theory.

      • It may not fit with my theory, that’s possible. But paying a premium for falling yield doesn’t seem like a normal robust investment, it seems like a last ditch flight to safety. What does that suggest? I’m curious who’s buying.

        • It means that there are a lot of excess reserves looking for a place to park. There’s not much out thre in the way of secure investments because economies all over the world are looking bleak.

          But that’s a political choice of governments who refuse to spend to lift demand and get their people back working, producing and consuming.

    • I think all this doomsaying plays into the globalist agenda even if only by accident. If you guys recall, when the stimulus package was rejected by congress, the DOW dropped by 750 or so points the next day. The “flash crash” that took place when congress failed to pass the first TARP bailout bill was over a thousand points. That one was just a threat. Another “flash crash” took place in 2010 for much the same reason. Blackmail. None of those had lasting impacts and the markets corrected themselves pretty quickly. There were winners and losers, but that is basically based on folks getting scared and pulling out of the market as a reaction while others, seeing a long term gain potential, bought everything they could get their hands on.

      I have heard talking heads on TV already saying jobs have been lost and pay rates have been falling. It’s been a fucking day. Who’s lost their jobs? How have pay rates dropped?

      Chances are the glorious market will continue to fall a bit on opening Monday morning. But it will correct itself, just like all those trade deals between Britain and other countries in the EU will be renegotiated, if they are ever even broken at all. It’s a 600 point drop in an inflated DOW… it serves the interest of the big institutions and that’s about it. As soon as they want it to, it will rebound and they will make even more money at that point.

      What bothers me about your comment is you go from one catastrophe prediction to the next. Global economic meltdown “10 times worse that 2008”? Starting a “global war”?. Jesus man. WTF? All of this in response to Brexit?

      A global war does not serve their interests. They do business with China and Russia alike. Trillions of dollars worth a year. Russian oligarchs live in London. Did you know that?

      The “global war” they seek is against smaller nations where they can go in, regime change, and remake the economy in their image, privatizing everything not nailed down, flooding the markets with their agra-products, opening the financial markets to their hot money speculators, snatching the natural resources out of the ground, gobbling up their banking industry along with every other industry in the country and adding the displaced workers to their “flexible workforces” of migrant, slave labor to be shipped where ever they need to depress local wages in countries across the globe.

      This is the game they play. How does launching nukes at the two largest nations on the planet factor into that especially when they know there will be something called retaliation involved which will cripple if not outright destroy their economic hubs of profits right here in the States?

      Business detests uncertainty. You think Facebook and Google (Alphabet) want to see nukes detonated all across the planet as they are building their “internet of everything”? Nukes work like EMPs you know.

      Yes, they are hating on populism right now. Yes, they are openly applauding globalization as a result of this vote when once, not that long ago, those of us writing about globalization were called conspiracy theorists for merely mentioning it.

      But how is that different from the protests and uprising in Egypt (the real one, the first one)? How is that different than Occupy Wall Street (before it was hijacked by professional infiltrators)? How is that any different than the Battle for Seattle?

      This is not a game changer. it’s not the end of the world just because so working class folks in Britain decided enough is enough, though many out there say it is.

      And let me ask one more question… for how many fucking years has Max Keiser been predicting the global meltdown to end all global meltdowns? You do know he sells alternative currencies, right? Each time he predicts gloom and doom, someone buys his Bitcoins or his bullshit silver and he gets richer and richer.

      Yes, they will make the people of England suffer for “voting the wrong way”

      Yes, they will probably find some way to drag this exit out so long everyone forgets about it and it never really happens.

      Yes, Britain will sign onto the TTIP agreement regardless of the vote.

      This vote, democracy, isn’t ushering in the endtimes. Go buy some of Max’s silver if you like. Go buy his Bitcoins. Don’t care. A year from now Max will be citing some other evidence as proof it’s all crashing down in the next few months, just like he has for YEARS. Sorry, I don’t buy it. And I don’t buy his silver either.

      • jag37777- I was not referring to currencies crashing, though I did not write it correctly – sorry. I was referring to the $60-150 Trillion in derivatives that have grown up since 2008, and possibly Deutsche Bank hitting the shoals. Unfortunately in my haste I neglected to include that that was what I was referring to.

        Negative interest rates (and possibly large bond selling) seem like telling ancillary markers of widespread low confidence in the general soundness of money. I would love to hear an alternate view of negative interest rates. I have seen few responsible commentators who claim that the present derivatives situation is sustainable or that its unraveling would not precipitate a crash at least 10 times the size of 2008, but I’d love to hear alternate views. Maybe they can QE such an unraveling away again and everything is peachy, though that seems a bit far fetched.

        Scott – of course Keiser is a Bitcoin salesman but what does that relate to? If you read back I think you’ll agree that his doings are not germane to the idea I was offering. My text only mentioned him in passing as someone who mentioned these things, never as authoritative.

        In reading back you will no doubt notice it is not “doomsaying” by any means either; it simply points out that there may be serious economic and geo-strategic motives underpinning Brexit that may be going unnoticed.

        If I’m not mistaken, all significant crashes were stanched by “QE” – injections of liquidity or “money printing” – so I’m not sure what you were talking about there. They buy everything they can get their hands on after it bottoms, but that doesn’t speak to crash events, that is the aftermath.

        Your assessment that I “go from one catastrophe prediction to the next” is unfortunately a mis-reading. If you read back I’m sure you’ll find that I am merely wondering whether these might be possible things worth considering, not predictions.

        I accept your interesting opinion that global war doesn’t serve their interests as an opinion, but whether that’s true is another matter. War fixed the lingering crash of the 1930’s fairly effectively as I recall.

        I never mentioned nuclear war or nukes – those were your ideas. Could be many different possibilities; Anakonda-16 doesn’t strike you as a nuclear exercise does it? But clearly they are spending time and a lot of money and resources on Anakonda-16, not to mention Ukraine, Syria, Iran, etc.

        Nobody mentioned anything about oligarchs’ distaste for populism being any “different than” anything. That seems to be another of your notions.

        I’m not aware that Max Keiser predicted any meltdown, and even if he did, it would have nothing to do with anything I wrote, so that’s your issue as well. Nobody but you referred to “end times”. I was referring to financial crashes and war as a possible element of dealing with them.

        I don’t think Brexit is that bad, merely that it might be anartifact of something larger that the Brits see coming down the pike. It sure seems like it was at very least quite unexpected if not a shock to the Germans and French, and that is what makes it seem like more than just a lightweight event. You may be right that it may never eventuate, but I doubt anyone involved takes it lightly.

  11. Hi Scot,

    From Wikipedia:

    An optical scan voting system was used to electronically count paper ballots in the Scottish Parliament general election and Scottish council elections in 2007.[84][85] A report commissioned by the UK Electoral Commission found significant errors in ballot design produced more than 150,000 spoilt votes.[86]

  12. In addition to my earlier comment, I have since learned that they no longer use the above system. Supposedly they have changed it for a system that is ‘100%’ accurate but I don’t know what this system is or what it’s called.

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